The 'Fear Nots' of the First Nativity
Three comforting lessons from the first Christmas

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The 31 Days of ChristmasThe 31 Days of Christmas: A Book Of Daily Readings
by Roger Ellsworth

The entrance into this world of God the Son as a little baby was an event staggering in its implications. Apart from the sufferings, death and resurrection of Christ, with the glories that were to follow, there has never been a more profound and dramatic event.

Contemplating God's glorious plan of salvation, the apostle Paul exclaimed: 'Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!' (2 Cor. 9:15). Jesus Christ is that indescribable gift, given by an indescribably glorious person (God the Father) to an indescribably needy people at an indescribably great cost (the anguish of the cross), in order to bestow an indescribably great benefit - eternal life.

This is a book that presents Christ - God's greatest gift - to the readers of today's needy world.

'While many authors today write about the peripherals of Christianity, Roger Ellsworth writes here about its indispensable essence - Jesus Christ. No greater theme exists than His person and work. When did you last read a book about Him?' - Don Whitney, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City

Available from Amazon (US or UK) - 192 pages

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