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Breaking Through Barriers To Blessing

Overcoming Sins, Wounds and Demons

Has there been some undefined hindrance in your Christian life?

Do you often ask the question 'Why Me?' when things go wrong on a personal level, or 'Why not me?' when you feel God's blessings are eluding you?

If we are honest, we often feel let down, or even somewhat of a fraud, because of the absence of blessing and victory in our lives. There appear to be some barriers to blessing, obstacles in the way which prevent us maturing as Christians.

Christian conversion is not the end of our spiritual search and transformation, but rather the beginning, following which Jesus begins the process of changing us. We embark on a journey, one which will never end until we are like Him.

For our transformation to begin, we need to diagnose the obstacles to blessing in our lives, so that we may receive the appropriate remedy.

Sins, wounds, and demons are the three general areas where most, if not all, problems occur. Obviously, the solutions to each of these problems are different. Sins should be repented of, wounds need to be healed, and demons must be expelled.

In Breaking Through Barriers to Blessing, David Legge seeks to help you identify and overcome the hindrances to your progress as a Christian, releasing you to a life of blessing and fulfilment.

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What others are saying...

Dr. R.T. Kendall

“This book practically and effectively applies the transformational power of the Gospel to some of life's most intractable problems. I recommend it to those longing to break through barriers into God's blessing!”

Dr. R.T Kendall
Christian writer, speaker, and teacher who pastored Westminster Chapel for 25 years

David L’Herroux

“In this broken world with its many conflicts, many are asking the question, Where is God in all of this? David offers us practical help in this book, which encourages us to get back to the infallible Word of God - the divine manual for victorious living. David reminds us of the root of all barriers to blessing, and invites us not only to read the Scriptures, but apply them in our daily living - so that we can experience breaking through barriers to real blessing. Let us also remember that we are all a work in progress as we are transformed into the likeness of Christ. Through this book, God will inspire and lead you to experience your freedom in Christ and be an overcomer.”

David L'Herroux
United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) Chief Executive

Ken Symington

“I have had the privilege of ministering in this area for nearly 25 years through my own ministry, and also as an associate teacher with Ellel Ministries International for nearly 20 years.

In the early years the church as a whole wanted nothing to do with such ministry, yet privately its members were coming in droves to those who have been ministering in this area, seeking freedom from a great variety of bondages.

Today, thankfully, this is changing rapidly.

In my father's day the usual areas of bondage were smoking, drinking and swearing, but today the culture is awash with additional areas of darkness such as pornography, drugs, occult, sexual immorality, abortion, violence, rebellion against authority, fatherless children, self harming, anxiety, fear and youth suicide on a broader and deeper scale than older generations could have ever imagined, and as God graciously adds to the number of those being saved these areas of bondage are relentlessly coming to the fore within church congregations - with Ministers and Pastors feeling ill-equipped to deal with them.

There are books available which deal with particular areas of bondage in great depth, but this book does something different - and does it well.

It skilfully skims a stone over all these waters, giving enough information to confirm the reality of these bondages, and just as importantly, the Biblical mandate for this ministry.

It also explains the spiritual realm - and the role of the demonic in this unseen realm - in such a clear, Biblical and logical way that it not only removes fear of this Biblical but much ignored subject, but hopefully generates a desire to learn more.

It is my prayer that this book will become essential reading not only for ministers, pastors, elders, prayer ministry teams and lay people, but also recommended reading in Bible Colleges and Seminaries. It is Biblical, it is accurate (in my 25 years of hands-on experience) it is well written, and it is greatly needed for such a time as this!”

Ken Symington
Founder of Christian Restoration in Ireland, International Christian speaker and author of 'Loved Like Never Before' and 'The Great Adventure - the challenge of really following Jesus'

David Cross

“This book is a real gem of explanation of the healing and deliverance ministry of Jesus. David has skilfully drawn together, along with his own very helpful insights, the teaching of many who have been seeking to understand this ministry over recent years.

He has clearly addressed the rightful balance necessary when praying for those needing help with both inner wounding and inner bondage. David’s book is remarkably thorough, pleasingly uncomplicated, truly practical and very well founded in scripture.

The restoration journey for a follower of Jesus will inevitably encounter the hurdles of sins, wounds and demons. Understanding how each of these is to be tackled, in accordance with the Bible, is such an important issue for the effectiveness of the Body of Christ in these days.”

David Cross
Deputy International Director
Ellel Ministries

Rev. T.J. Hagan B.D.

“This is a book that stops us in our tracks and causes us to rethink our position as Christians. The key emphasis is on being rather than doing. As we enter into a living, vital relationship with God we are empowered to live a life of fellowship and communion with God. A life that is pleasing to God and enriching for us. Here the author outlines the steps of forgiveness, freedom and wholeness. This is a balanced book giving us an insight into the demonic world, its influences and snares, at the same time guarding us against being overwhelmed by it and pointing us to the One who came to 'set the captives free'. For many who are struggling with life's issues and mysteries, here is a book that will help them discover a new life of freedom in the healing, delivering ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. I strongly recommend it.”

Rev. T.J. Hagan B.D.
(Minister Emeritus, Donacloney Presbyterian Church, Lurgan, Northern Ireland)

Rev. Dr. Alistair P. Petrie

“In a day and age when modern medicine is being seriously challenged in finding thorough cures for debilitating illnesses, David Legge takes us into a deep and insightful understanding of the roots and causes of problems that so often challenge people in both their spiritual and physical lives. David offers a Biblical and carefully researched look into how we can attain sustainable breakthroughs amidst the many challenges people are experiencing today. He probes such issues as 'fear' and how this can be addressed through the power of prayer based on appropriating the promises of the Cross. I thoroughly recommend this book since it draws on the promises of Scripture, gives in-depth insight into many of the Biblical miracles and healings, and provides answers to many questions in a practical and tangible way, that will lead to breakthrough and blessing!”

Rev. Dr. Alistair P. Petrie
Executive Director, Partnership Ministries (www.partnershipministries.org)