“Conquer: The Battle Plan For Purity”

Conquer Series - Course Registration

The statistics of pornography in the global church show that 68% of church-going men view pornography on a regular basis. We are not immune, so we want to train every man so that they are equipped to be able to help other men who are in the midst of this battle.

We are asking every man to sign up for this Conquer Group, where you will learn how to use the weapons of God to be a better husband, a better father and become a man of integrity.

The course starts on Thursday, 4th June for 5 weeks, 7:00-8:30pm via Zoom. This is a 5 week course run by CVM Ireland in cooperation with Naked Truth Project and David Legge.

A biblically based, proven process and study to help men conquer porn and walk in freedom. This is a game changer! This is not just for men with a problem but for men who don’t want one and for leaders who want to help men who are struggling. 18+ only. To register send an email to office@cvm.ie