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All of David Legge's sermons listed by main Bible reference

Please note: this scripture index only lists sermons by the MAIN scripture references used, not by ALL scriptures referred to in the sermon. If you don't see a sermon for the reference you want, try doing a site search for the book name.

Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song Of Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Habakkuk, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi.

New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Hebrews, Philemon, James, 1 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, Jude, Revelation

Old Testament


Chapter 1:1-2:3: The Origin Of The Universe
Chapter 2:4-25: The Origin Of Mankind
Chapter 2: "Stand By Your Man" - Is Marriage Outdated?
Chapter 3: The Origin Of Sin
Chapter 3: The Serpent
Chapters 2-3: The Presence Of God In The Garden
Chapter 11:1-9: The Baha'i Faith
Chapter 12: The Abrahamic Covenant
Chapter 19: Sodom Similarities
Chapter 22: What Is Our Fuel: Feeling Or Faith?
Chapter 22: The Agonies Of Abraham
Chapter 25:19-34: The Jacob Enigma Pt1: God Loves WHO?
Chapter 25:29-34; 27:1-43: The Jacob Enigma Pt2: Flesh Sells Out And Caves In
Chapter 28:10-20: The Jacob Enigma Pt3: Jacob's Unconscious Encounter
Chapter 32:22-32: The Jacob Enigma Pt4: Getting The Blessing
Chapter 32:22-32: Jacob At Jabbok
Chapters 32-50: The Life Journey Of Jacob
Chapters 37-50: The Jeopardy Of Joseph Pt1
Chapters 40-50: The Jeopardy Of Joseph Pt2


Chapter 2: The Maze Of Moses Pt1
Chapters 2-4: The Maze Of Moses Pt2
Chapter 3:1-9: Moses And The Burning Bush
Chapters 4:1-5,17,20: Only A Rod
Chapter 10:7-9: For The Sake Of The Children
Chapter 12: Wonder-Working Power
Chapter 14: The Red Sea Route
Chapter 14: The Red Sea Route Continued
Chapter 14:13: Be Still, Believe Only
Chapter 15: The Holiness Of God
Chapter 15:22-27: Wholeness In Christ
Chapter 19: The Mosaic Covenant
Chapter 25:19-34: The Jacob Enigma: God Loves WHO?
Chapters 29:42-46: The Presence Of God In The Tabernacle And Temple
Chapter 33: The Importance Of Thinking
Chapter 33:7-23: Trust And Truth
Chapter 33:13: Love And Acceptance


Chapter 6: The Never-Ceasing Flame Of Intercession
Chapter 10:1-3: The Fear Of The Lord


Chapter 11:1-10: Just Jesus, Part 2 - The Necessity Of Jesus
Chapter 11: The Malnutrition Of The Soul
Chapter 16: Which Side Of The Line Are You Standing On?
Chapter 21: Look And Live!
Chapter 32: A Settlement Less Than Your Inheritance
Chapter 32:20-23: A Sinful Certainty


Chapter 18:9-12: Spiritism
Chapter 18:22: The Witness Of The Watchtower - a study of the Jehovah's Witness Movement
Chapter 29: God Transcendent
Chapter 33:25: Strength For The Days


Chapter 2, 6: Rahab
Chapter 3:4: Courage For The Unknown Road
Chapter 9: Covenants


SERIES: Men For The Hour
Chapters 1-2: The Worst Of Times
Chapters 2-3: The Paraclete's Prototype
Chapter 3:11-4:1: Ehud, The Handicapped Hero
Chapter 3:31: Shamgar, The Unconventional
Chapters 4-5: Deborah, The Exceptional
Chapter 6:1-24: Gideon, The Fearful
Chapter 6:11-16: 'Who Am I?' - Finding True Identity
Chapter 6:11-27: Gideon At The Winepress
Chapter 6:12-22: The Angel Of Jehovah
Chapter 6:25-35: Gideon, The Faithful
Chapter 6:36-40: Gideon And The Fleece
Chapter 7: Gideon, The Fighter
Chapter 8: Gideon, The Fallen
Chapter 11: Jephthah, The Reject
Chapter 13: Samson, The Promising Start
Chapter 14: Samson, The Broken Vows
Chapter 15: Samson, The Vengeful Victor
Chapter 16:1-20: Samson, The Lustful Loser
Chapter 16:21-31: Samson, The Blind Visionary
Chapter 17-18: Micah And His Mercenary Minister
Chapter 19: God's People In The Gutter


SERIES: The Romance Of Redemption And Revival In Ruth
Chapter 1:1-6: Sojourn In Moab
Chapter 1:7-2:3: Return To Bethlehem
Chapters 2-3: At His Feet
Chapter 4: In His Family

1 Samuel

Chapter 1: The Heart That God Broke To Mend
Chapter 1: David Legge's Testimony
Chapter 15:22-23: Obedience
Chapter 25:2-44: Abigail

2 Samuel

Chapter 7: The Disorientated Heart
Chapter 11: How To Stay Pure In A Sin Sick World
Chapter 11: David's Adultery - The Great Fall
Chapter 11: Are There Any Left?
Chapter 20:1-22: The Woman Of Abel
Chapter 21:1-14: Rizpah
Chapter 21: Covenants

1 Kings

Chapter 1: Following The Wrong King
Chapter 13: The Tale Of Two Prophets
Chapter 19:1-18: Elijah On The Mountain
Chapter 19: The Summons Of Elisha
Chapter 19: The Exhaustion Of Elijah

2 Kings

Chapter 4: Make A Nest For Your Young
Chapter 20: The Best Of Men, A Man At Best
Chapter 22: Huldah The Prophetess

2 Chronicles

Chapter 6:40-42: A Resting Place For God
Chapter 20:1-32: The Solemn Assembly Under Jehoshaphat
Chapter 29:1-36: The Solemn Assembly Under Hezekiah
Chapter 32: The King's Battle For The Minds Of His People


Chapter 8:21-23; 9:1-15: The Solemn Assembly Under Ezra


SERIES: Building For God
Chapter 1: The Man For The Hour
Chapter 2:1-8: Preparation For The Work
Chapter 2:9-20: Preparation For The Work Pt2
Chapter 3: Great Works And Their Beginnings Pt1
Chapter 3: Great Works And Their Beginnings Pt2
Chapter 4:1-9: The Enemy And The Overcomer
Chapter 4:10-23: Discouragement - Its Origins And Its Answers
Chapter 5: The Fifth Column Of God's Work
Chapter 6: The Final And Most Fearsome Attack Of The Enemy
Chapter 7-8: Getting Back To The Bible
Chapter 8: A Revival In The Bible
Chapter 9: A Revival In Prayer
Chapter 9: Putting Prayer Back In Its Place
Chapter 10: A Revival In Holiness
Chapter 10: A New Call To Personal Holiness
Chapter 11: In Honour Of The Ordinary
Chapter 12: A Praise Service To Remember
Chapter 13: Grasping The Nettles Of Sin


Chapters 1-9: God's Door In Disaster


Chapters 1-42: Job's Enigma
Chapter 1: When Bad Things Happen To Good People
Chapter 1:6-10: The Sides Of The Hedge
Chapter 23: Conviction Of Sin
Chapter 26: The Power Of God
Chapter 42:5-6 Second Hand Knowledge or First Hand Experience?


Chapter 3: The Psalmist's Secret Of Stress-free Sleep
Chapter 5:3: The Morning Watch
Chapter 9: God Over All!
Chapter 16:11: Exuberant Joy
Chapter 18: Leaping Walls
Chapter 18:1-19: What I Love About The Lord
Chapter 19: The God Who Wants To Be Seen And Known
Chapter 22: When God Is Distant
Chapter 24:3-6: Revival - A Community Encountering God
Chapter 27:4 The Practice Of The Presence - The Atmosphere Of Encountering God
Chapter 32: The Nature And Attainment Of Blessedness
Chapter 37: The Faithfulness Of God
Chapter 38: Holy Misery
Chapter 42: Where Is God?
Chapter 45: He Is Altogether Lovely
Chapter 48: This God; Our Almighty God
Chapter 67: Blessed To Bless - Sanctified Selfishness
Chapter 68:28: The Precedence Of God's Power
Chapter 69: The Subject Of Loneliness
Chapter 74: A Time To Cry
CHAPTER 84: SERIES “The Lovesick Psalmist
Chapter 84: The Lovesick Psalmist
Chapter 84: Through The Valley
Chapter 84: Heaven Here And Hereafter
Chapter 84: Make A Nest For Your Young
Chapter 85: Revival
Chapter 89:6-7: The Fear Of The Lord
Chapter 90: "Your God Is Too Small"
CHAPTER 91: SERIES “The Only Safe Place
Chapter 91: The Only Safe Place
Chapter 91: Getting Through Life
Chapter 91: God's Guardians And Guidance
Chapter 91: A God Of His Word
Chapter 93: The Sovereign's Psalm
Chapter 103:14 Never Forget What God Remembers
Chapter 106: The Malnutrition Of The Soul
Chapter 119: How To Stay Pure In A Sin Sick World
Chapter 119: Are There Any Left?
Chapter 126:5-6: Tiny Tears
Chapter 136: The Mercy Of God
Chapter 139: The Omnipresence Of God
Chapter 139: The Omniscience Of God
Chapter 139:23: Mental Sins
Chapter 147:1-6: Wounds
Chapter 149:5-6: The Power Of Praise


Chapter 3:1-6: The Trusting Heart
Chapter 4: Wisdom And Where It Leads Pt1
Chapter 4: Wisdom And Where It Leads Pt2
Chapter 29:1: A Bridge Too Far
Chapter 29:18: Visionary Or Stationary?
Chapter 29:25: Fear Of Man


Chapter 1:9 The Cynic's New Year
Chapter 2: What Is Happiness?

Song Of Solomon

Chapter 1: He Is Altogether Lovely
Chapter 2: Communion And Reunion Pt1
Chapter 2: Communion And Reunion Pt2
Chapter 8:6-7: Knowing God, Part 4: Intimacy


Chapter 6: Isaiah's Day
Chapter 6:1-9: Answering The Call
Chapter 6:1-9: Isaiah In The Throne Room
Chapter 7: Immanuel - God With Us
Chapter 9:6: SERIES: The Wonder Of His Name
Chapter 14:4-15: Pride And Punishment
Chapter 26:1-4: Peace, Perfect Peace
Chapter 26:3 The Practice Of The Presence - The Atmosphere Of Encountering God
Chapter 33: Consecration - The Highway Of Holiness
Chapter 43:16-21: God's New Thing
Chapter 45:22: The Look Of Life
Chapter 46: The Sovereignty Of God
Chapter 49:15-16: Mother Wounds
Chapter 51:1-11: The Pilgrim's Final Rest
Chapter 53:3: The Unwelcome Christ
Chapter 55:6-13: The Vital Power Of God's Word
Chapter 57:15 What Is Revival?
Chapter 58: Fasting And Prayer
Chapter 58: Fasting God's Way
Chapter 58:1-12: Where Is Jesus Now?
Chapter 61:1-2: The Mission Statement Of Messiah
Chapter 61:1-3: Put On The Garment Of Praise
Chapter 61:1-3: Sins
Chapter 61:1-4: Deliverance From The Spirit Of Heaviness
Chapter 61:3: Praise Time! - Part 1
Chapter 64: A Refreshing Prayer
Chapter 66:11-13: Mother Wounds


Chapter 8:20: The Harvest Is Past
Chapter 8:20: Salvation Sticking Points
Chapter 17: The Disease Of The Heart
Chapter 20: Jeremiah The Dejected
Chapter 26:3 The Practice Of The Presence - The Atmosphere Of Encountering God
Chapter 29: The Seeking Heart
Chapter 29: Coping With The Contradictions Of Life
Chapter 30:7: Tribulation: Now Or Never?
Chapter 31:31-37: The New Covenant


Jeremiah The Dejected


SERIES: Ezekiel
Chapter 1:1-3: The Man And The Message
Chapter 1:1-28: Visualising The Invisible
Chapters 2-3: The Preparation Of The Preacher
Chapters 4-5: Signs Of Judgement
Chapters 6-7: The End Is Here!
Chapters 8-9: A Journey Of Judgement To The House Of God
Chapters 10-11: Glory - Past, Absent And Future
Chapters 12-13: The Signs And Blunders Movement
Chapter 14: Strange Answers To Strange Prayers
Chapters 15-16: A Vine, A Wife, Two Eagles And A Twig - Part 1
Chapters 16-17: A Vine, A Wife, Two Eagles And A Twig - Part 2
Chapters 18-19: The Administration Of God's Government
Chapter 20: The Road Of Rebellion
Chapters 21-22: No Man For The Hour
Chapter 23: Double Trouble - Two Harlot Sisters
Chapter 24: When The Cost Comes Home
Chapters 25-32: God's Judgement Of The Gentile World
Chapter 28:11-19: Lucifer's Life Story
Chapters 33-34: Watchmen And Shepherds
Chapters 35-37: The Valley Of Dry Bones
Chapters 38-39: Northern Invaders
Chapters 40-43:12: The Millennial Temple
Chapters 43:13-46:24: Temple Worship In The Millennium
Chapters 47-48: The Millennial Holy Land


Chapter 4: The Sovereignty Of God
Chapter 5: A Close Encounter Of A Divine Kind
Chapter 9:24-27: Tribulation: Now Or Never?
Chapter 11: Knowing Your God


Chapter 3:5: The Goodness Of God


Chapter 1:13; 2:12-17: The Solemn Assembly Under Joel


SERIES: The God Of Justice
Chapters 1-2: The Accused
Chapters 3-4: The First Charge, Aimlessness
Chapters 5-6: The Second Charge, Affluence
Chapter 6:1: At Ease In Zion
Chapters 7-8: The Third Charge, Apathy
Chapters 8-9: The Sentence


SERIES: Majoring On The Minors - Obadiah
Chapter 1: The Pride Of The Edomites


Chapter 1:6: O Sleeper Arise!
Chapters 1-4: The Dilemma Of Jonah
Chapter 4:4-11: Mis-gourded Zeal
Chapter 4:11: For The Sake Of The Children


Chapter 4:1-3: The Baha'i Faith
Chapter 5: The Pre-Existent Christ


SERIES: Majoring On The Minors - Habakkuk
Chapter 1:1-4: The God-Bound Man Of Burden
Chapter 1:1-5: The Paradox Of Faith
Chapter 1:5-11: Answer, Yes!, But That One? No!
Chapter 1:5-2:1: Mysterious Ways
Chapter 1:12-2:1: Watching And Waiting
Chapter 2:1-4: Stop, Look And Listen
Chapter 2:2-4: Doing It God's Way
Chapter 2:4-20: The Judged And The Just
Chapter 2:4, 14, 20: A Trinity Of Positivity
Chapter 2:5-20: The Welcome Woes
Chapter 3: The Power Of God
Chapter 3:1-2: Revive Thy Work
Chapter 3:1-16: A Prayer And Vision For Revival
Chapter 3:3-19: When God Works
Chapter 3:17-19: Choose Joy!


SERIES: Majoring On The Minors - Haggai
Chapter 1: The Twin Secrets Of Haggai And Zechariah's Success
Chapter 1: Build God's House
Chapter 2:1-9: The Best Is Yet To Be
Chapter 2:10-19: Bringing God's Blessing Down
Chapter 2:20-23: His Day Will Come


Chapter 3: The Twin Secrets Of Haggai And Zechariah's Success
Chapter 3: Rescue The Falling
Chapter 4:1-7: By My Spirit
Chapter 4:10: The Eyes Of The Lord


SERIES: Malachi's Modern Message
Chapter 1:1-5: Message On Love
Chapter 1:6-14: Message On Service
Chapter 2:1-9: Message On Discipline
Chapter 2:10-16: Message On Marriage
Chapter 2:17-3:6: Message On Messiah
Chapter 3:7-12: Message On Stewardship
Chapter 3:13-18: Message On Faithfulness
Chapter 4: Message On The Future
Chapter 4:5-6: The Answer For Our Aching Hearts

New Testament


Chapter 1: Treasures In The Family Tree Of Christ
Chapter 1: Immanuel - God With Us
Chapter 1:18-25: Fear Not, Joseph
Chapter 2: What Is Worship?
Chapter 3: The Baptism Of Christ
Chapter 3:2: Kingdom Gospel
CHAPTER 5: SERIES “The Beatitudes
Chapter 5:1-20: The Beatitudes
Chapter 5:1-20: What Is Happiness?
Chapter 5:3: Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit
Chapter 5:4: Blessed Are They That Mourn
Chapter 5:5: Blessed Are The Meek
Chapter 5:6: Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst After Righteousness
Chapter 5:7: Blessed Are The Merciful
Chapter 5:8: Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
Chapter 5:9: Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Chaper 5:10-12: Blessed Are The Persecuted
CHAPTERS 5-7: SERIES “The Sermon On The Mount
Chapter 5:1-16: The Salt Of The Earth
Chapter 5:14-16: The Light Of The World
Chapter 5:17-20: Exceeding The Scribes And Pharisees
Chapter 5:21-26: Christian Homicide
Chapter 5:21-26: Be Reconciled To Thy Brother
Chapter 5:27-30: Dangerous Liaisons Of The Mind
Chapter 5:27-30: Cut It Out!
Chapter 5:31-32: The Subject Of Divorce
Chapter 5:33-37: Nothing But The Truth
Chapter 5:38-42: Turn The Other Cheek
Chapter 5:43-48: Love Your Enemies
Chapter 5:47: What Do You Do More Than Others?
Chapter 6: Fasting And Prayer
Chapter 6:1-4: The Grace Of Giving - Its Biblical Principles Pt2
Chapter 6:1-4: Why Are You Working?
Chapter 6:5-8: Why Are You Praying?
Chapter 6:9-13: Forgiveness, The Key To Deliverance
Chapter 6:9-13: The Basis Of Intimacy With God Through Prayer
Chapter 6:9-15: The Disciple's Prayer
Chapter 6:12-13: Life Free From the Enemy, Part 1: Oppression and Unforgiveness
Chapter 6:16-18: Why Are You Fasting?
Chapter 6:16-18: Fasting God's Way
Chapter 6:19-24: Where Is Your Treasure?
Chapter 6:25-34: Don't Worry!
Chapter 6:33: Kingdom Gospel
Chapter 7: You Could Be Wrong!
Chapter 7:1-6: Misjudgement
Chapter 7:1-6: Don't Feed Dogs And Swine
Chapter 7:7-12: Encouragement To Pray Pt1
Chapter 7:7-12: Encouragement To Pray Pt2
Chapter 7:12: Sanctified Selfishness: The Paralysis Of Legalism
Chapter 7:12: Sanctified Selfishness: The Power Of Positive Living
Chapter 7:13-14: With Christ At The Crossroads
Chapter 7:15-20: False Prophets, Their Projection And Their Productions
Chapter 7:21-23: Profession Or Possession?
Chapter 7:21-23: Right Or Wrong Christianity
Chapter 7:24-29: Building For Eternity
Chapter 7:24-29: The Survival Plan For Life
Chapter 8:1-17: Willing And Able
Chapter 8:23-32: The Waves And Winds Still Know
Chapter 8:25: The Prayer Of The Perishing
Chapter 9:15-17: Messiah's Day
Chapter 11: John The Baptist's Suffering Service
Chapter 11:12 Holy Violence
Chapter 11:16-24: It's Not What We Expected
Chapter 11:28: Life's Load Lifted By Love
Chapter 11:28-30: Wholeness For The Abused
Chapter 12: The Unpardonable Sin
Chapter 12:1-14: Laws Or Lives?
Chapter 12:1-21: The Bruised Reed
Chapter 12:15-21: The Kind Of Saviour Jesus Is
Chapter 12:22-30, 43-45: Demonised Christians
Chapter 12:22-30, 43-45: Demons
Chapter 12:28: Kingdom Freedom
Chapter 13:1-23: The Hearing Of The Heart
Chapter 13: The Hardened Heart
Chapter 13:24-30; 36-43: Wheat and Tares
Chapter 13:47-50: The Dragnet
Chapter 14: Look At Jesus
Chapter 15: The Hypocrite's Song
Chapter 15:22-28: The Problems And Promises Of Persevering Prayer
Chapter 16:13-20: What On Earth Is God Doing?
Chapter 17: Fasting And Prayer
Chapter 18: The Church And Prayer
Chapter 18:2-4: Kingdom Kids
Chapter 18:15-20: Earth Governing Heaven
Chapter 18:19-20: Prayer Meeting Practicalities
Chapter 21:28-32 First Come, First Saved
Chapter 22: Liar, Lunatic Or Lord?
Chapter 22:23-33: Will We Know One Another In Heaven? - Part 1
Chapter 22:34-40: Love For Others
Chapter 22:34-40 A Revival In Love
Chapter 22:35-40: Reckless Love
Chapter 24: Dolly The Sheep - Genetic Engineering: What Next?
Chapter 24:14: Kingdom Gospel
Chapter 24:21: Tribulation: Now Or Never?
Chapter 24: Rumours Of War
Chapter 25:1-13: The Midnight Message
Chapter 27: The Place Called Calvary
Chapter 28:16-20: The Ever Present Christ


SERIES: Studies In Mark
Chapter 1 (Selected Scriptures): John Mark - The Man, His Method, and His Message
Chapter 1:1-8: John The Baptist, and The Beginning Of The Gospel
Chapter 1:9-11: The Servant's Baptism
Chapter 1:9-13: Jesus Identifies With Sinners
Chapter 1:12-13: The Servant's Test - Part 1
Chapter 1:12-13: The Servant's Test - Part 2
Chapter 1:12-13: The Servant's Test - Part 3
Chapter 1:14-15: The Servant's Task Begins
Chapter 1:16-20: The Call To Follow And Fish
Chapter 1:21-28: The Servant's Authority
Chapter 1:21-28: The Disruptive Messiah
Chapter 1:29-34: A Day In The Life Of The Servant
Chapter 1:35-39: The Servant's Priority Of Prayer
Chapter 1:40-45: The Touch Of The Servant's Hand
Chapter 1: The Universal Appeal Of Christ
Chapter 2: The Curious Christ
Chapter 2:1-12: Four Soul-Winners And The Forgiveness Of Sins
Chapter 2:1-12: Getting Past The Crowd To Christ
Chapter 2:13-17: The Saviour To Sinners
Chapter 2:18-22: Feast Or Famine, Old Or New
Chapter 2:23-28: Lord Of The Sabbath
Chapter 3:1-6: The Sabbath Setup
Chapter 3:7-19: The Servant's Servants
Chapter 3:20-30: Unforgivable Opposition
Chapter 3:31-35: Jesus' True Relations
Chapter 4:1-20: A Parable On Parables - Part 1
Chapter 4:2-20: A Parable On Parables - Part 2
Chapter 4:21-25: The Parable Of The Lamp And Its Stand
Chapter 4:26-29: The Parable Of The Growing Seed
Chapter 4:30-34: The Parable Of The Growth Of The Mustard Seed
Chapter 4:35-41: In The Same Boat
Chapter 5: Releasing The Power Of Christ In The Problems Of Life
Chapter 5: What Manner Of Man Is Jesus?
Chapter 5:1-20: Satan To Jesus Must Bow
Chapter 5:21-43: The Difference Faith Makes
Chapter 5:24-34: The Greatest Problem Solver
Chapter 6:1-6: The Paralysis Of Unbelief
Chapter 6:7-13: The Reproduction Of Power In Effective Service
Chapter 6:14-29: The Silencing Of A Servant
Chapter 6:30-34: The Rhythm Of Rest And Readiness In Service
Chapter 6:35-44: The Servant's Unlimited Supplies
Chapter 6:45-56: The Servant's Security
Chapter 7: Bringing People To Jesus
Chapter 7:1-23: The Heart Of The Problem
Chapter 7:24-30: A Harsh Lesson In Grace
Chapter 7:31-37: The Signs Of The Servant
Chapter 8:1-10: Rote Learning Of Multiplication
Chapter 8:10-26: Blindness By Degrees
Chapter 8:27-9:13: The Suffering And Then The Glory
Chapter 9:11-32: Believing Prayer, And Power For Service
Chapter 9:33-42: True Greatness
Chapter 9:41-50: The Stumbling-Blocks To Greatness
Chapter 10:1-16: The Sanctity of Marriage and The Security of Children
Chapter 10:13-22: Good But Guilty
Chapter 10:13-16: Jesus, Friend Of Children
Chapter 10:17-27: Rich But Wretched
Chapter 10:25: The Biblical Challenge Of Giving
Chapter 10:28-34: You Can't Lose
Chapter 10:35-45: God's Qualification Of Greatness
Chapter 10:46-52: A Real Eye-Opener
Chapter 11:1-26: The Servant King's Short-Lived Welcome
Chapter 11:22-24: Faith In God's Promises
Chapter 11:22-24: Faith Expressed In Praising Prayer
Chapter 11:27-12:44: Question Time
Chapter 13: Signs Of The Second Coming
Chapter 14: Time For Prayer
Chapter 14:1-16:8: SUB-SERIES: “Countdown To Calvary
Chapter 14:1-11: A Miserable Betrayer and An Extravagant Worshipper
Chapter 14:12-26: The Sop And The Supper
Chapter 14:26-52: The Agony Of Gethsemane
Chapter 14:53-15:20: Trial And Denial
Chapter 15:21-16:8: Golgotha
Chapter 15:39 The Moment Of Discovery
Chapter 16:9-20: Fear
Chapter 16:14-16: Preaching Evangelistically Part 1 - The Preaching


Chapter 1:26-38: Nothing Is Impossible With God
Chapter 1:39-56: A Young Woman's Faith
Chapter 1:57-80: What's In A Name?
Chapter 2: The Childhood Of Christ
Chapter 2:36-38: Welcomers Of The Next Move Of God
Chapter 2:40-46: The Missing Presence Of Christ
Chapter 6:12-13: Prayer's Perfect Pattern
Chapter 6:38: The Grace Of Giving - Its Biblical Principles Pt2
Chapter 7:36-48: Reckless Love
Chapter 7:36-50: A Great Sinner, But A Greater Saviour
Chapter 8:50: Be Still, Believe Only
Chapter 9:26-38: The Three On The Mount
Chapter 9:27-36: The Presence Of God In Immanuel
Chapter 9:41: How Does He Put Up With Us?
Chapter 10:9: Kingdom Healing
Chapter 10:25-37: Cultural Sins
Chapter 10:38-42: Waiting On God Part 1 - At The Feet Of Jesus
Chapter 11: The Lord And Prayer
Chapter 11: Answers And Prayer
Chapter 12:4-5: Something More Fearful Than Death
Chapter 12:13-21: The Moment Of Clarity
Chapter 12:22-32: Fear Not, Little Flock
Chapter 13: The Tower That Fell
Chapter 13: Except Ye Repent, Ye Shall All Likewise Perish
Chapter 13:6-9: Another Year
Chapter 14: Excuses, Excuses
Chapter 14: The Compelling Commission
Chapter 14:25-33: The Cost of Discipleship - The Call To Encounter God
Chapter 15: The Friend Of Sinners
Chapter 15:11-32: The Parable Of Abba's Heart
Chapter 15:11-32: Beats With The Rhythm Of Grace
Chapter 15:13-14: Reckless Love
Chapter 15:25-32: Elder Brother Disease
Chapter 15: This Could Be Your Problem
Chapter 16:19-31: The Cry From Hell
Chapter 16:19-31: An Education From Hell
Chapter 16:19-31: A Glimpse Beyond The Grave
Chapter 16:19-31: How Are The Dead Now?
Chapter 16:19-31: The Neglected Place Called Hell
Chapter 17:32: Remember Lot's Wife
Chapter 18:1: A Heart To Heart On Prayer
Chapter 22:14-38: The Practice And Principles Of The Lord's Supper - Pt3
Chapter 23: Thief On A Cross
Chapter 24: The Pre-Existent Christ


Chapter 1:11: The Unwelcome Christ
Chapter 1:43-51: Eureka!
Chapter 2:1-11: The Family Crisis
Chapter 3: Ye Must Be Born Again
Chapter 4: Worship
Chapter 7:37-44: Are You Thirsty?
Chapter 8: The Pre-Existent Christ
Chapter 9:1-12: Sin, Suffering And The Saviour
Chapter 9:13-41: Reasons For Unbelief In Christ
Chapter 10: Identifying The Sheep Of God
Chapter 10:1-30: The Good Shepherd
Chapter 10:27: Life Of Hearing God
Chapter 10:27: Obeying God's Voice
Chapter 11:1-46: A Tested Friendship
Chapter 11:21-26: The Resurrection And The Life
Chapter 11:28: The Call Of The Master's Voice
Chapter 11:35: Tiny Tears
Chapter 13:1-17: Aiming High By Stooping Low
Chapter 13:18-35: Love And Betrayal
Chapter 13:34-35: Life Of Love
Chapter 13:36-14:1: The Denial And Return Of Peter
Chapter 13:36-14:14: The Cure For Care
Chapter 14: The Lonely Heart
Chapter 14: Heaven And How To Get There
Chapter 14: The Neglected Person Of The Holy Spirit
Chapter 14:1-6: Is Heaven A Physical Place?
Chapter 14:7-9: Knowing God, Part 3: Understanding His Father-heart
Chapter 14:12: Kingdom Healing
Chapter 14:15-23: The Presence Of God In Pentecost
Chapter 17:3: Life Eternal
Chapter 17:21-26: Oneness Pentecostalism
Chapter 19:1-22: Away With Him!
Chapter 20:19: Where Is Jesus Now?
Chapter 21:1-17: Love For The Lord


Chapters 1-2: The Gift Of The Spirit Is Released
Chapter 1:3: Kingdom Gospel
Chapter 1:4-5,8: How To Be Filled With The Spirit - The Energy Of Encountering God
Chapter 1:4-8: Power In The Spirit
Chapter 1:8: Preaching Evangelistically Part 2 - The Preacher
Chapter 1:8: Missionary Expansion
Chapter 2: The Days Of Pentecost
Chapter 2:1-4: The Presence Of God In Pentecost
Chapter 2:1-4: Christianity On Fire
Chapter 2:22-24; 3:12-15: Boldness In Witness
Chapter 2:41-42: Fellowship
Chapter 2:41-47: The Church
Chapter 3:1-9: Healing
Chapter 3:19: Times Of Refreshing
Chapter 4:29-31: The Miraculous Is Displayed
Chapter 4:32-37: Unity In The Body
Chapter 5:29-40: Fighting A Losing Battle
Chapter 9:31: Distinguishing Marks Of The Early Church
Chapter 10-11:4, 18: Convention Is Challenged
Chapter 12:1-17: What Happens When A Church Really Prays
Chapter 13:1-4: Waiting On God Part 2 - Ministering To The Lord
Chapter 18:1-11: [Corinthians Series] - The Reason It Was Written
Chapter 19:1-7: Have You All Received?
Chapter 24: Foolish Felix
Chapter 24: The Gospel And The Complacent


SERIES: The Gospel Explained
Chapter 1: Homosexuality - The Solemnisation Of Sodomy
Chapter 1:16-17: A Message To Be Proud Of
Chapter 1:18: The Wrath Of God
Chapter 1:16-25: Christian Science and Scientology
Chapter 1:19-32: When God Gives Up
Chapter 1:20-32: Hinduism
Chapter 2:1-11: The Moral And Religious Myth
Chapter 2:11-16: The Long Arm Of The Law
Chapter 6: Dead To Sin
Chapter 6: The Certainty Of Salvation: Past, Present and Future
Chapter 7:1-23: The Victorious Christian Life
Chapter 7:24-8:4: No Condemnation
Chapter 8: Three Laws Of Life
Chapter 8:14-16, 26-27: The Dynamic Of Intimacy With God Through Prayer
Chapter 9:1-3: A Spirit Of Apathy; A Lost Passion, Or A Passion For The Lost?
Chapter 9: The Deity Of Christ
Chapter 9:1-29: Israel and the Sovereign Justice of God
Chapter 9:30-10:17: The God Within Reach Of All Of Us
Chapter 10:18-11:36: What Future For Israel?
Chapter 12:1: What Is Worship?
Chapter 12:1-2: Mental Sins
Chapter 14:17: Exuberant Joy
Chapter 15:18-19: Kingdom Power

1 Corinthians

SERIES: “1st Corinthians
Chapter 1: The Reason It Was Written
Chapter 1:1-9: Grace Greater Than Their Sin
Chapter 1:10-17: Dealing With Division - Part 1
Chapter 1:10-17: Dealing With Division - Part 2
Chapter 1:12-18: Strongholds Shaken - International Church Of Christ
Chapter 1:18-2:5: The Foolishness Of God vs The Wisdom Of Men
Chapter 1:20-21: Unitarianism
Chapter 2:1-5 A Revival In Christ-Centred Gospel Preaching
Chapter 2:2: Christ Alone
Chapter 2:2 Just Jesus, Part 1 - The Sufficency Of Jesus
Chapter 2:4: Kingdom Power
Chapter 2:6-16: God's Wisdom Understood
Chapter 3: How Many Crowns In Heaven?
Chapter 3:1-9: Baby Christians
Chapter 3:10-15: Built To Last For Eternity
Chapter 3:16-23: Needed Knowledge For The Church
Chapter 4:1-5: The Servant Of Christ
Chapter 4:6-21: The Difference Between Those Who Think And Those Who Are Pt1
Chapter 4:6-21: The Difference Between Those Who Think And Those Who Are Pt2
Chapter 4:20: Kingdom Power
Chapter 5:1-13: Discipline In The House Of God
Chapter 6:1-11: Revelation Or Litigation?
Chapter 6:12-20: Christian Liberty And The Christian's Purity
Chapter 7:1-7 Marriage: To Be Or Not To Be?
Chapter 7:8-17: Marriage Matters
Chapter 7:17-24: Stay As You Are
Chater 7:25-40: Advantages Of Singlehood and Advice For Widowhood
Chapter 8: Light, Liberty And Love
Chapter 9: 1-14: The Worker's Rights
Chapter 9:15-23: The Wisdom Of A Master Soul-Winner
Chapter 9:22: Back To Basics: Love For The Lost
Chapter 9:24-27: Discovering Discipline
Chapter 10:1-13: Remember, Remember!
Chapter 10:1-13: A History Lesson In Holiness
Chapter 10:12-23: The Saint, The System And Sin
Chapter 10:13: Temptation (Back To Basics Series)
Chapter 10:23-11:1: How To Use Your Liberty For The Lord
Chapter 11:17-34: Celebrating The Supper Of The Lord
Chapter 11:23-34: The Practice And Principles Of The Lord's Supper - Pt1
Chapter 12:1-11: Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom and Discerning of Spirits
Chapter 12:9-10, 28: Faith, Gifts of Healings and Workings of Miracles
Chapter 12:31; 14:1: Prophecy
Chapter 13:12: Love And Acceptance
Chapter 14:1-33, 36-40: Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues
Chapter 14:26-35: The Practice And Principles Of The Lord's Supper - Pt2
Chapter 15:1-11: April Fool! Was The Resurrection A Hoax?
Chapter 15:1-11: The Evidence For The Resurrection
Chapter 15:12-19: The Repercussions Of No Resurrection
Chapter 15:20-28: God's Resurrection Programme
Chapter 15:29-34: Our Resurrection Incentives
Chapter 15:35-49: Our Resurrection Bodies
Chapter 15:50-58: The Death Of Death
Chapter 16:1-2: The Grace Of Giving - Its Biblical Principles Pt1
Chapter 16:1-4: Concerning Collections
Chapter 16:5-12: Men At Work
Chapter 16:13-14: Learn From Your Mistakes
Chapter 16:22: Better To Have Loved Than Lost
Chapter 16:15-24: Some Last Lessons In Love For The Lord's People

2 Corinthians

Chapter 1: SERIES: “The God Of All Comfort
Chapter 1: The God Of All Comfort
Chapter 1: A Plan And Purpose In Our Pain
Chapter 3:7-18: Knowing God, Part 6: Beholding And Becoming
Chapter 5: The Troubles - What's The Answer?
Chapter 5:1-10: Where Are The Saved Dead Now?
Chapter 5:11-14: When Hell Freezes Over
Chapter 5:17: Buddhism
Chapter 6:14-16: Freemasonry
Chapter 8:1-9: The Grace Of Giving - Its Biblical Basis
Chapter 8:9: Saint Patrick - The Apostle Of Ireland
Chapter 9:7: The Grace Of Giving - Its Biblical Principles Pt2
Chapter 9:15: Thank God For Jesus!
Chapter 11-12: The Pain Of Paul
Chapter 11:3: Christ Alone
Chapter 11:3 Just Jesus, Part 1 - The Sufficiency Of Jesus
Chapter 11:14-15: Cooneyites


SERIES: Life In The Spirit
Chapter 1-2: Religion Or Relationship?
Chapter 2: Embracing Grace
Chapter 3:1-3: Life Of Grace Not Law
Chapter 3:3; 5:16: Life Empowered By The Spirit
Chapter 3-4: The Magna Carta Of Christian Freedom
Chapter 4:1-2: Growing Up In God, Part 1: Mature Sons
Chapter 5:1-18: Legal Fear vs Loving Freedom
Chapter 5:16-6:18: Finding Your Bearings With Grace
Chapter 5: The Road To Freedom
Chapter 5:13-26: Fruit
Chapter 5:13-26: Gifts And Fruit - The Outcome Of Encountering God
Chapter 5:17: Spiritual Sins


SERIES: Ephesians

SERIES: New Life
Chapter 1:1-2:9: New Life Pt1: A Life Of Incalculable Blessings
Chapter 1:1-2: Introduction And Background
Chapter 1:3-4: Praise The Lord! - Part 1
Chapter 1:5-6: Praise The Lord! - Part 2
Chapter 1:4-6: The Grace Of God
Chapter 1:7: Power In The Blood
Chapter 1:7: Praise The Lord For Redemption!
Chapter 1:8-10: The Mystery Of His Will - Part 1
Chapter 1:11-14: The Mystery Of His Will - Part 2
Chapter 1:15-18: Paul's Prayer List For You - Part 1
Chapter 1:19-23: Paul's Prayer List For You - Part 2
Chapter 2: The Mercy Of God
Chapter 2:1-7: From Death To Life
Chapter 2:8-10: Amazing Grace!
Chapter 2:10-3:13: New Life Pt2: A Life In A New Humanity
Chapter 2:11-18: From Alienation To Reconiliation
Chapter 2:19-22: God's New Home
Chapter 3:1-13: The Revelation Of The Mystery
Chapter 3:14-15: Kingdom Relationship
Chapter 3:14-19: A Prayer For The Church
Chapter 3:14-21: New Life Pt3: A Four Dimensional Life
Chapter 3:20-21: Our Mind-Blowing God
Chapter 4:1-6: Lessons On Walking In Church
Chapter 4:1-6,17-32; 5:1-2,8-21: New Life Pt4: A Life Of The Spirit's Fullness
Chapter 4:7-10: The Bounties Of Our Conquering Christ
Chapter 4:11-16: Body Building
Chapter 4:17-24: Change Your Clothes!
Chapter 4:25-32: The Wardrobe Of The Spirit
Chapter 5:1-2: Copying God
Chapter 5:1-7: The Christian: The Divine Impersonator
Chapter 5:8-14: The Children Of Light
Chapter 5:14-18: Holy Spirit Revival
Chapter 5:18 A Revival In The Holy Spirit
Chapter 5:18: The Fullness Of The Spirit (Back To Basics Series)
Chapter 5:15-21: The Fullness Of The Spirit (Ephesians Series)
Chapter 5:22-6:9: SUB-SERIES: “Christ In The Home
Chapter 5:22-24: Christ In The Home Pt1: The Christian Wife
Chapter 5:25-28: Growing Up In God, Part 2: Husbandry
Chapter 5:25-33: Christ In The Home Pt2: The Christian Husband
Chapter 6:1-4: Christ In The Home Pt3: Parents And Children
Chapter 6:5-9: The Christian At Work
Chapter 6:10-20: Back To Basics - Warfare
Chapter 6:10-20: New Life Pt5: A Life Of Spiritual Conflict
Chapter 6:10-18: SERIES: “Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 6:10-18: Spiritual Warfare Part 1: There Is A War On!
Chapter 6:10-18: Spiritual Warfare Part 2: The Belt Of Truth and The Breastplate Of Righteousness
Chapter 6:10-18: Spiritual Warfare Part 3: Feet Fitted With The Preparation Of The Gospel Of Peace
Chapter 6:10-18: Spiritual Warfare Part 4: The Shield Of Faith
Chapter 6:10-18: Spiritual Warfare Part 5: The Helmet Of Salvation
Chapter 6:10-18: Spiritual Warfare Part 6: The Sword Of The Spirit and Our Secret Weapon
Chapter 6:10-20: SUB-SERIES: “The Holy War
Chapter 6:10-12: The Holy War Part 1: The Christian Warrior's Brief
Chapter 6:13-14: The Holy War Part 2: The Christian Warrior's Armour Part 1
Chapter 6:15-16: The Holy War Part 3: The Christian Warrior's Armour Part 2
Chapter 6:17: The Holy War Part 4: The Christian Warrior's Armour Part 3
Chapter 6:18a: The Holy War Part 5: Constant Prayer
Chapter 6:18b: The Holy War Part 6: Varied Prayer
Chapter 6:18c: The Holy War Part 7: Spirit-Led Supplication
Chapter 6:18d-20: The Holy War Part 8: The Strategy For Prayer
Chapter 6:21-24: The Man With The Message


SERIES: “Philippians
Chapter 1:1-2: Introduction To Philippians
Chapter 1:3-8: A Pastor's Joy In His People Pt1
Chapter 1:3-11: A Pastor's Joy In His People Pt2
Chapter 1:3-11: A Pastor's Joy In His People Pt3
Chapter 1:12-18: Suffering: The Catalyst Of The Gospel
Chapter 1:18-26: The Joy Of Suffering Service
Chapter 1:18-26: The Joy Of Suffering Service - Part 2
Chapter 1:21-23: Where Are The Saved Dead Now?
Chapter 1:27-30: The Marks Of A Spiritual Church Pt1
Chapter 1:27-30: The Marks Of A Spiritual Church Pt2
Chapter 1:27-30: The Marks Of A Spiritual Church Pt3
Chapter 2:1-12: The Majesty And Humility Of Christ Pt1
Chapter 2:1-11: The Majesty And Humility Of Christ Pt2
Chapter 2:1-11: Pride vs Humility - The Condition Of Encountering God
Chapter 2:12-13: The Christian Life Turned Inside Out
Chapter 2:14-16: Silent Lights
Chapter 2:17-30: Paul's Christ-like Friends
Chapter 3:1-8: Secure Your Joy
Chapter 3:10: Knowing God, Part 5: Fellowship With Christ
Chapter 3:7-11: Big Appetites
Chapter 3:12-16: Progress In Purpose
Chapter 3:15-21: Orientating Our Obedience
Chapter 4:1-5: Happiness Needs Harmony
Chapter 4:5-9: Life Free From The Enemy, Part 2: Fear and Anxiety
Chapter 4:6-7: The Path To Peace Of Mind Pt1
Chapter 4:6-9: The Path To Peace Of Mind Pt2
Chapter 4:10-13: The Secret Of Contentment
Chapter 4:14-23: The Conditions And Confidence Of God's Provision For Us


Chapter 4:17: Releasing Your Potential

1 Thessalonians

Chapter 1:5: Kingdom Power
Chapter 2:7-12: Growing Up In God, Part 2: Husbandry
Chapter 4:13-18: Rapture - Fact Or Fairytale?
Chapter 4:13-18: Will We Know One Another In Heaven? - Part 1
Chapter 5:19: Christianity On Fire
Chapter 5:19-22: Gifts And Fruit - The Outcome Of Encountering God
Chapter 5:21-22: Discernment
Chapter 5:23-24: Sins, Wounds And Demons - The Barriers To Encountering God

1 Timothy

Chapter 2:5: Mormonism - The Latter Day Saints
Chapter 3:1-5: Growing Up In God, Part 2: Husbandry
Chapter 4:1-3: Cooneyites

2 Timothy

Chapter 2:1-13: Suffer For The Gospel
Chapter 2:11-13: A Word To The Faithless From The Faithful
Chapter 3:14-15: Make A Nest For Your Young
Chapter 4:1-5: Christadelphianism

Chapter 4:5: Releasing Your Potential


Chapter 2:11-14: What The Gospel Is


Chapter 1: Philemon


Chapter 1: The Deity Of Christ
Chapter 1:1-3: The Presence Of God In Immanuel
Chapter 4: Our Great High Priest
Chapter 7:25-26: Jesus, Our Prayer Warrior
Chapter 10:35-11:6: Nothing Without Faith
Chapter 10:38-11:6: Faith In God
Chapter 11:1: Faith As Proof

Chapter 12:5-11: Growing Up In God, Part 1: Mature Sons
Chapter 13:7-17: Jesus Christ, The Same

Chapter 13:18-25: Encouragement And Enablement To Do God's Will


Chapter 1: The Unchangeable God
Chapter 1:5-7: Guidance
Chapter 3:1-12: Verbal Sins
Chapter 4: Draw Near To God
Chapter 4: Can You Count On Tomorrow?
Chapter 4:5: The Jealousy Of God

1 Peter

Chapter 1: God Is Calling You!
Chapter 4:12-13: Fiery Trials
Chapter 4: The Faithfulness Of God
Chapter 5:5-7: Pride vs Humility - The Condition Of Encountering God

1 John

SERIES: “1st, 2nd and 3rd John
Chapter 1:1-4: Introduction to 1 John
Chapter 1:1-4: Authentic Christianity
Chapter 1:5-7: The Gospel According To Christ
Chapter 1:8-2:2: The Saint And Sin
Chapter 2:3-11: Practical Christianity
Chapter 2:9-14: Growing Up In God, Part 1: Mature Sons
Chapter 2:9-14: Growing Up In God, Part 2: Husbandry
Chapter 2:12-17: The Christian And The World
Chapter 2:18-27: The Christian And False Doctrine
Chapter 2:20-23: Jezebel In The Church
Chapter 2:28-3:3: The Family Likeness
Chapter 3:4-9: The Saint And Sinful Existence
Chapter 3:10-18: Brotherly Love
Chapter 3:19-24: Confident Christianity
Chapter 4: The Love Of God
Chapter 4:1-6: Discerning Christianity
Chapter 4:7-21: Christian Love - Its Source And Sign
Chapter 5:1-6: The Features Of Effectual Faith
Chapter 5:6-12: The Case For Christ
Chapter 5:13: Assurance
Chapter 5:13-17: Sure Life And Prayer
Chapter 5:18-21: A Trinity Of Certainty and Security

2 John

SERIES: “1st, 2nd and 3rd John
Chapter 1:1-3: Introduction to 2 John
Chapter 1:4-6: Walking In Truth
Chapter 1:7-13: Handling Heresy

3 John

SERIES: “1st, 2nd and 3rd John
Chapter 1:1-8: Gaius - The Man Who Helped God's Work
Chapter 1:9-11: Diotrephes - The Man Who Hindered God's Work
Chapter 1:12-14: Demetrius - The Man Who Was Honoured In God's Work


SERIES: “Jude - The Acts Of The Apostates
Chapter 1:1-4: The Unintentional Letter
Chapter 1: The Creepers
Chapter 1: Remember, Remember
Chapter 1: The Deathless Man And His Deathless Message
Chapter 1: The Apostates Final Fall
Chapter 1: The Great Escape
Chapter 1: Rescue The Falling
Chapter 1:20-21: Abiding In Abba's Love


SERIES: “The Book Of The Revelation
Chapter 1:1-3: Introduction To Revelation
Chapter 1:1-8: The Greeting To The Seven Churches
Chapter 1:9-20: The Vision Of The Glorified Lord
Chapter 1:9-20: John On The Isle Of Patmos
Chapter 2:1-7: Ephesus, The Loveless Church
Chapter 2:1-7: First Love
Chapter 2:8-11: Smyrna, The Persecuted Church
Chapter 2:12-17: Pergamos, The Compromising Church
Chapter 2:17-29: Thyatira, The Corrupt Church
Chapter 2:20: Escaping Control
Chapter 3:1-6: Sardis, The Dead Church
Chapter 3:7-13: Philadelphia, The Faithful Church
Chapter 3:14-22: Laodicea, The Lukewarm Church
Chapter 3:20: Knowing God, Part 4: Intimacy
Chapter 4: The Throne Of God
Chapter 5: The Lamb And The Scroll
Chapter 6: Death
Chapter 6:9-11: How Are The Dead Now?
Chapter 6-8:5: The Seven Seals
Chapter 8:6-11:19: The Seven Trumpets
Chapter 12:1-12: Rewriting The Story Of Ireland
Chapter 12-13: The Seven Key Characters
Chapter 14-16: The Seven Bowl Judgements
Chapter 17-18: The Seven Dooms On Babylon
Chapter 19: The Return Of Jesus Christ
Chapter 20: The Millennial Reign Of Christ
Chapter 20: The Great White Throne Judgement
Chapter 20: Pre, Post Or A Millennial - Does It Matter?
Chapter 20: Satan - Figment Of Imagination Or Emerging Foe?
Chapter 21-22: The Seven New Things
Chapter 21:1-5: Is Heaven A Physical Place?
Chapter 21-22: Heaven And How To Get There
Chapter 21-22: Heaven - Pie In The Sky Or Certain Promise?