Below is a list of all David Legge's Bible Study Series sorted in the approximate order of the date they were originally preached. David's first study series can be found at the bottom of the list, while his most recent is at the top.

Using this list, you can begin listening from the very start of David's ministry, and make your way through to his most recent study. Note that some studies were preached at the same time, so there may be some overlap.

Bible Study Series in Chronological Order (Sorted by date preached, most recent first...)

The Holy Spirit”   LATEST
Confident In The Chaos
Kingdom Life
Knowing God
New Life
Divine Encounters
The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
Hunger For Reality
Let My People Go!
Deeper Healing
The Jacob Enigma
God's New Thing”   VIDEO ONLY
Mountain-Moving Faith
The Father Heart Of God”   VIDEO
Something Old, Something New”   VIDEO
Spiritual Warfare
Welcoming The Presence”   VIDEO ONLY
When God ACTS!
Deep Healing”   VIDEO
Encountering God”   VIDEO
The Solemn Assembly”   VIDEO
The Wonder Of His Name
Life As God Intends For His People
The God Of Justice
Portions From John
The Presence Of God
Life In The Spirit”   VIDEO
The Revival We Need
101 Christian Questions
Sins We Have Sanitized
The Romance Of Redemption And Revival In Ruth
Evangelicalism's Evangelical Emergency
The Book Of The Revelation
The Lord's Supper
Little Women
Glimpses Of Glory
The Gospel Explained
Studies In Mark
1st, 2nd and 3rd John
Men For The Hour
Malachi's Modern Message
The 'Fear Nots' Of The First Nativity
Strongholds Shaken
Building For God
Crucial Questions On Christ's Return
Back To Basics
Matthew's First Christmas
The Grace Of Giving
1st Corinthians
Psalm 84: The Lovesick Psalmist
As Sparks Flying Upward
The God Of All Comfort
The Sermon On The Mount
Behold Your God!
Psalm 91: The Only Safe Place
Obadiah: Majoring On The Minors
Haggai: Majoring On The Minors
The Heart Of The Matter
Jude: The Acts Of The Apostates
The Man Of The Millennium
Habakkuk: Majoring On The Minors
The Beatitudes
A Short Series On Prayer