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Invite David Legge To Speak

If you would like to enquire about David Legge coming to speak at your church or fellowship, please read the following points carefully before submitting your query using the form below:

  • Before submitting your request, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with David's teaching ministry, perhaps by listening to a few sermons or study series, or reading some transcripts. You can also read more about David and Preach The Word.
  • Please note that email acknowledgement of your enquiry does not constitute acceptance of your invitation.
  • If he is available on the dates you specify, David will prayerfully consider your request and you will receive a confirmation by email in due time. (You can check David's schedule for the next three months).
  • If David expresses interest in your invitation, but we are not familiar with your ministry, you may be required to submit a written request by post, confirming the details and providing further information about your ministry.
  • Please understand that it will be impossible to respond positively to every request.

Please be patient when awaiting a response! If you wish to proceed with submitting an enquiry, please fully complete the form below. Thank you!

Specify the dates and times of the meeting(s) (Use date format DD/MM/YYYY):

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Please provide any other helpful information or comments, including a description of the type of meeting (eg Gospel Mission, Bible Week, Sunday Services etc). If you have not been in contact with us before, additional helpful information would include your statement of belief, details of the work you are involved in and any affiliations you have with other ministries:

Please double check your email address if you expect to receive a reply, and ensure that our address - - is included in your address book or allowed senders list so that our reply can get through any spam or junk email filters.