1st, 2nd and 3rd John
Verse-by-verse through the epistles of John

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1, 2 and 3 John - Verse-by-verse studies - [2nd John] - [3rd John] - Download PDF

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What Every Christian Ought To Know by John OwenWhat Every Christian Needs To Know...
by John Owen

"The shallowness of our current spirituality is due to our shallow view of sin. The Puritans viewed God in all his holiness, majesty, authority, sovereignty and power and so realized the vileness, deceit and sinfulness of human hearts. Holy living is not a relic from Puritan days, but something that is essential to all true Christians of every age". ('AIM' - Magazine of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, Vol 28 No.1)

This book is a modern abridgement of John Owen's classic writings on 'Sin and Temptation' and 'The Mortification Of Sin' - the original writings are also recommended, but this version will be easier for today's reader. In either form, these volumes help us recover the concepts of sin and individual responsibility our world has all but destroyed.

John Owen, an English statesman and theologian of vast learning, has dealt with the nature of sinful humanity more keenly and thoroughly than any writer has done, arguing that sin is always a self-deceiving, blinding folly.

Available now from Amazon (US or UK) - 100 pages

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