The Book Of The Revelation
Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow

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The Good, The Bad, And The LukewarmThe Good, the Bad and the Lukewarm, by Pastor Denis Lyle
A Relevant Approach to the Seven Churches in Revelation

This helpful volume, recommended by J. Dwight Pentecost, guides us to some valuable lessons from the seven churches in Revelation.

As overseer of the churches in Asia, the Apostle John writes to seven of them facing different problems and difficulties to offer commendation, counsel and encouragement and, in some cases, condemnation. The dilemmas faced by these churches are still with us and must be faced again in our day. In this book Denis Lyle presents a careful study of the historical background of each of the seven churches. He then examines the solution recommended by the Apostle John, helping us solve the problems we face today.

Available from Amazon (UK and US) - 120 pages

Countdown To Apocalypse, by Pastor Denis Lyle
Denis Lyle is the former Pastor of the Iron Hall Assembly, now ministering at Lurgan Baptist Church, N. Ireland. In this helpful book he shows how to find God's plan for our future from the Scriptures.

As history plunges on shaped by war, economic instability, political uncertainty, and threats of complete destruction, God tells man what to expect. This books seeks to unlock the Bible prophesies that countdown to the Lord's return, showing that the countdown to Apocalypse has already begun.

Available to order from Amazon (UK and US) and - 208 pages.