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The Solemn Assembly Encountering God
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Hunger For RealityNEW SERIES: "Hunger For Reality"
Do you long to go deeper with God?
Part 1: "Reckless Love"

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Join our mailing listThe sad thing is that, if you look at the church today, and consider the creeds, the confessions, and even systematic theologies, there is not a lot of reference to love in them. Think about that. I don't know what church tradition you come from, but whatever creed you say, whatever catechism you have, think about it: love doesn't really feature that much, does it? Take down your Louis Berkof theology, or another theology, from the dusty shelves of the Bible College library, and you'll probably not get a chapter in it about love, love for God, and love for one another. Yet what is it Jesus said in John 13 verse 35: 'By this shall all men know that you are My disciples: that you love one another. A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you'. Jesus says you will be known for your love. This is like the Christian badge. It's not the fish (not that anything is wrong with the fish), it's not even the cross, it's love! Yet what has the church been known for in Ireland? Love? What? Hatred! War! Dissension! It's ironic, isn't it? [Listen or read more...]

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The Joy Of Fearing God
by Jerry BridgesThe Joy Of Fearing God by Jerry Bridges

For most of us, fear is something we try to avoid. And fearing God hardly sounds like an occasion for joy. But Jerry Bridges shows how the fear of the Lord is actually the key that opens the door to a life of true knowledge, wisdom, blessing, and joy.

We all want a deeper, more intimate relationship with God - one that's characterized by joy. But how does fearing God lead to joy? After all, aren't we supposed to love Him and live in intimate relationship with Him? Jerry Bridges explores this paradox as he unpacks the biblical promise that God delights in those who fear Him.

In 'The Joy Of Fearing God', trusted author Jerry Bridges gives you a surprising and revealing look at what the Bible says about why and how we should fear God. Join him as he unveils the awesome greatness of God - His incredible holiness, deep wisdom, and especially His inspiring love. You'll gain a deeper understanding of who God is that will draw you into a truly biblical, and surprisingly delightful, fear of God - a fear that includes your own genuine, heartfelt delight in God.

You'll make the startling discovery that the fear of the Lord, far from being something to avoid, is the key to joyful, fulfilling, and genuine intimacy with God. It can change your relationship with God and change your life! Discover the surprising Joy of Fearing God!

Jerry Bridges (1929-2016) was a staff member of the Navigators collegiate ministry, and a well-known Christian writer and conference speaker. He is the author of many helpful books, including 'The Pursuit Of Holiness', which has sold more than 1.5 million copies.

Available to order from Amazon for Kindle (US and UK) or as a Paperback (US and UK) - 288 pages

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