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Name: Justin
Lives: England
Found: Through my local church.
Comments: Lots of good resources here. Love the messaging. Cheers!

Name: Chuck
Lives: U.S.A.
Church: Methodist
Comments: Such inspiring messages of faith. I am happy I found this site.

Name: Abraham Peter Udo
Lives: Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State, Oruk Anam
Church: Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide
Comments: I am blessed by your message on the topic of 'Revival in Holiness'. I wish more power of God to keep the ministry on in Jesus' name, Amen.

Name: Pastor Emwinghare Abraham
Lives: Benin City, Nigeria
Church: The Living Epistle Family Assembly
Comments: Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me in all I do or say .Preparing a people that is bound for heaven.

Name: Janet Veloz
Lives: Texas
Comments: I have been going through such a struggle with depression and the spirit of heaviness that at times it's almost impossible for me to cope on a daily basis. This has been going on for years it seems. I listen to praise and worship and I pray for God to refresh my spirit, but it seems I still struggle. I googled 'spirit of heaviness' and your site popped up with your message on “the spirit of heaviness”. I listened to it and appreciate your faithfulness to preach on this subject. Please continue to pray for/with me for deliverance. I enjoy your preaching! It a blessing.

Name: Alex Fabiano Nicolau de Araújo
Lives: Fortaleza - Brazil
Church: Christian Gilead Church
Comments: It was great to discover the site 'Preach the Word'. I was doing research on Christian websites and when I saw your posts I was grateful to the Lord for seeing the zeal and love for the Scriptures in the material made available. Congratulations.

Name: David Kelly
Lives: United Kingdom
Comments: Thank you for the excellent teaching, especially the ones I've been listening to recently on religion vs relationship and The Holy Spirit. So well researched and nourishing. God bless

Name: Simon Omondi
Lives: Kenya, East Africa
Comments: The teachings are very sound and biblically accurate. I thank God for this ministry

Name: Imelda
Lives: Nakuru, Kenya
Church: AIC Njoro Town
Comments: I needed to learn how to deal with my new-found love of Christ. All my questions have been answered from the sermon on “Baby Christians” from 1 Corinthians 3:1-9. I am surely blessed, and I hope to grow each day in Christ.

Name: Gregory Tayi
Lives: Rwanda
Church: Omega Church
Comments: I just heard, the first time I connected to you, the message “Faith vs Work” and was happy to hear a godly Spirit-filled message. I am going to go through all the podcasts and see what is in reserve for me.

Name: JoanMarie Hassett Harnett
Lives: West Limerick
Comments: So glad I was directed to Preach the Word, and further more to find such a faithful doctrinally sound church here in Ireland. I have been so blessed by so much, but in particular the Holy Spirit Series. Rich blessings, JoanMarie.

Name: Mrs Sharon Calder
Lives: South Africa
Comments: Shaken and blessed: am listening to the Ezekiel series.

Name: Rob Holler
Lives: United States
Church: The Bible Church of Owasso (Oklahoma)
Comments: Brother David, I have been trying to encourage a young couple in our church who have come to repentance and saving faith in Jesus. He and his wife have come out of the sub-Christian cult, The Meeting (aka, The Two By Twos, The Truth, The Cooneyites). I listened to your sermon on YouTube dealing with their cult. I found your sermon very helpful. I will share this video with them as they seek to rescue their family members still trapped in this deception. Like most cults, their doctrine attacks either the person or the work of the Son; in this case, they do both as they deny the deity of Jesus and the finished work of His substitutionary atonement by His blood of The Cross. Thank God for your service to our King!

Name: Lucy Howell
Lives: North Carolina, USA
Found: Years ago on a weblink looking for Biblical teachers
Church: Richland Creek Baptist
Comments: I was sitting at my desk as usual, doing paperwork and listening to the sermons and teachings on this website. The message “The Holy Spirit, Part 3: How To Receive” left me in tears. I needed to hear this. Feeling humbled and blessed at the same time. I'm, like many, under strict quarantine at home for almost a year now. I've a broken immune system and am on antibody replacement infusions. I've gotten a bit used to being isolated at home during cold and flu season, but never for this long. I rely on your site and word. It's the voice of reason, grounding and direction during times that are uncertain. And the more I learn, the more I want to know. You are one of the best teachers I've ever encountered, and I'm not a spring chicken. Keeping you and your staff in my prayers. May you always be blessed and may this ministry always be alive and well. Thank you.

Name Gregory Tayi
Lives: Rwanda
Church: Omega Church
Comments: I fell on one of your sermons while researching on Faith. It is not easy today to find a message filled with the Holy Spirit truth. And when I do, I praise God for that. God continues to bless you as you bless others with His truth.

Name: Jacques van Zyl
Lives: Wolseley, Western Cape (South Africa)
Comments: My name is Jacques van Zyl, from South Africa, and I want to encourage David Legge - and I really mean it from the depth of my heart! I've listened to his sermons for many years, at some stage even dowloaded bunches of sermons. I truly see him as a very honorable pastor, highly favored in the eyes of God, in the way he is speaking the truth about sin and demonic oppression, basically fearlessly! His sermons were, are and will always be for my life, an inspiration to me. God bless you and your family David. Take care.

Name: Leo E. Romagos
Lives: Poblacion, Medellin, Cebu, Philippines
Church: Sugbo Household of Faith (Baptist)
Comments: Thank you for the ministry entrusted by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to you. God has gifted you to do that. I have been researching for ideas and content for my daily radio program and I am happy that the Lord led me to your website. Rest assured that I will mention your name and website for fair use. Again, thank you for ministry. God bless!!

Name: Ricardo Mandanas Jr
Lives: Qatar
Church: Life in Christ Fellowship, Qatar
Comments: Searching for further explanation on 1 Kings 13 through Google, I was led to your website and it's so spiritually rewarding. I thank God for leading me to your website and listening to your sermon on “The Two Prophets”. As I do share my daily Bible verse to my fellow church group I am encouraged to hear sermons from people like you blessed by God as He continuously pours His abundant grace. God Bless and again Thank you.

Name: Benhur Emmanuel
Lives: Anantapur, A.P, India
Church: The Bible school Assembly
Comments: I praise God for delivering His message from His messenger. Thank you for the sermon on Obadaiah.

Name: Lisa Quinlan
Lives: Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Found: Googling Judgment and forgiveness
Comments: God is doing a work in my heart on forgiveness and judgment. Oh, it has been a long time coming, and what glorious freedom in Christ it is to be forgiven and to forgive and TRUST God with my hurts and wounds.

Name: Amy Kiefer
Lives: Shepherdsville, KY
Church: Lighthouse Baptist Church
Comments: I have been curious about Heaven, so I decided to Google and I found your site. I am back to listen to the second message on Heaven. So far I have enjoyed what you have said and I'm glad you have the series for me to learn from. Thank you.

Name: Alex Sarros
Lives: Canada
Comments: Thank you very much for providing God's clear message and sharing it. David, thank you for being to true to the Word. Grace and Blessing, Shalom.

Name: Laro Madden
Lives: Kingston, Jamaica (Caribbean)
Found: Recommended by my brother
Church: The Mission Center
Comments: Appreciate the study, teachings and sermons I have had so far. Great Christian resources from His servant, David Legge. God bless you richly, David.

Name: Zachariah Munyao Mukula
Lives: Nairobi, Kenya
Church: Light Of Christ Fellowship Ministry
Comments: Let us preach the Gospel to the whole world, transforming lives, for the end is near.

Name: Sharon C. Wilkins
Lives: Chesapeake, Virginia
Comments: Thank you for your words on “Who Am I? Finding True Identity”. Truly lifesaving, led me back into the arms of the Lifesaver. Of course, it was part of His plan all along!

Name: Tande Reckley
Lives: Virginia, USA
Found: A friend
Church: Deep Creek Baptist
Comments: I have been listening to, reading and sharing Mr. Legge’s sermons for several years now. I appreciate the in-depth, Spirit-filled, Biblical teaching/preaching. I love the references to Christian history, hymns and fathers of the faith. Right now I am listening to “The Solemn Assembly” series, that appear to have been preached several years ago. I wonder if Ireland’s church has responded and seen a revival? I just marched with Franklin Graham and thousands of Christians on the mall in Washington, DC, our nation’s capital. Some of the American Church is waking up to truly seek God, but even the prayer march was not the ‘solemn assembly’ of repentance that I expected, although it was a good start. Please pray for America and our presidential election. Keep preaching the Word, as you did early on, with the anointing of the Spirit and fire! Thank you for your awesome online ministry!

Name: Michael Hatton
Lives: Nelson, New Zealand
Found: 15 years ago
Church: Impact church
Comments: I have found that there is two types of sermons. One is filled with information and the other is filled with love, hope, compassion etc. What I have discovered is that David writes a very balanced sermon, and they have given me not just knowledge, but they are also filled me with love, hope, compassion etc. I just wanted to give all those that make this website possible some encouragement to keep on keeping on. That is what you have done for me, so God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Name: David Ochemba
Lives: Umuahia, Nigeria
Church: Jesus People Evangelical Mission
Comments: Sir, your message on “The Lord and Prayer” was a blessing in my life. My prayer life received a new strength from the Lord, the four tips from Jesus' life of prayer are a blessing.

Name: Joyce Lesperance
Lives: Edgewood, New Mexico, USA
Church: Legacy Church
Comments: I so much enjoy Pastor Legge's teaching. I've learned so much and it has helped me in growing of my knowledge of God's word. Thank you.

Name: Ms. Lamar Wolfe
Lives: Pennsylvania
Church: Covenant Church of Pittsburgh
Comments: The article that I read about 'Diotrophes' was absolutely magnificent!! You covered so many amazing important variables and factors in that article, in which I was so enlightened. You are an amazing gifted teacher, thanks so much for sharing your Holy Spirit gifted knowledge to the world.

Name: Vincent Mendoza
Lives: Clovis, California
Comments: I’m truly fortunate to have found your Bible study in the book of Ephesians. I was searching for a good study to help me on my quest to do what is right in my life. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His mercy. May the Lord bless your ministry always.

Name: Hope Hall
Lives: Evans, Georgia 30809
Church: Rhema Bible Church
Comments: At 56, I started to Bible College, realized how important praise is to God, and found your sermon 'The Power of Praise' which opened up a door. I want more relationship, tired of hearing religion.

Name: Jane Snow
Lives: Australia
Church: North Coast Church Balcatta Perth
Comments: Dearest David, Just want to say a very heartfelt thank you for your messages. They have been part of God's intimate provision to me to challenge and bless and spur me on. This morning I have just listened to the one on Job about 'Firsthand Experience or Secondhand Knowledge'. Each morning I have been asking the Lord to guide me to the scripture He wants to show and teach me and lock into my heart, so that I'm permanently changed. Yesterday it was Job 42, so I was exploring it, saw your sermon and thought, "I'll listen to it the following day". It was humbling, beautiful and encouraging - I have shared the gift of this message with four close friends already. So, thank you for your faith-filled service and care to this little sheep of the Lord's, far away in Western Australia! You don’t need to reply, I just wanted to encourage you to keep on! Gratefully, Jane Snow.