New Testament Series

Christ In The Home

No. Sermon Title
01 The Christian Wife
02 The Christian Husband
03 Parents And Children
04 The Christian At Work
This is part of a larger series through the book of Ephesians...

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Raising Children God's Way

When the light of the gospel enters the soul it brings with it a supernatural power that radically transforms the whole of life. This change is perhaps no more clearly seen than in the relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children. Our age has witnessed an almost total collapse of the family unit, and in many places the majority of children are now being raised in 'broken homes'.

Our society presents Christian parents and children with a unique opportunity of bearing witness to God's love by just being different. Few things are more powerful than a Christian family in which the true relationship between parents and children is clearly seen. This may be one of the ways in which God will bringing many to a knowledge of the truth.

What The Bible Says About Parenting

Parents today seek answers from child experts, self-help books, or equally confused friends. But even the experts portray modern-day childrearing as a minefield strewn with psychological dangers and emotional hazards.

This is not a book on child psychology, nor is it proposing a new parenting method. It simply presents the principles of Biblical parenting with as much clarity as possible.

"I'm convinced that if Christian parents understand and apply the simple principles Scripture sets forth, they can rise above the trends of secular society and bring up their children in a way that honours Christ, in any culture and under any circumstances" - John MacArthur

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