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Name: Lisa Quinlan
Lives: Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Found: Googling Judgment and forgiveness
Comments: God is doing a work in my heart on forgiveness and judgment. Oh, it has been a long time coming, and what glorious freedom in Christ it is to be forgiven and to forgive and TRUST God with my hurts and wounds.

Name: Amy Kiefer
Lives: Shepherdsville, KY
Church: Lighthouse Baptist Church
Comments: I have been curious about Heaven, so I decided to Google and I found your site. I am back to listen to the second message on Heaven. So far I have enjoyed what you have said and I'm glad you have the series for me to learn from. Thank you.

Name: Alex Sarros
Lives: Canada
Comments: Thank you very much for providing God's clear message and sharing it. David, thank you for being to true to the Word. Grace and Blessing, Shalom.

Name: Laro Madden
Lives: Kingston, Jamaica (Caribbean)
Found: Recommended by my brother
Church: The Mission Center
Comments: Appreciate the study, teachings and sermons I have had so far. Great Christian resources from His servant, David Legge. God bless you richly, David.

Name: Zachariah Munyao Mukula
Lives: Nairobi, Kenya
Church: Light Of Christ Fellowship Ministry
Comments: Let us preach the Gospel to the whole world, transforming lives, for the end is near.

Name: Sharon C. Wilkins
Lives: Chesapeake, Virginia
Comments: Thank you for your words on “Who Am I? Finding True Identity”. Truly lifesaving, led me back into the arms of the Lifesaver. Of course, it was part of His plan all along!

Name: Tande Reckley
Lives: Virginia, USA
Found: A friend
Church: Deep Creek Baptist
Comments: I have been listening to, reading and sharing Mr. Legge's sermons for several years now. I appreciate the in-depth, Spirit-filled, Biblical teaching/preaching. I love the references to Christian history, hymns and fathers of the faith. Right now I am listening to “The Solemn Assembly” series, that appear to have been preached several years ago. I wonder if Ireland's church has responded and seen a revival? I just' marched with Franklin Graham and thousands of Christians on the mall in Washington, DC, our nation's capital. Some of the American Church is waking up to truly seek God, but even the prayer march was not the ‘solemn assembly’ of repentance that I expected, although it was a good start. Please pray for America and our presidential election. Keep preaching the Word, as you did early on, with the anointing of the Spirit and fire! Thank you for your awesome online ministry!

Name: Michael Hatton
Lives: Nelson, New Zealand
Found: 15 years ago
Church: Impact church
Comments: I have found that there is two types of sermons. One is filled with information and the other is filled with love, hope, compassion etc. What I have discovered is that David writes a very balanced sermon, and they have given me not just knowledge, but they are also filled me with love, hope, compassion etc. I just wanted to give all those that make this website possible some encouragement to keep on keeping on. That is what you have done for me, so God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Name: David Ochemba
Lives: Umuahia, Nigeria
Church: Jesus People Evangelical Mission
Comments: Sir, your message on “The Lord and Prayer” was a blessing in my life. My prayer life received a new strength from the Lord, the four tips from Jesus' life of prayer are a blessing.

Name: Joyce Lesperance
Lives: Edgewood, New Mexico, USA
Church: Legacy Church
Comments: I so much enjoy Pastor Legge's teaching. I've learned so much and it has helped me in growing of my knowledge of God's word. Thank you.

Name: Ms. Lamar Wolfe
Lives: Pennsylvania
Church: Covenant Church of Pittsburgh
Comments: The article that I read about 'Diotrophes' was absolutely magnificent!! You covered so many amazing important variables and factors in that article, in which I was so enlightened. You are an amazing gifted teacher, thanks so much for sharing your Holy Spirit gifted knowledge to the world.

Name: Vincent Mendoza
Lives: Clovis, California
Comments: I'm truly fortunate to have found your Bible study in the book of Ephesians. I was searching for a good study to help me on my quest to do what is right in my life. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His mercy. May the Lord bless your ministry always.

Name: Hope Hall
Lives: Evans, Georgia 30809
Church: Rhema Bible Church
Comments: At 56, I started to Bible College, realized how important praise is to God, and found your sermon 'The Power of Praise' which opened up a door. I want more relationship, tired of hearing religion.

Name: Jane Snow
Lives: Australia
Church: North Coast Church Balcatta Perth
Comments: Dearest David, Just want to say a very heartfelt thank you for your messages. They have been part of God's intimate provision to me to challenge and bless and spur me on. This morning I have just listened to the one on Job about 'Firsthand Experience or Secondhand Knowledge'. Each morning I have been asking the Lord to guide me to the scripture He wants to show and teach me and lock into my heart, so that I'm permanently changed. Yesterday it was Job 42, so I was exploring it, saw your sermon and thought, "I'll listen to it the following day". It was humbling, beautiful and encouraging - I have shared the gift of this message with four close friends already. So, thank you for your faith-filled service and care to this little sheep of the Lord's, far away in Western Australia! You don't need to reply, I just wanted to encourage you to keep on! Gratefully, Jane Snow.

Name: Becky Neville
Lives: Magnolia, Texas
Church: Champion Forest Baptist Church, North Klein
Comments: During this pandemic, my husband and I have been studying God's Word faithfully. After our Life Group lesson this morning (by way of Zoom) in 1 John, I searched for a verse by verse Bible study and asked the Lord to guide this search. I read about you and a portion of the introduction to 1 John. My heart rejoiced at what I read. We began this series today. What a blessing the message was. Our hunger for the Word has now allowed for us to find you and your ministry. Reminder to us how great is our God and that God has planted preachers who teach the Bible, rightly dividing the Word, in all parts of the world. Thank you for your ministry. Tomorrow begins the next lesson in 1 John. Galatians 2:20

Name: Beverly Kerr
Lives: South Africa
Found: MMC with Angus Buchan
Church: Somerset West United Church
Comments: I leapt for joy when I heard 'I have a dream...' at the Mighty Men Conference on Saturday 11th July. Oh, for the day when we are all one body of believers with no denominational labels. It's happening slowly but we 'oldies' (I'm 74) are the most stubborn to shake out of that pattern. On the strength of the MMC recording I've gone to your website and listened to Pt 1 of 'Praise Time' and I'm about to send the link to a friend. So I praise The Lord that one of the men in our Bible Study sent us the link to the MMC with Angus Buchan on Saturday. Shalom!

Name: Terry
Lives: United Kingdom
Church: Compton Methodist, Plymouth
Comments: I have been richly blessed and encouraged by your sound Bible teaching and the proclamation of the glorious Gospel of Christ.

Name: Susan
Lives: State of Maine in The United States
Comments: Just found your wonderful website by searching for answers to a Millennium question about the priest in the temple. Didn't expect a whole series in the book of Ezekiel. I picked it up at #23 but because it was so Great I will start over from the beginning. Thank you and God Bless!

Name: Valerie Smelland
Lives: Princeton B.C., Canada
Comments: Thank you so much for your ministry. I am blessed by David Legge, his way of teaching speaks to my heart. I like that I can go to previous messages. I am studying along with him in the book of Habakkuk. God speaks to me about things I am going through and gives me insight and scriptures as well as the ones he gives. So, God bless you, I am truly grateful. I will follow your blog as well and join you in prayer for things you all are going through. The battle belongs to the Lord, He has won the victory! Amen. Love my brothers and sisters in Christ, Val.

Name: Tony Stephenson
Lives: Melbourne, Australia
Found: Google Search for Christian Identity.
Church: Winepress Church, Berwick
Comments: Thank you, David, for a wonderful introduction to your ministry work. I have been doing a ReGeneration course through church and through that realised (long story) that I grew up without a clear identity, and of course, formed a completely false one. I'm now 72, so have spent my whole life not really knowing my true identity or understanding the values that underpin my behaviours and decisions. I resolved to work on this and soon found your sermon “Who Am I? - Finding Your True Identity”. It had everything I was looking for - clear principles based on God's word, presented with humility, clarity, vision and hope for the future, and rich in meaning and inspiration for me. Praise God and thank you for your gifts. I am going to listen to all your sermons!

Name: Marco
Lives: Guatemala, Central America
Comments: Great sermons. God bless you.

Name: Allen
Lives: Moreno Valley, CA
Church: Calvary Chapel
Comments: Just finished reading your study on wheat and tares very informative, thank you for teaching the word of God.

Name: Duncan MacLean
Lives: Tain, Scotland
Comments: Thanks for the great content on this website, David. I remember hearing you online years ago preaching at Whitewell Met Tab - you came into my thoughts (which is amazing) at the time of this lockdown and I looked for you online and discovered your website. I walk the beach every day and listen to a sermon every day, it is such a blessing, thank you. You preached a sermon in 2014 about “The Survival Plan for Life” - it is so applicable at this time in 2020. Amazing. Your five minute talks every few days are very helpful. Thanks again, keep up the good work, much appreciated. Blessings to you and yours. Duncan.

Name: Patrick Murphy
Lives: Ederney, Fermanagh
Found: Through David's Prayer Ireland Facebook
Church: St. Joseph's Ederney
Comments: Thank you for your clear teaching.

Name: Sandra Shortland
Lives: Spain
Found: Word of mouth
Church: Javea International Baptist Church
Comments: I have heard your sermons many times while living in Northern Ireland. Now retired to Spain and am a regular listener to your podcasts and through 'Preach The Word' website. Church is very different in Spain and it is wonderful to listen to such direct messages from our great God. And your “norn Ireland” accent takes me right back there. May God richly bless your work and ministry. Sandra Shortland.

Name: Dianne Ewens
Lives: New Zealand
Church: Shoreline Calvary - Mt Maunganui
Comments: I am listening to the series 'Knowing God' and am so grateful - a lot of what you have pointed out is so true, yet has never occurred to me before. With much appreciation, thank you.

Name: Victor Otieno
Lives: Nairobi, Kenya
Church: Gospel Light, just a local church
Comments: I love the message and that God has given you wisdom to interpret the word. I would love it the most if these message could reach the locals in my country who cannot access the internet or social media. Be blessed, am looking to preach the word.

Name: Linus Broh Wreh
Lives: Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa
Church: Grace Chapel Inc.
Comments: I appreciate your sermon and pray to always receive teachings from you. May the Almighty God continue to guide and lead you as we await the coming of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Name: Louis Novoa
Lives: Brooklyn, N.Y. United States
Church: The Armor of God Christian Church
Comments: Have enjoyed your website for several years now, I have been blessed by your solid teaching on the word of God. There are not many men who just dedicate to teaching and preaching God's Word in a systematic way, thank you so much, and may God bless you so richly.

Name: Raja Sekhar
Lives: Hyderabad, India
Found: Searching for sermons about Jesus' crucifixion.
Church: Elohim Church And Peace Ministries
Comments: Praise the Lord, my dear Brother in Christ. Your sermons are full of Holy Spirit guidance. They are helping me to set myself with Christ. May God bless your ministry as fruitful and blessed body of Christ. All glory to our Mighty God.

Name: JoAnn Perry
Lives: Haysville KS (Wichita)
Comments: Found your site while looking for messages from ministers. Loved your site and messages. Will be looking forward to studying your messages.

Name: Melvin Nichols
Found: By God
Comments: I have been touched deeply by the Lord through your teachings. So many things that I have not even thought about before. I pray the Lord continues to lead you, my brother!

Name: Jose Espinosa III
Lives: Philippines
Church: Solus Christus Ministry International
Comments: Thank you very much for giving me chance to learn from God through you and your ministry, David Legge. I am so happy that we have brothers in Christ whose heart is full of compassion to reach out for his other brothers. I appreciated so much the sermons and would like to learn more. I am a starting up Pastor and praying to be used by God to His Kingdom for His glory. Thank you so much.

Name: Josephine
Lives: Kenya
Church: Lifepoint Ministry, Kenya
Comments: I have been following your preaching on revival and it has greatly blessed me... thanks, God's servant... very powerful.

Name: Sarah
Lives: California, USA
Church: Anthem Thousand Oaks
Comments: David, Thank you so much. I can't explain how instrumental your teaching on the Spirit (and other topics) has been in my life. When we have infinite time to talk in Heaven, I'll tell you lots of stories about how you've helped me learn to hear God's voice and act in the power of the Spirit. I am so grateful.

Name: Kreshai
Lives: South Africa
Church: Faith City
Comments: Dear David, I just want to say how blessed and overwhelmed I am by these sermons, they have truly transformed my life. I understand more now than I ever did in the 13 years that I'm a believer. My heart rejoices when God's word is confirmed and strengthens me through these teachings. I have found that even the older sermons are exactly what I needed to hear in that exact moment - God's word is alive. I pray this ministry grows daily and God continues to use you to reach millions of souls, in Jesus' name. Stay blessed. Thank you for being a servant of Christ.

Name: Lynda Lawrence
Lives: Miami Beach, FL
Church: St. Patricks
Comments: I listen to your sermons every day and night since the death of my husband a couple of years ago. The ministry offers powerful insight and Bible studies which encourage me and provide hope during my grief. Thank you and God bless this ministry which reaches me here in the US.

Name: Louis Leflour
Lives: Canada
Found: Online when I had no church to go to.
Church: Farrand Street Bible Chapel
Comments: I thank you with all my heart for all the blessings you have been to me through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through your message on 'Forgiveness vs Judgement', God got hold of my heart with one word: 'Go out into the highways and gather both bad and good', (bad) I could fit in there. I would doubt how God could ever love me. Every day I lived in this defeat. God got hold of my heart that day. I love listening to your preaching. I have enjoyed and have been blessed by this new series on relationship with God. I not only pray for Jerusalem as God has asked, but I pray for you too that God would richly bless your ministry. Again, thank you with all my heart.

Name: Mia Hagman
Lives: Florida
Found: By accident :)
Church: St. Andrew's Lutheran Church
Comments: I am a Finnish Lutheran minister now shepherding my Finnish-American flock here in Lake Worth, Florida. I came across one of David's podcasts by accident here on the internet last spring and have since revisited this site. I learn a lot, I become nourished.

Name: Sharon Peterson
Lives: Wilmington NC, USA
Found: Supernaturally
Church: 828 Church
Comments: Dear Pastor Legge, I cannot thank you enough for your sermon on ‘Deliverance From The Spirit Of Heaviness’. I feel like I've been waiting over 50 years for this answer. Thank you for being a vessel for God. Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus!

Name: Jose
Lives: India
Comments: Such preaching I've never heard in my life. Surely the Spirit of God is with you. May God continue to bless you.

Name: Didla Varaprasad
Lives: India
Church: Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church
Comments: I am a retired person. I am really finding tremendous happiness and strength from your sermons and booklets. God bless your ministry.

Name: Shem Noukout
Lives: Republic of Vanuatu, Southwest Pacific
Found: Preach the Word via internet
Church: Presbyterian Church
Comments: I praise God to have read your sermons on the 'Preach the Word' website. I am a Christian searching to deepen my relationship with the Lord. Your preaching has been a blessing and has a great inspirational effect in my life. Thank you, praise God.

Name: Keith Pritchett
Lives: Canton, Georgia USA
Church: Canton Community Church
Comments: So refreshing to hear the truth, the Word of God!

Name: Andrew Jones
Lives: Australia
Found: Sermon search
Church: Northreach Baptist
Comments: Thanks for the great teaching! So helpful in my role as principal and in my daily walk with Jesus.

Name: Faith Ashby
Lives: Loveland, Colorado USA
Found: Just finished reading the Old Testament again this year. Was ahead of schedule, so searched for a study on Habakkuk. Google brought up
Church: Hope Baptist
Comments: I have been so blessed by your teaching of God's Word! I am going through Haggai now. I can't tell you the last time I've heard such a convicting message on holiness. Oh, how the churches need that today! May God richly bless you, David!!

Name: Steve
Lives: South Afica
Church: A.F.M. of South Africa
Comments: Firstly, David, may God keep on blessing you in abundance so that you can keep blessing others. I first found your page way back around the middle 2000s. What I find by reading your sermons or teachings is very helpful for me when I'm preparing for a sermon, and many a time I find that, that which God laid on my heart is very nearly the same as you have communicated, but just from a different perspective. I find this so uplifting and inspiring. God's Word is truly alive. God bless my fellow brother in Christ. Steve.

Name: Sahr Jabba
Lives: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Church: Faith Assembly of God Church, Brookfields
Comments: I am Pastor Jabba of the above named church and glad to be accepted as a user of your messages. Bless you.

Name: Esekon Jackson
Lives: Kakuma, Turkana county, Kenya
Found: Through reading sermons on the internet
Church: Cornerstone Ministry International - Kakuma
Comments: Glad to find you. May the Lord see you through.

Name: Colleen Weilert
Lives: Wamego, KS
Church: University Christian Church in Manhattan, KS
Comments: Thank you for 'Moses at the Burning Bush, Divine Encounters Part 1'. Wow! It really spoke to me and reminded me, no matter what people believe, GOD STILL SPEAKS. I was hearing Him so much. Through a wilderness experience I had lost my joy and trust in what He was doing in my life!!

Name: P.S. Arulsamy
Lives: Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Church: New Bethel Independant Church
Comments: Praise the LORD. The sermon I listened to was very encouraging. God bless the ministry.

Name: Stanley Mduma
Lives: Mbulu, Tanzania
Comments: The message on 'Love And Acceptance' was great, it has helped me to understand my relationship with GOD our heavenly Father.

Name: Tunji Bolawole
Lives: Lagos, Nigeria
Church: Deeper Life Bible Church
Comments: Your messages are quite inspiring, and I will be delighted to have access to more.

Name: Rabbecah Mulela
Lives: Nairobi, Kenya
Church: AIC, Milimani
Comments: You have very encouraging teaching, I will keep on visiting it regularly. Thanks and God bless you for preaching the word through the web.

Name: Maureen Brodie
Lives: Auckland, New Zealand
Church: Church Of The Savior, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland
Comments: Thank you so much for these wonderful messages so full of truth, I have been greatly helped and encouraged through a difficult time. May God richly bless this ministry.

Name: Duncan Bonang Raditsebe
Lives: Oodi, Botswana
Church: AFM
Comments: I loved the unpacking on the doctrine of Discernment...

Name: Benison Shimray
Lives: India
Found: While googling for free christian book.
Church: Phasidewa English Church
Comments: Thank you so much for the free materials. I am blessed by it. May God bless your ministry according to His riches in glory.