Creating an Audio-CD from a Downloaded Sermon File...

Recording a sermon onto an audio CD may require you to convert the downloaded MP3 file into the CD-compatible WAV format. However, your computer's built-in CD recording software may be able to create an audio CD directly from an MP3 file. Free software, such as CDBurnerXP is also available to do this - whatever software you use, make sure you choose to create an 'audio CD' and not a 'data CD'.

If you need to convert the MP3 file to WAV format before burning to CD there are many programs available to do this (commonly known as convertors or decoders), have a look at our links page for some examples. We recommend the free fre:ac Audio Converter to convert MP3 files to other formats. The CDBurnerXP website has helpful step-by-step instructions on creating an audio CD.

Once you have a 44.1Khz 16-bit stereo WAV file, your CD recording software should be able to easily make an audio CD of the sermon - consult the user manual or help files.

Mediamonkey.comMediaMonkey, the completely FREE media manager will allow you to change files between Windows Media, MP3 and other formats, as well as easily create audio CDs of sermons. The free version of WinAMP will also allow you to create audio CDs.

How to Record a Sermon onto Audio Cassette...

Recording onto audio cassette is now probably obsolete, however the instructions are as follows:

  • Obtain a cable like those shown in the pictures below (commonly called '2 Phono plugs to 3.5mm jack'), available from any good electronics store (like Radio Shack, or Maplin UK). It's a good idea to check that your hifi/cassette deck has the appropriate input sockets - look at the rear, or check the user manual.
  • You now can use this cable to connect your computer and hifi/cassette deck together. Plug the 3.5mm jack end into the 'Line Out' or 'Speaker' socket on the back of your computer. The other end (2 Phono Plugs, one for left, one for right) should plug into the 'Line In' or 'Input' socket of your hifi/cassette deck. The pictures below show the cable commonly used to connect a PC and hifi for recording purposes:
Two Phono Jacks to 3.5" audio jack - connect PC to HiFiTwo Phono Jacks to 3.5" audio jack - connect PC to HiFi
  • Place a blank cassette in the cassette deck and begin recording. Begin playing the sermon on your computer. It will now be recorded onto the cassette so that you can play it in your car, or give it to a friend.
  • If you have any further problems or queries, please feel free to email our webmaster and he will try to give you further instruction.

Some Last Instructions for Distributing Sermons...Top

You may distribute the sermons on this site to others, however please abide by the following guidelines:

  1. We ask that you please write our website address ( on any cassette or CD you give away.
  2. Please do not charge a fee for any cassette or CD you distribute, except where it is necessary to cover the costs of duplicating, and the price of the blank media used. Thank you.

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