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Name: Pamela Juma
Lives: Nairobi, Kenya
Church: Anglican Church of Kenya, Christ The King Church
Comments: I thank God for you. I have been really blessed by your word on Faith. Looking forward to more expositions. God bless you abundantly.

Name: Jeff LaVigne
Lives: Dallas, Texas
Church: Adat Shalom, Dallas, Texas
Comments: My best friend, Jessie Maridith, gave me the CD of “Deep Healing”. Thanks David! If you're in Dallas, stop buy Adat for a visit, fellowship and dinner.

Name: Patricia S Graham
Lives: West End
Comments: I thank GOD for HIS WORD. I thank GOD for the preaching of HIS WORD. I thank GOD for your ministry in JESUS' NAME. May HE give you increase in all things pertaining to life and godliness.

Name: Lucius Morse
Lives: Ponchatoula, Louisiana United States
Church: Pastor of New Hope Pentecostal Church
Comments: I am thankful there are websites as yours to follow for new thoughts and more understanding of the Word of God as I have never attended a Bible seminary/school.

Name: Filemon Hipondoka
Lives: Windhoek, Namibia
Church: Followers of Christ Church
Comments: I enjoy your preaching and teaching. May the Lord give you more to give us.

Name: Homer Comer
Lives: Marion, Ohio
Church: Liberty United Methodist
Comments: Just found you, but love the sermons and will follow your site.

Name: Eliodoro Contreras
Church: Tehillah Ministries Inc
Comments: Loved your teaching on the Abrahamic covenant.

Name: Sarah Melvin
Lives: Newtownards
Comments: Love the new website! Contemporary and accessible. Good job!

Name: Timothy Gallagher
Lives: Orlando, Florida
Found: Searching for sound biblical teaching, and preaching.
Church: North Park in Orlando, Florida.
Comments: I have been associated with your calling to Christ's ministry for a little while now, and just love what God has done in your heart, David. I will continue to be a part of this through prayer, and seeking God's direction for you. Love you!

Name: Fyodor
Lives: Glasgow
Comments: Love the look of the new website, very modern, sleek and professional looking, but above all very user friendly. God's blessings on all involved.

Name: Annette Butler
Lives: Trinidad
Found: Many many years ago randomly
Church: Faith Hope and Love Centre
Comments: Andrew, may God continue to shower you with His grace and mercy as you continue the excellent work. Congrats on the development of the new website. Convey my love and thanks to David. I love him and you. May God bless your families. And thanks for everything.

Name: Michael Asare-Bediako
Lives: Takoradi, Ghana
Found: I found your ministry on the Internet in 2006 when I was a student in Scotland.
Church: The Redeemed Christian Church of God
Comments: I personally thank God for the life of Pastor David Legge and his family. Though I've not met him before, he is my spiritual father. He is a teacher sent from God to be a blessing to humanity and the church. I pray that one day God will help me to meet this great man of God whose ministry has and will continue to be a blessing to me and my congregation. God richly bless my father in the Lord and my mentor Pastor David Legge.

Name: Judith
Lives: Portadown
Church: Portadown Baptist
Comments: New site looking good Andrew! Behold I make all things new!

Name: Kenneth and Eleanor
Lives: Portadown
Church: Portadown Baptist
Comments: Good job Andrew, new site looks well! May God use it mightily, Love Mum and Dad.

Name: Rev. Richard Eliud Owusu
Lives: Ghana
Church: Calvary Light Chapel International
Comments: May God bless you. I need more of your sermons!

Name: Liam Barr
Lives: Derry
Comments: Was nice to see David at Nutts Corner on Saturday. His prayer was truly touching, it was from the heart. I had a good day at 'It's Time' event praying for our land. David, I was the man in the wheelchair who spoke to you after it was finished. Our God is good.

Name: Pst. Moses Chagumi
Lives: Nigeria
Church: Church Of Christ In Nations
Comments: Your website is a blessing to me. I was making a search on 'a glasshouse Christian' in June 2017, then I discovered your sermon series from 3rd John, and it's a blessing.

Name: Stephanie Smith
Lives: United States, Hickory Flat, Mississippi
Church: Calvary Baptist Church, Horn Lake, MS
Comments: I absolutely loved your sermon on Rizpah, I have been going through the Bible studying women of the Bible and she is one of the my most admired women of the Old Testament. I am going to be searching for other women as well and I hope to find some of them in your sermons. Thank you so much for making these available!

Name: Evelyn
Lives: Sydney, Australia
Found: Heard your sermon in a church (Sydney).
Church: Emmanuel Baptist Church
Comments: Pastor David, it was a blessing to listen to your sermons. I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for His gift to you in preaching His Word. If the Lord is willing, I hope my husband and I will visit you in Ireland one day.

Name: Bro. Bryan W Ming
Lives: Bermuda
Church: NTCOG
Comments: May God bless. Looking for a sermon one night, I came to 'A Call To The Master'. It was a blessing.

Name: Kjell Nilsson
Lives: Sweden
Church: Pentecostal
Comments: Indeed very good teaching from the book of Ezekiel.

Name: Sebenzile
Lives: South Africa
Church: Assemblies of God
Comments: Greetings Saints in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I want to thank this site, it has been helpful. I have been visiting for the past two years, all the sermons are helpful, but the one that has helped me a lot is the one called 'Deliverance from the Spirit of Heaviness'.

Name: Miss S A McGeady
Lives: Portsmouth originally from Derry N. I.
Found: I accidentally came across it a few years ago.
Church: City Life Church, Portsmouth UK
Comments: I love listening to the sermons from David, in a strange way they help me plug into Ireland. Remain Blessed, Shonagh.

Name: Pamela S. Smith
Lives: Butler
Found: Searched for 'expository preaching'
Church: Westminster Presbyterian Church in America
Comments: LOVE David's preaching/teaching! I've been listening for a few years and recommend your site to friends and family and on Facebook. I hope others discover this wonderful resource!! I like how David causes me to examine myself, how thoroughly he explains God's Word, and how he doesn't sugar-coat the truth. He sticks to the topic and doesn't tell cutesy stories. I always learn something from his teachings and find it useful to listen more than once to really absorb all the points.

Name: Richard Evans
Lives: South Wales
Found: I often read David Legge on my Kindle.
Church: New Inn Congregational church Near Pontypool, Croesyceiliog, South Wales.
Comments: I'm grateful to the Lord to find a 'sermon site' and a minister in whom the Lord dwells.

Name: Boris Quinonez
Lives: San Francisco
Church: Sion Assemblies of God
Comments: About a week ago I wanted to search more into the subject of revival and God directed me to this site. I'd like to learn more about your sermons, writings and the like.

Name: Ishana Chambers
Lives: St. Ann, Jamaica
Found: Was searching for ways to study the Bible
Comments: I just want to thank you guys for this amazing website, it really is informational and pretty straight forward and easy to access, love the lessons - especially the audio versions. Thank you David, and I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family and your ministry to give you all the strength to continue this ministry.

Name: Nathaniel Woodeward Antwi Godslean
Lives: Ghana
Church: Methodist
Comments: It has really been a blessing to know David Legge. I have been a blessing to others after I discovered this site.

Name: B. Samraj
Lives: Tamil Nadu, South India
Church: Independent
Comments: This is very useful in our ministry. Thank God for this ministry, and I will pray for it.

Name: Susan W Braxton
Lives: Greenville
Church: Emmanuel Holiness
Comments: This is a great site I just know I'm going to learn so much. Thank you and God bless you.

Name: Stefan Helmer
Lives: San Francisco, California
Found: The Spirit...
Church: Former Jehovah's Witness
Comments: Hello David Legge, I can't begin to explain the impact that your ministry has had on my life. I was a Jehovah's Witness for over 35 years and this website and David's sermons are one of the BIGGEST REASONS I was able to break free from that horrendous stronghold and come to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior! Thank you so very much and God bless!

Name: Fyodor
Lives: Scotland
Comments: My dear Brother in the Lord, just to say thank you for your ministry. I am in awe of your consistency. God bless you, and those that support the ministry here.

Name: General M Dhliwayo
Lives: Mpumalanga RSA (South Africa)
Church: Divine Tabernacle of God
Comments: Isaiah 59:19 says that when the enemy comes like a flood, God is going to raise a standard. I think God is using you in this generation, in short: keep up the good work. I am inspired and motivated from your sermons. I will continue to learn from you, no doubt about that. I love you with the love of the Lord. Jesus says: 'If you love me feed my sheep'. Stay blessed.

Name: Terri Sinclair
Lives: Bowling Green, Florida USA
Church: New Beginnings Worship Center
Comments: I was browsing for a definition to a word in the Bible and your site came up and so I was looking through and found your study on Ezekiel and now I am on the second part. I am so happy that I found this site. This study is good. Thank you for doing this.

Name: Sebenzile Voyi
Lives: South Africa
Church: Assemblies of God
Comments: Dear Sir or Madam, my name is Sebenzile. I am saved, I have been following your site, it has been a blessing to me as it helps me to grow spiritually. May the Lord richly bless you as you helped us!

Name: Arnaldo Santiago
Lives: Philippines
Church: God of all Grace Church
Comments: 'Preach the Word' ministry has been a blessing to me in many ways. David has showed himself a 'Man of God' who is rightly teaching the Word of Truth. Blessings!

Name: Ray Pulman
Lives: London
Church: New Community Sidcup
Comments: Hi David, so blessed by your message on UCB2 this morning. I was one of those flightless waddling ducks for much of my Christian life. Praise God that I found life in the Spirit a few years ago now and delight to exercise my wings. God bless you for your ministry.

Name: Pamela Moorehead
Lives: Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Found: Knowing David as a Bible teacher/preacher
Church: Elim
Comments: Always blessed by hearing God's word through David. It is easy to see David's devotion to God in giving of himself to study, preaching and teaching.

Name: David Hoy
Lives: Armoy
Church: Connect Centre, Ballymoney
Comments: So inspired by your message 'The Disruptive Jesus' perfect timing for me personally, thank you.

Name: Glenn Batchelor
Lives: Dungannon
Found: David told us at church.
Church: Lifeboat Fellowship
Comments: Thank for sharing the word of God.

Name: Pastor Phinehas
Lives: Pakistan
Church: Pakistan Churches of Christ
Comments: Thank you very much for our help through the word of God. We are so blessed. May God bless you. Love from Pakistan. IN HIM, Pastor Phinehas.

Name: Bostiog Stefan
Lives: Romania
Found: I discovered this site while searching for Christian books for Kindle format.
Church: Pentecostal Church 'Betleem', Buzau
Comments: I'm glad that I discovered this site. It's a blessing for me as a young minister. Thank you.

Name: Peter Seong
Lives: Australia
Church: Dianella Church of the Nazarene
Comments: Hello Pastor David, Thank you for your precious preaching ministry. I would like to keep studying your teaching and preaching and want to apply it in my ministry and Christian journey. God's many blessings, Peter Seong.

Name: Donald Holcomb
Lives: WVa, U.S.A.
Found: Search for Ireland ministers.
Church: God Walks Among Men
Comments: Truly the Holy Spirit walks in believers the world over, as Jesus said He would send. Your message on Moses lifted me, encouraged me, looking forward to the next part. From a brother in faith. BE BLESSED.

Name: Pamela Annette Vincent
Lives: United States
Found: Google search for Sanballat the Mocker - took me to your Nehemiah study.
Church: Christian Living Fellowship
Comments: I have enjoyed reviewing your website and I love, love, love the fact that all of your material is free. I am currently unemployed and have basically no funds but your website is a fabulous source of free food for the soul.

Name: Yvonne Reeve
Lives: Bangor, Co Down
Found: While looking for studies on Habakkuk.
Church: Bangor Free Presbyterian
Comments: Being blessed through the studies in Habakkuk. So thankful for clear teaching in these messages.

Name: Anastra McBride
Lives: Birmingham, England
Found: I was surfing the internet to find teachings on Ezekiel and David Legge came up so I started listening to podcasts since then.
Church: River of Life Church, Ladywood, Birmingham.
Comments: I am so blessed by Pastor David Legge's teachings and fire for the Lord. We need that fire and that passion today in our pulpits. It's really hard to find a true man of God in these last days who teaches the word of God accurately and boldly. I pray that God will continue to pour out His grace and love towards you and your family and church as we wait for the blessed hope of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I hope to one day be in your church to hear your sermon live.

Name: Rajendra Mathew Fortes
Lives: Goa, India
Found: Just browsing for sermons
Comments: Like your sermons and the topics covered. God Bless.

Name: Jeff LaVigne
Lives: Oak Cliff, suburb of Dallas, Texas
Church: Adat Shalom Messianic Congregation
Comments: Listening to David teach, I appreciate the special gifts God has given to all people in the different capacities that He has. So often we long for the gifts of others. How wonderful it is when we use the skill God has given to us and we use it to His glory. Classroom study has been very difficult for me and without 'spell check' this would be very evident. My gift is skill with my hands in the mechanical field, however I enjoy reading about Ireland, seeing pictures of the land and the houses, the different seasons in Ireland. During our church dinner which is called 'Oneg' I really enjoy the stories of several who have traveled to and have families in Ireland. I hope to visit. In closing, thank you David Legge, your friends and family for work well done and that we might all 'Preach the Word'. "Now all y'all come on down here to Texas and I'll show you round the town!".

Name: Lorretta Davis
Lives: Michigan, United States
Found: Google search for a verse by verse Bible study.
Church: Life Renewal Church
Comments: Life Renewal Church's Bible study class is currently in the book of Ephesians. I have found your series on Ephesians to be a great reinforcement of my studies. When God's word is preached true to the scripture, the message is consistent.

Name: Nancy Weekley
Lives: Laurel Hill, Florida, USA
Church: Campton Assembly of God
Comments: Listened to and ENJOYED your sermon, 'Blessing or Cursing'. I disassociated myself from my families' connection to Masonry in this community years ago. Our story is much too complicated to explain. My Dad (a Mason) died this past July 2016. Because of this sermon, I burned everything associated with Masonry that I found in this house. My husband and I are truly blessed and desire to be fully obedient to God. Thank you for your ministry. May you be blessed and continue to preach God's Word in Jesus' name.

Name: H. (Hue) D. Landers
Lives: Born in Florida, Live in Alabama, USA
Church: Grace Baptist Church
Comments: I found this sermon site a long time ago, but lost track of it in a move from one house to another and have not reconnected to it for some reason that I just don't know. I was once again surfing for some good sermons and found it again. I am disabled (but not quite home bound) so I am glad to find an old friend again.

Name: Johan van den Heever
Lives: Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Church: Members in Christ
Comments: I am a Pastor and I enjoy the website - it's like manna from heaven!

Name: Jackson Maleya
Lives: Nairobi, Kenya
Found: Searching for more about Forgiveness.
Church: Calvary Restoration Church
Comments: Good sermons, well elaborated. I will be using some of them to teach my congregation.

Name: Francisco Pereira
Lives: Marilia, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Church: Baptist
Comments: I'm reading the translated sermons. You have built me up a lot. Shalom.

Name: Margaret Tollett
Lives: Lakeland, Florida
Found: Searching for a Bible study online.
Church: Have been attending a Pentecostal Church, no home church at this time.
Comments: Grateful to find a Bible Study! I do not claim a denomination, I am a Christian, but I know a lot of them that I am not due to their not believing that Christ is the Messiah. Just discovered your site and wanted to say thank you for providing it online.

Name: Natalie
Lives: Bethlehem, PA, USA
Found: By doing a search on 'Back to Basics'.
Comments: Thank you for this web site. I am 72 year old stroke patient and I read a lot. Your website has taught me a lot. God bless you.

Name: Ron Bell
Lives: Born in N. Ireland, living in The Netherlands
Church: Baptist Church, Hardenberg
Comments: I would just like to thank you. Trust that the Lord will continue to bless you in His ministry. His time is nigh! I wish you all God's richest blessings throughout the New Year! Your brother in Christ Jesus, Ron.

Name: Leslie Thais
Lives: Brazil, USA
Found: While searching for God
Church: Trinity Baptist
Comments: I thank God often for the ministry He is doing through you.

Name: Benjamin Licorish
Lives: Barbados
Comments: May God continue to bless your ministry as you preach the (full) Gospel.

Name: Ruth
Lives: Hampshire, UK
Found: UCB radio
Church: Christchurch
Comments: I've heard it said 'Most people think they know their limits, but only when you've been truly tested, do you know who you are' (ex SAS soldier). My faith has been tested to the limits in the past few years, and I see others experiencing it too. 'Holy Violence' sermon spoke loads to me, as it confirms the way ahead 'our battle is not against flesh and blood', and we need a soldier's attitude to faith and prayer. We must also support the 'battle wounded' and faithful spiritual warriors in our midst, lest they fall away. May God continue to speak through your ministry and supply all your needs.

Name: Charles Kasonde
Lives: Solwezi, Zambia
Church: Bethlehem Bible Baptist Church
Comments: May the Lord bless you richly for what you are doing, for reaching people's souls through the sermons.

Name: Kristina
Lives: Kentucky, United States
Church: First Alliance Christian Missionary Alliance
Comments: Wow, I must say, I've not seen any page with as many topics to study as yours, how incredibly comprehensive. I am a serious student of the LORD who just can't get enough. The only thing I want to do ALL day long is study the Bible, do workbook Bible studies, or listen to sermons. I'm kind of weird like that.

Name: Verne Billy
Lives: Indonesia
Church: GMAHK Church
Comments: I am very blessed when I read the sermons on this website.

Name: Simeon Dangmeih
Lives: Imphal, India
Church: Puiluan Baptist church
Comments: I am very happy to write down a few words to say that I really enjoyed reading the words of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, from your ministry 'Preach The Word', the Bible ministry of David Legge. May the good God bless the ministry richly. Thanking you.

Name: Gordon Bowker
Lives: Sawyerville, QC, CA
Church: Baptist
Comments: I have been blessed immensely by your messages. It is becoming increasingly difficult for this 91 year old Christian to attend church services. I have known the Savior since 1938. Keep up the good work!

Name: Macharia
Lives: Kenya
Comments: I do appreciate your sermons, especially the one on 'The Fear Of The Lord'.

Name: Andy Ripley
Lives: From USA - Missionary in Goiania, Brasil - The Source Ministries
Found: Random happy accident on Google search for 'Preaching The Word'
Church: Comunidade International Da Palavra - new church plant
Comments: I am very happy to have found your site - the resources are very helpful. I am a missionary in a city that is starved for the sound teaching of the Bible. Thanks! Thanks!

Name: Angel Nally
Lives: United States
Church: New and Lively Hope
Comments: My husband and I are always so blessed by your messages. Thank you for your obedience to our Lord. Your passion for Jesus is encouraging and always leading to the examination of the heart.

Name: Ronald Appiagyei
Lives: Accra, Ghana, West Africa
Church: Global Resurrection Mission
Comments: I need more of your messages. I have given my whole life to Christ and I'm ever ready to work for His name's sake.

Name: Phyllis Osborn
Lives: Maggie Valley, North Carolina, USA
Found: I had been studying Daniel with Dr. David Jeremiah and wanted to learn about Ezekiel and searched the web for info and found Pastor Legge.
Church: Cornerstone Fellowship in Waynesville, NC USA.
Comments: After 69 years, I decided I needed to know more about the Old Testament in reference to Christ. I love watching Dr. David Jeremiah on TV. He had a series on Daniel that I followed eagerly and discovered so much about God through this study, and Christ as the Messiah spoken of by Daniel. I then decided I needed more and wanted to study more prophets and did a web search to find a pastor who had online sermons on Ezekiel and that is how I found you and You made the book of Ezekiel come alive and I loved it so much and then Malachi and now Nehemiah. Our pastor is currently preaching on Ezra/Nehemiah. I love your messages and plan to study as many of them as I can. Thank you so much for all you have done in my life - I tell everyone about With much love and affection, Phyllis Osborn.

Name: G.W. Strother
Lives: Brazoria
Found: Surfing the web looking for studies on the Beatitudes.
Church: Churchill First Baptist
Comments: As a pastor there is always more I can learn from others. There is much godly teaching in these lessons from the Beatitudes that will bring 'blessedness' if we just follow our Lord's way. Thank you, brother David. It is sad that these wonderful words of Jesus we read in these 3 chapters have such little meaning or relevance in our world today. It is especially true here in the U.S. God be merciful to us, sinners.

Name: Carol Carey
Lives: West Belfast
Comments: I am so thankful God has raised up someone who preaches the full word of God. What a blessing to God's people to have this material at their hands which is much needed within the body of Christ. Thank you, David Legge, for preaching the whole truth.

Name: Lydia Bastian
Lives: Nassau, Bahamas
Found: Doing research on praise and it popped up online.
Church: Whosoever Will Ministries
Comments: It just so happens that I stumbled on this site, and reading this message helped me so much with research that I'm doing on why saints of God should pray and praise and how powerful it is to do so. The information provided was so informative and helpful, it helped me to increase my praise and prayer life. Be blessed.

Name: Beryl Hodgetts
Lives: Romsley Nr. Halesowen WM
Found: UCB
Church: Catshill Baptist
Comments: Many thanks for e-mailing your monthly sermons, David, they are such a blessing. Also for your daily broadcasting on UCB. The Lord's word is surely a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Praise Him.

Name: Ibrahim Mukungu
Lives: Uganda
Comments: I came to know Jesus as my Redeemer just recently.

Name: K.C. Crum
Lives: Lake Wales, FL
Church: Lake Pierce Baptist Church
Comments: Thank you for your messages on 'Mountain Moving Faith'!

Name: Frederick
Lives: Cape Town, South Africa
Found: Browsing for Gospel material and encouragement
Church: Outreach Ministries
Comments: I am totally excited about the content and also very encouraged after reading one portion of a sermon of David's. Thank you very much for making resources available, its not everyone who is able to afford material to empower them to share and spread the Gospel of God! May the blessings and anointing of the Lord follow and overtake you as you share the Gospel!! Thank you once again.

Name: Wayne
Lives: North Carolina, USA
Church: Methodist
Comments: Thank you for the information on your web site. I enjoy reading what others have to say about the word of God and the commentary you give.

Name: Erhirhie Monday
Lives: Nigeria
Church: Baptist Church
Comments: It's been wonderful knowing that at such a time as this, there are still Gospel ministers that stand for the truth. God bless you.

Name: Wesley Campbell
Lives: Augher, Co.Tyrone
Church: Dungannon Independent Methodist Church
Comments: Thank you so much, brother David, for your wonderful messages from God. I am a Gardener by trade and find it such a blessing to be able to plug in my earphones whilst at work and enjoy your sermons from Preach the Word. I can truly say that my heart is blessed and challenged every time I listen to you. Please continue to put your new sermons up, and may God continue to bless you in this great work. Wesley Campbell.

Name: John Eichelberger
Lives: Mississippi
Church: COGIC
Comments: I enjoy the sermons preached by David Legge - they are very true!!

Name: Martin McCormack
Lives: Dublin, Ireland
Church: Lucan Presbyterian
Comments: Always encouraged by your boldness to say the truth. It's refreshing and exciting. Keep doing it. Be strong. But have others to watch your back and look after you too. God bless and encourage you.

Name: Imade Mastra
Lives: Indonesia
Church: Bread of Life Church
Comments: I gain a lot from the learning articles uploaded here. I thank God for providing such a channel of blessings.

Name: Ahmod Ebrahim Nakhooda
Lives: South Africa
Church: Full Gospel Church of South Africa
Comments: Greetings in Jesus Christ's name. Brother David, thank you very much for your website. I love it very much, being an ex-muslim, I find your website very blessed. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family. Lots of love from Ahmod in South Africa.

Name: Jo Piette
Lives: England and Belgium
Church: Eglise la Source (The Wellhead), Hautmont f-59330 France.
Comments: Hallo there! Many thanks indeed for the free downloads, we look forward to reading them. I think I was searching for free Christian literature, saved the address and only just got around to doing anything about it! We are an English/Belgian couple, live in Belgium and serve with a church in France, just 12 miles over the border. Always encouraged to have fresh resources in English. May the Lord richly bless your family and your ministry there. Jo and Raymond Piette.

Name: Brad Hirst
Lives: Murrieta, CA USA
Found: I don't know. It was a gift from God though, this internet site.
Church: Rancho Baptist Church
Comments: David, and all who work so hard to make these messages available: I want to sincerely thank you. They are changing my life. I am currently hearing your series on the Gospel of Mark, the part entitled 'Countdown to Calvary'. My response is sorrow over my sin and a desire to be made new in Christ. I have to worship Jesus my Saviour and King. It is incredible what He has done for me. And I say with you David... 'HALLELUJAH!'.

Name: Kaydian
Lives: Kingston, Jamaica
Found: Browsing for Christian Sermons
Comments: I listened 'Advantages of Singleness', also 'Temptation'. I was moved and touched. David is a true teacher of the Word. He uses the Bible and references it and I'll continue to download and listen to his sermons. These are definitely going to help me in my new walk with the Lord. Especially since I've recently repented of my sins seeing I was a backslider... I'm on my way home to victory with my Lord. I feel a sense of peace and joy as I listen the sermons. I know many others will benefit too. Thank you!

Name: Teresa
Lives: Florence, AZ
Found: Looking up God's mercy.
Church: CCN = Coolidge Church of the Nazarene
Comments: In the summer we go to Colorado to visit family, being away from my church for a few months, I do bible studies here in my family's home. So I look up words to help me with my studies. That's how I found this page. Thank you.

Name: Virginia Levins
Lives: Haines City, Florida
Found: Looking for a Bible study on Ezekiel.
Church:> Ridge Community Church of God, Dundee, Florida
Comments: I am so blessed by this website. I am enjoying and learning so very much from the sermons on Ezekiel. I have shared with many friends and family members and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for this blessing. Virginia Levins

Name: Regassa
Lives: Ethiopia
Found: I got your address from the Internet by a chance
Church: Lutheran
Comments: I saw you are very committed. Please, I am a new believer, let you encourage me and help me as much as you can.

Name: Julie Flavelle
Lives: Portadown
Church: Portadown Elim
Comments: I have been meaning to look into Preach the Word for some time and now I can't wait to listen to some of David's sermons, having heard him a number of times before and learning so much from them. God bless you, David, and your family.

Name: Kayode Efunkanbi
Lives: From Nigeria but live permanently in Australia
Found: Stumbled on it while searching for some Biblical studies.
Church: Deeper Christian life ministry
Comments: Your expository teaching of the Bible has been such a tremendous blessing to my spiritual life and ministry. I am yet to find a 'western world' based preacher that still teaches the whole sound Biblical doctrines as David Legge does. You hardly hear that kind of teaching any more in this part of the world.

Name: Romy Flores
Lives: San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines
Church: City of Blessing Church
Comments: I first read about your ministry way back in the late 90s through surfing the internet at break time in the office!

Name: Phyllis Blakeslee
Lives: Muskegon, Michigan, USA
Church: Lakes Community Church of the Nazarene
Comments: I have read through the Bible so many times I've lost count, but when I get to books like Ezekiel I plow through them quickly because I don't really understand it. This time I decided I wanted to really understand what it was saying. I realize we are living in the end times and would love to be more informed, but I didn't want a study that was from one of the crazies you can find on the internet. I prayed that I would find a study of Ezekiel that I could understand but was by someone who was educated and grounded. I was thrilled when I came across your series. I have only completed the first two lessons. This is the first time I was able to read Ezekiel 1 and feel the wondrous glory of God, instead of just reading it and thinking, 'Wow, that was weird'. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to continuing these lessons.

Name: Kalolo Mulenga
Lives: Zambia, Lusaka
Church: Lusaka Baptist Church, Zambia
Comments: I have immensely enjoyed this website and its glorious materials. May God continue to bless this ministry.

Name: Kitty McFatter
Lives: Florala, Alabama USA
Found: Was looking for a Bible study of Ezekiel, am now on your study of Revelation.
Comments: Due to the fact I am having trouble finding a church home wherein the truth is taught, I am doing multiple Bible studies. Beth Moore is one I have followed for years, she is my morning study. You are my evening study. I loved the Ezekiel study and am now on your study of Revelation. You are spot on in your analysis of today's churches. Most are full of materialism, social connections and feel good messages. Our country is in great need of revival, but as you've said, it must begin with each of us. I know God led me to your studies, and I am so thankful for all I have learned so far. God bless you!

Name: Kabwe
Lives: Lusaka, Zambia
Church: Book of Life
Comments: Thank you for this message, 'Who Am I?'.

Name: Paul Tan
Lives: Singapore
Found: Cannot remember, as have been following Pastor David Legge for the last 15 years or more.
Church: Bishan Presbyterian Church
Comments: Hi Pastor David Legge, I have been following you for the last 15 years or more. I hope that we do meet one day. I am now 58 years old. Paul Tan.

Name: Francisco Juvenal Feitoza Gomes
Lives: Brasil / Ceara / Fortaleza
Church: Comunidade Crista Reobote de Messejana
Comments: I love reading the sermons, they have built me up a lot. Thank you for sending them to me.