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Jesus Christ

[See also Christ]
SERIES: Man Of The Millennium
- The Pre-Existent Christ
- The Deity Of Christ
- The Humanity Of Christ
- The Childhood Of Christ
- The Baptism Of Christ
- The Lord And Prayer
- The Bounties Of Our Conquering Christ
- He Is Altogether Lovely
- Look At Jesus
- Our Great High Priest
- Liar, Lunatic Or Lord?
- What Manner Of Man Is Jesus?
- The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ
- His Day Will Come
- Communion And Reunion
- Jesus' True Relations
- The Majesty And Humility Of Christ Pt1
- The Majesty And Humility Of Christ Pt2
- The Universal Appeal Of Christ
- Away With Him!
- The Vision Of The Glorified Lord
- The Presence Of God In Immanuel
- The Good Shepherd
- A Tested Friendship
- Jesus, Our Prayer Warrior
- The Kind Of Saviour Jesus Is
- Jesus Christ, The Same


- Exuberant Joy
- Secure Your Joy
- Introduction To Philippians
- A Pastor's Joy In His People Pt1
- A Pastor's Joy In His People Pt2
- A Pastor's Joy In His People Pt3
- Suffering: The Catalyst Of The Gospel
- The Joy Of Suffering Service
- Happiness Needs Harmony
- A Praise Service To Remember
- Choose Joy!
- The Fruit Of The Spirit - Joy


- Built To Last For Eternity (Judgement Seat Of Christ)
- Misjudgement
- Don't Feed Dogs And Swine
- Malachi's Message On The Future
- The Seven Seals
- The Seven Trumpets
- The Seven Bowl Judgements
- The Seven Dooms On Babylon
SERIES: Ezekiel
- Signs Of Judgement
- The End Is Here!
- A Journey Of Judgement To The House Of God
- Glory - Past, Absent And Future
- A Vine, A Wife, Two Eagles And A Twig Pt1
- A Vine, A Wife, Two Eagles And A Twig Pt2
- The Administration Of God's Government
- The Road Of Rebellion
- Double Trouble: Two Harlot Sisters
- When The Cost Comes Home
- God's Judgement Of The Gentile World
SERIES: Majoring On The Minors - Habakkuk
- The Welcome Woes
- The Apostates Final Fall
- How Many Crowns In Heaven?
- The Great White Throne Judgement
- Revelation Or Litigation?
- A Trinity Of Positivity



The Fruit Of The Spirit - Kindness


- Knowing Your God
- Needed Knowledge For The Church
- Blindness By Degrees
SERIES: Knowing God



- Sanctified Selfishness: The Paralysis Of Legalism
- Sanctified Selfishness: The Power Of Positive Living
- Religion Or Relationship?
- The Magna Carta Of Christian Freedom
- Christian Freedom And The Christian's Purity
- Light, Liberty And Love
- How To Use Your Liberty For The Lord
- The Long Arm Of The Law
- Feast Or Famine, Old Or New
- Spiritual Sins
- Legal Fear vs Loving Freedom
- The God Within Reach Of All Of Us
- The Mosaic Covenant
- Life Of Grace Not Law
- Laws Or Lives?
- Embracing Grace


- Loneliness
- The Lonely Heart
- The Servant's Test - Part 3
- Advantages Of Singlehood And Advice For Widowhood
- The God-Bound Man Of Burden
- The Man And The Message
- When The Cost Comes Home
- The Jeopardy Of Joseph Pt1
- The Jeopardy Of Joseph Pt2
- Jeremiah The Dejected
- John The Baptist's Suffering Service


- The Love Of God
- Love For The Lord
- Love For Others
- Love For The Lost
- Love Your Enemies
- Communion And Reunion
- Sanctified Selfishness: The Paralysis Of Legalism
- Sanctified Selfishness: The Power Of Positive Living
- Marriage: To Be Or Not To Be?
- Light, Liberty And Love
- Malachi's Message On Love
- The Family Likeness
- Brotherly Love
- Jesus' True Relations
- Christian Love: Its Source And Sign
- Walking In Truth
- Love And Betrayal
- Life Of Love
- Reckless Love
- First Love
- A Four Dimensional Life
- Knowing God, Part 2: Love and Acceptance
- Knowing God, Part 4: Intimacy
- The Fruit Of The Spirit - Love


- The Serpent
- Lucifer's Life Story
- Satan: Figment Of Imagination Or Emerging Foe?


- Samson, The Lustful Loser
- David's Adultery - The Great Fall


- The Wardrobe Of The Spirit
- Nothing But The Truth
- You Could Be Wrong!
- Verbal Sins
- The Life Journey Of Jacob