The God Of Justice - AmosMalachi's Modern MessageThe Romance Of Redemption And Revival In Ruth

Old Testament Study Series - [New Testament Series] [Topical Series]

Ezekiel -- chapter-by-chapter through the entire book of Ezekiel -- [24 sermons]
God Of Justice, The -- taking us through the Old Testament Minor Prophet, Amos -- [5 sermons]
Habakkuk - Majoring On The Minors -- verse-by-verse through the prophecy of Habakkuk -- [7 sermons]
Haggai - Majoring On The Minors -- verse-by-verse through Haggai, the minor prophet -- [4 sermons]
Malachi's Modern Message -- verse-by-verse through Malachi, looking at his message for today -- [8 sermons]
Nehemiah - Building For God -- a study through the book of Nehemiah -- [15 sermons]
Obadiah - Majoring On The Minors -- verse-by-verse through Obadiah, the minor prophet -- [1 sermon]
Origins -- a study of origins in the first three chapters of Genesis -- [3 sermons]
Psalm 84 - The Lovesick Psalmist -- what can we learn from the Psalmist? -- [4 sermons]
Psalm 91 - The Only Safe Place -- comforting words from Psalm 91 -- [4 sermons]
The Romance Of Redemption And Revival In Ruth -- an enlightening study in the book of Ruth -- [4 sermons]

Nehemiah - Building For GodLittle WomenThe Solemn Assembly

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New Testament Study Series

New Testament (NT) Bible StudiesTaking us verse by verse, or giving an overview of selected New Testament books. Find in-depth series on 1, 2 & 3 John, Ephesians, Philippians, Mark, Galatians, Revelation and others.

Topical Bible Study Series

Topical Bible StudiesDealing with various topics including the attributes of God, the need for revival, and questions about prophecy and heaven. Join us for studies such as 'Back To Basics', 'The Presence Of God' and more!

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A list of all David Legge's Bible Study Series sorted in the approximate order of the date they were originally preached. David's first study series can be found at the bottom of the list, while his most recent is at the top. Using this list, you can begin listening from the very start of David's ministry, and make your way through to his most recent study.

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