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Name: Andrew Jones
Lives: Australia
Found: Sermon search
Church: Northreach Baptist
Comments: Thanks for the great teaching! So helpful in my role as principal and in my daily walk with Jesus.

Name: Faith Ashby
Lives: Loveland, Colorado USA
Found: Just finished reading the Old Testament again this year. Was ahead of schedule, so searched for a study on Habakkuk. Google brought up
Church: Hope Baptist
Comments: I have been so blessed by your teaching of God's Word! I am going through Haggai now. I can't tell you the last time I've heard such a convicting message on holiness. Oh, how the churches need that today! May God richly bless you, David!!

Name: Steve
Lives: South Afica
Church: A.F.M. of South Africa
Comments: Firstly, David, may God keep on blessing you in abundance so that you can keep blessing others. I first found your page way back around the middle 2000s. What I find by reading your sermons or teachings is very helpful for me when I'm preparing for a sermon, and many a time I find that, that which God laid on my heart is very nearly the same as you have communicated, but just from a different perspective. I find this so uplifting and inspiring. God's Word is truly alive. God bless my fellow brother in Christ. Steve.

Name: Sahr Jabba
Lives: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Church: Faith Assembly of God Church, Brookfields
Comments: I am Pastor Jabba of the above named church and glad to be accepted as a user of your messages. Bless you.

Name: Esekon Jackson
Lives: Kakuma, Turkana county, Kenya
Found: Through reading sermons on the internet
Church: Cornerstone Ministry International - Kakuma
Comments: Glad to find you. May the Lord see you through.

Name: Colleen Weilert
Lives: Wamego, KS
Church: University Christian Church in Manhattan, KS
Comments: Thank you for 'Moses at the Burning Bush, Divine Encounters Part 1'. Wow! It really spoke to me and reminded me, no matter what people believe, GOD STILL SPEAKS. I was hearing Him so much. Through a wilderness experience I had lost my joy and trust in what He was doing in my life!!

Name: P.S. Arulsamy
Lives: Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Church: New Bethel Independant Church
Comments: Praise the LORD. The sermon I listened to was very encouraging. God bless the ministry.

Name: Stanley Mduma
Lives: Mbulu, Tanzania
Comments: The message on 'Love And Acceptance' was great, it has helped me to understand my relationship with GOD our heavenly Father.

Name: Tunji Bolawole
Lives: Lagos, Nigeria
Church: Deeper Life Bible Church
Comments: Your messages are quite inspiring, and I will be delighted to have access to more.

Name: Rabbecah Mulela
Lives: Nairobi, Kenya
Church: AIC, Milimani
Comments: You have very encouraging teaching, I will keep on visiting it regularly. Thanks and God bless you for preaching the word through the web.

Name: Maureen Brodie
Lives: Auckland, New Zealand
Church: Church Of The Savior, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland
Comments: Thank you so much for these wonderful messages so full of truth, I have been greatly helped and encouraged through a difficult time. May God richly bless this ministry.

Name: Duncan Bonang Raditsebe
Lives: Oodi, Botswana
Church: AFM
Comments: I loved the unpacking on the doctrine of Discernment...

Name: Benison Shimray
Lives: India
Found: While googling for free christian book.
Church: Phasidewa English Church
Comments: Thank you so much for the free materials. I am blessed by it. May God bless your ministry according to His riches in glory.

Name: Cathy Politowski
Lives: St Louis, MO. USA
Found: Online search for Bible studies.
Comments: I am very thankful to have found this rich, in-depth teaching. Right now I'm listening to and blessed to benefit from your Ezekiel lessons. God bless this ministry and thank you for providing access to your teaching all the way across the ocean. God be with you.

Name: Elijah Sepuya
Lives: Uganda, East Africa
Church: Miracle Centre, Kawempe
Comments: Thanks for preaching Christ! In Africa we don't really get to receive such incredible materials for free, and that sometimes has limited our knowledge of Scriptures. I am grateful for all that you do in the Kingdom. I'm just a young preacher trying to put my teeth on the Truth in God's Word.

Name: Isaac Mufunguri
Lives: Zimbabwe
Church: Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe
Comments: I am finding great insights in how you exposit the Word of God. Am growing indeed.

Name: Joyce Bell
Lives: Joelton, TN, just outside Nashville
Found: Searching the internet for teaching helps in Mark.
Church: First Baptist, Joelton
Comments: The Lord must have lead me to your site. I teach Sunday School only once a month, and I am always very anxious about my abilities. It's so good to read your sermons but also listen at the same time (and, of course, I LOVE your Irish accent). I promise I don't duplicate your teaching, but it is of great benefit and encourages me to dig deeper and think outside the box. Thank you for making these sermons available.

Name: Fredrick Meleki
Lives: Zambia
Church: Bread Of Life Church International
Comments: I feel so refreshed to have found your site.

Name: Evandro da Silva Soares
Lives: Manaus, Brazil
Church: Independent Presbyterian Church
Comments: I have appreciated this site and Pastor David's messages.

Name: Angie Burton
Lives: Kilrush, County Clare
Found: Listen to you on UCB Radio
Church: Abundant Life, Limerick
Comments: Love listening to what you have to say. I love the Lord. My husband and myself became Christians about two years ago. I was baptised five weeks ago. What an experience. God our Father is wonderful. I am going to follow you on Instagram. God bless, Angie

Name: Greatness Meticulous
Lives: Zambia
Found: Social media
Comments: Since I started reading and listening to you, my life has changed completely. I am so grateful to you. God bless you.

Name: Cosmas Akpan
Lives: Nigeria, West Africa
Found: Topical search via Google
Church: The Redeemed Christian Church Of God
Comments: May God really bless you and keep prospering this good work. Your teachings are deep and answer a lot of questions from a Bible viewpoint. I requested for CDs and I received them in less than a month. What a joy I had when the post called me to come take delivery of the parcel at no cost. May God bless you richly to keep this vision in Jesus' name. It has made your site my regular site when searching for topics. I'll appreciate this forever and desire more as my wife loves the 'Little Women' and 'Ruth' series too. Thanks David.

Name: Kannan
Lives: New Delhi
Church: Believers Assembly
Comments: Enjoyed your study of Ezekiel. Other believers are also happy. The Lord Jesus richly bless you.

Name: Sherri Petersen
Lives: Cabo San Lucas, MX/Oregon
Found: Dec trip with Randy
Comments: I have been blessed so much with your teachings! ‘Practicing the Presence’ was a great reminder!! Lord bless you and your family! In all blessings abundantly as you serve Him and bring others to Him in His fullness.

Name: Joseph Nti
Lives: Ghana
Church: Methodist
Comments: I am truly inspired by the message, "A Life Of Incalculable Blessing". I would love to hear more to increase my faith in God. Thanks so much.

Name: Debbie Kyalo
Lives: Nairobi, Kenya
Found: While searching for prayer guide
Comments: I like the site, very informative.

Name: James Stark
Lives: Cadillac, Michigan, USA
Church: First Church - Independent Bible
Comments: I want to thank you for your powerful insights and explanations that help understanding. It is easy to see (hear) how your insights and preaching can change one from an observer to one who absorbs the Word. England and Ireland has lost many a great evangelical minister and author. Praise God that there is still one 'on site' - YOU!

Name: Laura
Lives: Falls City, Nebraska, USA
Comments: I am a new Christian, an amazing thing at my age. I found this website during an internet search. I have only listened to a few sermons so far, but each one is helping me to develop a stronger foundation for my new faith. I am very thankful to have found you.

Name: Sunday Burbur
Lives: Nigeria
Church: Upper Room Cathedral
Comments: I'm really much blessed with your teachings.

Name: Trevor
Lives: Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Church: Home fellowship
Comments: I have been listening to David and his sermon series and topical sermons etc now for over 12 years. I listen to them in the car as I drive and at home and at fellowship. Over these last years I have been greatly encouraged and enlightened and strengthened in my faith through listening to really good fundamental Word-based no-nonsense teaching, which cuts to the heart and deals with the issues that we all face in this world, whilst we wait for the blessed coming of our precious Saviour and Lord. May He continue to bless this ministry and give strength and hope to all who will hear the 'Preaching of the Word'. Amen.

Name: Laurie Webb
Lives: Eden Prairie, MN
Found: Online when searching for sermons on a specific topic
Comments: Praise God for you and your messages of deep truth, hope, and victory! Your messages speak life, conviction, healing, and remind us to live our lives given wholly for the will of God. We count the cost, but Jesus is worthy!

Name: Debi Filmore
Lives: Florida, USA
Church: Calvary Baptist Church, Lakeland, Florida
Comments: I have contacted you before. I just wanted to thank you for continually blessing my heart with the timely and challenging messages. The one on intimacy and prayer is a treasure. May GOD continue to bless you and your ministry. Debi.

Name: Gibi Zachariah
Lives: Manchester
Found: UCB
Church: Hebron Pentecostal Church
Comments: I have been going through a really tough time of late and your message - 'The Psalmist's Secret Of Stress-Free Sleep' was a real healing and blessing. May God bless your ministry. Praying that God use you even more mightily in the days ahead.

Name: David Lawrence
Lives: Alberta Canada
Comments: Great preaching of God's word!

Name: Julie Dufaj
Lives: Newark, DE, USA
Comments: I have been listening to your Ezekiel series, and it is blessing me ever so much. I want to thank you for your faithful answer to God's call on your life. I hope to meet you in heaven and give you a sisterly hug and express my profound thanks to you then.

Name: Peter Ifache
Lives: Kano in Nigeria
Church: Synagogue Church of All Nations
Comments: Am happy with your sermon on 'Deliverance From The Spirit Of Heaviness', for it has enlightened me much on the issue of which I have been fighting in my life.

Name: Ezekiel Adedoyin
Lives: Abuja, Nigeria
Church: Redeemed Christian Church of God
Comments: God bless you and your ministry and team. Keep the good work up to God's glory to the ends of the earth. Simply preaching the accurate and everlasting word of God without pollution and corruption, undiluted. More grace for impact and ministry in Jesus' mighty name Amen. Shalom.

Name: Maureen Bunting
Lives: Belfast
Church: Windsor Presbyterian Church
Comments: Thanks David. Appreciated the ministry at the New Life Conference. Challenged by the Word. Praying for you as you take a sabbatical. God bless you richly