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Established in September 2000, 'Preach The Word' is a small volunteer internet-based ministry, which seeks to share sound Bible-teaching with people around the world free-of-charge. We are based in Northern Ireland, and our featured speaker is David Legge, a Christian preacher and Bible teacher from Belfast. You will find a wealth of Bible study resources on our site in both audio and text format - many sermons have been transcribed word-for-word so that you can either read or listen, while other more recent messages are available in HD video and MP3 audio. The name for our ministry is taken from 2 Timothy 4:2, where Paul exhorts Timothy to "Preach the Word". You can read more at our 'About Us' page - please take a while to browse around, enjoy your stay, and come back soon!

David Legge

David Legge was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. As a child he attended the Iron Hall Evangelical Church, and he trusted Jesus Christ as his Saviour at eight years of age. He served as Assistant Pastor at Portadown Baptist Church, before taking up the Pastorate of the Iron Hall Evangelical Church in Belfast, N. Ireland, where he ministered from 1999-2008. He is now engaged in a ministry as a preacher and Bible Teacher, and is the author of the book Breaking Through Barriers to Blessing. He lives in Portadown with his wife, Barbara, and children, Lydia and Noah.

You can read a short welcoming letter from David on our site, or visit his blog for more information. Listen to his sermons online at the Preach The Word website, or make an enquiry regarding a speaking engagement. To get up-to-date prayer information from David, you may wish to follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

In 2011 David participated in a brief radio interview about his life and ministry. If you would like, you can download the MP3 to listen to this interview to learn a little more about David, or listen using the player below. Additionally, you can read or listen to David's personal testimony.

Browser: We recommend the latest version of Google Chrome for browsing our website on both desktop and mobile devices. You shouldn't require any other software as the audio files and PDFs can all be accessed within Chrome. Other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Edge should also work.

Audio Player: You should be able to play sermons using the built-in audio player at the top of each sermon transcript. If you prefer to download the MP3 audio for listening offline, it should play in all common media players. We recommend VLC Media Player which will play any audio or video format, and can be downloaded free for Windows, Apple and Linux computers.

To listen to a sermon: Look for the audio player at the top of any sermon transcript - click the 'Play' button    to begin listening.

To download a sermon: At the top of any sermon transcript, right-click (or hold down for a touch screen device) on the 'Cloud' icon and choose 'Save As...' to download the MP3 file. Completed study series can be downloaded in one go as a ZIP file, or a Podcast, using the links provided in the 'Get this entire series...' dropdown menu at the top of the appropriate study series page.

Preach The Word is the official repository of all of David Legge's sermon material. We appreciate the desire of those who wish to share these messages with others, however we also wish to maintain quality control and help connect people with our ministry.

If you simply wish to quote from one of David's sermons, please make sure you indicate that the quotation is from him, and if possible cite the original source by linking to the appropriate sermon or sermon transcript at

If you wish to share an entire transcript, audio or video sermon, please partner together with us by observing the guidelines below. You may duplicate and distribute David's audio and video messages in CD, DVD, and MP3 formats without prior permission, as long as you follow these restrictions:

  1. You may duplicate and distribute only full-length versions of the messages.
  2. You may not edit the content in any way.
  3. You may not charge for the material (even to recoup your costs).
  4. You may link to individual sermon or study series pages at the Preach The Word website, or use the YouTube embed feature to embed a video on your website or blog, but you may not host the audio, video or text of the sermons on your own website or blog.
  5. If you copy sermons to a CD or DVD, we ask that you include the following information on the CD or DVD:
    a. The title of the sermon
    b. 'Copyright by David Legge. Used by permission from Preach The Word'.
    c. Our website address:

Preach The Word and David Legge reserve all copyright protections under applicable law. We reserve the right to revoke or modify these permissions at any time. We thank you for your cooperation in these matters, which will help us share the teaching of God's Word with others.

Our full copyright statement reads as follows: "All material by David Legge is copyrighted. However, these materials may be freely copied and distributed unaltered for the purpose of study and teaching, so long as they are made available to others free of charge, and the copyright is included. This does not include hosting or broadcasting the materials on another website, however linking to the resources on is permitted. These materials may not, in any manner, be sold or used to solicit 'donations' from others, nor may they be included in anything you intend to copyright, sell, offer for a fee, or associate with advertisers. This copyright is exercised to keep these materials freely available to all. Any exceptions to these conditions must be explicitly approved by Preach The Word".

You can download an MP3 sermon from our site, and then create an audio CD to keep or share with a friend. Audio CDs can be created using your CD-recording software (usually supplied with your CD-Writer), or applications such as iTunes and MediaMonkey. We recommend the free CDBurnerXP software for creating audio CDs from MP3 files (on their download page, choose 'More Download Options' and select the 'Without InstallCore' version).

All the completed study series on our site are also available in the handy Adobe PDF format. These are presented as neatly formatted booklets with chapter divisions, contents page and a title page, and can be freely downloaded from the Book Store.

The PDF Booklets are recommended for viewing on any computer, and especially for printing out (double-sided so they can be bound). If you don't have Adobe Reader for viewing PDF files, you can get the appropriate version for your computer free here.

We also have free Amazon Kindle compatible versions of all David Legge's study series, for use on your Kindle, PC, or any mobile device. Download the free Kindle Reading App for your device, or simply copy an eBook from our Book Store over to your Kindle (you can email the downloaded file to your Kindle address). Also available are ePUB versions of these eBooks for use in iBooks on your iPhone or iPad and on many other ePUB-compatible reading devices such as the Sony Reader or Barnes & Noble Nook.

How to print PDF booklets double-sided: You can read a PDF file on screen, or print it out as a booklet. Follow the instructions below to print out our booklets from Adobe Acrobat using both sides of the paper, so that they can be bound like an ordinary book (using an 80 page booklet as an example):

  1. In Adobe Reader choose File/Print from the menu
  2. Select 'All 80 pages' as the print range and choose 'Odd pages only' from the box below. This will print out only the odd numbered pages from 1-80. Click OK.
  3. Once these have printed, depending on your printer, reinsert the pages so that the printer will print on the OTHER side of page. (Some printers will require you to turn the pages so that page 1 is at the top, others will take the pages back the way they are with page 79 at the top - you may need to experiment with one or two pages first to establish how your printer works, or the user manual may help you with doubled-sided printing).
  4. If page 79 is at the top, choose File/Print, select 'Even pages only' and click the 'Reverse Pages' box. Then click OK. This will automatically print from page 80 down to page 2, saving you from having to reshuffle the pages! ALTERNATIVELY: If page 1 is at the top, simply choose File/Print, select 'Even pages only', then click OK.

At first this can be complicated as different printers handle double-sided printing different ways. There are other print options in Adobe Reader you may want to experiment with which allow you to shrink/expand page size etc. Once printed you should be able to get your booklet bound using a local stationery service, or just by using a simple file binder.

The sermons on our site are indexed by subject on the Topical Index page. They are also indexed by scripture reference on the Scripture Index page. If you cannot find what you are looking for on either of these pages, you can try using the Site Search page - when performing a search remember that less words means more results, more words means less results, and always check your spelling! If you have trouble finding something, try using alternative words or spellings, or search for associated terms.

We value your help in spreading the word about our website. You can link to us from your website or blog using the address

You'll also notice a 'Share This Page' button on many pages, including all our sermon transcripts and study series. We invite you to use these to recommend our ministry, or individual study series or sermons which have blessed you, to your friends and followers on whichever social network you use - be it Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Thank you for your help in letting others know about our ministry in this way! Remember that you can also follow David on Twitter or on Facebook. For website enquiries, our webmaster can also be contacted on Twitter.

Sorry, we have a policy of no advertising on our site, and we do not sell anything

We welcome your emails, and we try to reply to every message we receive. However, please remember that we are volunteers, and as such we simply do not have time to enter into prolonged theological discussion by email. See our 'Contact Us' page for details of how to get in touch. If you would like to comment on our website, or let others know about a sermon or series which has been of help to you, please sign our guestbook!

The 'Preach The Word' website is updated regularly with new material. To see a list of all the latest additions to the site, visit the 'What's New?' page. You can also sign up for our regular update emails. These will arrive in your inbox on the day the site is updated. They will tell you what has been added, along with other occasional news from our ministry. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel, RSS Feed or MP3 Podcast to make sure that you never miss a new sermon! Of course, following David on Twitter or on Facebook will also keep you notified about new materials. You can also keep up-to-date about his ministry on Instagram.

It is our aim to provide the resources on this site free-of-charge. To this end, everything can be freely streamed or downloaded in MP3 audio format from our website. If you would prefer, you can request David Legge's sermons and study series free-of-charge on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. These discs contain the sermons in high-quality MP3 format and PDF text format. Please abide by the terms laid out on the order page. The CD-ROMs should play in all computers, and most MP3 compatible CD/DVD players, the DVD-ROMs will play in computers equipped with a DVD drive. Sermons on these discs are only available in text or audio, we do not provide DVDs containing video or Video CDs.

Please let us know. With hundreds of pages and sermons on our site, it's quite possible that you've found a broken link or other issue - the only way we can fix it is if someone tells us about it! If possible, do let us know the address you've been trying and what browser and device you're using. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be to solve. Thank you!

Yes, many of our completed study series, and a selection of Gospel and Topical sermons, have been converted into electronic Braille formats. These can be used with BRL or BRF compatible devices or software. These booklets are also available in Plain Text so that you can format them for use in whatever way is best for you. Additionally, you can listen in MP3 format by downloading MP3 files, or subscribing to a series using its Podcast feed. All of these resources are linked to from our specially formatted page for the visually impaired, designed to be easy to use with screen readers. Each new sermon is also announced on this page, and linked to in various formats including plain text.

New sermons are available as an MP3 Podcast as soon as they are added to the site. For detailed instructions on how to join our Podcast service or RSS updates, please visit the Podcast Information Page. There are many excellent Podcasting applications available for all devices, including PocketCasts, Miro, gPodder and many suitable apps in the Apple and Google Play stores. If you would prefer to listen to our Podcast without subscribing, you can listen online in your browser or download the MP3 files direct to your computer. Completed study series each have their own individual podcast feed, which you'll find by visiting the appropriate study page and clicking the 'Get this entire series' dropdown menu.

Yes, David's 'Studies In Mark', 'Philippians - Epistle Of Joy', and 'Divine Encounters' series have been professionally translated into Vietnamese and can be downloaded in PDF format in this language using the links above.

Whilst we do not have any other materials translated into other languages, you will find the Google Translate service available on our sermon transcripts. If you would like to try using this to read a transcript in another language, look for the 'Translate' section on the right-hand side of the transcript (or at the bottom on smaller screen devices). Do note that the translation is an automated service performed by a computer, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the results - however we trust that it will at least give a general idea of the contents of a sermon to those unable to read or listen in English.