Topical Series

Evangelicalism's Evangelical Emergency

No. Sermon Title
01 When Hell Freezes Over
02 Tiny Tears
03 Mis-gourded Zeal

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Whatever Happened To Hell?

Nobody can think seriously about hell and remain emotionally and psychologically unaffected. The idea that after a few years of life on earth an untold number of human beings, many of whom would be thought of as decent, law-abiding citizens, will spend eternity in indescribable agony and exposed to God's relentless anger is overwhelming. Reaction to the paralysing prospect of everlasting punishment varies from those who dismiss the whole idea because they reject the authority of Scripture, to those who seek to soften its impact by reducing hell to manageable proportions.

What does happen after death? What if the traditional pictures of hell as a place of endless punishment and suffering are true? What if millions of ordinary men and women are on their way there? What if we are? And if so, is there any way in which we can avoid hell or evade it? These are vitally important questions and this book sets out to find answers to them

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