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Name: Steve Becker
Lives: Columbus, Ohio, USA
Found: Google search on Beatitudes.
Church: Powell Christian church member, JD Hite minister
Comments: It is so inspiring to hear straightforward enthusiastic preaching. I consider myself multidenominational (take good stuff from many places). Besides my minister, JD, I have gained much from Timothy Keller's books and sermons. Thank you.

Name: Ed Laurent
Lives: Camp Verde, Arizona
Church: Baptist
Comments: Dear David, your proclaiming the truth of the Gospel in the compromising, practically DEAD church in Europe, is very refreshing and a blessing to hear.

Name: MacAulay
Lives: Canada
Comments: Thank you for the messages, they are rich resources for my soul. I have been enjoying the messages sent.

Name: Brad Hirst
Comments: David, I am so very thankful for your teaching ministry. Praise God for all He is doing through 'Preach the Word'. I am growing again since I started listening to your preaching. Hopefully I am becoming more like Jesus. With sincere love in Christ Jesus, Brad.

Name: Richard
Lives: Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Found: Googled Sermon on Apathy.
Church: Non-Denominational
Comments: I am about to search your site for Christian information and teaching. Looks very good.

Name: Jeremy Reed
Lives: Fairfield, Ohio, USA
Found: Google search seeking PDF files on 'The Presence of God'. Found and read the transcription of David's message on that topic. Recognised that this man and his message were truly led and taught by God's Spirit. A search on David Legge himself led to this site and a wealth of teaching from God himself through David, whom I thank God for.
Church: No name. Just 3 of us bound together in spirit with the Spirit by the Spirit.
Comments: I thank God from the depths of my heart for leading me to this site, through which God has blessed me immensely. I had been searching a long time for someone who actually heard from and moved with the Spirit. Someone who was walking the true path along with me. I know we need be taught by no man, and I have long been taught mostly from God only. That's OK, but the confirmations of His word and teachings to me, and the things that God's Spirit reveals through this site, which more complete my understanding and help me to walk the path laid before me, have been a blessing more than I can put to words. Thank you.

Name: Niculae Constantin Dan
Lives: Romania
Church: Church Evangelical Romain [Movement Tudorista]
Comments: I do not know English, but enjoy sermons.

Name: Tracy Hufford
Lives: Santa Rosa, California
Comments: I love the bold, unapologetic, undiluted preaching of truths from God's word. I have been convicted, challenged, refreshed, and emboldened to witness, to become a soul winner and to live a surrendered, impassioned life by the power that works in me!

Name: Paul Austin
Lives: INDIA
Found: By searching for sermons
Church: Pentecostal Church
Comments: I just gone through your sermon on Matthew 8:1-17. It is very interesting and a blessing to me. I received new thought from this sermon. I thank God and thank you all for providing it freely. On 15th of November I am travelling to North Eastern India for ministering to the villagers over there for 2 weeks. I believe God has shown me your site. I thank you all and may God bless you.

Name: David Chen
Lives: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Found: Through YouTube
Church: Crossroads Church of Corona
Comments: I watched David's 'Christianity on Fire' sermon on YouTube today and it was the best sermon I have heard in many years (I go to church every Sunday). That particular sermon was exactly what I needed to hear as I am currently endeavoring to be baptized with the Holy Spirit in my own life. I believe the Holy Spirit led me to listen to this particular sermon today for that reason. This was the first teaching by David Legge that I had ever listened to and I was very impressed. I look forward to listening to more of his teachings in the future.

Name: Suthana Leslie
Lives: India
Found: Accidentally
Church: Brethren Assembly
Comments: I am studying Ezekiel. Really wonderful study!

Name: Justin
Lives: Kenya - Mombasa
Found: By searching on Google for Christian sermons.
Church: Anglican church
Comments: Thank you for sharing your sermons as we preach Christ and spread the good news.

Name: David Bremner
Lives: Thrumster, by Wick Caithness
Found: By accident while browsing.
Church: Thrumster Church of Scotland
Comments: I have found your sermons to be uplifting and encouraging in my walk with Christ. They are positive messages in a time of negativity. They came to me in a dry time and encouraged me in my prayer life. I now feel better able to focus on the positive rather than the negative . I realise there is nothing impossible to those who trust Jesus and by faith we can do all things.

Name: Rabin Kaji Baidhya
Lives: Kathmandu, Nepal
Church: Milestone Church, Kathmandu
Comments: I just want to learn more about the Word of God.

Name: Gordon Bowker
Lives: Quebec, Canada
Church: Baptist
Comments: The messages are always a challenge and a blessing. Gordon.

Name: Gugma Oliveros Delos Reyes
Lives: Pagadian City, Philippines
Church: Christian and Missionary Alliance
Comments: Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ from the Philippines. Praise the Lord that God guided me to your website. I am searching for messages about evangelism, as I will be the one to deliver a short exhortation during our mission emphasis month. Thanks to the Lord, I found the sermon 'A Passion for the Lost, or A Lost Passion?'. Thank you so much for the free access.

Name: Theresa Pritchard
Lives: Tucson, Arizona
Found: Doing a study from your series on Ezekiel.
Church: Saguaro Canyon Evangelical
Comments: I enjoy listening to your sermons and series on YouTube.

Name: Yinka Adeyemi
Lives: Nigeria
Found: Web browsing
Church: The Stone Church, Ibadan, Nigeria
Comments: I came across the teachings of David Legge while looking for materials on 'The Beatitudes'. I was tremendously blessed by the simplicity of the teaching and ever since then, I have kept coming back to read and learn from so many topics taught by this wonderful man of God. Thank you.

Name: Manny Misas
Lives: Miami, Florida. USA
Found: Searching for teaching on heaven in Google.
Church: Horeb Southern Baptist
Comments: Love the teaching on the reality of Heaven. Great explanation about Heaven. How can we long for a place we've not been taught about. So much confusion out there. Thanks.

Name: John Schotsch
Lives: Calif, San Diego, Santee
Found: Just now, wow!
Church: Sonrise Church, Santee, CA
Comments: This is great, I read the Holy Bible a lot, for many years, and like this website.

Name: Bart Gilbert
Lives: Newfoundland, Canada
Found: My Father told me about it.
Church: Pentecostal and Salvation Army
Comments: Thank you so much for all the resources you have placed on your site. I am sure I will find them to uplift me, even when I am not in dire need. But then again, aren't we always in need of His presence? God is good.

Name: Delia Ridout
Lives: Torpoint, Cornwall, UK
Found: UCB
Church: Grace Community Church, Torpoint
Comments: Thank you for the words of encouragement, as I am new believer. I love reading and listening to the word of God. It is uplifting.

Name: Robert Stephen Alexander
Lives: Vitória - Brasil
Church: Gospel Hall
Comments: For some time now, your site has inspired my life and ministry.

Name: Pastor Siray
Lives: Sierra Leone, West Africa
Church: Faith In Action Evangelical Mission
Comments: Great work you have done.

Name: Roy Collier
Lives: Waco, Texas
Found: searching for sermons on my computer
Church: Parkview Baptist church
Comments: I really get a blessing from your sermons. I spend a lot of time reading them. I am 81 years old and have a sickness that I am praying God will heal. My wife and I have ministered in a rescue mission in Dallas, Texas for 38 years. So I am asking God to give us a little longer to preach the word, and see many more souls saved. Thank God for your sermons, they are right on. God bless, Roy Collier.

Name: Shelly Chappuies
Lives: Grand Ledge, Michigan USA
Comments: Listening to your messages on Heaven. Thank you, they are a blessing.

Name: Peter
Lives: Ballymena, N. Ireland
Church: Green Pastures
Comments: Really enjoying the new series on faith - it has been brilliant. Thanks for all your work. God Bless.

Name: Kabwe
Lives: Lusaka, Zambia
Church: Book of Life
Comments: Thank you, sir, very much for giving freely the word of God. Please keep it up.

Name: Kay
Lives: Auckland, New Zealand
Found: I believe the Lord led me to this site when searching for a sermon to listen to for growth in God's Kingdom.
Church: Baptist
Comments: I want to praise the Lord for David's ministry for the past 15 years. Well done, David, for all your hard work and teaching of God's Word. I have grown much in the Lord from your teaching. God is good! Our Lord receives the praise and you, David and Andrew, receive the joy! May your health continue to uphold you both as you continue in this vital ministry!

Name: Glann Fernandez
Lives: An Indian, but a resident of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates
Church: Bethel Ministries
Comments: To Yahweh be glory praise and honour! I have been hearing your messages and am very, very blessed and encouraged by them. It's hard to find preachers who will preach with the sword rather than feathers. I hope and pray that you will keep up to the title 'Preach The Word', and be consistently perfect till the end. May the LORD continue to use you for His glory in the name of His Son Yeshua. Amen!

Name: Lesedi Amantle Malejane
Lives: Botswana
Found: Was researching about 'The Garment Of Praise'.
Church: Holy Ghost house International Ministries.
Comments: May the name of the Lord God continue to be praised and spread around. The harvest is a lot but the harvesters are few. Let the will of God be known to the Nations.

Name: Wanda Johnson
Lives: Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, USA
Found: I asked a question and the Lord brought me here.
Comments: I have really enjoyed what I've read this morning, it is 4:30 in the morning and I'm up rambling on the computer. Thank you for the joy I've found in your input on what we will do in heaven.

Name: Christian Kurt Reyes
Lives: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Comments: Brother David, I love the light and heat that emanates from your sermons. I hope Jesus uses your ministry to turn your nation upside down. May our precious Lord fill you and spill you... turning your water into wine!

Name: Michael Young Isaac
Lives: Nigeria
Found: Searching for sermons to download.
Church: United Evangelical Church
Comments: I celebrate God, for giving me an opportunity to be blessed by this site.

Name: Olumide Akoni
Lives: Nigeria
Found: Using Google to learn more on 'Encountering God'.
Church: The African Church, Nigeria
Comments: I am desirous of learning how to have a closer relationship with God.

Name: David Bower
Lives: Nothern New York State, USA
Found: Searching for Old Testament commentaries.
Church: Calvary Bible, Greig, NY
Comments: Thank you for posting so many sermons and such thorough lessons. My wife (who is blind) enjoys having me read them to her.

Name: Pr. Jacob
Lives: Israel
Comments: I like your site, I was so blessed through reading your articles. God bless you.

Name: Santosh Dongardive
Lives: India
Church: Church of the Nazarene
Comments: Hi, this is Santosh Dongardive from India. I am a pastor-teacher and Literature Coordinator working in India. Our ministry is to preach the word, hold seminars on different topics and write for the common people. Thanks for sending me the information about 'Preach the Word'. I am sure your material will be very helpful to me and my colleagues to teach. Thanks.

Name: Mukonyezi Tonny
Lives: Uganda
Church: Divine Power Evangelical Church
Comments: Am happy to find a ministry that will nurture my gift of Evangelism.

Name: Lori Travers
Lives: I live in Murphy, North Carolina, USA
Found: I was looking for a personal study in Ezekiel.
Church: Journey Church of God
Comments: I am absolutely blown away by your sermons Pastor Legge. There are no words to describe how each sermon on the book of Ezekiel has spoken to me. Your insights and wisdom are truly from God. I just can't get enough and am now listening to your series, 'The Father Heart of God'. I am so excited to get into the word to hear what God has spoken through you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lori.

Name: Rasheed Z Baaith
Lives: Lauderhill, Florida USA
Found: The LORD led me to it.
Church: Ark Ministries International
Comments: I find it hard to express how much your sermons have helped me through a very difficult season in my life. Your inspired words of guidance and your teachings allowed me to understand how much I did not understand about Spiritual Warfare. Thank you and may our Savior Christ Jesus continue to bless and keep you always.

Name: Njabulo
Lives: Johannesburg, South Africa
Found: I'm an avid reader and forever searching... I stumbled upon David and loved him.
Church: Holy Ethiopian Church of South Africa
Comments: David Legge has a special way of unpacking, interpreting the scriptures. I was blown away and am forever growing spiritually ever since I came across this amazing man of God!

Name: Ann Griffith
Lives: Barbados
Found: Looking for messages on Ezekiel.
Comments: Glad to have found such a wonderful presentation of this series.

Name: Flavio Raimundo Duarte De Jesus
Lives: Brazil
Comments: I thank God for His love, which has blessed my life with YOUR sermons centered on the Word of God. God bless you greatly.

Name: Ray Nock
Lives: Cardiff
Found: Can't remember now, it was a long time ago, but I bookmarked it at the time.
Church: Ebenezer, Grangetown, Cardiff
Website: (This is my unofficial site for my church, I don't have a personal site)
Comments: Thank you for this great site, I visit it fairly regularly and get an uplift when I listen to your messages, especially when I am feeling down, and I have also recommended it to a young lady I know who hails from Northern Ireland and who loves the Lord, as I also do. It is good to hear the Gospel and the Word preached so faithfully, and not be watered down.

Name: Danny Ikoh
Church: Calvary Bible Church
Comments: I love this site - may GOD continue to reward the owners

Name: Ahmod Ebrahim Nakhooda
Lives: South Africa
Church: Faith Centre, South Africa
Comments: I am an ex-muslim and your words and sermons give me a new lease of life. God bless you pastor, you are very kind and a blessed man. Love from Ahmod in South Africa.

Name: Ronald Stroh
Lives: Sunbury, Pa. USA
Found: Looking on the internet for information on Revelation Chapter 5.
Church: Front Street Christian Assembly (Plymouth Brethren)
Comments: So glad I found your site, I have favorited it on my search engine so I can look back from time to time. God bless you!

Name: Pastor Filemon Martin Hipondoka
Lives: Windhoek, Namibia
Church: Followers of Christ Church, Pentecostal/Charismatic Church
Comments: I love the word because we are living in the last days where sound doctrine has become so scarce in our pulpits. I enjoyed studying your study on the book of 1 Corinthians. I need a study on Ezekiel 47:1-12.

Name: Lyall Phillips
Lives: Port Vincent, South Australia
Found: Iron Hall visit
Church: Port Vincent Uniting (Methodist) Church
Comments: My wife and I remember our visit to one of your evangelistic campaign services in 2012 when we met you. We trust that you are well and prospering in the Lord.

Name: Seth Koranteng Gyamfi
Lives: Ghana
Found: I was surfing the web for sites that I can get good Biblical messages.
Church: The Church of Pentecost
Comments: I am so glad I came across this site. The CDs I ordered came, and the one that touched me most was on 'Sins We Have Sanitized'.

Name: Pastor Shina Akinle
Lives: Lagos, Nigeria
Church: Christ Our Peace Church (el - Yaworah) Lagos, Nigeria.
Comments: I love all your powerful and highly inspired messages. I draw inspiration from them. Thanks and more grease to your elbow.

Name: Wendy
Lives: London UK
Comments: Good Morning, I visited your website this morning after searching for a sermon on the Valley of Baca, Psalm 84, which I was led to read by Holy Spirit during my time of devotion. This psalm has spoken directly into my present experience. I was extremely blessed and encouraged by David Legge's sermon 'Through the Valley' (Part 2) and encourage anyone facing challenges during their Christian journey to read or listen to this message. May God bless and increase this ministry.

Name: Lavyne Hombert
Lives: Summer Village of Sunrise Beach, Alberta, Canada
Church: Christian Fellowship Church; Congregation Beit Mashiach
Comments: Looking forward to some true Biblical teaching!

Name: Gary N Payne
Lives: Bristol, Tennessee
Church: Friendship Baptist
Comments: It is a joy and a blessing to be able to read and study what I have found in all of these studies. Thank you so very much. May God bless you.

Name: John Martin
Lives: London, England
Comments: I have found your sermons to be informative and inspiring, I will continue to use your site.

Name: Ihama Nosakhare Enoch
Lives: Nigeria
Church: The Father's House Church
Comments: Thanks for a great work. Well done!!! The gates of hell shall not prevail over you.

Name: Alexander Delgado
Lives: Miami Florida
Church: St Hughes Catholic Church
Comments: Mr. Legge, I stumbled across your web-site searching the internet over one year ago. Since then I have listened to and downloaded many of your Bible studies. Some of my favorites have been 'Majoring on the Minors' as well as many others. On a daily basis I find myself studying the word of God using one of your studies as a guide. It has been a blessing and I encourage you to continue the great work you are doing. There are many inspirational sermons and preachers delivering topical sermons however you excel in your study series and present a great wealth of knowledge which you share. Don't misunderstand me either, your motivational and topical content is great as well. In the years to come I hope to listen to more of your studies and hopefully in the future can visit your church. My life has been blessed through the word of God and He has used you to assist in helping others better understand the Gospel. God Bless you, your Family and the Church. Your brother in Christ, Alexander Delgado, President Florida Service Computers Corp. Miami, Florida US.

Name: Dr. James A. Billman
Lives: Crowley, Texas, USA
Found: Searching for sermon and teaching seed thoughts.
Church: Crowley Family Fellowship (Baptist)
Comments: I have appreciated the insights and spiritual power from the Bible Studies, sermons and comments from your website. I have made reference to them both in sermons and teaching. Thank you for your commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Name: Kepha Kamau
Lives: Kenya, East Africa
Church: God's Grace For All Nations
Comments: Your work is so encouraging and transforming. God bless.

Name: Frank Ennin
Lives: Ghana
Comments: The audio packs and book I received has blessed me in my Christian life. There were a lot of things I could not understand, but due to the wonderful audio packs I have been blessed with understanding. Praise to God and thanks to David Legge for his wonderful work.

Name: John Gibson
Lives: Hamelin, Germany
Found: UCB Inspirational
Comments: I`ve been living in Germany for over 30 years, about 3 years ago I discovered UCB Inspirational and through them David Legge. My mother and sister still live in Northern Ireland and I visit every other year. God bless, John.

Name: Ann Lister
Lives: Renfrew, Scotland
Found: Through a friend called Liz hawthorne
Church: Albert Road Evangelical
Comments: I have been listening to your sermons and they have helped me tremendously as you teach me how to make my Bible alive and help me to remember God's grace and mercy. I have gone through many valleys in my life and they are not decreasing with age, but I have also been very blessed with 2 sons and 4 grandsons.

Name: Lora Bryant
Lives: USA/Kentucky
Found: Browsing for studies in the book of 3 John.
Church: Middle Creek Baptist Church
Comments: I studied your teaching on the book of 3 John this morning. I've visited your website before, but found this particular teaching to be so in line with some church people that I've seen cause some problems for churches in the past. I am a 67 year old female. I lost my husband of 48 years 1 1/2 years ago. I appreciate your efforts to use the internet to send the Word to everyone. I have always wanted to visit Ireland, but I don't think that will ever be possible. Yet, I am able to visit your website sitting in my home in a very small backwoods area in the state of Kentucky. Thank you so much and God bless your work.

Name: Tim Lynch
Lives: Floresville, Texas
Found: Looking for a study on Habakkuk.
Church: First Baptist Church, Floresville, Texas
Comments: I have a thirst for truth and found it here. The study of Habakkuk has been wonderful. It is presented in a way that I can understand the thoughts and journey Habakkuk was going through during his time. Thank you.

Name: Babalola Olawuwo
Lives: Nigeria
Church: The Redeemed Christian Church of God
Comments: I appreciate you for all the wonderful and heart touching messages on your website. They have been a blessing to me indeed. I want you to keep it up because many people that you don't know, like me, around the world are reading your messages. Please don't relent at all. You are are winning souls to the kingdom unknown to you. Thanks and God bless you.

Name: Lee Bailey
Lives: Vista, California
Found: Google search for 'David Legge'
Church: Calvary Chapel Vista
Comments: THANK YOU for moving me into the strong, firm desire to become a full-time Missionary! Your “'Send', 'Lest'” message moves me to tears nearly every time. So thank you for being such a faithful preacher of the Word. Sincerely, Lee Bailey.

Name: Valence Mushimwe
Lives: Rwanda
Found: While surfing Christian sites, I felt led to open this site.
Church: Bethesda Holy Church (Pentecostal Church)
Comments: I listened to the first sermon on the Habakkuk series yesterday and for the first time I got a good understanding of this book. I was particularly moved by the attitude to boldly and unrelentingly embrace God regardless of the circumstances. I have resolved to listen and read the materials provided on this site. God bless you for your generosity to provide free access to these wonderful Bible studies!

Name: Brad Hirst
Lives: California, USA
Church: Rancho Baptist Church, Temecula CA
Comments: Thank you David - your teaching has been a tremendous blessing. I love the Lord Jesus Christ. These sermons have helped me to see how much God has loved me and at what great cost He has done it!

Name: Noah Zulu
Lives: Johannesburg, South Africa
Comments: I love your sermons, each subject is explained in detail.

Name: Pat Graham
Lives: Niles, MI. USA
Found: A friend.
Comments: I've been studying, reading, learning, growing, being challenged as well as being encouraged by you for the past several years. You are a blessing and I thank you.

Name: Elizabeth Stricklin
Lives: Lindale, Texas
Found: I have listened to David's messages for years. I do not even remember what originally lead me to the site!
Church: Swan Wood Springs United Methodist Church
Comments: My dear brother Legge, I just finished listening to 'Something Old, Something New' and received such beautiful confirmation; the sacred echo of God's heart to His church is to repent of our love affair with our own agendas and to have our eyes opened to 'see the Lord high and lifted up'. Bless your ministry. Thank you for making it so readily available.

Name: Gilbert Aimufua
Lives: Accra, Ghana
Church: The Redeemed Christian Church of God
Comments: I've been blessed by the sermon on 'The Call Of The Master's Voice'.

Name: James McQueen Brown
Lives: Portstewart, Co Londonderry
Church: Portstewart Baptist
Comments: I have been listening and using David's sermons for some time now. I suffer from fibromyalgia, which means when the weather's bad I spend quite a lot of time indoors, so I read when I can and pray a 'Thank You' to the Lord when He speaks to me through David's sermons, along with others I would use. I always try to use pastors who back up everything they preach with the word of God.

Name: Reasonman
Lives: Zimbabwe
Found: I was searching a certain topic on Google, then I just bumped into your site. I enjoyed very much the teachings. As a result I started to read at least one sermon per day and also the Bible study series. My life is changed through this site.
Church: Forward In Faith International Ministries
Comments: People of God you are doing a wonderful thing through your site. As for me I'm really blessed and may you please pray for me...

Name: Lucy Howell
Lives: North Carolina, USA
Church: Richland Creek
Comments: I am unable to attend a church due to primary antibody deficiency. I am too high risk of infection to go there and miss it. This is an illness of isolation. I get my lessons, my church, mostly online. God gives me quiet time and time to study. And I must. I am thankful for my life. If it were not for God, I would be in a real mess. Thank you for being here and so freely available. Be blessed always.

Name: Gabriel Hamlet Oloton
Lives: Benin city, Nigeria
Found: I stumbled upon it online while doing a study on Enoch.
Church: I am a member of Redeemed Christian Church of God
Comments: I was really blessed by the materials I saw on Jude, series 1-7. I am indeed grateful, keep up the good work.

Name: Susan Taylor
Lives: Texas
Found: Researching Huldah the Prophetess.
Church: The Church Without Walls
Comments: Very enlightening for a very controversial subject. Thank you so very much and may God continue to use you to help those seeking truth.

Name: Beverly
Lives: Mississippi, USA
Church: Magnolia Baptist
Comments: Enjoyed reading the transcript on Amos. You could literally feel God's hand upon your words as you taught Scripture. Thank you!

Name: Stephen Burroughs
Lives: France
Found: Google of course!
Church: Assemblée de Frêres, Soyaux, France
Comments: Good to find people and Christians especially who preach the Word, Amen!

Name: Chris Brennan
Lives: Belfast
Found: Through your iTunes Podcast.
Church: Crescent Church, Belfast
Comments: I have really enjoyed listening to your teaching on iTunes. It is wonderful to be able to download it on to my iPod. I have now found your website and the additional resources here. I have just enjoyed watching the first in your teaching series on the presence of God and I could really feel God's presence when watching it. I thank God for your faithful teaching and I will be praying for you. and your ministry. God Bless you.

Name: Glenis A Irwin
Comments: I have always wanted to do an in-depth study on the book of Revelation, and oh what a blessing and challenge the messages have been to me. I just listened to part 12 of the 20 part series, I didn't want to wait until I had heard them all to say 'thank you'.

Name: Linda Gaspar-Evans
Lives: Driftwood, Texas USA
Found: Keith and Kristen Getty
Church: Calvary South, Austin, Texas
Comments: I continue to seek out 'truth' and appreciate your messages that stir my heart, and so I can share and witness to others whose path I cross. May God continue to bless you, your staff and your ministry.

Name: Harry Beattie
Lives: Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Church: Lisburn City Elim
Comments: Thank you, Pastor Legge, for your preaching during our Mission at Lisburn City Elim - it was inspirational. May God continue to bless you in all your work.

Name: Chris
Lives: New Zealand
Comments: At 19 years old, in 2009 I heard the word preached by David Legge, and I put my faith in the Lord. This man is anointed of God.

Name: Stephen Idowu
Lives: Nigeria
Church: The Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG)
Comments: I was studying and as I googled the topic and clicked on it, I went through the message on 'The Garment Of Praise'. Keep up the good work of blessing life. God bless the ministry.

Name: Aida Delgado
Lives: Virginia, USA
Church: Bridge Church
Comments: Bible based, very encouraging, and teaching simple to comprehend and filled with God's truth.

Name: Cynthia Ingram
Lives: Virginia
Church: Calvary United Church of Jesus Christ
Comments: Enjoyed 'The Morning Watch' sermon.

Name: Kyungho Kim
Lives: S. Korea
Church: Sinil Church (Presbyterian)
Comments: I am always thankful for your deep and clear sermons. I am sure you are the servant of Jesus Christ in this age.

Name: Sara Howle
Lives: Texas
Found: Through my Bible study teacher, Lisa
Church: FBC Yantis, Texas
Comments: I'm so thankful for the message David brings. I'm currently in a Bible study, 'Grace Awaking', and David saying over and over 'Grace by Faith' is music to my ears. You've got all us country Texans speaking 'Grace by Faith' with an Irish accent. God bless your ministry, and keep them coming.

Name: David Marden
Lives: Australia
Church: Albany Christian Assembly
Comments: Many thanks to you, David, for your sermons you have online. I often play them when I have certain people who come to our house. In particular I enjoy the Gospel sermons. I pray for you, David, and your family every now and again. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Name: Kolade Victor
Lives: Nigeria
Church: Anglican (Church of Nigeria)
Comments: I love this site. Please keep the work going. May God continually help you and may we all make it to heaven. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Name: Murray Cunningham
Lives: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Found: Googled 'Ezekiel' and up came David Legge
Church: Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church in Victoria
Comments: Dear David: I have been so blessed listening and re-listening to your series on Ezekiel. What an amazing book. I understand a little more of the Glory of God and now that is my desire - to glorify Him in my life every moment of the day and, like Ezekiel, not to say anything that God does not give me to say. Thank you David and God bless you richly. You are an amazing man and I am so thankful to God for discovering you. Murray

Name: James McQueen Brown
Lives: Portstewart, Co Londonderry
Church: Portstewart Baptist
Comments: I have bean doing the study on 'Glimpses of Glory', and I have really enjoyed them. I like the fact that David is using scripture text and verse to explain and leave no doubt where his facts come from, yours in His service, James.

Name: Albert Gadi
Lives: Catalunan Grande, Davao City, Philippines
Church: Christ Liveth In Me Fellowship
Comments: All your sermons are helpful.

Name: Tony Litherland
Lives: Great Barrier Island, New Zealand
Found: Internet search for Bible based teaching
Comments: Thank you for your free Bible expositions, I find them very helpful in my reading of The Word. Tony

Name: Thomas
Lives: South Africa
Church: Central Baptist Church, Pretoria
Comments: I thank you for your site. It is clear a lot of hard work has been done here. I come here fairly often when I get stuck with some piece of scripture and many times I have taken the liberty to use some of your illustrations in my sermons. God bless. Thomas.

Name: JD Graham
Lives: Arkansas
Church: Methodist
Comments: I love to read your sermons. 'Glimpses Of Glory' series is great.

Name: Angela
Lives: Trinidad and Tobago
Church: Good Shepherd Anglican
Comments: Happy am I that I found this site!

Name: Douglas Snow
Lives: Paducah, KY USA
Found: Google search for Ezekiel study.
Church: Southland Baptist Temple
Comments: I have been so blessed these past few weeks as I studied Ezekiel beside your messages. I praise the Lord for gifting some of His children with insights that others such as myself would not have access to without those who teach according to the leading of the Spirit. I look forward to studying alongside you in the future and welcome the day we can worship Him together!

Name: Mary Butler
Lives: Florence, S.C.
Church: Florence Bible Chapel
Comments: Listening to your series on 'The Solemn Assembly', what a great message. We need you here David, we need this type of message, being taught this way!! I will be listening to your other messages, they will bless my soul, I'm sure! May God bless you and the reading of His word. May God receive all the glory He deserves!! Amen, Your sister in the Lord Jesus Christ, Mary Butler

Name: Moffat Misikui
Lives: Solomon Islands
Church: South Seas Evangelical Church
Comments: I am a pastor, I'm pleased to have found this website with the wonderful sermons and resources.

Name: Eliki Kurunaivalu
Lives: Fiji
Found: By asking one question.
Church: Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship
Comments: Thanks for allowing me to be part of your ministry.

Name: Gary Bowers
Lives: Jacksonville, FL
Church: First Baptist Church, Orange Park
Comments: My wife of 43+ years entered into glory on August 3, 2014. After her funeral, I became distressed over the Matthew 22 passage. After doing some internet searches I came across your site and listened to your Sermon #5 in the 'Glimpses of Glory' series. It gave me great peace and I listen to it often even now. I have had an opportunity to share it with others that have had a recent loss of a spouse and they find comfort as well. I look forward to spending time with you in Heaven (after you meet up with ole CH or AW), Gary.

Name: Gary Wagner
Lives: McAllen, Texas
Church: First Baptist Church, Center, TX
Comments: Decided to do a study on Ephesians. I love the material on the Preach the Word website, so I'll use your material. Thank you and may the Lord bless...

Name: C. Osei
Lives: United States
Comments: This message is encouraging, it has given me a new perspective on the truth that God is our 'refuge'. I particularly like your explanation of Jonah in the belly of the fish. I am facing many hurdles, but I'm encouraged because each of them is a refuge for me. Thanks. God bless.

Name: Dante Joubert
Lives: South Africa
Found: Someone from my local congregation downloaded your sermons 'Malachi's Modern Message'.
Church: Weltevreden Chapel
Comments: Hi, I recently went through the series 'Malachi's Modern Message' and I found it a real blessing and a challenge to me. Thank you for your continued ministry.

Name: Daniel Lee
Lives: I live in Feltham, Middlesex
Comments: It's been a blessing to hear and read your messages. I am to speak on 'Encountering God' and I looked up the subject.

Name: Ken Hazelton
Lives: Tacoma, WA
Found: Web search on church divisions in 1st Corinthians.
Church: I attend Living Grace, Tacoma, WA
Comments: Thank you so much for your preaching from the Word of God. I am blessed to have discovered your sermons and to be able to listen to them all. Sincerely, Ken Hazelton.

Name: Christine Caudill
Lives: Maryland, America
Church: Crossroads Community Church
Comments: I just wanted to let you know what a blessing your message was for me this morning. Though the one I listened to was from 2009 ('No Condemnation'), it was in perfect season for me. God had laid that verse on my heart this morning, and since I chose not to 'go out' to church today, I still wanted to hear the word. Your message was incredibly encouraging. I struggle with these particular issues, probably particularly because my father died when I was 6 and my 'step-family' proved on a daily basis how much they hated me and how, for their requirements, I was never good enough. Though I have been saved for many decades now, I still struggle with feeling constantly condemned for any and every little thing. I am praying that this message will root itself in my heart and grow to overflowing so that I may walk with my head up and truly feel like God loves me. Thank you so much for your sermon and ministry. I plan to return as often as I can. May God continue to richly bless you.

Name: James McQueen Brown
Lives: Portstewart, Co Londonderry
Church: Portstewart Baptist
Comments: I remember hearing David preach many years ago when I was young in the faith. I was invited by a brother to come along and listen. As I'm only interested in studying and listening to sound biblical teaching, i know from experience that's what I will receive from

Name: Pam Keightley
Lives: Christchurch, New Zealand
Found: YouTube
Church: North City Christchurch
Comments: I have just finished listening to your sermon on the belt of truth and the breastplate of righteousness. I have thought about God's armour a lot but I have haven't heard it this clearly! Thank you! Your speaking has great power but also much gentleness. I have just realised in myself that I had felt rejected even before I was born and then was consequently abused by my mother. She is no longer alive, but I had forgiven her before she died. In acknowledging this I feel free inside and am looking forward to the future.

Name: Laureen Johnson
Lives: South Bend, Indiana, USA
Found: A friend introduced me to it.
Church: Christian Life Center South Bend
Comments: I am very thankful I was introduced to this web site and the rich resources available here. It has truly enriched my life and encouraged me in the ministry that I am called to.

Name: Wilson Gonsalves
Lives: Italy
Comments: Thank you very much for the pure teaching. It helps me to have a Christ-like attitude. John 8:32. God bless you.

Name: William Akrofi
Lives: Ghana
Church: The Church of Pentecost
Comments: I am very excited to be added to this fellowship. I hope God will use me in His kingdom's business as He is using you. Thank you once again.

Name: Tom Connors
Lives: Pacific Grove, CA, USA
Church: Pastor, New Hope Community Church
Comments: I want to thank you for the genuine spirit of Christ in your generosity in supplying these valuable resources for free. Your preaching and knowledge of Christ is being powerfully communicated. Thank you so much brother. Keep up the good work.