The Grace Of Giving
Biblical Guidance on the Subject of Giving

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Will A Man Rob God?, by Pastor William Weir
This free PDF Booklet is available for download, and contains a short manuscript written by the late Pastor Weir on 'Money: Its Use And Abuse'.
Download now from - 13 pages

Whose Money Is It Anyway?, by John MacArthur
Reading books on money and giving typically makes us feel worse than when we began. "I don't want you to feel worse; I want you to feel better. And the path to feeling better is understanding what the Bible really says about giving and spending. This book will help you do that" - John MacArthur

This no-nonsense book to affirms Christ's teaching that "it is more blessed to give than to receive" - it is practical, easy-to-read, and readers can find out:
- How to give, where to give, and how much to give
- Scriptural guidelines for acquiring money and investing it
- The right and wrong ways to go about giving
- The connection between generous giving and prosperity
- Why get-rich-quick schemes like gambling are wrong

Available to order from and - 188 pages.

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