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Name: PK
Lives: USA
Church: Pentecostal
Comments: God bless you Pastor. I am going through a very challenging time (I am a Doctoral student, lost my scholarship and homeless). I became hopeless and wanted to commit suicide. During my search online, I came across your Bible teachings on Nehemiah. I started studying and realized there is hope for me. I am gradually regaining my confidence in the Lord as I pore over the teachings. Hopefully, I will come over to Europe one day and say 'Hello' to you before we all meet the Lord in Heaven.

Name: Kelsey Gibson
Lives: Gautier, Mississippi USA
Church: I am a Christian and member of a Baptist Church
Comments: Preach The Word is such a blessing to me - thanks to all who make it possible for me to receive the sound teaching of David Legge.

Name: Macaulay Akinbami
Lives: Canada
Found: Looking for truth
Comments: Thank you. I am being blessed from listening to the collections of the provided Gospel truth. Jesus died for me, I am daily trusting in His (Jesus) mercy.

Name: Brad Hirst
Lives: Murrieta, California
Found: I don't know, but I thank God for it!
Church: Rancho Baptist Church, Temecula CA
Comments: Dear Pastor Legge, I only want you to know that God has spoken to me so clearly. This morning I listened to message #3 in the series 'Sins We Have Sanitized'. Only God could have answered the questions I had so clearly and timely. So it is God whom I praise. But I thank Him for using you to deliver the message. Yours in Christ, Brad Hirst - Gal 2:20.

Name: James Brown
Lives: Portstewart
Church: Portstewart Baptist
Comments: I have heard David preach when I was restored as a backslider some 20 years ago and found him to be a great blessing, so I decided to put his name in when I started to use the computer.

Name: Jim McFarland
Lives: Auburn CA
Church: CrossRoads Christian Church South Campus
Comments: My wife and I were born again Easter Sunday 1984. I work as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor at a Faith Based treatment facility here. As the Director I'm responsible to make sure the secular curriculum is woven with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are both disabled with the potential for multiple surgeries on our backs and necks. Please pray for us, that we continue to glorify God in all we do and say, whereever He leads us. We are blessed with all the sermons we have read and listened to. I would highly recommend people make CDs of the audio files and wash themselves with the water of His word - trusting that faith comes by hearing and by hearing the Word of God - in their cars, home, etc, and watch God transform your life!

Name: Frans Arthur
Lives: Ghana-Ashaiman
Found: Searching for Bible Sermons
Church: The Church of Pentecost, Salem Assembly Ashaiman-Zenu
Comments: God richly bless you Pastor David for the spreading of the Gospel. You have been an inspiration to me personally. God bless you

Name: Benjamin Licorish
Lives: Barbados
Church: Faith and Word Assembly
Comments: May God bless you in your personal life as well as in your ministry. Good work.

Name: Helga Page
Lives: Oswestry
Found: UCB
Church: St John's Weston Rhyn
Comments: Good to hear such sound, uplifting life-giving teaching - thank you. Praise God our Lord and Saviour.

Name: Scott Morse
Lives: San Marcos,TX
Found: Internet search for MP3s
Church: The Springs, San Marcos TX
Comments: I am stabilized and comforted especially by the series on Mark (all 57) and Ruth. At this point I can even translate for my fellow Texans. Your earnest pleas for holiness are encouraging. I also learn how to organize and present knowledge through your sermons. Your seriousness, carefulness and clarity are inspiring. Also your versatility, and your readiness to declare the power of God's Spirit while keeping a sober doctrine and attitude. Thank you.

Name: Lucie
Lives: United States
Found: Web Search on Spiritual Warfare.
Comments: David's preaching has been a blessing to me! I am doing a study of the Armour of God. I am thankful for how it has helped me to grow spiritually. Thank you for allowing his sermons to be accessed on the web. I have emailed links/sermons to a family member who is also studying/learning about the Armour of God as well. Blessings to you and this ministry.

Name: Beryl Hodgetts
Lives: Romsley, Nr. Halesowen, West Midlands, B62 OET
Found: Via UCB 2
Church: Catshill Baptist Church, Nr. Bromsgrove, Worcs.
Comments: I have listened to David's talks on UCB2 and have been very blessed by them. I love to hear of speakers I have never come across before and grab my pen to try and not miss a name. At 78 there is so much to learn! Reading my Bible I am always finding it amazing and forever new. The Lord is good and I praise Him for His wonderful love and saving grace. He is the best. When I see His wonderful creation with all the beauty of the earth day by day I cannot help but praise and thank Him. He loves us so much.

Name: Richard Lodwick
Lives: USA, Ohio
Found: Many years ago - Google
Church: Ceasarea Baptist
Comments: Thanks so much for continuing to put sermons and studies online. As I travel in the Prison Ministry and preach at Church, they are tremendous food for me, especially as I listen in the van traveling to and from prisons. No wasted moments!

Name: Todd Whirley
Lives: Baton Rouge, LA USA
Church: New Covenant Church
Comments: I just discovered your ministry, David. Had to drop you a line and tell you how much God has blessed me through your preaching. A hearty thanks also to whoever is assisting you in transcribing the messages. What a lovely blessing to the body of Christ! In 2017, I will be in the UK/Europe and will definitely try to visit your church on my visit. Thank you for serving the Lord so faithfully and zealously.

Name: James Smith
Lives: Liverpool
Found: Came across it while searching for Mark's Gospel Bible studies.
Church: Bethany Gospel Hall
Comments: I like this web site and find it very helpful and uplifting. I felt very connected and a little moved by your preaching. I had a feeling of calmness and at times exhilaration, my emotions were everywhere; overwhelmed and connected to Jesus. Glad I stumbled across your web site, I've been through so many, and this by far, it speaks for itself. Thank you and God bless.

Name: Gary Bowers
Lives: Orange Park, FL
Church: First Baptist Church, Orange Park
Comments: My wife of nearly 44 years went to glory about 18 months ago. Pastor Legge's 'Glimpses of Glory' series especially sermon number 5 has brought me comfort.

Name: Esme
Lives: Cape Town, South Africa
Church: AFM
Comments: Good, good spiritual food - excellent teachings that help me to grow in the Word.

Name: Kabwe Chishiba
Lives: Lusaka, Zambia
Church: Book Of Life
Comments: Thank you, Pastor Legge, for sharing the word of God. I have greatly benefited from your sermons, especially the series on 'Mountain Moving Faith' and the current one, 'The Jacob Enigma', please continue and may God richly bless you with more revelation, knowledge and wisdom. In Jesus' name!!

Name: Beryl Hodgetts
Lives: Romsley, Nr. Halesowen, West Midlands
Found: Listening to UCB
Church: Catshill Baptist Church Nr. Bromsgrove, Worcs.
Comments: I wish to thank David Legge for his daily talks which I always find to be a blessing. My mother used to tell me of the meetings she used to attend locally in the 1930's when Edward Jeffreys preached and she saw many miracles. I praise our Great God for His love, grace and mercy to me. He is a faithful God.

Name: Elizabeth Scott
Lives: Ballyronan, Co Londonderry
Church: Magherafelt Baptist
Comments: I have been truly blessed, encouraged and transformed by the preaching of your word as I listen on my iPad. This past week I have attended the Tobermore Bible Study and heard David in person and again, what can I say, what a mighty blessing - the Spirit of God truly was present with us throughout the week. Thank you David for your faithfulness in delivering God's message. I have been challenged and encouraged. Thank you, Andrew, for your faithfulness and being willing to let God use you also in this ministry on the technical side of the website.

Name: Gwendolyn
Lives: Sevierville, TN
Found: Searching the web for sound biblical sermons.
Church: Victory Baptist Church
Comments: I thoroughly enjoyed your series on the Beatitudes. I used a few points in my Women's Sunday School Class. You had a completely different perspective on this passage than I had prepared, but it made the lessons richer. Thank you for being true to the Gospel.

Name: Gabriel Arome
Lives: Nigeria
Church: United Evangelical Church
Comments: I can not thank you enough for going out of your way to send me the DVDs of most of the messages you have there. I must confess sincerely that I have greatly learnt from the messages I've listened to so far. These messages are nothing but raw truths preached by a passionate evangelist and teacher. I recommend that anyone (believers and unbelievers too) who is looking for answers, who really want to know all the truth there is, should visit and learn from the numerous teachings here.

Name: Bill Holloway
Lives: Drumbo, near Lisburn
Church: Newtownbreda Baptist Church
Comments: Blessings David. Thank you for your ministry in Newtownbreda Baptist Church.

Name: Zalmon Ogwuisen
Lives: Nigeria
Church: Christ Army Church of Nigeria
Comments: I thank God for what you are doing to help people know about Jesus, making us better preachers of the Gospel.

Name: Joe
Lives: Sweden
Church: Vallhov Church
Comments: Hi, I have been listening to David's sermons for two months now. I have grown spiritually and to know the Lord more and more each day and His blessings. May God bless David and his family. Regards, Joe.

Name: Jimmie McChristial
Lives: Counce, Tennessee USA
Church: First Baptist Church
Comments: I am a new pastor and was looking for some information on a Solemn Assembly to preach on in the church. I came across this sermon by Bro. David Legge that I read that really moved me and helped me see where God was leading me. Thank you for allowing me to view this teaching. It has greatly spoken to my spirit! Blessings!

Name: Norbert
Lives: Mauritius
Church: Assembly of God
Comments: Dear Pastor Legge, I would like to thank you for the prompt delivery of the CDs I ordered from your website. I received them yesterday and am anxiously waiting to find time to sit down, relax and listen to a maximum number of sermons, undisturbed. As a preacher, I am sure I'll immensely benefit from your teachings as they will, undoubtedly, help me get a better grasp of God's precious Word. I'll, of course, come back for more CDs to feed my ministry. May the LORD bless you even more abundantly as you labour for Him. Yours in Christ, Norbert.

Name: Johny Alvarez
Lives: Piat, Cagayan, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Found: I was trying to look for a sermon outline on the net when I browsed about your site, and it helps me a lot.
Church: A member of a local Bible Baptist Church
Comments: I am so grateful for your ministry. It helps me grow with my faith in God. It makes me enthusiastic about leading others to Christ.

Name: Ganchuimei
Lives: India, North- East
Church: Rongmei Baptist Church
Comments: I pray and believe that this will help others as I was. Thank you.

Name: Timothy Makanji
Lives: Kenya
Church: Friends Church (Quakers)
Comments: May Almighty God give you wisdom and understanding us you minister the word of God to the world.

Name: Kim Rains
Lives: Jacksboro, Tennessee, USA
Found: I was looking for teaching on the book of Revelation.
Church: First Independent Baptist Church
Comments: Enjoyed listening and will listen again. Great teaching and preaching!

Name: Delano De Wayne Vanover
Lives: USA
Found: DuckDuckGo search engine
Church: Assembly of God
Comments: Searching for answers so that I may become enriched in Jesus Christ. I found sustenance in listening to your sermon 'The Hardened Heart'. Now looking forward to partaking of all your sermons. I believe your sermons will give me a correct Christian foundation, and guide me to salvation. Amen, Praise Almighty God for Jesus Christ the Son of God and the hope of salvation, Amen.