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Name: Mark Evans
Lives: Hampton Va
Found: iTunes music store
Church: Maranatha Baptist Church
Comments: I always enjoy listening to preaching that glorifies our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. God Bless You!
Name: Veronica
Lives: Australia
Found: from address supplied by member at SermonIndex
Comments: The Blessings of God abound, with sites like 'Preach The Word' available to all on the internet.
Name: Jennifer Cartledge
Lives: Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA
Found: Searching the web
Church: New Anointing Christian Fellowship
Comments: Aloha. Thank you for posting your sermons on the web free of charge. I was very moved and touched by your sermons titled, “The Barren Womb & The Virgin Birth”, “Revival”, & “Prayer & Fasting”. May the Lord bless this ministry, as this ministry continues to bless so many around the world. God Bless you all. Mahola.
Name: Dane
Lives: USA
Found: Yahoo
Comments: Love the inspirational messages on your site! Keep up the good work. God Bless!
Name: Fraser Young
Lives: Australia
Found: Searching for sermons
Church: Coffs Harbour Bible Church
Comments: Really enjoyed the sermons on the book of Judges.
Name: David Ardito
Lives: Lake Arrowhead, California (USA)
Found: Searching...very familiar with Pastor Legge
Church: Calvary Chapel Lake Arrowhead
Comments: I thank God for the 'Cry from Hell'
Name: Paul Courto
Lives: Tasmania - Australia
Found: Recommended by Grace to You (J. Macarthur)
Church: Pastor - Sandy Bay Baptist Church (Hobart)
Comments: Many thanks for such inspiring ministry. I wanted to write and encourage Pastor Legge and to thank him for encouraging my life and giving me the impetus to continue on. In the midst of darkness there is light. Praise His name. This is my source of personal food and sustenance. Have a blessed Christmas. Paul.
Name: Eleanor Leitch
Lives: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Church: Baptist
Comments: I wish you and Iron Hall, Pastor Legge and family, and especially Andrew Watkins the most blessed of Christmases, as we celebrate the birth of God's most "indescribable gift", Jesus. May God richly bless you and keep you all.
Name: Ryan Rippee
Lives: Brentwood, California
Found: I discovered it a couple years ago on an internet search
Church: Calvary Community Church
Comments: I wanted to let you know that I have been blessed over the last couple years, as I have visited your web site from time to time and heard and/or read sermons. I just listened to Pastor Legge's sermon on 2 Samuel 7, as I am preaching on it this Sunday, and in the words of the Puritans, "I heard you well, pastor." Praise the Lord for your ministry.
Name: Thomas Chidavaenzi
Lives: Zimbabwe
Found: borrowed your CD from a friend
Church: Foward in Faith Ministries
Comments: May God bless you for such good work. Since I came across your CD my life has changed and I have told others about the sermons.
Name: YL Yoon
Lives: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Found: By chance
Church: Sanctuary Praise
Comments: My appreciation to Pastor David Legge for the great teaching series on the various books of the Old and New Testaments. Praise God for using him mightily! To God be the Glory and Honour. Amen
Name: Cy Fielding
Lives: Richmond, VA USA
Found: Looking for teaching info on The Beatitudes
Church: Assembly of God
Comments: Thank you for publishing your sermons. I am so thankful for those ministries that are willing to share what they have learned, either from God or academically. It is wonderful to be able to research on the web topics that have already been searched out and preached. It is also wonderful to be able to download and just listen!! Bless you in your ministry. May God prosper you for your sacrificial giving of yourself and your time! In His Mercy, Cy Fielding
Name: Sylvia
Lives: USA
Found: Google search and email newsletter
Church: Tabernacle Baptist of VA. Beach, VA
Comments: What a blessing it is to receive your newsletters! I am always challenged by the messages from God's Word! Keep up the good work!
Name: Alan McCoy
Lives: East Belfast
Church: The Iron Hall
Comments: Great to see so many using Dave's site. He is a real blessing to us. We are greatly honoured to have him as a pastor. I am thankful and grateful to have him as a great friend. Praying for you always Dave. God bless you all.
Name: Catherine Jackson
Lives: Chester County, Pennsylvania
Comments: Thank you. I have greatly appreciated and enjoyed Rev. Legge's spirited and energetic sermons. They were straight to the point, and full of the word of God/Jesus Christ.
Name: Cynthia Leslie
Lives: Athens, TN
Found: Searching for bible commentaries
Church: South Liberty Baptist
Comments: I have really enjoyed this web site. I love reading the sermons, they really have helped me understand the Scriptures.
Name: Charles McDaniel
Lives: Houston, TX
Found: I did a google search for sermons like:"God stirring up our nests"
Church: Christian Non-Denominational
Comments: I'm currently in the U.S. Air Force deployed somewhere in Saudi Arabia. It was an email I recieved about hearing from God and in that email it asked the question "Has God been stirring up your nest". I did a search for that particular subject and I found you guys. Wasn't what I was looking for but it was what I needed! Thanks, Keep on pressing! God bless!
Name: Blake Gillen
Lives: Tyler, Texas
Found: Internet
Church: Wellington Christian Church - Lexington, Kentucky
Website: Going up soon
Comments: Your ministry is a real blessing to me. I was trained for ministry at The Master's College where John MacArthur is President and now I am a youth pastor in Kentucky. I am teaching through Philippians and finding Pastor Legge's messages extremely helpful and challenging. Thanks for the ministry and if there is any way I can help let me know. God Bless, Blake Gillen
Name: Robert A. Dorsey, Sr.,
Lives: Summersville, WV. USA 26651
Found: Browsing
Church: Baptist
Comments: I ask God to continue to bless you and your ministry. Yours in Christ. Bob
Name: Pastor Ermilo L. Sarvida
Lives: I'm a missionary from Philippines
Church: Mangyan Tribal Baptist Community
Name: Fr. Wayne Coombs
Lives: Palos Verdes, California
Found: searching the internet
Church: St. Peter's (not so Catholic) Catholic Church
Comments: Recently discovered this site. I'm impressed with David Legge's Irish brogue and his messages. I wish to continue visiting this site. Thank you.
Name: Ressa Ellery
Lives: Indianapolis, Indiana
Comments: Hungry for the Word of God. Needing understanding of the Word, and then listened. Thank you so much.
Name: Ogunleke James
Lives: Nigeria
Found: While browsing on the internet
Church: Deeper Christian Life Ministry
Comments: Indeed, you have a calling to lift His banner high. Your messages are highly inspired. You preach with all your power and with deep conviction. In fact, the topics of the messages only move one to listen to their contents. I was blessed through your MP3 Format CD 5 and 6 sent to me. God bless you.
Name: Samantha Jane
Lives: England
Found: Surfing the net
Church: Lighthouse Ministry
Comments: I have been truly blessed by your website. May you keep on being a blessing to many. He who ministers the word ministers life. Blessings in abundance to you.
Name: Preston Hoskins
Lives: US
Found: Search
Comments: Thank you for the work that you are doing in the name of Christ.
Name: Oscar Arciaga
Lives: Toronto Canada
Found: Through google while searching for reference
Church: Jesus New Covenant International Ministries-Toronto
Comments: Just to let you know that your website has blessed me a lot. God bless you!
Name: Prashant
Lives: India
Found: while browsing for some notes on Victorious life
Church: True Light Church
Comments: As I am browsing for some study material on the topic of Victorious Life to teach to my students I came across this site. And after listening to the Pastor David Legge's inspiring message on “How to stay pure in a sin sick world” for the first time, I became a regular visitor to this encouraging site. Thank you Pastor David Legge for making these powerful messages available to all free of cost. May God richly bless you and your ministry.
Name: Michael Rucks
Lives: Bakersfield, CA, USA
Found: my wife searched the www and "discovered" the site
Church: Calvary Bible Church, Bakersfield, CA
Comments: Excellent Bible based messages...historical, current and true...keep up the good work!
Name: Pamela den Ouden
Lives: Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada
Found: a google search looking for a Bible study on Philippians
Church: Fort St. John Alliance Church (Christian Missionary and Alliance Church)
Comments: We have been blessed by the written material on your Web site, as well as by listening to your sermon audio files. One member of our home Bible group has said that your series on Prayer has revolutionized his prayer life. Pamela
Name: Perry
Lives: Fort St. John, B.C., Canada
Found: from a friend
Church: FSJ Christian & Missionary Alliance
Comments: My wife and I have been encouraged, convicted, and blessed by your solid teaching and passion. I praise God for His working in and through the body of Christ.
Name: Shyam Lal
Lives: New Zealand
Found: Was looking for Bible Sermon
Church: 3 months old Agape Revival Center
Comments: We have recently arrived in NZ and this is like a daughter church for a church in Fiji. We have about 18 members for the start and ask you to pray for us for more souls, God bless you.
Name: Lloyd Swanson
Lives: Nipawin, Sask, Canada
Found: Link from ex 2x2 site
Church: Cooneyite - not attending anymore
Comments: I listened to the Cooneyite audio clip on your site - I just did a search within your site for the Cooneyite sermon wish all ex 2x2s could listen!
Name: Dick van de Weerd
Lives: The Netherlands
Found: I was looking for Christian podcasts
Church: Dutch Reformed Church
Comments: Dear friends, It was good to find a website to proclaim the the biblical gospel. I wish you the blessing of the Lord in doing this work. Kind regards, Dick van de Weerd The Netherlands
Name: Ken Scurr
Lives: Queensland, Australia
Found: on Yahoo
Church: Baptist
Comments: Hi, I think you gave a great account of the Cooneyites. I grew up in that cult and am 4th generation of it. My grandma brought it from Ireland back in the 1920's, she was from Sligo. She actually knew William Irivine and she what they call 'professed' with him. We have been to Ireland and seen where she lived as a child, and it was very interesting. Her family were Church of Ireland before they joined the Cooneyites. Again thanks for that sermon it was very interesting to say the least. We now go to a Baptist church to worship our Lord and Saviour and enjoy being with people of sound doctrine. Looking forward to hearing from you in future. Love in Christ Jesus, Ken and Val Scurr
Name: Stuart Booth
Lives: Swink, Colorado
Found: googling
Comments: Really enjoying the 1 John messages.
Name: Raymond Spiers
Lives: Ballynahinch, Co. Down, N. Ireland
Found: From Cecil Andrews Web Site
Church: Ballynahinch Congregational
Comments: Just discovered your site, which I find very interesting. I am keen to learn about these Cults which seem to be spreading their wings quite a lot here. Thank you, God Bless, Raymond Spiers
Name: Jimmy Malebati
Lives: South Africa
Found: Internet
Church: Zion Christian Church
Comments: Your website is so helpful and informative and it has made me to grow as an individual. I would love to receive Emails everyday for uplifting and strengthening fellowship with God.
Name: Brenda Chandler
Lives: Montana, USA
Found: Baptist 1000
Church: Galilee Baptist Church
Comments: Thank you for all the old-fashioned preaching. Your website often starts and ends my day and I am thankful for finding it.
Name: Kathleen Tucker
Lives: Newfoundland, Canada
Found: searching the Internet, “Immanuel, God with Us
Church: Grace Pentecostal
Comments: I discovered this site looking for scriptural references explaining “Immanuel, God With Us”. I was blessed by Pastor Legge's sermon on the subject. I came away with a sound understanding of the meaning of Christ among us. Thanks.
Name: Don Swanson
Lives: Liverpool UK
Found: looking for Christian websites
Church: Bethel Evangelical Church, Liverpool
Comments: A great website to hear the word of God. I am 78 and became a believer when I was 18 and in the British Navy in the city of Plymouth in 1946. "Keep on believing"
Name: Anthony Foster
Lives: Coventry
Found: Random search can't remember what I was searching for
Comments: I was listening to the reading about 'Comfort' it spoke to my heart. It gave me a lift in my spirit as I have been suffering from depression and loneliness, I also love someone who doesn't want to speak to me anymore and who I am not allowed to contact. I praise God for web-sites like yours.
Name: Marcel Len Slone
Lives: Pippa Passes, KY USA
Found: Lead by the Lord to this website
Church: Sandy Valley Church
Comments: May God richly bless you. I thank our Lord and Savior for your great work of love.
Name: Jeff Simms
Lives: Philippi, West Virginia
Found: Link from
Church: Southern Baptist Church of Philippi
Comments: I enjoyed the sermons I have heard and read so far off this site and will visit again soon.
Name: Mrs. Daphne Chai
Lives: Malaysia, Singapore PR
Found: Searching about The teaching of 'Headcovering'
Comments: My pastor preached on the pulpit few months ago about 'Headcovering'. His stand is, 'Headcovering' is just a Biblical Custom and it is disputable. Some members left because of this issue. Those members who left the church are serious Christians. Therefore it prompt me to search about this issue.
Name: Ken Shaw
Lives: Australia
Found: Search engine
Comments: God bless the work of your hands,keep the fires burning has you bless the world with your message.
Name: Kenny Lawrence
Lives: India
Found: From the web site
Church: Catholic
Comments: Dear friend in jesus, I am really happy to read and understand Bible through your site. It is a treasure to me. I am trying to know with help of Holy Spirit what is really spoke through Bible. Thanks
Name: Jason
Lives: Alberta Canada
Found: Google
Comments: I was searching for info on the spirit of supplication and I found your site. What a great site. I am sure I will spend some time listening to your sermons. I have already spent a couple of hours so far. God Bless
Name: Cynthia Ray
Lives: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Found: search
Church: Metropolitan Baptist Church
Comments: I enjoy your sermons very much; especially on the Strongholds Shaken. I was born and raised a Christadelphian, but was saved and born again at the age of 40. God Bless you and yours. One day I'll visit your church in Belfast and sing praises with you. If not this life, then the next!! Amen!!
Name: John
Lives: New Jersey, USA
Found: Internet Search
Church: Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Comments: So blessed to hear a Gospel message from Ireland! Continue to preach the Word!
Name: Don Lord
Lives: Yukon, OK, USA
Found: Surfing
Church: Rachwood Church
Comments: I am enjoying your web site and will visit again. Thank you.
Name: Pastor Wilbert Daniels
Lives: Guyana, S. America
Found: By searching the web
Church: Shalom Full Gospel Fellowship
Comments: I have been so blessed by your messages. I am preparing to minister on the theme “Revive Thy Work O God" and your teaching is helping me. I am beginning to sense a greater desire for more and will definitely revisit this site. I think you are an excellent teacher of the Word. Be blessed.
Name: Noah Niala
Lives: Kenya
Found: Through Internet
Church: Church of the Nazarene
Comments: Thanks for the good message you are preaching to the World. Let the gospel move.
Name: Jim Hartin
Lives: Orby Green
Found: From a friend
Church: Mt. Merrion FPC
Comments: I enjoy the site, lots of good material on it. The Lord bless you in His Service. Prov. 3v 5&6
Name: Chimwemwe Nthenga
Lives: Malawi
Found: though Internet
Church: C.C.A.P
Comments: I am really blessed with your website.
Name: Jayasingh Chelliah
Lives: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India
Found: By accident
Church: Assemblies of God Church, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Comments: I have received CD Rom from you. I am very thankful to you for same. I spend a lot of time listening to it. I am retired, but God is using me in His ministry as and when He opens opportunities in the ministry. I shall continue to uphold your ministry in my prayers. God bless you
Name: L. Watson
Lives: Minnesota, United States
Found: Surfing, looking for a commentary on Romans
Comments: I absolutely loved the sermon “What Do You Do More Than Others?” by David Legge. It is so refreshing to hear the gospel preached. It is also interesting to hear David Legge actually name preachers such as Rick Warren and Bill Hybels who are preaching success rather than Christ. Few American preachers will be so bold. We currently have devotionals at home because we can not find a church that has not been infected with this "purpose driven" drivel...I will pass this message on to my fellow Christians. Thanks
Name: Kjell Nilsson
Lives: 74850 Tobo, Sweden
Found: Serched on Google for audio messages
Church: Pentecostal church
Comments: Dear friends, I have listened to 1 John, Introduction. It's a good preaching. I could read that you mentioned John to be the last apostle. What is your opinion about those who claim that there is apostles today? May God bless you work abundantly and I will continue to listen to your messages. In Christ Kjell
Name: Ram Lian Uk
Lives: Philippines
Found: Looking for the temple vision of Ezekiel for Master Thesis
Church: Faith Baptist church
Comments: I've been blessed and encouraged through your ministry, keep it on for His glory and honor.
Name: Ashleigh Phillips
Lives: Newtownabbey
Found: David Legge
Church: Iron Hall / BCM
Comments: Hi, really enjoyed reading something worthwhile on the internet! See you soon!
Name: John R. Lucas
Lives: Pennsylvania, USA and from many places in the world
Found: Looking for a interpretation of The Sermon On The Mount
Church: Asbury United Methodist (Christian first of all and then a denomination)
Comments: I am teaching, actually facilitating, a course on the Beatitudes and plan to continue on through the whole Sermon on The Mount. Your sermons are proving to be quite helpful. I find the American language is not as clear to me as your words, John Stott and Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Thank you for your efforts.
Name: Ramona Peer
Lives: Flat Rock Michigan U.S.A.
Found: Search christian sites
Church: Baptist
Comments: God Bless You...A lovely and most informative web site...One would not have to leave your site to learn more....LOVE in HIS name and mine...
Name: Will Shores
Lives: Bedford New Hampshire USA
Found: Search
Church: Island Pond Baptist Church
Comments: Great site! Beautiful church, and theology which blesses me! My wife hopes to travel to Ireland and worship with you one day.
Name: Harry Carruthers
Lives: Cumnock Ayrshire Scotland
Found: Internet
Church: New Cumnock Evangelical Church
Comments: Enjoying the ministry on the internet from pastor Legge
Name: Judy Loch
Lives: Missouri, USA
Found: from the guest book of "Abide in Christ's" website
Comments: It's nice and refreshing to see a web site that is teaching the truth. Thank you and God bless you and yours.
Name: Terrence Theodore
Lives: Born in Trinidad and grew up in the US
Found: I did a Google search for sermons on Hell
Church: Chuuch of Diciples
Comments: I love your sermons! May God continue to use you to his Glory and I thank you for being a willing vessel. In Christ, Terrence
Name: Michael Bailey I
Lives: Leesburg, Florida
Found: I wanted to prepare a sermon on Psalms 91
Church: Leesbirg Mobile Home Park nondenominational Church
Comments: I really enjoyed listening to the messages on Psalms 91
Name: Angela Jane Martin
Lives: Newtownards
Found: Trying to discover how many churches are based in Newtownards, with the purpose of considering mission within the town (Bible class topic). Came across this site on churchnet.
Church: Frances Street Gospel Hall
Comments: Interesting site - one of which I will share with others. Easy to use and eye catching
Name: Anthony Moody
Lives: Kingsport, Tennessee (USA)
Found: Searching google for sound gospel preaching
Church: Bible Way Baptist Church
Comments: I just finished listening to a second message off of your internet site. Unlike the many "other gospels" being preached today, I listened to two true messages preached about the Lord Jesus Christ, and the fruits and nature of His sheep. Thank you for making these messages available online.
Name: Philip S. Taylor
Lives: Greater Belfast
Found: www link
Church: Whiteabbey Presbyterian Church
Comments: I just listened to the first sermon in the series from Judges. Challenging and pointed application. David, you sound an awful lot like Pastor Ted Donnelly of Trinity RPC. I don't know if you have ever heard him but it is complement (although very human centered). What you do is a dying art.
Name: Paul O'Driscoll
Lives: Limerick/Tipperary
Found: Link on Google
Church: Tipperary Christian Fellowship
Comments: Great to discover this attractive site and amazed at the amount of resources. I will add a link to our fellowship's Web site.
Name: Lamar Hayes
Lives: Adairsville Georgia USA
Found: Baptist 1000 link
Church: Fellowship Baptist Church, White GA
Comments: I have enjoyed your messages and have shared some of them with my Sunday School class as well as given them your website...God is blessing you greatly with the gift of preaching. We love you and appreciate what you are doing. Your web site is also very very friendly. Thank you and all who support your work there. God Bless, Lamar Hayes.
Name: Augustine Kehinde
Lives: Nigeria
Found: My friend tell me.
Church: Deeper Life Bible Church.
Comments: Am very grateful for a ministry like this, which is committed to the work of the Lord. My prayer is that the Lord in His power will continue to help you and make your ministry more fruitful in Jesus name.
Name: Chris Ashie-Mensah
Lives: Ghana
Found: Surfing
Church: Calvary Cross Ministry
Comments: I have listened to your preaching on the net and have read some of your sermons. These are thought-provoking and insightful materials that are needed for growth in the Lord. Thank you.
Name: Pastor Allen Fox
Lives: Newtownards
Found: A friend
Church: Good News Baptist
Comments: I am impressed with your website - very well done. We are thinking of getting a website made up for our church. We are Independent Baptist. Could you tell me please who makes up websites for churches, etc. A phone number would be very helpful. MANY THANKS.
Name: Han Dea Hee
Lives: Republic of Korea
Found: Search in Korean site
Church: In Seoul
Comments: Nice to meet this site. My major is theology, 3 years. This one is useful to me, because my dream is to be 'International Preacher'. Nice day!!
Name: Phillip Castle
Lives: Mesquite, Texas USA
Found: Searching for podcasts
Church: Sunnyvale First Baptist
Comments: Thank you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for "...contending earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints." I have only listened to 2 of your gospel sermons, but intend to listen to many more. May the Lord bless your ministry and keep His hand on you and your ministry. Grace to you.
Name: Allan Satterfield
Lives: Gainesville,Ga. 30506
Found: Internet
Church: Westminster
Comments: David Legge's sermons are much needed today. Thanks, Al
Name: William Brooks
Lives: Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Found: Web Search
Church: Good friends - Orangeville, Ontario
Comments: Enjoying your sermons on the Beatitudes
Name: Peter Dean
Lives: Leicester. England
Found: serching for online sermons
Comments: Great to hear God's true Word on the internet, many thanks. Keep up the good work.
Name: Byron Thompson
Lives: Trenton, Georgia USA
Found: seaching for studies on Philippians on Google
Church: Edgewood Baptist Church
Comments: Finding your site has been a blessing. I have enjoyed reading and listening to the studies on Philippians from Pastor Legge. Thank you for your ministry. Byron
Name: Yuksel Kurada
Lives: Turkey, Istanbul
Found: Google
Comments: Dear friend, Lord's peace be on you. Me and my wife are using your web page and we loved it. Lord bless you, I can find many good sermons. Yuksel and Dijle Kurada
Name: Albert Zito
Lives: Columbiaville Michigan
Found: Baptist Info Links
Church: Columbiaville Baptist Church
Comments: I appreciate your website. Let's hold fast the form of sound doctrine until our King returns.
Name: James A Burt
Lives: Laurieston, Falkirk, Scotland
Found: By browsing the net
Church: Laurieston Gospel Hall
Comments: Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world. I have enjoyed listening to your sermons. May the Lord richly bless you and your assembly of believers over there in Belfast yours in the Savior's name, Jim Burt
Name: Mrs Hediwiki Shoko
Lives: Zimbabwe
Found: From a church friend
Church: World Connection Ministries
Comments: Your Gospel preachings are of more value
Name: Zachary Anderson
Lives: Florida, USA
Found: Google
Church: Christ's Church Mandarin
Comments: Thank you for having this amazing resource so freely available online, and for the great insight offered throughout the sermons. People are making arguments today that sermons just don't fit any more, but I think they can, if they are worth listening to (really focused on God and His word and will), and I think, so far, the ones on this site are worth listening to.
Name: Francis Kathewera
Lives: Malawi
Church: Winners' Chapel
Comments: Wonderful website and very helpful materials on offer. Will definitely be a regular visitor to it. Keep up the good work.
Name: Kerri
Lives: Mississippi Gulf Coast area
Found: Baptist Top 1000
Church: Blessed Hope Baptist
Comments: I am always amazed at our Lord and the way He has a witness world wide. I love to be reminded of that. I am listening to your message "A Seeking Sinner meets a Seeking Saviour". You have had some very good points and preach with heart. I pray souls will be saved!
Name: Alfredo Pasaylo, Jr.
Lives: Philippines
Found: Search engine
Church: Bible Baptist Church
Comments: Hi Brother Legge, Greetings! The CDs that you have sent to us here have created a tremendous impact in me, and to my people as well. We also used it in our Bible School here. I write to thank you for your effort in helping us through this ministry that God has entrusted in you. Should there be any available literatures from you, we would be very glad to have, especially those that deal with the Biblical doctrines.
Name: Nancy E. Collins
Lives: Cleveland, Ohio
Found: Surfing the web
Comments: I have been touched by your messages
Name: Mildret Maswela
Lives: Zimbabwe
Found: Google search
Church: AFM
Comments: I am impressed with all the updates you are sending me. I am being occupied with the Bible study through the verses I am getting from your sermons. God bless.
Name: Eugen Pietras
Lives: Cologne in Germany
Found: My friend told me of your site this night
Church: a small Baptist Church in Cologne Germany
Comments: I am glad to have gotten the information of your site. I am always looking for biblical inspiration for my own sermons which I preach once or twice in our local church. (We will be without a pastor at the end of this month and are looking for a new pastor - so I agreed to preach more often than before in our local church). I wish you God's blessing for your ministry. In Christ, Eugen Pietras
Name: Samuel Janarthanan
Lives: India
Found: Thru browsing
Church: Church of South India
Comments: Dear brother, I only can say that you are doing a wonderful ministry and helping pastors and teachers with bible sermons and teachings, in turn they can pass on these blessings to others. May God richly bless you and your ministry!! Regards!!
Name: Teresa
Lives: GA
Found: Friend online
Comments: This is a great site so filled with GOD's love and Gospel. I really enjoyed sermons I have read and can't wait to read some more. Can't wait to tell others about this site as well! The details, the truth you share and the biblical truth you give for us to see for ourselves! Proving the Bible to lead us to the truth and the way! GOD BLESS y'all for all that you do, I know this site has opened some eyes and hearts and also is planting seeds. As people read they may disagree now, but I pray one day they will search for the truth and find it!! Again thanks for all y'all do! Take care!! Preach on, we enjoy!! Your friend in Christ, Teresa
Name: Larry Rhoney
Lives: Virginia
Found: Google Search - Ezekiel
Church: Faith Baptist Church-- Waverly VA
Comments: Have really enjoyed the sermons in the last chapters of Ezekiel. Have not had time to explore all the different aspects of the site - but really like what I have seen.

Name: Lisa
Lives: Bronx, New York
Found: I asked God for help, in helping Him to help all of us, then got online googled "God's way, how to preach" and your site grabbed my attention - and as they say the rest is history! (God is sooo...GOOD)
Church: St. Lucy, Bronx
Comments: I've read that we (the people) can turn things around for the better, but I don't know how to REALLY make a difference. Can you please help me to do my part according to what God expects from His servant. Thank you for this site, thank you for spreading the goodness of the Lord and for extending a line of hope and resource to those like me who are just finding their way. May the Lord Bless you and all your efforts.
Name: Robert Russell
Lives: Warman, Saskatchewan, Canada
Found: A friend told me about it
Church: Warman Gospel Church
Comments: I am a native of Belfast, I was a member at Templemore Hall. It was great to hear the sound teaching of God's Word.
Name: Burley Martin Hall
Lives: Roxboro, North Carolina, USA
Found: Links
Church: Rock Grove Baptist ( Southern Baptist )
Comments: I enjoy your site and I appreciate your messages. They are a great help to me personally. May the Lord continue to bless you and all your flock. I appreciate Bible believing men who "Preach The Word." Be blessed of the Lord Jesus, Bro. Martin.
Name: Mildret Maswela
Lives: Zimbabwe
Found: I was looking for a website which could help me with written sermons. In fact I wanted sermons or information to help me and to teach me how to pray. I then logged onto google search and just typed preaching sermons and this website came on the list. I was happy.
Comments: I am so happy and grateful about this website. I make sure I log in everyday to read whats on line. Its occupying my life, teaching me the best I should do to make God happy. I didn't know a lot of things but now I know. I have been opening a lot of sites but most of them were asking me for credit cards but I don't have a single credit card. And because of that, I couldn't read and learn the word of God. Thank you brothers and sisters for giving people like me a chance to hear, to read and to know the word of God for free. Thank you God Bless, God Guide
Name: D'Arcy Watson
Lives: Menai (a suburb of Sydney,) NSW, Australia
Found: searching for sermons on God's attributes
Church: Menai Baptist Church
Comments: I really appreciate the thoroughness of your Pastor's preparation and excellent presentations. I was seeking for ideas on this subject (God's attributes) and I found your site a gold-mine. Thank you for the service you provide to all. May you be blessed with an extra try when next we play you at rugby (provided it is not a winning try!) And I know the great God is blessing you! D'Arcy
Name: Petronariva Sinjal
Lives: Indonesia
Found: by searching prayer topic
Church: Gereja Bethel Indonesia - Boulevard Makassar
Comments: I'm very very blessed with this wonderful website. God bless you...
Name: Edward Miles
Lives: Haw River
Church: True Revelation Missionary Baptist Church
Comments: Praise God For your website and zeal to spread the word of God. Please keep spreading the gospel!
Name: Gerald Knapps
Lives: Denham Springs, LA USA
Found: Looking for help for a Sunday School lesson
Church: Riverside Baptist Church
Comments: You were very helpful and I will continue to look for help on your website. Thanks.
Name: Sonja
Lives: I live in North Carolina, USA but I am from the other Emerald Isle
Found: One of my sons was looking for song lyrics
Church: Parkton Baptist Church
Comments: Thank you for this wonderful service. The series on Malachi was the first one I listened to. I printed the first sermon for a friend of mine, and I have printed the series for another friend who does not have internet access. I just discovered that I can download the sermons and burn them on CD to listen in my car! Thank you so much. On my drive to church today I will be listening to Job - when bad things happen to good people. Thank you so much. I have been truly blessed.
Name: Michael and Melissa Sementilli
Lives: Current location Spain, American citizens
Found: sermon searching
Comments: We are currently located in Spain due to Michael's job situation and have been looking for a church to attend. Unfortunately there are no English speaking churches of non-Catholic faith anywhere close to us, so we decided to look for an alternative means to grow spiritually with God. We have listened to a few of the sermons and feel the power of God on your Pastor. We hope to find a church willing to work with our situation so we may be faithful to God.
Name: Frank D.Twum-Baah
Lives: Boso,Ghana
Found: Browsing the net
Church: The Methodist Church Ghana
Comments: It is a site that is educative and inspiring. I have enjoyed using it. I adapted the series on stewardship in my church and it was quite beneficial. God bless you, keep up the flame.
Name: Pat Roberts
Lives: England
Found: From a friend
Church: Salvation Army
Comments: I am enjoying your web site for the first time being on line. God Bless you and all that you do.
Name: Victorine A. Donahue
Lives: Born in the US Virgin Islands/Live in Woodstock Georgia
Found: Through a friend
Church: Allen Temple AME Methodist
Comments: Thank you for such an awesome offer. I intend to share the Gospel sermons with family and friends. I pray that your CD would be an encouragement for all unbelievers to come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. God bless you!
Name: Pastor Karl Walker
Lives: Mauritius
Found: Thru browsing
Church: Liberty Church
Comments: Dear Pastor David, Thank you so much for the CDs I received. I have been teaching about the end times in our church and your teaching have helped me in a great way. I am richly blessed. We want you to know we are praying for you and your family and the ministry. God Bless Pastor Karl Walker
Name: Julianne White
Lives: Knoxville, TN USA
Found: Searching for Biblical info regarding Islam
Church: Baptist
Comments: This sermon on Islam is very helpful... I'm trying to understand what the Lord is saying to His church regarding Muslims, Islam, etc. Could this religion be the mark we are warned about in the latter days of which Almighty God says His people will not partake in the Book of Revelation? Jesus Christ, whose name is Faithful and True (Rev. 19:11) is speaking to His church. I want to see, and hear and be ready to move out for Him. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to my brothers and sisters in Christ, peace be with you all in the love of Christ. Julianne White
Name: Michael O'Rourke
Lives: Birmingham
Found: Looking for a good preaching site
Church: Millpool Hill Church
Comments: I have just listened to a sermon on worship and it was so encouraging and helpful. While I was listening I thought that is what I want to permeate my whole way of life, that others might see what a magnificent God we worship, one who is above all and over all who draws the very life from out of our beings to display to a needy world.
Name: Clemente D. Fajardo, Jr.
Lives: Philippines
Found: Surfing the net on Bible study materials
Church: The Lord's Church
Comments: I have found your articles very helpful and they minister to me a lot. The Lord continue to prosper your ministry.
Name: Pastor Derrell Hudgins
Lives: Fayetteville, Georgia USA
Found: Web surfing, Treasured Truth
Church: Antioch Community
Comments: Great site, great preparation. God has His hand on you! May God bless you and your ministry.
Name: George Slackus
Lives: USA, Pottsvile PA
Found: Surfing the internet
Church: none
Comments: Just wanted to inform you that although I am not of irish desent, I think you are a great preacher. I can tell by the way you preach that your words that come out of your mouth are from God's mouth to you to tell the people to repent and get to know God personally if they want to go to heaven. Thank you for your sermon.
Name: Joel Berger
Lives: Milwaukee, Wisconsion
Found: search engine
Church: Grace Lutheran Church WELS
Comments: The sermon I heard on Christian purity was beautiful, eloquent, heart rending, and filled with spritual insight. I thank the Lord for it. God bless you and your ministry! Sincerely, Joel Berger
Name: Wendy Wilson
Lives: Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
Found: Google
Church: The Presbyterian Congregation in Georgetown
Comments: I really enjoy your teaching sermons.
Name: Robin Rusch
Lives: Ft. Myers Beach Florida USA
Found: Recommended by an internet chat buddy
Church: First Baptist Ft. Myers Beach
Comments: Just open to hearing what is on this site due to its recommendation by someone I trust who knows the clear gospel of truth.
Name: George Slackus Rich & Dawn Jobrey
Lives: Penna. USA
Found: Searching google for Christian audio sermons
Church: Home Bible Study
Comments: Thank you for teaching us and preaching to us on prayer we were blessed and learned some things. May God Bless all that you put your hand to do In Our Lord's Name, Jesus.
Name: Rev. Peter Amunga
Lives: Kenya, Africa
Found: Yahoo search
Church: Chrisco Church
Comments: Dear Beloved, I went through your web page and am blessed. God has given you a big vision and ministry. I will put you on my prayer list and pettion God to meet all your needs according to His riches in glory. Finaly I want to commend you for the ministry of the CD. I have applied for one. I know it will help me and my rural African Congregation. I kindly request you that if you know any brethren who wish to travel to Africa to preach the word, please let them contact me. The fields here in Kenya are ripe, the labourers are few. Be blessed. Pastor Peter Amunga.
Name: Bob Allgood
Lives: Pineville, NC
Found: Browsing for Sovereign Grace Sermons
Church: Old Line Baptists
Comments: You have a well organized web site that is a blessing to God's people. Thank You.
Name: Edinam Yao Cofie
Lives: Accra, Ghana
Found: through a friend (Nii Sakyi Quartey)
Church: Mt.Perniel Prayer Ministries
Comments: I thank God for using this site to give me deeper insight into the things of God and also helping me develop a more intimate relationship with my Father in heaven. Edinam Cofie, Ghana
Name: Kay
Lives: Newfoundland/Labrador, Canada
Found: looking for something on Psalm 42
Church: The Salvation Army
Comments: Found this to be very interesting. Please keep me updated.Thank you.
Name: Yeong Kai Kin
Lives: Malaysia
Found: Search Engine
Church: Baptist Church
Comments: Useful site. Keep up the good work. God bless.
Name: Nicola D.
Lives: Originally East Belfast
Found: Need some teaching
Church: Presby.
Comments: I have had the priviledge of attending to the Iron Hall for a few years and felt such spiritual growth. Having married and moved away - I long and yearn to be in the Iron Hall on a Monday night in the Bible Study - thanks to the website I can. God Bless.
Name: Tobvesu Gumunyu
Lives: ZIMBABWE but I am currently in BIRMINGHAM U.K.
Found: Web Search
Church: That is the reason for my search since June no fellowship
Comments: I am a born again Christian desiring to meet others who worship God. Thank you for your encouraging web site. May God continue revealing to you the needs of His lost people.
Name: Laraine Gagala
Lives: USA Atlanta, Georgia
Found: Browsing
Comments: Pastor David Legge, I listen to your sermons often. I have been blessed by your sound doctrinal teaching of the Word of God. God Bless You, Laraine
Name: Angela Wild
Lives: Derbyshire UK
Found: Doing an Alta Vista search on 'Have faith only believe'
Church: I live in a completely dry spiritual area with no spirit filled churches
Comments: Hi! This web site has got to be one of the best I have found. As I live in an area with no spirit filled church or fellowship, a place where the Lord has put me though, I spend much time in prayer and seeking Him. When He leads me with a Rhema word I search the internet to read other's thoughts and sermons on it to get a broad view along with what I hear from the Lord about it myself. So thank you so much for this wonderful resource. God Bless you. Angela
Name: Manimaran
Lives: India
Found: While searching the website for a study on Sermon on the Mount
Church: Emmanuel Methodist Church
Comments: I am looking forward to learn more on the topic of Beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount through your CDs
Name: Boxley Boggs
Lives: Garland, Texas, USA
Found: Google
Church: Non-denominational
Comments: I have just discovered your website and read two of David's messages. I praise the Lord for the obvious study and preparation, the faithfulness to Scripture, and the evangelistic application. I am looking forward to reading more. Thank you for your ministry. May Jesus Christ be praised!
Name: Mkhabela T.E
Lives: South Africa
Found: from a colleague
Comments: I greet you in Jesus Christ's name. I love the resources that you have in your website they are so inspiring and wonderful.
Name: Billy Middlebrooks
Lives: Rossville Georgia USA
Found: Google word search on rapture
Comments: Here in the States, we are going into a great spiritual drought. Bible versions are completely taking over the pulpits, Hell is gone, Eternal security gone, the Rapture is a joke, the King James Bible is despised. Please pray for our Nation.
Name: Richard Dameron
Lives: Cincinnati, OH but attending seminary in Springfield, MO
Found: Yahoo search on Ephesians
Church: Bellview Baptist Church
Comments: What an awesome resource your study on Ephesians was for me. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom!
Name: Kern R. Pegues
Lives: Montgomery Alabama
Found: Founders
Church: Morningview
Comments: Just listened to your message on stewardship. What a belssing. As Paul said, Keep the Faith. I just finished Randy Alcorns book "The Treasure Principle". I am developing a Stewardship seminar to take to the churches. I feel the next great Awakening will be because God's people starting being stewards and giving as if our home is in Heaven and not on earth. Please pray that God's people will be open and God will work wonders because of our obedience. In Him, Kern Pegues
Name: Rachel Kamene Gideon
Lives: Kenya - East of Africa
Found: Just surfing for information and found it
Comments: I believe you are doing a great work, I am very enthused to have access to the Word of God. I don't know where I would be without having have read the sermon on the Advantages of Singlehood. I was getting derailed though I was sure about the word of God. It's so simplified in your sermons and I have been greatly helped.
Name: Hue Landers
Lives: Russellville, Alabama, USA
Found: Google search
Church: Grace Baptist Church
Comments: I use the sermons I have gotten from you as outlines for lessons for my Sunday School class and in other times when I get to teach. I most enjoy them for my own personal use, thanks and bless you.

Name: Anand Chaudhari
Lives: Jaipur, India
Found: while browsing
Church: Calvary Bible Church
Comments: Sermons by Pastor David Legge are excellent. Real food for the soul.
Name: Gary Spicer
Lives: London, England
Found: From a brother
Church: Hornchurch Christian Centre
Comments: I have been so blessed many times by your timely words
Name: Candy
Lives: USA
Found: Google
Church: Calvary Baptist
Comments: We here in America are horrified by the terrible bombings that occurred in London today. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Name: Jessica Mroos
Lives: Seattle, Washington
Found: Someone told us about it
Church: Seattle Baptist Church
Comments: My husband, Jon, loves your preacher, Pastor Legge. He listens to his sermons every day. (He received some preaching CDs from you). He is truly blessed by your church over there in Ireland and he talks about it often. I hope some day we will be able to come visit the church and meet Pastor Legge. I thought you might like to know what an impact your preacher has had on my husband. My husband, Jon just graduated from Bible college and is patiently serving in our home church, Seattle Baptist, while he finishes his master's degree. He feels the Lord will use him to Pastor a church some day. I want to thank you for your faithfulness in the ministry and letting the Lord use you to help others and lead them to Christ. (Especially the trip to India-wow!). Thank you for being a blessing to our family. In Christ, Jessica Mroos
Name: Jemma Doyle
Lives: Live in Melbourne (but I am Irish from Dublin)
Found: Links
Church: Kingsways Christian Fellowship
Comments: Thank you for your sermon, I will visit you again. God Bless. Jemma
Name: Stephen Green
Lives: Near Whitby, North Yorkshire
Found: From a friend
Comments: I enjoy listening and downloading the sermons from David Legge. He is a very sound and blessed young man. When you hear someone so uncompromising in this compromising shallow world, I know I am not alone in my walk with the Lord Jesus. My companians are few, thank you David for being one of them. Stephen Green
Name: Gerald Walmsley
Lives: Pretoria, South Africa
Found: Google search
Comments: I do research on sound doctrine and make CD's to hand out. Lives are being changed and folk are returning back to our Saviour. It is a real blessing to do this. I have found David Wilkerson, David Eells, Jacob Prasch, Dave Hunt, Kent Hovind and Bill Randles to be a real blessing. I have downloaded teachings on the Occult from your website that I believe will be of real value. Thank You and blessings from Pretoria, South Africa
Name: Robert & Esther Mponye
Lives: Uganda
Found: Through Websearch
Church: Lifehouse Community Church, Uganda
Comments: Your Ministry is very fundamental Pastor David, especially in these last days where men teach what their followers want to hear! The ears of many are itching to hear the liberal gospel. As a pastor in the suburban areas of Uganda, I am blessed to have access to your website! it is my earnest prayer that the Lord will open doors for you and your ministry to be able to come to the villages of Uganda where I and other leaders are finding challenges in teaching the true gospel to the church! Blessings in His name. Robert
Name: Mike
Lives: Bend OR
Found: Google
Church: Calvary Chapel
Comments: Hi, I was looking for some free MP3's that I could listen to while I clean the school each evening. I love the Word and want to be able to listen and learn the Word more. It is hard to find messages for free or a donation. Thanks, Mike
Name: Larry Logan
Lives: Hernando, Mississippi, United States
Found: I was looking for something specific on Goggle and your site was in the sites found
Church: Member of Longviewpoint Baptist Church In Hernando, Ms
Website: web page of the church
Comments: You have a very interesting site. I teach a Connect Group (same as Sunday School) and we are in the Book of Ezekiel. I have been reading the sermon series on that book. It was interesting what was brought out in chapter 28 about the king of Tyre. Well, may God receive all the Glory and Honor forever and ever, Amen in Christ, Larry Logan
Name: Debbie Wassel
Lives: USA
Found: researching our liberties in Christ
Church: Aloma Baptist Church
Comments: I want to thank you for such a wonderful web site. Having the messages from your pastor available to read and then reread is such a blessing. I can truly hear the heart of a shepherd in his teachings. We need more pastors like him in the states. Growing in Christ, Debbie
Name: Terry Hynes
Lives: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Found: Yahoo Search
Comments: My parents, Bill and Ellen Hynes, my sister Judi and myself attended the Iron Hall prior to 1957. My mother asked me to find your website and get her some pictures of the new Iron Hall. Unfortunately I was not able to find any pictures on your site but I did find the Paul Megahey Photography website which has many pictures of the new building. My mom and dad (and Judi too)will certainly be thrilled to see the pictures. Cheers.
Name: Arnold Drenth
Lives: live in Worcestershire UK
Found: web browsing Christian top 1000
Church: Malvern Priory
Comments: Good that you don't accept advertising or sell anything; makes your 'labour of love' more believable to sceptics. Best Wishes.
Name: Kevin Chase
Lives: Everett, Washington
Found: Word of Mouth
Church: Seattle Baptist Church (Edmonds, WA)
Comments: Thank you for the great resources that you provide on this site. What a blessing!!
Name: Kane I
Lives: South Texas [very south]
Found: Surf
Comments: Was looking for sermons on the two thieves, this was the best one of all. Thank you.
Name: Hamilton Rozario
Lives: India
Found: I would like to believe that God lead me to it.
Church: Church of Brethen Assembly
Comments: Dear Bro Legge in Christ, Thanks for the CDROM of the Selected Sermons you sent to me here in Dubai, Middle East. In fact I was surprised at the promptness of your service. I am 33 years old, along with my wife Christine and Camryn living in the United Arab Emirates. A Catholic by parentage, your series on Stronghold of Satan was the straw that broke the Camel's back. I have since left Catholicism and interacting with another Christian denomination. It still is a learning curve of me, and I praying for God's Spirit to lead us. I thank God in Christ our Lord, for the service you have made available through this Website, and if God could save a person like me miles away from your Church, then be sure He's doing the same with many more through you. Rejoice and be glad, for great is thy Reward. I pray that your ministry may by God's grace flourish and many more may respond to His call. Blessings and greeting to your wife and baby. In all May HIS glorious name be praised forever and ever!! Amen. Your Bros in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour Hamilton, Christine & Camryn.
Name: Owiafe Owusu Emmanuel
Lives: Ghana
Found: I am already a friend to this site and I am a regular visitor
Church: Assemblies of God Church
Comments: I must congratulate the website designer for the new facelift that he has given to this particular site. It is actually one of my favourite sites if not the best site I am ever think of browsing. I do not come to this site to browse only but more importantly to come and study. As for Andrew, his due reward cannot come from any man only, but the Almighty God is going to reward him and it will surely come to pass. I just like the way he has whole heartedly committed himself to the service of the Almighty God and in fact over this few years a lot of individuals has come to know of the power of the Almighty God through His servant Pastor David Legge who is well aided by Andrew Watkins. May the Almighty God be your banner and may He continually replenish what is going out inside of you. SHALOM!!
Name: Raymond Erinle
Lives: Nigeria
Found: From Google
Church: The Apostolic Faith Church
Comments: I have once requested for a CD which contains preachings by Pastor Legge and it has been of great blessings for me and part members of my family. I just can't help praising God for the day which I finally came across this website which has lots to offer we this end time followers of Christ. I will like to order for more of this CD's after fully digesting the ones I just ordered for. I implore you reading this now, if you haven't tried the Spirit filled messages on this site to please do so and see how it's going to be of great help for your daily living. It has really helped me and I want you to try it. I am sure God will bless you. Amen.
Name: Ruth Millar
Lives: Cambridgeshire (formerly Guernsey Channel Islands)
Found: Directed by The Lord when I needed Him most.
Church: Salvation Army. Quite inadequate but the best there is in this area.
Comments: I depend on the internet for help with Bible Study. Have just commenced Pastor David's “Nehemiah”. We have Bible Study once a week - when there is nothing else to detract - but STUDY is hardly the word for it. I hope that Bible teachers and preachers realise that there are hundreds out here who have to depend on internet teaching for this is the way the Church seems to be going. No Prayer meetings, no Bible Studies, just loads of BBQ's! Thank you so much for this labour of love for the Lord, you too Andrew must accept many thanks too for using your God-given talent in this way.
Name: Joyce Percival
Lives: United Kingdom
Found: Web Links
Church: Anglican
Comments: I am new to your site and I am impressed by the wealth of available material and I shall be a regular visitor from now on.
Name: Allan Parkins
Lives: Moulton College
Found: Through a friend
Church: Potter's House
Comments: Keep up the good work of spreading God's Word. This commission is given to us all.
Name: Larry D Williams
Lives: Dover, Arkansas USA
Found: Surfing
Church: First Baptist Church of Dover
Comments: Really enjoyed your website. May God continue to bless your ministry. The love of Jesus is so amazing, He really does change lives! Praise His most precious Holy Name!
Name: Marty Welsh
Lives: Diamond ILL.
Found: My friend
Church: Faith Baptist
Comments: I sent an e-mail I hope you receive it. I am very interested in receiveing all your sermons if i could? My family and friends are starving for Bible truth and it appears to me the Holy Spirit truly has a hand in the direct leadership of his ministry through you. Thank you Bro. Marty Welsh.
Name: Joseph K. Hagan
Lives: Accra, Ghana
Found: Through Search
Church: Assemblies of God Church
Comments: Of Truth, you are a great man of God. The few sermons I have read from your site I have been gloriously been blessed, may the Good Lord continue to give you strength for you to help us with your good teachings. It has been very wonderful. Your site is on the side of truth. Please, may the Lord continue to uphold all of you and especially the man of God. May He continue to use you to pour out the raw truth to this perishing generation. Please continue with your good work, May God richly Bless you and your family for the Good Work you have been doing. Thank you.
Name: Mike Todd
Lives: North East England
Found: Looking for online sermons I found you about 3 years ago now
Church: None
Comments: I want to thank you all for your sterling work in setting up and keeping this web site going. Those of us who find churches intimidating and distracting but want to hear the word of God preached have been blessed by the resources you've made available to us. Thank you again and God Bless you all.
Name: Mr. Lynn White
Lives: Kentucky, USA
Found: Searching for Bible Studies
Church: Mt. Pleasant Church
Comments: Thank you for your Bible studies. I have been reading the ones on different cults and how they started. God's blessings! Bro. Lynn White
Name: Robert A. Dorsey.Sr.
Lives: Summersville, WV, USA
Found: Browsing other sites
Church: Baptist
Comments: I thank God for you. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless and use you.
Name: Sherry Sowards
Lives: Hurricane, WV
Found: Browsing the web
Church: Old Paths Baptist Church, Hurricane, Wv
Comments: I love your site. It is so refreshing to hear the truth from the Word Of God being preached today. I am lucky enough to attend an Independent Fundamental King James Bible believing Church. I go to your site as often as I can on non-Church nights. Please keep preaching the true word. Sherry Sowards
Name: Michael Oloyi
Lives: Uganda
Found: Google Search
Church: Life Line Center Gulu, Uganda
Comments: You are blessing many lives and souls. I pray that God will reward. Unfortunately I am unable to subscribe to the update. Thank you. Oloyi
Name: Neville Denning
Lives: Sydney, Australia
Found: during a Google search
Church: Engadine Community Church
Comments: Excellent Scriptural teaching from Pastor Legge on Prayer. Looking forward to hearing other sermons. Thank you and God Bless your ministry. Neville & Kathleen Denning
Name: Michael Harty
Lives: Jamaica
Found: surfing the Net for info on “fruit of the Spirit
Church: Carmel Gospel hall (Christian Brethren)
Comments: I have not yet analysed it in depth, but your site looks quite interesting and appears Biblically sound. I will definitely visit again...and again.
Name: Erna Kroezen
Lives: Holland
Found: by accident - God's will
Church: Pentecostal
Comments: I just wanted to let you know that I am truly blessed with the resources on this site. I love to start the day with one of your sermons and ponder what you have said. In more than one occasion it truly was the right word at the right time! Thank you so much!! And keep up the Good work, God bless you!
Name: John Noecker
Lives: Wilmington, Il., USA
Found: by accident
Church: Faith Baptist
Comments: I want to thank you for the MP3 CDs on Ephesians, Sermon on the Mount, and the Beatitudes. I purchased a walkman so I can listen while I make my daily, forty-five minute, doctor ordered walk. My pain is severe, but your CDs help me to forget the pain and concentrate on the message. Thanks again, I don't know what I would do without your ministry. The preaching at our church is so shallow, it is a burden to listen to. May God continue to bless you, for your wonderful service!
Name: Victor Elileojo
Lives: Nigeria
Found: Through a friend
Church: Foursquare Gospel Church
Comments: Your ministry is such a wonderful one from which I have learnt a lot within a while of connecting to the site. I pray for more anointing of God upon your life.
Name: Margaret Stuart-Green
Lives: North East England (between Guisbrough and Whitby) - we live in the country, on the moors
Church: as we live isolated, my husband and I listen to your sermons and do regular downloads of your site.
Comments: We are fundamental Bible believing Born Again Christians. We live rather a long way from anywhere, so tend to have a service of our own every Sunday. Sometimes my daughter joins us, but always Jesus does. We are non denominational and have nothing to do with any "churches together" or any organised denominations. We enjoy your site as it is sound teaching and totally scriptural. Also we download from Take Heed Ministries as they too are very sound. we love Israel and are very saddened that her leaders plan to split up what God has given to His people.
Name: Kayla
Lives: America
Church: Faith Baptist Church
Comments: Your messages are truly a blessing, I appreciate this site.
Name: Chuck Smith
Lives: Casper, WY
Found: looking up Bible verses
Church: Highland Park Community Church
Comments: I thank God for this site. I listen to the sermons daily, blessings to you.
Name: Dennis Trimble
Lives: Born 1946 in Newcastle Co. Down, living near Perth Western Australia, wife, 3 children, 7 grandchildren.
Found: from Cecil Andrews website (that you not be deceived)
Church: elder, Rockingham Baptist Church, Western Australia
Comments: May you, your family and your ministry, know of the richest of blessings given to you by our Lord God as you share the good news of our Lord to the people of Belfast, (via sermons) and to a fallen world (internet). Not a night passes that I don't listen (and read) one of your God inspired sermons, (or Cecil's site) before I retire. Please be assured of our constant prayers for the work that our Lord has burned on your heart. From your brother in Christ, Dennis Trimble
Name: Bernard Koranteng
Lives: Accra, Ghana
Found: On the net in London
Church: Lighthouse Chapel International
Comments: Very Very Useful website! I love Pastor David and I thank God for using him in this end time to teach believers everywhere. I am going on mission to Uganda in August and I am positive that his materials will be useful to me on the field. I read 'Pearl of Psalm' over and over. God bless you all. You're really a blessing! Hope you'll visit Africa one day. Bernard Koranteng
Name: (Miss) Tommie Ray
Lives: Selma, Alabama
Found: Sermon audio
Church: First Baptist Church Selma
Comments: I have enjoyed the Strongholds Shaken series very much. I am saved and do believe that it is through God's grace, through faith in Christ Jesus and by the power of His blood through the Holy Scriptures as you do. Thanks for using the King James Version of the Bible. I do not like these "watered-down" versions because they leave out things about salvation and hell as does the purpose-driven church method that Rick Warren espouses. Dr. Legge are you going to talk about the purpose-driven church?
Name: Thomas Burrell
Lives: Lurgan
Comments: Your site is excellent, I will pass it on to my friends. May God bless you Pastor, your church and your ministry, now and in the days that lie ahead.
Name: Kenny Lawrence
Lives: India
Found: By God's Will
Comments: Thank you very much for spreading of God's message through the net. I read and understand the articles in this site and I appreciate you for the wide knowledge given through this site. I get cleared many doubts and get crystal clear explanation for many mysterious biblical ideas. I pray to Jesus Christ for igniting Pastor David Legge for preaching the good news courageously again and again. Thanks
Name: Randy Anderson
Lives: Charleston WV
Found: Searching for opinions on the Passions of the Christ movie when it came out
Church: Baptist
Comments: I have found your writings/messages to be informative and wonderful. I am currently reading your Malachi messages. I was led to this book over a year ago and those things that you are talking about were shown to me, but not as detailed as to you. Thank you and God bless
Name: John Wiggins
Lives: St Thomas Ontario/Dungannon Co Tyrone
Found: Browsing the web
Church: Bethel Baptist London Ontario
Comments: Heard the gospel message for the first time Oct 1958 in Dungannon Baptist Church
Name: Christian Raas
Lives: Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Church: Swiss Pentecostal
Comments: Great courageous, yet loving preaching and teaching. Hard to find these days. Even the Swiss Pentecostal Church has become pretty liberal these days and uses almost exclusively the modern paraphrases of the Bible and joins hands with the ecumenical movement. I believe that the coming of Christ is near (I hope) and I am looking for a more Bible-oriented Church which still uses the old King James or Martin Luther Bible but I don't even know if there is one in my region. So I am so much more thankful for ministries like yours. I have a lot of respect for the true believers in all of Ireland. I used to work in Dublin for one year in 1997 and also visited Belfast which I think is a very nice town. God bless and many greetings. Christian
Name: Shaju K Pathrose
Lives: Fiji Islands
Church: Baptist Church
Comments: We are praying for you for your great work, may The Lord keep you safe.
Name: Michael Koonce
Lives: Jacksonville, North Carolina
Found: My Pastor
Church: Victory Baptist Church
Comments: Thank you for the wonderful insight and for faithfully serving our Lord Jesus Christ!
Name: John Elvis
Lives: Indonesia
Found: When browsing the net for information about Christians and Muslims
Church: Huria Kristen Indonesia
Comments: Your sermon is clear and deep. I learn much from it about our God, Jesus. Thank you
Name: Mary Potter
Lives: Circleville, Ohio
Found: Looking for Bible Study on Philippians
Church: Logan Elm Baptist--Circleville, Ohio 43113
Comments: I have been trying to understand "Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling". Every time I read that I would doubt my salvation. After reading your pastor's explanation, I understood what it mean. As soon as I read it, it gave me peace. This fall I am supposed to teach an Adult Ladies Sunday School Class on Philippians, so I have been studying Philippians for a couple of months.
Name: Philip Fourie
Lives: South Africa
Found: By browsing for sermons
Comments: I have downloaded your ebook on 'Gospel Sermons' and must admit that I am truly blessed by the strong, no nonsense way you preach the word. We need more people to preach the word of God in this manner. It is truly a blessing to me and thank you very much for making it available.
Name: Winston Omondi Anyumba
Lives: Kenya
Found: Friend
Church: Deaf Baptist church
Comments: I am a deaf Kenyan. Please I want you to pray for deaf people to know the gospel. God bless you.
Name: Tan Liak Tong
Lives: Malaysia
Found: searching for sermon transcripts
Church: Zion BP Church, Bishan, Singapore
Comments: I want to be a good Christian. I accepted Christ in 1975 at age 16 and it has been 30 years and I feel disappointed that I have still not been able to know his will, and do his works.
Name: Teresa Morrish-Griffin
Lives: London
Found: Through the Holy Spirit
Comments: Dear Brothers and Sisters, As prophet Amos instructed in chapter 8v11 God has sent a famine on the land, for the undiluted word of the Lord is now no longer being preached. Having been released from the cults of Roman Catholicism and Alpha, I now find myself on my knees interceding for all my loved ones still caught up in this false teaching. I love Jesus Christ with a passion and wept openly during a sermon by the Anglican vicar on 'the virtues of inter-faith'. In these current times there is a desperate need for God-fearing Christians to pray for Godly wisdom and seek the gift of discernment. We need to then go out boldly into the world to preach the true gospel to whomever God puts in our path. Always maintain a repentant and soft heart and ask God to shine His light in areas of your life that stops you from being fruitful for his service. I send this message with the deepest love and gratitude to Pastor Legge for being one of the few remaining shepherds who are feeding the sheep. May the wisdom, knowledge and love of Christ continue to shine through his ministry. I write this short message from one who false teaching has had a disastrous consequence, my Mother died through lack of discernment and I suffered a complete breakdown. But God has been faithful throughout my walk with Him and has revealed His grace, Sovereignty and unfailing love having nursed my beloved son Gabriel for four short years and watching him undergo a lifetime of suffering. He now abides with our beloved Christ in heaven. As instructed by the Lord, anybody who is asleep, please wake up and learn to preach the word in and out of season, our communities and family need to hear about repentance and their need for a Saviour, Jesus Christ. Apologies for the length of this message. Deepest love, hungry in Christ but ON CHRIST. Teresa xx.
Name: Peter Beharell
Lives: Adelaide South Australia, Australia
Found: searching for bible studies
Comments: At the moment I don't go to church or bible studies because we don't have them so I will use yours. Thank you for your site. God Bless, Peter
Name: Maite
Lives: South Africa
Church: Anglican church
Comments: I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ. Your website is very much informative keep it up. I would be grateful if you can link me with other christians around the world. I am enjoying every moment that I spent on this website the problem is that I don't have full access to the intenet. May the almighty Lord abundantly bless you and give you the strength to keep on spreading the word.
Name: Patricia Anne Smith
Lives: Singapore
Found: searching for sermons online
Comments: I am not sure if I am "born again" but I know Jesus is the Christ, Son of God, and i am struggling very hard. I was only baptised when I was young yet have been through a baptism with the Jehovah's Witnesses which I renounced when I left. I don't know where to go. I feel lost. I have been following a "teacher" online but have been very confused at times. I listened to the sermon yesterday, every day these past few days, but the one on “Unpardonable Sin”. Like many others I am afraid I may have sinned such, but i don't know where to fellowship. I live in Singapore and some churches also practice celebrating "Chinese New Year", and I have not attended church but desperately want to be with Christians to fellowship with as I need to be instructed. I need to have fellowship and I have decided to listen to these sermons. Thank you.
Name: Joan Taylor
Lives: Ballybeen, Dundonald
Found: My sister Carole Swann
Church: Christ Church Presbyterian, Dundonald
Comments: As I am sending you this e-mail, I'm printing out the sermon on being single. It is not every one touches this subject. You do feel like a sore thumb. Christians do not realize this is God's will.
Name: Jose Thomas
Lives: India - working in UAE
Found: by searching through internet
Church: Brethren
Comments: While I was searching for some sermons from Ephesians, I found your site and the sermons found very good. I really appreciate this site. Then I have read your statement of faith which is very similar to brethren Assembly's doctrine. May God bless you.
Name: Stanley Samuel
Lives: Nigeria
Found: By a friend
Church: The Carpenter's Church
Comments: You are a blessing to me and my family, may God bless you really good. We love you Pastor David!!
Name: Marilyn Smith
Lives: Killeen, Texas
Found: surfing
Church: Marlboro Heights Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Shaun L. Moton
Comments: I enjoy your teachings and have been extremely blessed.
Name: Donald Chance
Lives: Richmond, TX USA
Found: A Friend
Church: Maranatha Baptist Mission
Comments: Returning to work, health is improving, Pray for us as we do for your ministry. I have really enjoyed it. Dr. C.
Name: Julio
Lives: Portugal
Found: Search on 1st Corinthians
Church: CCVA Lisbon
Comments: I was very blessed by the 1st Corinthians sermon series. A few years ago I had the oportunity of having classes on this letter with Gordon Fee, at the Bible Institute in Portugal. God bless you.
Name: Rufus McClodden
Lives: USA , Tallulah, LA,
Church: Mt Cellar Baptist
Comments: Love your site. Praise be to Him for you and your family, for I know that He is your all and all
Name: Ellen R Kanda
Lives: Auburn Maine, USA
Found: by chance
Church: Court St. Baptist, Auburn Me
Comments: I have enjoyed the depth of your sermons on the Beatitudes and have shared them with my Sunday School class.
Name: Daphne M. Duncan
Lives: South Point Ohio USA, Born Westport New Zealand
Found: Looking up "Crowns In Heaven" on web
Church: First Southern Baptist of South Point
Comments: Your sermon on Crowns In Heaven was so clear. I've been a Christian more than 30 years and in this the meaning was made so clear to me. Thank you so much. DMD
Name: Christian Kurt Reyes
Lives: Texas...U.S.A.
Found: surfing
Comments: You should broadcast on American radio. The word of God really flows through your sermons. Too many American preachers on TV and radio are quite shallow. It's nearly all style over substance...cotton candy, sweet and puffy, but not very filling. Your sermons are like those of MacArthur, Begg and Sproul. Really good stuff. Pax, Christian
Name: Anita
Lives: Belfast
Found: I was looking up Templemore Hall Male voice choir on the Google search engine to see if I could get any of the old Lps on CD now.
Church: The Parish of St Donards Church of Ireland, Bloomfield Road Belfast
Website: Alan and Anita's Space
Comments: I think I might know David Legge if he is the son of Ruth and Stephen Legge? I was converted at one of Templemore Hall summer youth camps *trillions of years ago*! Now C of I!
Name: Gus Adams
Lives: Griffin, Georgia
Found: Friend
Church: Oak Hill Baptist, Griffin
Comments: New to your site. Like what I've seen so far. May the Lord Bless your ministry. Gus
Name: Jim McCombe
Lives: Kitchener, Ontario - grew up in Belfast
Found: Google search
Church: Pastor, Central Baptist, Kitchener, OnT, Canada
Comments: Delighted to know some in Ulster love the same doctrines of Grace C.H.S. preached. Looking to introduce his catechism in our Sunday School. I left Belfast 1955 to study at Toronto Baptist Seminary. Presently doing interim pastoral work. Do you recommend a candidate for the pulpit?
Name: Mrs Frances Allen (Titoli)
Lives: East Belfast/Dundonald Since 1982 Northern Italy
Found: By chance
Comments: Praise the Lord for leading me to this page. I'll sure be a regular visitor!!! and I shall pass it on to my British friends here in Northern Italy. Thanks Frances Titoli
Name: Trina Richards
Lives: Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Found: Baptist Fundamental 500 on Internet
Church: First Baptist Church of Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Comments: Your website is a real blessing, and I print out sermons. I attend a great church that preaches the Word of God, and it is a blessing to find the same on the Internet. Blessings
Name: Jeff Ireland
Lives: Anaheim, Ca. United States
Found: "I don't know. You just showed up! GOD is good!"
Church: Calvary Chapel Golden Spings, Diamond Bar ,California, United States
Comments: Thank you Father for bringing David's words to my ears. Bless him for letting the light of JESUS shine through him. Amen.
Name: Craig Johnson
Lives: West Chicag, IL USA
Found: misspelled web site and got you
Church: College Church Wheaton, IL USA
Comments: I have gone through a number of 'As the Sparks Fly Upward' and has caused my eyes to be opened more. Currently I am in the Nehemiah series and each page gives glory to God. Thank you for opening the Word of God. Your brother in Christ, Craig Johnson

Name: Bernard King
Lives: Birmingham Al.
Found: cemnetwork links
Church: New Life Deliverance Center
Comments: This is the first time on your site. New to me, but I love it, lots of information. Will be back B.K
Name: Audi Steinwand
HayRiver, NT, Canada
From The Trinity Foundation Website
Very nice website. It's very heart warming to come across a Bible believing and teaching of God's Holy Word. God Bless you as you proclaim God's Word to the world, that many will come to the saving knowledge of the Lord. Yours in His Service. Audi
Name: Lee Dye
Lives: Rock Hill. South Carolina, USA
Found: search engine-sermons-Bible studies,etc
Church: Southside Baptist
Comments: Today, I read a number of sermons and Bible study lessons. They have truly touched my heart. What a blessing to read the Word of God and to "study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman rightly dividing the word of truth". I am a preacher of the Gospel and a Sunday School teacher in our adult department. Thank you for putting these sermons and Bible lessons out. God Bless you - a fellow servant IN CHRIST-Lee
Name: Gary Newman
Lives: Pearland, Texas
Found: Baptist top 1000
Church: Friendswood Baptist Church
Comments: In a time of great apostacy in the church, it is refreshing to read the sermons from abroad that still stand for the truth. After years of sending missionaries, America has now become a mission field. Overall, the church in America is apostate. Yes, there are still the faithful few that still preach, and my home church is one of those, but overall we are losing the battle for lost souls. Pray for us in America that God will give pastors a backbone to stand and preach repentance! God bless you!
Name: Bill Donald
Lives: Uddingston, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Found: Just looking around different Christian Websites
Church: UUCF
Comments: Wonderful website, I have enjoyed my visit so much that I have placed a link to here on my website. In faith, Bill
Name: Linda Heath
Lives: Tasmania
Found: Link from Take Heed
Church: Christian Revival Crusade
Comments: Great site, been getting into all the discernment sites, food!!!!!
Name: Mark and Nena Wonnacott
Lives: Whitehaven
Found: someone (unknown) gave us a Business Card
Church: Lake Road Congregational Church, Keswick, Cumbria
Comments: Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord 1 Cor 15 v 58
Name: Eddie Hayes
Lives: Calera Alabama U.S.
Found: search eng.
Church: South Shelby Baptist Church
Comments: I greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It has been a true blessing reading your ebooks. I have downloaded them all and love them. Thank you. May God Bless You, Your Church and Your Ministry. Your Brother in Christ Eddie.
Name: Eileen Raynor
Lives: Isle of Man
Found: Google
Comments: I've been searching in vain for a Bible study class and a place of focus and inspiration. This isn't to say that the church here is at fault, it's more that I wanted to do more actual Bible study. Your web site is just what I have been hoping to find
Name: Sylvia Sutton
Lives: Chesapeake, VA USA
Found: Surfing through links @
Church: Tabernacle Baptist of Virginia Beach, VA
Comments: I very much enjoyed browing through your site and look forward to receiving your newsletter! May the Lord continue to bless!
Name: Wanda Bell
Lives: Glasgow
Found: By accident
Church: Maxwell Mearns Castle Parish Church
Comments: Our Home Group is looking at The Sermon on the Mount and I have found your sermons most helpful - along with Willie Barclay's new daily bible study. God Bless
Name: Nathan Caldwell
Lives: Leeds, Yorkshire, UK.
Found: search engine
Church: Abundant Life Church, Bradford
Comments: I was baptised in December 04 and my relationship with God is growing stronger and stronger. I am in the process of listening to your series “Back to Basics”, and am pleased such valuable teaching is available on the web. Your teaching on loneliness also gave me great hope and helped me understand I have much to be pleased about, and no time to waste feeling lonely. Well done, may Gods Holy Spirit continue to bless you (Pastor David Legge) and your church.
Name: Mrs. Edna Gibb
Lives: Grangemouth, Scotland
Found: Through a friend
Church: Olivet Evangelical, Falkirk
Comments: Have a long association with the church,through friends who are members and the Male Voice Choir.
Name: Margaret Stickland
Lives: Belmont Geelong, Australia
Found: Beatitudes
Church: Wesley Uniting, Geelong
Comments: What a great teacher to find on the web. The Uniting Church in Australia is going through a time of discenment on Homosexuality and Homosexuals as practising ministers. If only every elder and member of the Uniting would come across your sermons. So let's pray that they will. Yours in Christ, Margaret Stickland.
Name: Meg
Lives: Western Isles
Found: through the search engines
Church: Since 1977 attended and became a member of the Church of Scotland.
Comments: Since moving to Perth, Scotland, I have not found a church which delivers a sermon to feed the soul. Having visited all the city's churches the longest 'message' given, was 10 mins and very little relating to our Saviour, which left me spiritually starved. What has happened to the Gospel? Churches lying closed but for 1hr per week. Where are the weekly prayer meetings? Unheard of here, sadly. Spiritual death is so felt and seen here, it is frightening. I came to the conclusion that if the ministers here had a personal saving knowledge of Christ, this would not be the case. Praise the Lord for Broadband where we can hear his Word expounded. The Rev. David Legge's sermons are very much what I was accustomed to and you can imagine your sermons and especially the Bible Study, is like 'manna' to my soul. I know that God will, one day, lead me to the church where his Word is preached. Until then, I so enjoy your precious sermons and I pray the Lord will enable you to carry on His work. I am sure there are plenty besides me, who benefit greatly from your web site. God is surely with you, Rev. Legge and long may He continue to work within you so that His word can reach His people. With God's Richest Blessings, Meg
Name: Dennis Trimble
Lives: born in Newcastle Co. Down, living in Australia.
Found: led by the Holy Spirit
Church: Rockingham Baptist Church,West Australia.(Elder)
Comments: I visit this site every evening,and have found it a real blessing in my Christian walk.
Name: Bill and Sandra Glasspell
Lives: Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada
Found: google/searching for message on Nehemiah
Church: Indian Head Community Church FEBC
Comments: I was searching the web for messages on Nehemiah for my husband who is preaching a series on Nehemiah. We are the second pastor couple in a church planting ministry and since we are not only busy renovating an old grocery store into our new church, but many of the people are new believers, we felt led by the Lord to give the people the meat of the Word. Words cannot express our appreciation for the great expository preaching. Your website will be the first that we will turn to. We appreciate the way in which you apply the word of God to real life situations. We are thrilled with the whole aspect of your ministry and have recommended it to others. May God bless you and encourage you as you ministers to those of us in the ministry as well as to those in your local congregation.
Name: Lisa Bertram
Lives: Kentucky, USA
Found: search engine
Church: Steubenville Baptist Church
Comments: Your site is very interesting. I would like to visit your church the next time I'm in Ireland. Thanks.
Name: Dennis L. Williams
Lives: Conway SC USA
Church: Pleasant Plain Baptist Church
Comments: Thank you Pastor David for the message “The Cry From Hell”. The Holy Spirit spoke to me as a pastor to 'hear that cry'. Please pray for us here at PPBC.
Name: Randall L. Rinehart
Lives: Chillicothe, Ohio - USA
Found: By looking for sermon topics
Church: Holiness
Comments: Hello Bro., I sure enjoy your sermons. But oh how you bring out the love of our living Savior!! I am an evangelist and enjoy my walk with Christ. I was an alcoholic and drug addict, in and out of jail, lost my family and business, all do to sin. But then I knelt at an altar of prayer and asked Christ to come into my heart, and I have not been the same since!!!! I have a burden for the lost, for the down and out, for those whom have yet to break the chains of sin. God has shown me that no matter who you are, where you come from, what you have done, or what has been done to you---you can be forgiven, receive the love of Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit life a better life!!! In Christ's service - Randall L. Rinehart

Name: Andrew Wilson
Lives: Ballyclare
Found: Searching the Web
Church: Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle
Comments: This site has proven very useful, I just want to encourage you's as brothers and sisters in Christ to keep up the good work. Really enjoyed David's preaching at the last well youth rally in tabernacle.
Name: Buddy Walker
Lives: Michigan, USA
Found: Long time ago. I don't remember.
Church: Grace Brethren
Comments: Congrats on the new look of your web page. Much more attractive and more easily navigable. God bless you and your work. In Christ, Buddy.
Name: Jon L. Estes
Lives: El Paso, Texas
Found: Google
Church: Scotsdale Baptist
Comments: Thanks for a great, encouraging and helpful site.
Name: John Andreou
Lives: South Wales
Found: Told about it by a brother
Church: Cefn-y-Crib Independant Congregational
Comments: I visit this site nearly every day. It is so refreshing to hear the full Gospel preached in such an enlightened and anointed way by a man who is not afraid to say it as it really is. There is power in the Word. May God bless you with a great harvest of souls for your faithful work for His Kingdom.
Name: Matthew Brown
Lives: New Zealand
Found: Through Phil Johnson's bookmarks
Church: church@riverbend
Comments: The first message I heard from you was “The Morning Watch” which was brilliant and encouraging. Thanks be to God for faithful preachers of the Word like yourself; may there be many more like you.
Name: Victor I Coreas
Lives: California
Found: Looking for free christian books on the web.
Church: Iglesia Biblica de Fe
Comments: I am reading the book of Ephesians and I love it. I have it on my Pocket PC so where ever I go, and when ever I have time I read it. May God continue blessing this ministry

Name: Garew Walker
Lives: City: Orlando, State: Florida, Country: United States of America
Found: Surfing the internet while doing some Christian research on cults
Church: Cornerstone "Baptist" church. Affiliated with the conservative Baptist organization.
Comments: Just want to say that Pastor Legge's sermons sound very solid in doctrine and I thank God whenever I come across a man who is preaching the whole counsel of God. May Christ Jesus keep him strong and surround him with godly saints - Garew Walker
Name: Victor
Lives: Bronx, New York City, USA
Found: Yahoo search
Comments: I want to thank you for the free CD sermon you sent me with Pastor David and the Gospel of John booklet. God bless you all for your ministries and I love your site. I have so much to learn and I think this is the place to start.
Name: Bill Garrett
Lives: Cairnbaan, Lochgilphead, Argyll
Found: Browsing
Church: Ardrishaig Parish, Church of Scotland
Comments: As a reader in training with Church of Scotland I found your website useful and uplifting. Yours in Christ.
Name: Sylvia Cooney
Lives: Australia
Found: Whilst doing biblical research on the Internet
Church: I no longer belong to any denominational church
Comments: I thoroughly enjoy the audio sermons. I copy the script into Word and then enlarge the font. this makes it easy to read. Currently, a friend comes to my house to hear the sermons with me. I have recommended the website to many people. I suffer from acute respiratory distress syndrome. This happened as a result of medical negligence 11 years ago. I came to really know the Lord through this condition. This is how I began to love the Bible as I was unable to do anything else but reading. Thank you so much. May God bless you, David Legge.
Name: Michael Briggs
Lives: Portadown
Church: Bethany Free Presbyterian Church
Comments: I was introduced to you at Mr Herron's funeral by the Rev K Elliott, I have just finished listening to one of your sermons entitled 'Be Still Believe Only', it was a timely message for me. GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR LABOURS FOR HIM, Michael.
Name: Pastor T.D.Miller,Sr.
Lives: Shelby, MS
Found: Browsing the net
Church: I Pastor Union Hill & New Morning Star M.B. Churches
Comments: Your web page has been a blessing to my Ministry
Name: Wayne Cooper
Lives: Jennings, Louisiana, USA
Found: Surfing Christian sites
Church: First Baptist - Iota, Louisiana 70546
Comments: I have enjoyed your site. I am trying to get a site up and running to share Christ in the world. I am 67 yrs. of age and appreciate the ideas on your site. God Bless YOU. Wayne Cooper
Name: D. Anthony Moody
Lives: Kingsport, Tennessee (USA)
Found: Looking for sound gospel preaching on internet
Church: Bible Way Baptist Church (independant)
Comments: I stumbled onto your website and downloaded the message from David Legge, “Away With Him!”. What a blessing it was to hear that my Lord has His flock throughout the world. I will be back for more! In Christ, Anthony Moody
Name: Cynthia J. Payette
Lives: Michigan in the United States of America
Found: web searching
Church: Central Baptist of Clinton Township
Comments: I will visit this site often. I will be praying for your ministry. Satan is alive and well on this planet seeking any and all that he may devour them. Jesus is the Christ, Son of the Living God. We need to encourage each other in our lives that we remain faithful and true to the Holy Scriptures. If I can be of help in spreading your message feel free to let me know.
Name: Selase Dogbe
Found: a friend was browsing at the cafe and I took interest
Church: Hall of Strength Ministries, Ho, Ghana
Comments: You are doing a great work, may God continue to bless you and your ministry. May God grant more insight into His word so that you can share with the nations. Pray for me, for I'm a young man with the vision of impacting the lives of young people in this generation by the impaction of wisdom and knowledge of the word of God. I am looking foward for a young generation that is ready to take the kingdoms of this world for Jesus. God richly bless your ministry and thanks again for your gift you sent me.
Name: Roy M. White
Lives: Salem, Oregon, United States
Found: From
Church: Non Denom
Comments: Thank you for the MP3s in the mail. I just ordered them two weeks ago and they are here already. They will be put to great use ministering to fellow christians and witnessing to non christians. I also enjoy Pastor Legge's sermons very much. I've emailed your ministry before. You have no idea how greatly you have been used in moving my heart and thinking in the right direction. Thank You.
Name: Blaine Parsons
Lives: Red River, New Mexico USA
Found: Google
Church: Pastor, Faith Mountain Fellowship
Comments: Thanks for your insightful and accurate preaching of the Word
Name: Sandy Selfridge
Lives: Amarillo,Texas
Found: someone mentioned the site in a talk forum in the paper
Church: Christan Heritage -- Penticostal Holliness
Comments: Thank you so much for this site. I was so excited to find it. It has really opened another door to my Bible study.
Name: Rev. Rick Simpson
Lives: Bledsoe, KY USA
Found: Alan Carr
Church: Bond Holiness Church, Bond, Kentucky
Comments: I am a full time evangalist that travels all over preaching revivals with my wife and three children. Your site is interesting and I would like to hear some of your sermons. God bless in service, Rick Simpson
Name: Mitzie Wheeler
Lives: Nashville, Tennessee USA
Found: Looking for info on the Beatitudes
Church: First Baptist Church Joelton Joelton, Tennessee USA
Comments: I was looking for information to go along with a women's Bible study that I am leading on the Beatitudes. Being able to read the sermons in print and in audio is wonderful. May God continue to bless your ministry.
Name: Elaine Chambers
Lives: Broughshane
Found: Search engine
Church: Ballee Baptist
Comments: Your sermon series is unbelievable and really exciting to read.
Name: Ashish Patro
Lives: India
Found: Browsing Christian sites
Church: Baptist Church, Orissa, INDIA
Comments: Great spiritual insights inspires me to preach and practice the word of God. Your labour will never be in vain.God bless your endeavour.
Name: Ron Burley
Lives: Manitoba Canada
Found: Surfing
Church: Roseisle Assembly
Comments: Wonderful discovery. Lord bless in your efforts. See you in Heaven, maybe SOON!!! Ron
Name: Mary Embrey
Lives: Wisconsin U.S.A.
Found: Links
Church: Racine Baptist Temple, Racine Wiscinsin
Comments: I found your site while looking in HYMNS for baptist. My son is proud of his Irish Heritage and is not a believer. He is goiong though terrible termoil now and I am looking for Truths that he will relate to. He is very cynical, and keeps saying "If God is who He is, why doesn't he just come on down and clean up the mess the world is in?" Please pray for him and I will keep using your site for materials to give him. I will find his e-mail address and you may send directly to him.
Name: Dean Obendorf
Lives: Vallejo, CA 94590
Found: Fundamental 500
Church: Calvary Baptist Church
Comments: Wonderful site. I find the messages helpful. Dean
Name: Juan Ovando
Lives: Argentina
Found: Buscando en internet iglesias Bautistas
Church: Iglesia Bautista En Argentina Buenos Aires capital Federal
Comments: Dear Siblings in Christ. I greet them in the love of our God. I am Pastor Baptist in Argentina and it would be interested in contacting me with your ministry to the misióneses. We are preaching the Gospel in San Cristóbal's Neighborhood in the federal Capital and Also in the County of Buenos Aires. Area very carenciada and needy of God. With love in Christ. Pastor Juan Ovando
Name: Tony Fernandes
Lives: Karachi - Pakistan
Found: Yahoo Search Engine
Church: Logos Fellowship
Comments: I thank the Lord for your ministry and the spiritual food you give to the Christians this side of the world. Your messages are wonderful and am looking forward to listening to all. May God bless your ministry. Tony
Name: Jeff Palit-ang
Lives: Philippines
Found: Browsing the Net
Church: Bible Baptist Church
Comments: Thank you so much for sharing us your materials and it really is a tremendous help to me personally as I am pastoring a small church. This is my first time to encounter a group of believers sharing their ministries to others for free. Wow! I am privilege to have it. Thank You very much!
Name: Roy White
Lives: Salem, Oregon, United States
Found: While browsing
Church: Grace Community in Dallas, Oregon
Comments: Thank you for preaching the word as clearly as you do. I learn much from your ministry and am very pleased to find a ministry with truthful substance to it. Where I live you have to listen to outside preachers from other states or countries. Liberalism runs very high in this part of the country. Your brand of preaching along with John Greer and Alan Cairns and others is a breath of fresh air. Thanks
Name: David Grace
Lives: Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA
Found: Surfing through bible studies on Ezekiel
Church: First Baptist Church
Comments: Thanks for upholding the Word as you do...very good bible studies and sermons...downloaded some and will explore the others soon...a friend in Christ...Dave Grace
Name: Codie Phelps
Lives: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Found: Friend
Church: Southern Hills Baptist Church
Comments: Just wanted to thank you for your sermon notes on Nehemiah. I teach Sunday School to my peers (young singles) and just wanted to let you know your notes helped me a lot teaching this book. Thanks for everything, your brother in Christ, Codie Phelps.
Name: Tommy R. Weaver
Lives: Weston, MO USA
Found: Web surfing
Church: Christian Assembly Church
Comments: I am pastor of Christian Assembly Church of Weston, USA. I find Pastor Legge's messages to be edifying and intructional. I often use his thoughts as a help in preparing messages for the congregation God has entrusted to my service. My God bless you in this ministry outreach.
Name: Bolanle O.
Lives: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Found: Surfing
Church: New Life City, Abq, NM
Comments: I was surfing the Internet looking for some timely biblical encouragement and I stumbled upon your site. I've just finished reading the sermon “Be Still, Believe Only." and found the Lord speaking to me through it--it was one of the most beautiful messages I have ever read--so thank you! My spirit is being drawn to more joyfully and wholeheartedly walk with my Savior Jesus. I'd love to visit Iron Hall Assembly someday! Blessings, Bolanle
Name: Pastor Romnie P. Hatcher
Lives: Richmond Va, U.S.A.
Found: Just typed in "preach the word"; it's my theme!
Church: Family Life Baptist Church
Comments: I thank God for your ministry! I love your audio messages. I just got a computer and recently got on line. I just started a church here in Richmond on July 4, 2004. Please pray for me as I "prepare the way of the Lord" and stand on truth in the midst of false doctrine.
Name: Charles Suggs
Lives: Pelzer,South Carolina
Found: By looking up sermons on Scriptures in my Sunday School lessons
Church: Bessie Road Independent Baptist Church Piedmont, South Carolina
Comments: I enjoyed reading the sermons very much. I thank you for putting them on the website. A friend in Christ.Charles Suggs
Name: Felizardo Dela Cruz
Lives: Phillipines
Found: From friends
Church: Seventh-day Adventist
Comments: I am so lucky finding this site and I consider this as great privilege. Hope that this will continually become known all over the world to benefit not only me but also others.
Name: Moses Dirisena
Lives: Eluru - A.P. INDIA
Found: From the search engine
Church: Carmel Prayer House
Comments: Dear Beloved Pastor, Greetings in Jesus Holy Name. Recently when you were in India I met you and I heard your heart touching messages from you in Jangareddygudem and Khammam. Really it is a wonderful experience hearing the word of God from you. Thanking You, MOSES
Name: Dermot Nash
Lives: Living in Essex
Found: Baptist Top 1000
Church: Baptist
Comments: Excellent web site. may the Lord continue to bless your ministry during these dark days.
Name: Vishal
Lives: India
Found: Google
Church: Vineyard Workers Church (Poona City)
Comments: Thank you so much for your cd's which have helped me know God better. The sermons that I heard changed me. I have started praying now and spending some time with the Lord, and now God has used me to preach too. Thank you so much Jesus Christ and thank you so much to you all.
Name: David Tolbert
Lives: Atlantic Beach, Florida - USA
Found: A link the CRM site
Church: Ponte Vedra Presbyterian PCA
Comments: I love your site. That you make these resources available for free speaks volumes about your heart! Thank you. When my family gets through our financial crisis I am definitely going to contribute to your ministry. God bless you!!! In Christ, David Tolbert
Name: Ptr Arnaldo Ibanez
Lives: Iloilo City, Philippines
Found: From my pastor friend
Church: 4 square church
Comments: Dear Pastor Legge, Keep on the good work... May the Good Lord Bless You and your Ministry! God Bless!
Name: Tom Cullen
Lives: Portadown
Found: By browsing through preachers and sermons
Church: Killicomain Baptist
Comments: Remember hearing you in Thomas Street. God bless you as you continue to be faithful to Him and His Word.
Name: David Shakspeare
Lives: Longreach Qld. Australia
Found: Previous visitor
Church: None at present due to unsound belief.(eg. Rick Warren)
Comments: I would like to thank you very much for the CD, Gospel Sermons, and the tracts. Oh, if only more people would listen to the truth as preached by one of God's own. I thank and praise the Lord for ministries such as yours. The Baptist church I used to attend is currently in the process of being infected by the "Rick Warren" virus. Praise God that there are Preachers such as you to uphold and institute the Word as absolute. God bless you richly, David.