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Name: Scott Brady
Lives: Walnut, Mississippi, United States
Church: Faith Baptist Church
Comments: Thanks for the thought provoking messages. It has been a blessing for me as a pastor to be able to be ministered to by your sermons. People often do not realize that pastors rarely have the chance to have the Word preached to them. God Bless, Rev. Scott Brady

Name: Jocelyn G. Quibral
Lives: San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan, Philippines
Found: Searching for topical sermons
Church: Bountifully Blessed Church, Int'l
Comments: Thank you for offering a page in the internet for your sermons. It's a great big help for me in preparing my outline. Thanks a lot. God bless you more.

Name: Dawson Ragunanan
Lives: St Lucia
Church: Non Denominational
Comments: These messages are very inspiring. I always wanted to be an evangelist and I get hope from your sermons. These sermons are of a difference and not just the ordinary boring ones that we hear about the place.

Name: Missionary Leah Taylor
Lives: Oakland, CA
Found: Searched for an UNCOMPROMISING word
Church: Free Gift Baptist Church, Oak CA
Comments: I greet you in the name of our wonderful and blessed Christ, I was looking for material to use for a workshop that the attendees could follow along with easily. Mind you, I am always very careful to give credit where it is due and thank God for you allowing Him to use you in such a mighty way. We have grown so tremendously from the teachings spiritually. Thanks and thanks again. Missionary Taylor

Name: Ken Laing
Lives: Alloa, Scotland
Found: Through a friend
Church: Hillfoots Evangelical Church
Comments: Your site is an excellent and well-presented source of Bible-based teaching. Thank you to Pastor Legge, Mr Watkins and all who contribute to maintaining the site. May God continue to bless your ministry.

Name: Rose E. Lilly
Lives: Austin, Texas
Church: Shoreline, Austin, TX.
Comments: This is all new to me. This is my first time on a computer and hearing sermons on the computer. I really enjoyed your message. Thank you for the blessing.

Name: Stephen Hawkins
Lives: Uruguay and Canada, we are missionaries
Found: My daughters did
Comments: What a great site, my daughters love it so much, they have learned from your sermons. Do you have any on spiritual growth? They would just love that. Bendiones, Blessing to you, Gloria de Dios.

Name: Granger Chiona
Lives: Malawi
Found: From my friend who once browsed your website
Comments: So far I've listened to two Gospel sermons of Pastor Legge through CDs that I once requested. The sermons inspired my life and the lives of my family.

Name: John Keys
Lives: Clogher Valley, Co. Tyrone
Church: Clogher Valley Free Presbyterian Church
Comments: I enjoy your weekly update and I think your daily devotional is a great idea. Please keep up the good work as we are labourers together with Him.

Name: Sandy Rayborn
Lives: Huntington Beach, California, USA
Church: The Crossing - Costa Mesa, Calif
Comments: I've just started listening to the series on Ephesians Part 29, The Holy War: The Christian Warrior's Armour part 1. I can hardly wait to listen to the following teachings. Thank you and may may God richly bless you with many good things.

Name: John Kluit
Lives: Sydney, Australia
Found: I listened to some sermons and then found out where they came from
Church: Camden Presbyterian Church
Comments: Please keep going, it's so refreshing to hear the word of God preached faithfully.

Name: Matthew Hall
Lives: Llanelli, Wales
Found: Looking for notes on Ephesians
Church: Living Word Church, Carmarthen Website:
Comments: Brilliant, it is so good to find contemporary, relevant and faithful Bible exposition and teaching. Keep up the good work.

Name: Jayasingh Chelliah
Lives: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India
Found: A friend of mine told me
Church: Assemblies of God
Comments: Your messages are very useful to me. It is very inspiring. It makes me to have a closer walk with the Lord. God bless your ministry.

Name: Greg Copeland
Lives: Brisbane, Australia
Found: PNW Newsletter
Comments: You mentioned in one of your sermons not knowing if you are being heard, or making a difference... Believe me, you are. After listening for the past 3 months or so, I have yet to perceive any hint of wrongness in your thoughts - a rare and wonderful thing in today's world. Please don't get discouraged, continue on your path. You help us on our own paths. Thank you.

Name: Jeff Suggs
Lives: Courtland, Alabama, USA
Church: Southside Baptist Church, Decatur, Alabama
Comments: I have been extremely blessed by your ministry. I have found true hope through your sermons. I hope one day I will be able to visit your church. May God contiune to bless your ministry abundantly.

Name: Dominic Appiah
Lives: Ghana
Church: Assembly Of God
Comments: A friend gave me a CD containing some messages of Pastor David, and since then I've loved Pastor David and his ministry. May God of heaven bless Pastor David for this selfless work he is doing to help people all over the world know about Christ Jesus our Lord.

Name: Tamara
Lives: United States
Church: Glad Tidings, Omaha, Nebraska
Comments: This web page is a gold mine of biblically sound teachings. I have learned so much from Pastor Legge's sermons. Keep up the good work because the Lord is doing a great thing through you. I am currently reading the study series on 1 Corinthians. If you have time, I'd like to see 2 Corinthians as well. God bless, Tamara

Name: Rose
Lives: Lumberton, NC USA
Found: Surfing the internet for Bible Study about the heart of a man
Church: Raft Swamp Baptist
Comments: I like this site and look forward to the newsletter. I try every day to spend time reading God's word. It isn't always easy. I work two jobs, go to school full time, and have three sons and a husband. So my days are pretty much full, but I want my time with God. Even with all this I have to have it; I crave it like the choicest of chocolates. It feeds my soul. Have a blessed day! Rose Chavis/Lumbee Native American. Visit our homepage:

Name: Bismarck Holford
Lives: Barbados
Found: I did a seach on the topic of the resurrection
Church: The Peoples Cathedral
Comments: I thorougly enjoyed the teaching of Pastor David Legge.

Name: Christopher Ringshaug
Lives: Australia, Sydney
Found: Looking up puritan sermons
Church: Ryde Congregational Church
Comments: Thank the Lord for your godly preaching and clear teaching of the Bible, I really appreciate your labour in the word. I'll leave you with part of this little Hymn: More about Jesus let me learn, More of His holy will discern, Spirit of God, my Teacher be, Showing the things of Christ to me. More, more, about Jesus, More of His saving fulness see, More of His love who died for me... God bless and to His glory, Chris.

Name: Lorrie
Lives: Colorado, USA
Comments: Thank you for making Pastor Legge's sermons available online. It seems to me that it is hard to find grace filled truth preaching pastors in the time that we live in. A lot of his sermons remind me of Spurgeon and we need more pastors like him today. May God continue to bless your ministry and thank you.

Name: Patricia Bohorquez
Lives: Colombia
Church: Centro Cristiano Cucuta
Comments: I have been so blessed by your messages and I pray the Lord to reward your great endevour for reaching the nations by the word of God. Thanks. God bless you!

Name: Paul Potter
Lives: Comber, Northern Ireland
Church: Comber Free Presbyterian
Comments: May the lord bless you and your work. My Mum was brought up and saved through the preaching in The Iron Hall. She was Muriel Hunter, also my late grandparents also attended until their deaths in the late 1960s. And so I thank the Lord for the Iron Hall as I had a Christian up bringing and was saved at the age of 5. God Bless.

Name: Carolyn Gill
Lives: Sheffield
Comments: Thank you very much for taking the trouble to make these podcasts. I have started listening to the sermons on 1 John and have really benefitted and learned a lot.

Name: Sharon Hargreaves
Lives: British Columbia, Canada
Found: Through a friend - I now receive your weekly resources!
Church: EMC
Comments: The message from Job is wonderful just now, 'When Bad Things Happen To Good People'. Your message is very helpful - the thought if all is taken from us - would God be enough, and that when the answers are not there it allows for our faith to grow! Just a wonderful aspect in the account of Job and our experiences. Thank you!

Name: Perry Becker
Lives: Bella Vista, Arkansas
Church: Bella Vista Christian Church
Comments: Praise the Lord that I was led to your site. May His grace and peace always be with you. I have only listened to the Philippians series and not in it's entirety as of today, but I had to say THANKS. The study is fabulous. Thanks be to our GOD, our ROCK and REDEEMER.

Name: Jesudass Kumar
Lives: Hyderabad, AP, India
Church: Berachah Prayer House
Comments: While searching for sermons I found your site and I read the sermon on prayer by Pastor David Legge titled 'Prayer's Perfect Pattern', it was a blessing to me. Thank you, I want to be on your mailing list. 'Perfect Pattern', is an enlighting message.

Name: Cornelius
Lives: Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Church: Tilbury Evangelical Mennonite Church
Comments: I am enjoying the messages by Pastor Legge. I find them encouraging and challenging. I have been taking advantage of your free downloads and prefer listening to a message instead of music at work, when possible. Thanks and God bless.

Name: May Lindsay
Lives: Portadown
Church: Portadown Baptist
Comments: Hi David & Barbara, hope all is going well for you both. God bless, May.

Name: Deborah Butler
Lives: Indiana, USA
Comments: I bookmarked this site some time ago, and because my Heavenly Father wanted me to read one of your sermons, I came here and found the sermon. He will never leave us nor forsake us! I have found comfort for my soul, and encouragement for my brick wall from God through your sermon! Thank You Jesus, for leading me to this site! And thank you, Pastor, for being there for me. May God Bless us all!

Name: Nathan Cooper
Lives: Muncie, Indiana, USA
Found: Google search for 'Christian Audio Podcast'
Church: Glad Tidings Assembly of God, Muncie, Indiana
Website: (my church's website)
Comments: Hello, I listened to the sermon 'Right or Wrong Christianity' online. It is very good, and very applicable to today's Christianity. I am a Christian, and I have recently been exposed to the Way of the Master series, and have realized that I personally need to do more for the cause of Christ with witnessing. Pastor David Legge, God Bless you and your ministry!

Name: John Luck
Lives: Mesquite, Texas
Church: Sunnyvale FBC
Comments: I think that this is one of the best web sites I have ever run across, Pastor Legge's messages are always right on target with the Bible. May God continue to bless you in all that you do. Pastor John Luck

Name: Dejan Sijakovic
Lives: Croatia
Church: Evangelical church (Osijek)
Comments: Hello, It's a blessing for me that I found this page, and I thank God for people like you pastor David. Greetings from Croatia, and go on with service and obedience to the will of God.

Name: Michael Carter
Lives: U.S.A.
Found: Discovered a Bible study by Pastor Legge 'Habakkuk' on the internet and saw the name Iron Hall Assembly mentioned and I became curious.
Church: Pioneer Community Church
Comments: I recently read Pastor Legge's 1999 study on Habakkuk which was compiled by Andrew Watkins, and was tremendously blessed and stirred to a deeper walk with Christ. I wanted to say thanks and to encourage you to continue your journey to fulfilling God's call on your life.

Name: Apollos M. Cutamora
Lives: Don Andres, Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines
Found: From MP3 CD of your sermons lent by a friend
Church: Bible Baptist Church
Comments: Dear Pastor David Legge, To God be glory now and forever! I was privileged by God to listen to some of your sermons through a friend's cd and I am so blessed with it by God's grace. I loved the messages, especially the series 'Behold Your God'. I am a pastor and just 19 years of age, due to the death of my father who was the pastor and most of all through the special plan of God in my life. I want to be more equipped in the work of the ministry and I found your ministry to be a great help. God bless you pastor.

Name: Gody Ricafort
Lives: Philippines
Church: Bread of Life Ministry
Comments: I've come to know your web site as very useful to me, since I am a pastor of two churches in the Philippines.

Name: Lanutemsu
Lives: Nagaland, India.
Church: Impur Baptist Church, Mokokchung, Nagaland
Comments: I thirst and hunger for spiritual truths. By discovering your website I am sure to strengthen my spiritual walk with the Lord. God bless your ministry.

Name: John Wesly
Lives: Pune, India
Church: Church South India
Comments: Dear Pastor David, It is marvellous! Thank you for your faithfulness to the full counsel of the Word of Almighty God. I sure do appreciate you and thank our Dear Lord for His blessings toward us through your ministry. Praise His Holy Name! I would introduce it to my friends and ministers of God in theological studies circles as I am studying theology at present.

Name: Barbara Wiedle
Lives: Maui, Hawaii
Church: Hana Christian Fellowship
Comments: Aloha Pastor David, I thank God so much that I found your website. I have been downloading your sermons to my MP3 player and listening to them all day at work as I am a private housekeeper here in Hana. I admire your passion for Christ and your constant use of the Word of God when you are teaching. I have been listening to your series on prayer and fasting over and over as my friend Leeann has a large bone tumor in her femur, and I have been praying for healing for her. Please pray also. Thank you again for your obedience to the Lord. God's Blessings, Barbi

Name: Pastor Alec Jordan Seekola
Lives: Durban, South Africa
Church: The Storehouse, Christian LIFE Centre
Comments: Blessed by Pastor David Legge's anointed and in-depth teaching. Just started reading up on the series 'As Sparks Fly Upward'. Would be happy to link up to your ministry. God bless. Until we meet.

Name: Ron Ewing
Lives: Aberdeen
Church: Summerhill Parish Church of Scotland
Comments: I am always pleased to receive the Preach The Word update every week. I ask the Lord to bless all involved with its publication. Carry on the work in the Lord's name. Yours in the Lord's Service, Ron Ewing.

Name: Abdallah Khoury
Lives: Lebanon
Church: Bible Baptist Bhurch, Menyara
Comments: Thank you for your outstanding work in expounding the Word of God.

Name: Hunter Carroll
Lives: North Carolina, USA
Found: searching for info on 1 Corinthians
Comments: Wow! All I have to say is Praise the LORD for this great website. Praise God for these sermons that have been inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth! I just found this site a few days ago, and I have to keep coming back because there is so much truth to study in these sermons. I pray that this site and the messages preached here will be exalted and given a worldwide platform to preach this message of truth. These sermons are exactly what the world needs to hear right now because each and every sermon gives great glory to Jesus Christ. I'm only 19 years old and I am determined to spend my life preaching Christ. These sermons at are great examples for me because they teach me how to effectively preach the Gospel. God willing, I will someday come to your church and listen to you in person. Thanks for this site and God Bless everyone involved in this ministry.

Name: Jane Dingle
Lives: Bradford, Yorkshire
Found: Through a Bible study group
Church: Church on the Way, Calvary Chapel, Idle
Comments: Thanks for excellent teaching. Have a small home prayer and Bible study group and am looking for good teaching.

Name: Jon Fenderson
Lives: Gillette
Church: Calvary Community Church
Comments: Thank you for your obedience to the word of God! Your preaching is a breath of fresh air in this sin-sick world. It's refreshing to see that people around the world are standing up for the truths found in the word of God. Our generation desperately needs this kind of straight-forward preaching. Standing with you in America! May the Lamb of God receive the reward of His suffering!!

Name: David T. Wiles
Lives: Melbourne, Florida, USA
Found: searching Google for sermons
Church: Emmanuel United Methodist Church
Comments: Your message is inspiring, that pure Gospel message that Christ died for our sins. We need this so badly. My church is getting old and I think this basic message is lacking all around. There also seems to be a falling away as spoken in the scriptures.

Name: Noilan
Lives: Philippines
Church: All by God's Grace Church
Comments: Hello, I'm so thankful to God for this web site. I find your site very helpful and encouraging. It gives me insights as I prepare my sermons. May God richly bless all of you.

Name: Hans Kuik
Lives: Holland
Church: Evangelical Church 'Sion' (Zion) in Meppel, Holland
Comments: David Legge, if you should read this, know that God is using His messages through your studies to turn my life around completely. Every single one is a pure blessing. Especially the ten on the Beatitudes! And besides, being dutch, thanks for not complicating words too much, but making them even more understandable. I'm 23 now and hope to be staffing a DTS in January, Seamill, Scotland. Be approved by God, have His smile upon your life and always give praise to Him.

Name: Ricky Lynn
Lives: Miami, Florida, USA
Found: While downloading sermons at
Comments: Thank you for your faithfulness to the full counsel of the Word of Almighty God. I sure do appreciate you and thank our Dear Lord for His blessings toward us through your ministry. Praise His Holy Name!

Name: Brian Wynne Brown
Lives: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Found: Trusting our Lord
Church: Mississauga Gospel Temple
Comments: The Iron Hall is legendary in our family. My grandmother Mary Brown, of Church Street East, and her three sisters Lizzy Reynolds, Minnie Wynne and Bella Wynne used to attend the Iron Hall over the period of many years. I was speaking to my mother who lives in the Braniel who said some of the members of her church (Calvary Baptist Dee Street) attended the Iron Hall where there was a man who taught the undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ. I downloaded some sermons and was greatly blessed and returned for more meat of the word. I have been a Christian since 1961 and recently have sought a deeper surrendered life to Him. He directs my path and I am glad He brought me to this Oasis where I can drink my fill of Him. I see that you are fellow Doulos and it is a great Blessing to have had this contact. May God Bless and keep you, equipping you for the battle, preparing you for the rich harvest, gladdening your spirit in His eternal rest and peace. In the bonds of Calvary. Brian Brown

Name: Ann S
Lives: Amsterdam, NY
Found: Ssearch engine - punched in 'audio on deity of Christ'
Church: Time for Truth Ministries - am a member
Comments: Thank you for your series 'Man of the Millennium'. I am learning about Jehovah's Witnesses so that down the road I will know how to witness to them. Sermons like yours are helping me to learn how to respond to the cults and grow deeper in my faith concerning the deity of Christ and how to talk about it. I just found your site today and will be looking and listening in the future. What a blessing. Thank you and God Bless, Ann.

Name: Thomas M. McPherson
Lives: Georgia
Church: Pastor, Terrell Baptist Church
Comments: Great material. Thanks for being a man seeking after God's own heart. Your site is a blessing to me and my ministry!

Name: Paul Somerville
Lives: Antrim, N. Ireland
Found: Recommended
Comments: What a great resource to have at our fingertips. It has been very helpful to me in my busy ministry amongst H. M. Forces.

Name: Darwin Maclang
Lives: Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines
Church: Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of Malolos
Comments: Thank you for your sermons, they help me a lot. I used them as a reference when making a Bible study outline. I'm one of the Bible study leaders in our church here in the Philippines. The sermons inspired me a lot, make me know more of Jesus, and the goodness and love of our Heavenly Father. Keep up the good work, God Bless you all. Hope to see you soon!

Name: David Wyn Lewis
Lives: Aberbran, a small hamlet in Mid Wales.
Found: While looking up information 'The Cross on Calvary'
Church: Plough URC. Brecon
Comments: My dear friend, it was a blessing to come across your website. I have spent a blest hour in His Presence while listening to the sermon on Calvary. God bless your wonderful ministry. Yours in Him, Wyn.

Name: Marc Cosgrove
Lives: Waterford, Ireland
Found: Via a series of links starting with
Church: Maranatha Fellowship, Waterford
Comments: God bless your desire to share God's Word. I look forward to listening to some of your teachings.

Name: Richard Ndereyahaga
Lives: Burundi
Found: By surfing on the web, I was searching for sermons
Church: Église Vivante de Jabe, in Bujumbura, Burundi
Comments: I have already received some of your sermon materials and I did enjoy them deeply. But still, I would like to get some additionnal material. May God bless you and me in the mission of evangelizing. May God protect you and me from the religious 'pseudo-christian' seduction that is rapidly taking place in the church of Christ. God be with you and me, and with all of those who are in the hands of Christ Jesus, the Son of God. Pray for me, as I already pray for you.

Name: Bonny Mwangi
Lives: Nairobi, Kenya
Found: Google search 'how to preach'
Church: African Independent Pentecostal Church Of Africa (AIPCA)
Comments: I thank you for this ministry you have initiated, more so your well analysed messages are of great help. especially to me now that I am learning to preach to my college mates. I look forward to extending this to my local church. Thank you and may God bless you.

Name: Melissa Nicetin
Lives: Brisbane, Australia
Found: searching google for Bible commentary
Church: Rosalie Baptist Church
Comments: What a wonderful surprise and thrill it was to stumble onto your site!! And your 'guestbook' how amazing and humbling to be reminded that I have so many brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world, all hungering and searching for good teaching material and preaching. Thank you so much for your website. Good material, commentaries and books are so scarce these days. Let's all pray that our Lord will keep raising faithfull men to minister to the next generation. God bless you all.

Name: Colin Williams
Lives: Cynon Valley, Wales
Church: Miskin Baptist Church, Miskin, Penrhiwceiber
Comments: It is refreshing in this day and age to find like minded people who promote the gospel of Jesus Christ in the manner that you do. I have found the content of your site very uplifting and encouraging and have passed on the CDs I have received to others who also gain much encouragement from it. We are a small struggling church with no minister, very few people to help with the children we have coming, but are still going on in the work we believe God has called us to. Your site is of great help to us. Thank you and continue the work, may the Lord richly bless you in all you do for Him. Colin Williams, Secretary of Miskin Baptist Church.

Name: Robert Nacci
Lives: Philadelphia, PA, United States
Found: Looking for online sermons
Church: Lighthouse Baptist Church, Philadelphia
Comments: I love your preaching, Pastor David. The sermons stir my soul every time I listen to one.

Name: Basil Maddix
Lives: Jamaica
Church: Faith Mission Of God
Comments: Hi, I am pleased to know I can connect by the web to a church where the Word of God is being ministered. I am blessed.

Name: Terry Fowler
Lives: Carnesville, Georgia, USA
Found: From another pastor
Church: Word of Life Christian Center
Comments: I have been touched by your messages. They certainly speak to my heart. Your web site is the best I have seen of this sort. To be able to hear you preach and read along at the same time is innovative to say the least.

Name: Jina Kasel
Lives: Minnesota currently
Found: Researched websites for The Beatitudes
Church: Bethel
Comments: The sermon series on The Beatitudes has been a tremendous blessing to me in conjunction with a group study. Thank you!

Name: Lydia
Found: Google! (yay) - searching for sermons on holiness/integrity
Church: Christchurch
Comments: Hey, I really think what you've done here is a good thing. I've only listened to a bit of stuff so far, but it is great to hear the word preached and not held back, and I am learning a lot of stuff. Pray to God I'll apply it too!

Name: Marc Swarthout
Lives: Green Cove Springs Fl.
Found: qoute in King Duncan's sermon; 'Smart Living' on E-Sermons
Church: Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Green Cove Springs
Comments: I was searching for thoughts on Eph. 5:15-21, while preparing my sermon for Sunday (I do jail & prison ministry) and noticed that King Duncan gave you credit for his comment on walking circumspectly. I haven't had much time to explore your site, but it looks very rewarding and insightful. Hope you don't mind if I qoute you once in a while? God has a wonderful way of leading us where we need to go, keep up the great work; In His name, Rev. M.C.Swarthout

Name: Gareth Chambers
Lives: Saintfield
Found: Searching internet
Church: Carryduff Gospel Hall
Comments: Thanks a lot for such a helpful and informative site, with so many out there distorting the word of God, there is much here to thank you for. Many blessings in your work at the Iron Hall, hope to hear you soon, maybe at the new After Eights meetings with Hugh. Regards, Gareth.

Name: Lynda Parry
Lives: Cheshire, UK
Found: Looking for Bible verses
Comments: Thank you for sharing the faith and truth with such passion, surely a true fruit inspired of the Holy Spirit - your site is an inspiration. Love in Christ.

Name: Mr. Niren Koseph
Lives: Sri Lanka
Found: upon casually browsing the internet for my personal spiritual requirements.
Church: Apostolic Church
Comments: 'Preach the Word' ministry has brought much spiritual edification to my personal life and ministry in the Lord. It reflects to be indeed a labour of love, for the insightful and biblically based sermons preached are woven with the rich tapestry of Pastor David Legge's experiences in the Lord, and imbued by the Holy Spirit. It is a lighthouse of inspiration to all thirsting souls and hungry hearts, seeking to fulfil God's plan for their respective lives. I wish this wonderful ministry God's abundant blessings, as it continues in rightly dividing the Word of God through its dispensation and teaching. On my personal part, I will continue to uphold your ministry in my prayers, and too pray that the dear Lord will bless you and your family with long life as you continue to labour in His vineyard.

Name: Murray O'Donnell
Lives: Jacksonville, North Carolina, U.S.A
Found: Surfing the web for preachers
Church: Christian Tabernacle (non denominational)
Comments: I am really glad that the Holy Ghost led me to this sight and I am truly blessed with Pastor Legge's preaching and teaching. May the blessing of God continue to rain on the Iron Hall Assembly and Pastor Legge.

Name: Joseph Auvil
Lives: Illinois, USA
Church: Camp Wilson Foursquare Gospel Church
Comments: Very much appreciate Pastor Legge's passionate preaching of the Word of God. God bless you, never quit.

Name: Guy H. Hawkins
Lives: Springfield, MO, USA
Church: Second Baptist Church, Springfield
Comments: I enjoyed your lesson on 'Celebrating The Supper of The Lord'. I am looking forward to the study of 'Crucial Questions on Christ's Return'.

Name: Tolorunleke Emmanuel Olu
Lives: Lagos, Nigeria, W. Africa
Church: Christ Apostolic Church, Household Of Faith
Comments: May God continue to empower you in all the godly job you are doing. You are a blessing to our generation and me in particular. We will meet at the feet of Jesus by His Grace, Amen.

Name: Seung-Man Kang
Lives: South Korea
Found: Searching for on-line sermon
Church: Presbyterian Church
Comments: Thanks for your service in God. I was blessed by the Word of God, especially the sermon series, 'Back to Basics'. I'll pray for you.

Name: Marilou A. Dela Rosa
Lives: Antipolo City, Philippines
Church: The Jesus Church
Comments: I'm so glad to be a part of your ministry. By reading the sermons I was being encouraged and I will have some knowledge to be able to share God's word to other people.

Name: Moises Moleiro
Lives: Brasil
Found: Search at Google
Church: Comunidade Betsaida Central Carapicuiba, S. Paulo
Comments: Dear brothers, I have been blessed very much through your sermons and series. My spiritual life has became more strong and they have helped me to study English language. I pray that God bless you and strengthen your life to continue this work. Excuse me for my poor English.

Name: Elgin Du Plessis
Lives: South Africa
Found: Browsing christian sites on the internet
Church: Trinity Baptist Church
Comments: I would like to thank you for your site, it is blessed and very informative where the explanation of the scriptures is concerned. I like your verse-by-verse studies. You also have a very beautiful church, I saw it on your website.

Name: Nevalon Mitchell Jr
Lives: Bowie, Maryland
Found: Happened to notice it on the Web.
Church: Veterans Medical Center Chaplain
Comments: I am enjoying your messages and wonderful web site. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Name: Ron Clark
Lives: Nova Scotia, Canada
Church: Baptist
Comments: Have enjoyed reading several sermons on Philippians! Thanks for making them available.

Name: Temitope Adelaja
Lives: Abuja, Nigeria
Found: Through a friend
Church: Four Square Gospel
Comments: I am a born again Christian who is working in a city far away from my family. So I want to be busy internalising the Word to keep me strong and on track. Thank you and God bless for the way you are touching lives.

Name: Luis
Lives: Miami, Florida USA
Church: Calvary Chapel Biscayne Bay
Comments: Great preaching and website. God bless you and your work in Belfast.

Name: Alan Hart
Lives: Aveiro, Portugal (USA originally)
Found: searching for info on Pastor Willie Mullan
Church: Dalton Baptist Church, Dalton, Ohio
Comments: Thanks for providing such good information. I just saw the book link by John Blanchard and really enjoyed reading it. I have another book by him and he is right on target. I have been a listener of Pastor Mullan for more than 20 years although I never met him, I know that he walked with God. What a preacher!! Thanks again. PS - we are doing church planting in Portugal with World Baptist Fellowship Mission Agency.

Name: Steven Almazan
Lives: Philippines
Found: Through a friend
Church: Blessed Hope Christian Church
Comments: I am being thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ in finding your web site to help me in my Christian growth and maturity.

Name: Amos L. Freeman
Lives: Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa
Found: Through Google search
Church: Evangelical Ministry
Comments: Your site has been a place of refreshment, encouragement and a learning center for me.

Name: Joanne
Lives: Australia
Comments: Thank you once again for your web site. I also would like to thank you for the Christian links. I logged on to Tom Orr and discovered Willie Mullan sermons. Wonderful sermons. God bless you all for your faithfulness in preaching His Word and setting up such a beautiful ministry for God's people. Joanne.

Name: Mrs. Marchien Marshall
Lives: Plainwell, Michigan, USA
Found: Through Phil Johnson's Bookmarks website
Comments: I was so thankful to find your website. I have listened every morning since. I am listening to Pastor Legge's messages on Judges and look forward to listening to more :)

Name: Michael Gregory
Lives: Sheffield
Found: looking for illustrations for a sermon
Church: Minister of Upper Erne Circuit, Methodist church in Ireland
Comments: Great web page, in was like a gold mine of great teaching. The word of God is true and unshakeable. Praise His name.

Name: Grace Wambui
Lives: Mombasa, Kenya
Found: Was looking for a verse to lead our Tuesday Fellowship
Church: Makupa P.C.E.A Church, Mombasa, Kenya
Comments: I was blessed and hope I can pay a visit to your church one day.

Name: Mering Wan
Lives: Malaysia
Church: Kuching Evangelical Church
Comments: Very helpful in studying the Word of God.

Name: Solomon Alamu
Lives: Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.
Found: Through a friend that visits your web site
Church: The Living Stones Christian Assembly
Comments: I am very glad to know about you people. I am a local pastor here in Nigeria and I will very much appreciate the helps you offer to improve in my ministry. Thank you very much.

Name: Kathy Ford
Lives: Charleston, Illinois, USA
Found: Looking for podcasts
Church: Charleston Community
Comments: I came across this web site quite by accident while researching podcasts for the college where I teach (Lake Land Community College, Mattoon, Illinois, USA). I must say that it has been a refreshing breath of air from the Holy Spirit for me. I have been listening to the series on I John and have been blessed and impressed by the preaching. God bless you.

Name: Lorna Aggett
Lives: UK
Church: Methodist, Wootton Bassett
Comments: I was looking for some inspiration to get me on my knees and praying again....and found it while I was reading that Jesus could only cope with every day life as long as He kept taking time to pray - and if He needed to pray - then I certainly need to - really encouraged me to "make time". Thank you.

Name: Errol Niblett
Lives: retired Englishman living in
France Found: Google Search for “Beatitudes
Church: English speaking Chaplaincy in France
Comments: Excellent material!

Name: Peter Chapman-Stone
Lives: Australia, Brisbane
Found: Friend
Church: Calvary Independant Baptist, Ipswich, Brisbane
Comments: This site and your work for the Lord Jesus Christ is truly a blessing in my life. It is encouraging to find faithful servants of our Lord. I am slowly making my way through your sermons and your prayers are with me always. Keep up the good work. Love in Christ, Peter.

Name: David S. Brown
Lives: Austin, Texas
Found: Looking for info on the actual coronation ceremony for Prince Charles as Prince of Wales.
Church: Selah Restoration Fellowship Church
Comments: I have read one message by Pastor David Legge. I cannot imagine him to be 29. The power and boldness to preach of Sin in the Church and in High places reminds me, I have not heard preaching on sin like that in 45 years. I want to hear more. God Bless you as you go.

Name: Ron Hill
Lives: Temple, Texas
Church: First Baptist Eddy, Texas
Comments: I have been reading for three hours. I really enjoy reading the sermons. I looked all morning for the quote from Uncle Tom's cabin, "Thems good words" and could not find it. Took a nap then the first time I looked this afternoon your site came up. Thank you.

Name: William T Hey
Lives: Australia
Found: from the preach the Gospel site of Mike Gendron
Church: Baptist Tabernacle, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Comments: I am so pleased to find this site where I can listen to the sermons, and download them to play and play again, and share with people for either teaching or salvation. I have been looking for a site like this for so long. Thank you so much.

Name: Maurice Newman
Lives: England, but living in Cyprus
Found: By looking for sermons on repentance
Church: Larnaca Community church
Comments: I am appreciating this discovery and will no doubt benefit more in future days. Thanks.

Name: John Stavropoulos
Lives: Swaziland
Church: Mooi River Baptist
Comments: Dear Pastor, Thank you so much for sharing the sermons. They are very beneficial. Keep up the good work. God bless, John.

Name: Steven Montgomery
Lives: Nuneaton, England
Found: A link from google
Church: Stockingford Baptist Church
Comments: Dear Pastor Legge, I must say how wonderful your website is, it has enabled me to spend many hours in the study of God's Word that might otherwise have been wasted. I drive an HGV all over the country whilst studying part-time for a BA in Biblical Studies, with a view to the pulpit. I can copy all your sermons onto my little MP3 player and listen to 5 or 6 a day and go through a whole series in a week, I particularly enjoyed the “Know your God” and “The Beatitudes”. Thank you again, and keep up the Work, God will Bless you for it. In the words of Vance Havner, Until...

Name: BJ Upchurch
Lives: Kansas, USA
Church: None at present
Comments: We enjoyed the message we listened to, “Coping with the contradictions of life”, very much. We have been unable to find a Bible-believing church in our area and so we have often tried to find good sermons on the internet. We will visit again!

Name: Sandra Maginity
Lives: Benzonia, MI. USA
Church: Beulahland Wesleyan
Comments: I am glad your site was available! I enjoy learning more about God and the Bible. I have been a Christian for 18 years and never run out of new things that I am shown in the Bible through the Holy Spirit who is our helper. May God richly bless and keep you, Sandy Maginity.

Name: Barry Sanders
Lives: Ulverston, Cumbria
Found: Internet search engine for 'sermons/teaching'
Church: Bethany Christian Church, Ulverston
Comments: This is my first visit to and brief exploration of your site - first is a great Christian resource - will be re-visiting. Many thanks for your commitment and service to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Name: Tim Jones
Lives: Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Found: Link from message board
Church: Broadway Christian Church
Comments: I grew up a 2x2. When I found the sermon covering the false faith of the 2x2s/Cooneyites, I felt a huge sense of relief. The accuracy of the history and beliefs were well researched from this hidden sect. When I left in '01, I didn't really have all the answers to the doctrinal errors, but after listening to the sermon, I can stand sure knowing that my salvation is in the Right Hands. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Name: Stephen Green
Lives: U.K., at Bible College in Australia
Found: My wife and I have listened to many sermons when it has been difficult to find a theologically sound church
Church: I am at a church in Adelaide called New Community Church
Comments: It is good to know that there are like-minded Christians who will not compromise their faith just to please those around them.

Name: Lois Gordon
Lives: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Found: Surfing...looking for good material to use in the study of Ezekiel
Church: Orthodox Reformed Church of Edmonton
Comments: I am learning a great deal from the Ezekiel sermons. This is the second study of the book that I have done in the past six months and it never fails to amaze me, how much more there is to learn... Thank you, Lois.

Name: Celia
Lives: Nottingham UK
Found: Link on Martin Lloyd Jones site
Church: St Mary's C of E Arnold
Comments: This is a brilliant site and I look forward to hearing some of the messages. Thank you. The Lord Bless you, Shalom, Celia.

Name: Terry Russell
Lives: Bath, UK
Found: Searching the net
Church: Welton Baptist Church
Comments: Thank you for your sermons - your messages are both encouraging and challenging (the MP3 format is ideal for travelling/jogging). Thanks.

Name: Gerald Roberts
Lives: Accra, Ghana
Found: Through a friend
Church: Victory Bible Church International
Comments: God bless you and continue to grant you the strength to carry on with your ministry so that many more souls shall be won into the heavenly kingdom. SHALOM AND PEACE...

Name: David Howe
Lives: Tianjin, China
Found: My sister
Comments: I am a 20 year old college student. I love these sermons. They really make me grow in Christ! God bless you and your works!

Name: Glynn Reeves
Lives: Alabama, USA
Found: through
Church: Baan Athitaan (House of Prayer) Church
Comments: I am a 24 year old missionary in Thailand and the church I attend does not have the depth that I would like. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to hear the word preached.

Name: Nicholas Bye
Lives: Sheffield, UK
Church: Wadsley, Anglican
Comments: Hi, I love the sermons. Closest to my favourite (Tozer) that I've found. Thanks very much for making these available!

Name: Shaelene Craddock
Lives: South Africa, now in Tasmania
Found: Google search
Church: New Germany Baptist in SA, none in Tasmania
Comments: Hi, I am currently studying the Bible alone for the first time, having always been previously guided by someone! It is exciting and interesting but I do get confused over some things. have been looking at Corinthians and now have questions, so am looking into your site. God Bless you. Shaelene.

Name: Stephen M Boak
Lives: Australia
Found: Through a friend online
Church: Miracle Christian Center
Comments: Have really been enjoying the series on the Strongholds Shaken, and have learnt much from it. On my website, I recently added your link on my cults exposed blog. God bless you, and hope to hear more of your sermons soon.

Name: Carlos Nieves
Lives: Puerto Rico
Found: Do not remember, but I know it was a blessing
Comments: I believe the Lord is giving you great insight in His word and it is a blessing for his children. Thank you, dear brother, for your persistance for the truth according to Jesus Christ.

Name: Ron Donaldson
Lives: Central Coast, Australia
Church: Coastlife Church - A.O.G.
Comments: I love the passion and desire you place into your preaching. Very instructive. Very enlightening. I've gained much insight into the Scriptures you have covered in your sermons. You're a man after my own heart - we seem to be on the same track of thought - as though you've been reading my journal!? Wonderful. God bless your work abundantly.

Name: Rebecca
Lives: Northern Ireland
Found: My friend Karen
Church: Kilbride Presbyterian
Comments: I think this site is really good. My friend Karen gave me this address and said to try it out! I am so glad she did!

Name: George Kwayie
Lives: Netherlands
Found: From a friend
Comments: I am greatly impressed by your study lectures. May the Lord richly bless Pastor Legge for his wonderful preaching series. May the Lord continually bless his ministry.

Name: Ron Broderick
Lives: Switzerland
Found: "By chance" surfing the Internet
Church: "Retired" pastor
Comments: Thank you for your ministry. You have a great revelation of God's word. I have appreciated your teaching ministry, it is up-to date, challenging and at the same time very refreshing and uplifting. My prayer is that God will abundantly bless you and your team. Thank you, Ron

Name: Mary Yuen
Lives: Melbourne, Australia
Found: from Grace to You
Church: Melbourne Chinese Christian Church
Comments: Very encouraged by the truth you teach.

Name: Dave Ruoff
Lives: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Found: Google search
Church: Looking for a good one.
Comments: Greetings, Thanks for this wonderful website. I truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into keeping this site running, and the ability to download sermons is extremely helpful. I really enjoy the sermons of David Legge.

Name: Eva Kroells
Lives: Hamm, Germany
Comments: I found your website and listened to the preaching about the rich young man. I am a Christian for long and presently I am tired, the only believer in my family. I will listen to more of these preachings of yours. Thank you and God bless. Eva

Name: Julius Joel B Vijayam
Lives: Andhrapradesh, India
Found: through a search engine [Google]
Church: Penuel prayer House [Bro. Bakt Singh's Fellowship]
Comments: Praise the Lord for His wonderful ministry through you and your website. I've been particularly blessed by your series of character portraits of Judges - Gideon, Jephthah, Samson. Pastor David explained well the application. Thank you, remember me in your prayers. God bless!

Name: Greg Dagg
Lives: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Church: Meadowlands Baptist
Website: (under construction)
Comments: Hello, I was very impressed by the sermon 'A Time to Cry'. This message will be in the hands of all my friends soon. Blessings, Greg.

Name: Tot Hicks
Lives: Maguiresbridge, Co. Fermanagh
Church: Stonepark Baptist Church
Comments: I have found your site very accessible, easy to follow, and I thoroughly enjoy the messages. God bless you and keep up the good work. "For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from Heaven, and returneth not thither but watereth the earth, and maketh it to bering forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater; So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth, it shall not return unto me void but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I have sent it" - Isaiah 55:10-11

Name: Jackie Williams
Lives: Bangor, North Wales
Found: link from the MLJ site
Church: Ebenezer Evangelical Church, Bangor
Comments: I'm glad I've found your page - not too well today so I've spent time on the computer and I surfed over to you. Your site is easy to navigate and there's such a wealth of reading and listening. I've downloaded some of the MP3 stuff and look forward to listening to those later. Every blessing to all and may God bless all your endeavours.

Name: Jack Nummey
Lives: Glasgow, Scotland originally - resident in Canada since 1966
Found: Internet search
Church: Markham Bible Chapel, Ontario, Canada
Comments: I was looking for sermons to download based solely on scripture. Purpose of the downloads is to listen while I walk for health reasons (heart patient). Thank you for making all of your copyright material available at no cost. I am sure you enjoy abundant blessings in doing so.

Name: Samaneka Farai
Lives: Zimbabwe
Found: Told by a friend
Church: United Methodist Church
Comments: Your site has provided much and is helping me learn much more about the Bible, our Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father God Almighty. May the Lord God bless you and enlarge the ministry which He Has set for we await for His coming.

Name: Okello Samuel Victor
Lives: Kenya, Western-Kimilili
Church: Chrisco Church, Kimilili
Comments: Its great! This web site is a wonderful search engine that is loaded with what a Christian in the information age requires. I am blessed and pray that the Lord grants you the grace and ability to keep on. Indeed this is 'ministry', how else can I best put it?

Name: Pastor Roger Lintern
Lives: Caerphilly, South Wales
Found: When I worked at the Welsh Assembly
Church: Penyrheol Free Pentecostal Church
Comments: I have enjoyed reading David's messages over the years and found them challenging and refreshing. It does us Pastors good to sit and be ministered to. May the Lord continue to bless you all, Roger.

Name: Melinda Song
Lives: Penang, Malaysia
Found: Through the net
Church: Tabernacle of Praise (AG), Penang, Malaysia
Comments: Thank you Pastor Legge for your generosity in sharing the word freely with the rest of us. I am so blessed by the messages on CD which I have received. In these days when the church is adopting the seeker-friendly approach people are not hearing the full gospel. I am glad God has raised you up to bring the full counsel of God to His people. Your messages do not just tickle the ears but also bring conviction to the heart. God bless you, your family and your ministry as you serve Him so unselfishly.

Name: Emily Rocha
Lives: Livermore, California U.S.A.
Found: Signed up for your sermons through ITunes.
Church: Celebration Christian Church, Livermore, CA
Comments: Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Thank you, for not only providing weekly sermons in MP3 for download at ITunes and your website but also providing it in typed form. Special blessings on Andrew Watkins! Lots of careful work and beautifully done. I send a copy of a typed sermon each week to a male friend imprisoned at San Quentin. He does not have access to church in prison or access to sound recordings so the typed version is a special blessing to him. He also shares it with others. Thank you again for excellent teaching. Yours in Christ, Emily Rocha.

Name: Jean Bosco
Lives: USA, Wisconsin
Found: I browsed: "Preach the Word" that lead me to your website.
Church: Peace Christian Fellowship
Comments: Blessed be your work and all God's servants reaching the world through your ministry. Others are selling the Word and if you don't pay dollars to them you can't have access to their messages. You are really God's servants. I bless the Lord because of your work. In Christ, Jean

Name: Gordon Skidmore
Lives: Strathpine, Queensland, Australia.
Found: Internet Search
Church: Bald Hills Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Comments: I am an ex-member of the Iron Hall. I came to Australia in 1972 when Jack Mitchell was pastor. I had many good friends there including Jim Davey, Frank Maunder and Andrew Robinson. Perhaps all these like myself have moved on. May the Lord in His sovereign grace richly bless you and your ministry there amongst the people of East Belfast. He dispenseth His mercy freely to whom He will. To Him be the glory for ever and ever!!

Name: Ronnie Carlisle
Lives: Vancouver BC. Canada
Found: surfing the web for sermons
Church: Coquitlam Alliance Church
Comments: Great site, great teaching, great accent (there's no accent like the Irish...makes me home-sick when I listen to you!)

Name: David Swartwood
Lives: Horseheads, New York
Found: Google
Church: Penetcostal
Comments: I'm preaching a series on the Beatitudes. I have enjoyed and benefited from the sermons that have been made available on this website. Thanks, Dave.

Name: John Ranck
Lives: Alaska, U.S.A.
Found: iTunes Podcast Directory
Church: Northern Life
Comments: Let me first say thank you for all you are doing, especially for the podcasts which are a great help to me. It is a great encouragement to hear God's Word faithfully taught and to be blessed by it. Thank you, and to God be all glory, honor and praise forever!!

Name: Mrs Pat Adams
Lives: Bowral, NSW, Australia
Found: Suggested in Grace to You, Australia
Church: Baptist
Comments: Thank you for the two gospel sermons we received recently. No one here challenges unbelievers with such clear biblical facts. We will be sure to pass the CD on to as many as possible.

Name: Phyllis Whited
Lives: Alabama, USA
Found: Search engine
Church: East Brow Baptist Church
Comments: I really enjoy reading your sermons. Thank you for your web site. Because of health problems I don't get to go to church every Sunday. I love Bible Study and print your messages so that I can read them over and over. Thank you again. Yours in Christ, Phyllis.

Name: Pastor Victor David
Lives: India
Comments: Dear Pastor, Greetings in the name of Jesus. I was blessed by my visit to your site today, and I pray the Holy Spirit will be poured out upon you as you touch the lives that visit your site. This site is anointed from God and I truly have been blessed by my visit here more than you will ever know. It is truly a blessing to visit sites that are such a blessing for a lost and dying world on the internet. We certainly need more sites like yours and others to reach the web for the Lord.

Name: Ed Zimmerman
Lives: Mifflinburg Pa U.S.A.
Church: Mifflinburg Mission Church
Comments: I am a former missionary to South Africa 2001 - 2005. Now I am pastor for two small Church groups here in Pa. I have seen God move in mighty ways in Africa and plant powerful Churches in Africa. I thank you, for letting God use you in preaching true messages, I am really blessed by them. Ed

Name: Jamie & Pam Eaton
Lives: Mt. Ayr Indiana, U.S.A
Found: exploring one Sunday when sick
Church: Bible Baptist Church in Highland In.
Comments: My wife and I enjoy the heart-felt messages. The sermon on The Wisdom Of A Master Soul-Winner was a great blessing, and the story of Hudson Taylor was quite stirring. May the Lord Jesus bless you and hedge you about. Love the Eaton's

Name: Carlos Nieves
Lives: Puerto Rico
Found: I believe the Holy Spirit who guides me to the truth
Church: Local Church
Comments: As a child of God the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart and tells me that the Lord Jesus Christ is feeding you, David, with insight on the truths His children need to hear, understand and apply. May the Lord Keep on blessing you and all who hear you preach His word, Amen.

Name: George R. Krahn
Lives: St. Thomas Ontario, Canada
Found: Browsing
Church: Gospel Fellowship Chapel
Comments: I've been tremendously blessed by your preaching! The Word of God is awesome and powerful.

Name: Hugh Gorman
Lives: Calgary, Alberta [formerly from Sandy Row]
Found: Browsing
Church: Nazarene
Comments: ...was good to come across your site. Appreciate what has been happening there at the Iron Hall. Blessings on your ministry.

Name: Pastor Samuel N.A. Ankrah
Lives: Liberia, West Africa
Found: Just Browsing and the Holy Spirit brought it to me
Church: Preach The Word Tabernacle
Comments: My dear Beloved in the Lord, I am the founder of Preach The Word Tabernacle here in Liberia. The Ministry is six years old and have four branches including the national headquarters that is presently under construction at roof level to be precise. The Lord just led me to your site this morning and I am a blessed child of God to come across your website. I am and will continue to visit this site if possible on daily basis. May the Lord bless you all.

Name: Billy Mulligan
Lives: USA, South Carolina
Found: Looking for commentary on Ephesians
Church: Trinity Baptist
Comments: We have began studying the book of Ephesians for Sunday School Adult Class. I have downloaded all your sermons for Ephesians. I am learning so much from them and hope to teach the class of about 25 from your sermons. Thanks so much for putting them on-line.

Name: Peter McCartney
Lives: Newtownards
Church: Scrabo
Comments: Excellent, absolutely excellent clear, concise, in your face, and 100% Bible based - keep it up David.

Name: Nichole Morgan
Lives: Portland, Oregon
Found: Ex 2x2 Message Board
Church: Ex 2x2 - Don't know now.
Comments: Just this past Monday I finally made the decision that I had to leave the 2x2's. I was born and raised in this way but now see the deceit. Yesterday when I was reading a Ex 2x2 Message Board I came across this web address and then listened to the sermon here regarding the Cooneyites and 2x2's - It is very accurate. Thank you for this site - I wish all 2x2's would listen to this sermon.

Name: Corinna
Lives: New Zealand
Church: Calvary Baptist
Comments: I am blessed to hear your sermons. Thank you.

Name: Zelfred Smith
Lives: Olive Branch, Mississippi
Church: Evangelist, member of Kirby Woods Baptist Church
Comments: Have been enjoying your sermons. Good, down to earth presentations. As a fundamental Christian Evangelist, I wholeheartedly agree with your presentations. Keep up the good work!

Name: Tommy Turnbow
Lives: Webster, TX, USA
Found: Browsing for Sermon Sites
Church: First Baptist Church of Webster
Comments: I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your message on Timothy and Epaphroditus. If you believe in coincidence, I am currently going through a series of messages on Philippians in our mid-week adult Bible Study hour and the Judges in our Sunday Morning worship service. I look forward to hearing others of your messages. I am encouraged by your consistent use of Scripture and your "rightly dividing the Word of Truth." God Bless you. I would love to meet you some day. Until then, I am your fellow servant of Jesus Christ!

Name: John A.
Lives: South Wales
Church: Capel yr Ynys Cefn - y - Crib Independant Congregational.
Comments: I have been continually blessed by the truths expounded so well by Pastor Legge. He is a man of the Word, and stands on the truth of the Word. God bless him. I hope that he will be able to include something soon on the Purpose Driven craze that is sweeping through so much of the Church in these days. I am just thankful that there are ministries such as this that allow me to download sermons and messages that can be passed on as CD's as and where they are needed.

Name: Avril Hutchinson
Lives: Armagh, but am studying in Bath, South England
Found: Google whilst looking for MP3 Sermons
Church: Woodford Gospel Assembly, Armagh and Manvers Gospel Hall, Bath
Comments: Please keep up the good work! I've been so blessed and really very challenged through these teachings - particularly Back to Basics - Obedience and Assurance. This site has really helped this year, my first year at university. I have a lot of time to myself and has become a daily part of my life. Thank you!!

Name: Samuel Ehebha
Lives: Nigeria
Found: Web search
Church: Living Spring Chapel Int'l
Comments: Dear Pastor Legge, Thanks for the CD-ROMs and the messages therein. My wife and I use your messages for our daily devotions and the preciseness and straight-to-the-point nature of the messages have been a blessing to us. God bless you.

Name: Jim Gosnell
Lives: Inman, SC
Found: Web search on sermons
Church: Evangel Cathedral
Comments: The teaching on women in church through the 1 Corinthians 11 and 14 studies is very solid. I wish churches would follow the biblical model. Keep preaching the truth.

Name: Mark Blades
Lives: Stoke on Trent
Church: Park Evangelical
Comments: Thanks for your challenging word entitled 'You Could Be Wrong'.

Name: Joseph Lowe
Lives: Limerick
Found: Revival Movement Association tract
Comments: Was given a Gospel Tract in Limerick with your website on it. I will take time to read David Legge's articles.

Name: David McIlwain
Lives: Melbourne, Australia
Found: Web surfing
Church: Kilsyth South Baptist Church
Comments: Born 1943 Belfast, Northern Ireland, Born again by the Grace of God (via Templemore Hall, Belfast) 1958

Name: Bradley Twining
Lives: Coolum Beach, Queensland, Australia
Found: Searching the web
Church: North Shore Baptist Church
Comments: Thanks for your servant heart in providing such quality, biblically sound sermons for us.

Name: Stanley Madziwabende
Lives: Zimbabwe
Found: From a friend
Church: Glad Tidings Ministries
Comments: May God continually bless you for the good work that you are doing, especially at these times when the devil is most daring to drag many people along.

Name: Caroline McIlwaine
Lives: Newtownards
Found: Friend
Church: Scrabo Hall
Comments: This is great - I never seem to have enough music to listen to in the car, now I can listen to something useful while driving!! God Bless

Name: Nathaniel Agbelie
Lives: Ghana
Found: Through Google
Church: Word Alive Church
Comments: I listened to your series on “Majoring on the Minor Prophets” from a friend and was blessed. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry. Yours in the Lord, Nat

Name: Wm. George Forrest
Lives: Kilkeel, Co. Down
Church: Free Presbyterian
Comments: Thank you for your work and labour of love to share the Gospel via the Internet. I've been blessed so much already by this witness.

Name: Rev. Oarson Ramon
Lives: Maui, Hawaii
Found: Google search
Church: Pohnpei Mission UCC
Comments: It is uncommon to find outstanding comitment to the proclamation of the word without cost to the common man.

Name: Barbara Howard
Lives: Michigan
Found: Search engine
Church: Lighthouse Point
Comments: I loved your website it was very informative and filled with a well of exciting and delightful power packed resources.

Name: Luther Fiaz Samuel
Lives: Pakistan, Now England
Found: By surfing
Church: Church of England
Comments: I join with many who are being blessed with your website. I pray for more and more grace so that you go on with this worthy ministry. May God bless you.

Name: Catherine Lund
Lives: Keighley
Found: Just by chance
Church: St Marks
Comments: It was the best thing I have ever done finding the PreachTheWord site. I cannot get enough of your sermons. Thank you David. Thank God you are open to what the He has to say to you, it must be helping so many Christians and those who are searching from so many different corners of the world - it is certainly helping me.

Name: Shirley Smith
Lives: The Bahamas
Found: By scanning the Web
Church: Central Church of God
Comments: Your Bible Studies are a source for personal growth! God bless you!!!

Name: Joanne
Lives: Born in Scotland, Australian Citizen
Found: Link
Comments: Thank you once again, David, for your faithfulness in preaching God's Word. Paul the apostle said he was set for the defence of the Gospel. So many have gone after other teachings. Thank you Andrew for the wonderful ministry with the CD's. God Bless you all at the Iron Hall. Joanne

Name: Cheryl Battle
Lives: Georgia
Found: Looking for Bible teachings
Church: World Changers International ( Dr. C. Dollar )
Comments: I can not get enough of your teaching, I listen to them every morning since I found your site. I have listened to Stand By Your Man - Is Marriage Outdated?, How to Stay Pure in a Sin Sick World, Excuses, Excuses - I just started on God Is Calling You. Keep up the blessed work.

Name: Johnny Calcote
Lives: Morris IL, United States
Found: A friend told me
Church: First Baptist Church
Comments: I have one of your CDs on the Beatitudes and Ephesians part 1-27. If you have any more I would like for you to send them to me if you can, thank you.

Name: Maindok Bruno
Lives: Poland, but living in Germany
Found: Phil Johnson's Bookmarks
Church: Biblische Gemainde

Name: Michael K. Hudson
Lives: Mobile, AL
Found: search Google
Church: Eastern Shore Wesley Bible Church
Comments: I am a bi-vocational pastor who has enjoyed and been blessed with your messages. I usually listen to one of your messages during the week. May God bless your ministry.

Name: David Hernandez
Lives: Florida
Found: By Accident
Church: Still Looking
Comments: I just want to tell the Pastor that I go to bed at night listening (MP3) to his preaching of the Word of God. I discovered this site a few weeks ago and I praise God for your ministry. What a tremendous preacher of the Word! May the Lord continue to bless him. We need truth. His message is pure truth/sound doctrine!

Name: Leo Flores
Lives: Mercedes, Texas
Found: led of the Lord
Church: Way of the Cross Baptist Church Website: n/a
Comments: Always looking for good Bible Studies, and/or Sermons, your website was led of the Lord. Will check periodically for Bible material. Thank You & God Bless.

Name: Doreen Walton
Lives: New Brunswick, Canada
Church: Pentecostal
Comments: I asked the Lord for more understanding of His Word and I truly believe that it was no mistake on clicking onto this site. I am so grateful to the Lord for this brother that has spent time with our Saviour Jesus Christ. Only He can open our minds and hearts to hear and understand these things. A hungry heart He will fill, a thirsty soul He will satisfy. You are a blessed people to have this man of God teaching you great truths of His Word. I ask that God will send a blessing to your Pastor that He will continually be used mightly. Only Heaven holds the answer of the many lives that he has touched. Isn't it wonderful that God's work will continue on even after we are gone.

Name: Elsie Gowen
Lives: Brooksville, Fl
Found: My daughter
Church: Christian Life Assembly of God
Comments: My daughter called me and told me of this site and that she is studying in Judges with you. She thought I would be interested, said you are very good.

Name: Rev. Maximo de Leon
Lives: Dominican Republic
Church: Maranatha Revival Center
Comments: I have been very blessed with your website yesterday, cause like a year ago I had your web adress and I lost it, but thank God I found it again. God bless you, Rev Max Leon

Name: Margaret Bruce
Lives: Caithness, Scotland
Found: From the cover of a CD with several of Pastor Legge's sermons
Church: Baptist
Comments: Have just heard two of your sermons: A Time to Cry and A Spirit of Apathy. I wish every Christian could hear them! My prayer is that the Lord will help me to apply them to my own heart. THANK YOU!!

Name: Rev. Travis L. Martin
Lives: Rome, Ga. USA
Found: going from one link to another
Church: Pastor: East Rome Baptist Church, Rome, GA
Comments: I love your web site because I like expository sermons. I have been preaching expository sermons for 32 years. You have an excellent web site and I know it probably requires a lot of time to keep it up. Continue the good work!

Name: Sharon Hargreaves
Lives: Canada
Found: Through hearing a CD on the Cooneyites
Church: Evangelical Mennonite Conference
Comments: Hi a CD was sent to a friend of mine - I believe it was from David Legge? It was absolutely fascinating. I am a former two by two - after these many years I see all the lies and folly of the whole system. There is much info available now on the movement. How do I get a copy of this CD? Thank you, Sharon Hargreaves

Name: Marilyn Lindqvist
Lives: Adelaide, South Australia
Found: Looking for particular Bible Studies on Internet
Comments: Thank you so much for all the material on your web-site. I am looking for Truth and finding it through the sermons. Have just come out of a Church that I have long been attending partly because of lack of scriptural teaching from the pulpit. I am grateful for what I am receiving through Pastor David Legge. God truly bless you.

Name: Howard Freeman
Lives: Florida
Found: Surfing for Religious Material
Church: Parkview Baptist
Comments: You have an excellent web site with outstanding material...the best I have found. I look forward to coming back and reading much more. Thanks for all the effort required for producing such a blessed site.

Name: John Dynes
Lives: North Belfast
Found: By chance?
Comments: While looking into the false teaching of Michael the archangel being Christ, I typed in Malachi and found your site. I must say, I really enjoyed the messages I have heard so far! John.

Name: M. O. Isaiah
Lives: Nigeria
Found: Through my brother
Church: Christ Apostolic Church
Comments: To God be the Glory for this Web site. It is quite informative and rich. The good Lord shall continue to empower you. Pastor & Mrs. M. O. Isaiah.

Name: Scott Papay
Lives: Peachtree City, Georgia, USA
Found: Google search??
Church: Heritage Christian Church
Comments: I have so enjoyed the sermons on 'Men of the Hour'!! I have been anxiously awaiting the next couple of parts. This site is a real blessing to my walk with Christ. Please keep up the hard work, it is reaching many people...even lurkers like myself.

Name: Geoff & Hilary McCullough
Lives: Saintfield
Found: Through a VERY good Friend!!!
Church: Carryduff Baptist
Comments: Amazing!!! This site is fantastic. Well Done!! Trusting that God will continue to bless you and this ministry during 2006. We will continue to pray for this work. God Bless. Geoff and Hilary.

Name: Alva Dillon Jr MD
Lives: Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Found: Surfing the net
Church: Parkway Pentecostal Church
Comments: I enjoy your site and teaching. Keep up the good work.

Name: Bob Hamilton
Lives: Toronto Canada
Found: My brother-in law (Sammy McMullan)
Church: Peoples Church Toronto
Comments: I am currently a backslider of some 30 years. My wife Flo just came back to the Lord, also my brother-in-law Sammy who goes to your church. Sammy told me to check out your web site. I have found it very informative. Thank you.