Topical Series

The Man Of The Millennium

No. Sermon Title
01 The Pre-Existent Christ
02 The Deity Of Christ
03 The Humanity Of Christ
04 The Childhood Of Christ
05 The Baptism Of Christ

Recommended Reading

Through The Looking Glass

In John Owen's classic work 'The Glory Of Christ', the Puritan pastor and theologian is at his richest and most mature. He writes about Jesus Christ, the heart of the Gospel, with biblical insight and understanding that is at times almost overwhelming for the contemporary reader. Deep love for and fervent devotion to Christ is evident on every page. He teaches us how to see Christ more clearly and serve Him more faithfully.

For the modern reader, Kris Lungaard attempts to make Owen's thoughts and writings more accessible. The helpful questions at the end of each chapter allow this book to serve as a study guide, while the author's skill at putting deep Puritan thoughts into language that any believer from mid-teens on can handle mean that this is a book for anyone. Here we see the Christ of the Bible, the Creator and Redeemer who fills every horizon!