David Legge's Bible Studies in chronological orderBelow is a list of all David Legge's Bible Study Series sorted in the approximate order of the date they were originally preached. David's first study series can be found at the bottom of the list, while his most recent is at the top.

Using this list, you can begin listening from the very start of David's ministry, and make your way through to his most recent study. Note that some studies were preached at the same time, so there may be some overlap.

Bible Study Series in Chronological Order - sorted by date preached, most recent first

Hunger For Reality -- do you long to go deeper with God? -- [7 sermons]
Let My People Go! -- learning how God delivers His people from bondage -- [7 sermons]
Deeper Healing -- diagnosing and treating the deeper issues of the heart -- [5 sermons]
The Jacob Enigma -- tracing the path of 'the Twister', studies in the life of Jacob -- [5 sermons]
God's New Thing -- making way for God's new thing in our age and generation -- [5 sermons - video only]
Mountain-Moving Faith -- looking at some attributes of Biblical faith which we should exercise -- [4 sermons]
Father Heart Of God, The -- transforming truths from Abba's heart to yours -- [6 sermons]
Something Old, Something New -- are you ready to make way for God's new thing? -- [3 sermons]
Spiritual Warfare -- there is a war on - are you ready for battle? -- [6 sermons]
Welcoming The Presence -- understanding and preparing for the Presence of God -- [5 sermons - video only]
Origins -- a study of origins in the first three chapters of Genesis -- [3 sermons]
When God ACTS! -- what happens when God does His work in His way -- [6 sermons]
Deep Healing -- seeking to identify and overcome hindrances to growth in our Christian lives -- [3 sermons]
Encountering God -- how to personally and more deeply encounter God -- [7 sermons]
The Solemn Assembly -- learning lessons from Old Testament revivals -- [4 sermons]
The Wonder Of His Name -- a mediation on the familiar words of Isaiah 9:6 -- [4 sermons]
Life As God Intends For His People -- the Christian life as God meant it to be! -- [7 sermons]
God Of Justice, The -- taking us through the Old Testament Minor Prophet, Amos -- [5 sermons]
Portions From John -- sermons from selected passages in John's Gospel -- [8 sermons]
The Presence Of God -- tracing the manifestations of God's presence throughout eternal history -- [5 sermons]
Covenants -- explaining the old and new covenants from Scripture -- [3 sermons]
Life In The Spirit -- guidelines from Galatians, weighing legalistic living against Christian freedom -- [4 sermons]
The Revival We Need -- a heartfelt look at the need for revival in our churches and our lives -- [8 sermons]
101 Christian Questions -- questions from Christians, answers from the Scriptures -- [5 sermons]
Sins We Have Sanitized -- challenging us about our 'acceptable' sins, urging us to confront them -- [5 sermons]
The Romance Of Redemption And Revival In Ruth -- an enlightening study in the book of Ruth -- [4 sermons]
Evangelicalism's Evangelical Emergency -- issues facing evangelicalism in today's world -- [3 sermons]
Revelation, Book Of The -- Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow -- [20 sermons]
Lord's Supper, The -- the practice and principles of the Lord's Supper -- [3 sermons]
Little Women -- helpful lessons from lesser known Bible women -- [5 sermons]
Glimpses Of Glory -- what does the Bible have to say about heaven, and why should we study it? -- [8 sermons]
Gospel Explained, The -- evangelistic sermons from Paul's letter to the Romans -- [11 sermons]
Studies In Mark -- verse-by-verse studies through the Gospel of Mark -- [57 sermons]
1st, 2nd and 3rd John -- verse-by-verse through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd epistles of John -- [23 sermons]
Men For The Hour -- looking at the stories and characters of the Old Testament Judges -- [19 sermons]
Malachi's Modern Message -- verse-by-verse through Malachi, looking at his message for today -- [8 sermons]
Fear Nots Of The First Nativity, The -- comfort from the first Christmas to help us this Christmas -- [3 sermons]
Strongholds Shaken -- a biblical critique of false faiths and confusing cults -- [15 sermons]
Nehemiah - Building For God -- a study through the book of Nehemiah -- [15 sermons]
Crucial Questions On Christ's Return -- questions about prophetic matters and their relevance -- [6 sermons]
Back To Basics -- a look at the ABCs of the Christian life, helpful for believers young and old -- [14 sermons]
Matthew's First Christmas -- a look at Matthew's account of the nativity -- [3 sermons]
Grace Of Giving, The -- the principles and challenges of sacrifical giving in the life of the believer -- [4 sermons]
1st Corinthians -- verse-by-verse through Paul's first epistle to the church at Corinth -- [46 sermons]
Psalm 84 - The Lovesick Psalmist -- what can we learn from the Psalmist? -- [4 sermons]
As Sparks Flying Upward -- a look at how Bible Characters dealt with life's trials and difficulties -- [12 sermons]
Philippians -- verse-by-verse through Paul's 'epistle of joy' -- [24 sermons]
God Of All Comfort, The -- comforting words from 2 Corinthians 1 -- [2 sermons]
Ezekiel -- chapter-by-chapter through the entire book of Ezekiel -- [24 sermons]
Sermon On The Mount, The -- Christ's challenging Sermon On The Mount expounded -- [27 sermons]
Behold Your God! -- studies of the attributes of God, helping us understand God's characteristics -- [13 sermons]
Psalm 91 - The Only Safe Place -- comforting words from Psalm 91 -- [4 sermons]
Obadiah - Majoring On The Minors -- verse-by-verse through Obadiah, the minor prophet -- [1 sermon]
Haggai - Majoring On The Minors -- verse-by-verse through Haggai, the minor prophet -- [4 sermons]
Heart Of The Matter, The -- a biblical look at the heart of man -- [6 sermons]
Ephesians -- verse-by-verse through Paul's epistle to the church at Ephesus -- [36 sermons]
Jude - The Acts Of The Apostates -- verse-by-verse through Jude's epistle -- [7 sermons]
Man Of The Millennium, The -- studies of the person of Christ -- [5 sermons]
Habakkuk - Majoring On The Minors -- verse-by-verse through the prophecy of Habakkuk -- [7 sermons]
Beatitudes, The -- a challenging study through the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 -- [10 sermons]
A Short Series On Prayer -- a short series of studies related to the subject of prayer -- [4 sermons]

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