Breaking Through Barriers Devotional - Day 2: Honest To God!

Breaking Through Barriers Devotional - Day 2: Honest To God!
Breaking Through Barriers Devotional

Day 2 Scripture Readings

Honest To God!

It's through faith that we receive God's free unmerited grace-gift of eternal life; but repentance is a part of that process. The most common Greek word in the New Testament for 'repent' is metanoeo which literally means 'a change of mind'. This infers a change of mind concerning our sin, ourselves, and the person and work of Christ.

However, a common mistake that Christians make is to confine repentance to their moment of conversion. Yet, whilst that may have been their first act of repentance, it should never be the last. The 'renewing of the mind' is an ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in our lives which we must continually submit to in repentant obedience as He leads us into all truth.

At this point, some Christians get stuck on their faith journey because of a lack of ongoing repentance in response to personal revelation. Maybe they've tried to justify their sin because of the wounds they have. There could even be a very heavy influence of the evil one in their lives which has strongly disadvantaged them. Before we explore these difficult and real areas, a very important foundational principle must be laid down: OUR SIN MUST BE REPENTED OF.

Whatever accentuating factors there might be, we must take responsibility for our ungodly behaviour. Yes, our pain and the devil can make sin hard to resist at times, even almost impossible, but we must admit that we are involved in the choice to sin. Consider this question: 'How do I co-operate with the enemy's agenda?' What part do you play in the spiritual difficulties you are experiencing? Apart from anything else, will you be responsible for your own actions?

If we want to truly know God and experience the healing and freedom Jesus died for, personal repentance is vital. To neglect repentance is to underestimate the devastating practical impact of sin upon our fellowship with God.

There is hope and an answer for your issues. However, that answer in Jesus and the gospel will not bypass your personal honesty and repentance. This truth is foundational to your healing and deliverance.

So, what is God asking you to do? He is asking you to be transparent before Him and honestly answer the question: 'Am I willing to change my mind about my ungodly ways? Am I ready for God to take these things out of my life for good?'


Lord Jesus, help me now to be honest with You about my sins. I want to be completely transparent before You. You died on the cross for my sins and rose again that I might be forgiven and receive eternal life. I confess all my sins before You and hold nothing back. I repent of these sins and by faith receive Your mercy and forgiveness. Amen.

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Breaking Through Barriers To Blessing

This 5-Day Devotional is based on extracts from David Legge's helpful book Breaking Through Barriers To Blessing, which expands on many of the themes touched on here. It is now available to purchase online and from all good Christian book stores. To learn more about the book and how to get your copy, visit the “Breaking Through Barriers To Blessing” information page.