Ministry Update

Ministry Update

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!... For there the LORD commanded the blessing – life forevermore” - Psalm 133:1,3

If I'm honest (and I did share this with a few people running up to the 21st October), I did suspect that the Same-Sex Marriage and Abortion Laws would be passed. The reason I believed this was, I thought the Lord had been revealing that the Church here is being allowed to enter a place of pressure and sifting. In many respects, I think things will get worse for us (and there is some evidence of this, even in addition to the passing of these laws). Some might say, ‘Well, why then were you praying against it, and encouraging others to do so?’ My answer is: these laws are wrong and not God's will (which is different from Him permitting something) and so we must stand with His purposes and pray in accordance with His will. We are to be salt and light in the world irrespective of the outcome of such matters. Perhaps even more significant though, is I believe that the ‘common threat’ of these laws has united the Church in our land in a way that is hard to ever remember. After the Lord laid the burden on our hearts to have the ‘For the Soul of the Nation’ event in St Anne's Cathedral on 2nd September, there was a strong conviction that what this was actually all about, was to bring people together to cry to God in repentance and for mercy. The Lord commands a blessing where there is unity in Spirit and in truth.

The ‘For the Soul of the Nation’ event was quite remarkable and we hope that, in the future, those of like mind and precious faith will continue to seek God for a genuine move of the Spirit in our land again; but one that goes even further, deeper and wider. Please pray as we seek to be open to what the Lord may direct in this area in future days. All we know is that politics is broken and can't deliver, and our whole nation is in crisis - the only answer is to turn to the Lord!

We currently have a Prayer App for Ireland under construction, which is really exciting and we'd value your prayers for both the ability to service this and also finance it. The idea is to get as many people across the globe praying for this land, eventually achieving a 24/7 prayer covering. Hopefully there will be more to follow on this in a future blog post and on our social media.

We have been very encouraged by how the Lord has been moving in both private meetings and public gatherings. The Lord has been saving, restoring, healing, delivering and encountering people in some quite remarkable ways (too many to convey). We give glory to God and say ‘more Lord!’

We're also excited about the opportunity of running a purity course for men entitled ‘The Conqueror Series’ (details in my itinerary) dealing with the epidemic problem of pornography. Please pray that there will be a good uptake of this and that other Churches may eventually roll this out in their own context. Porn is a massive problem in the Church and, generally speaking, is not being addressed much here. Statistics show that 68% of Church-going men view porn on a regular basis. We want to train men and Churches so that they are equipped to be able to help others who are in the midst of this battle.

Please pray with us that the Lord Jesus will continue to release His power in ministry as we seek to lift Him up for the glory of God the Father.

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