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Name: Romy Flores
Lives: San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines
Church: City of Blessing
Comments: Thanks for the encouraging messages that you share on your website. God bless.

Name: Jayne
Lives: Tennesse
Comments: Thanks to David for his devotion to reading, praying and seeking God's knowledge for our sakes. So much appreciate the sermons that cause us to seek God's face more diligently. I'm often in tears, the sermons blurred, at recognizing God in his efforts. Looking forward to being around that throne one day, but meantime harvesting from the rich bounty that is offered at the sacrifice of those such as David and others who have dedicated their time and efforts - and spending more time as well myself at the source of living water. Our arms are not big enough to receive all the blessings, but so grateful for God's Spirit that allows a depth of understanding that no scholar can teach.

Name: Pastor Enoma Emmanuel
Lives: Nigeria
Church: The Apostolic Church Nigeria (Gloryland Assembly)
Comments: I bless God for coming in contact with your ministry. I really enjoyed 'The Power Of Praise' message.

Name: Carolyn (Carrie)
Lives: St. Augustine, Florida
Church: Times Square Church NY online
Comments: Freely received, freely given. This ministry is a gift to the body of Christ.

Name: Nalli Moses Raj Kumar
Lives: India
Church: Lighthouse Church, Orissa India
Comments: I am so blessed with your sermons. I am presently going through your series on 'Divine Encounters'. I am blessed and also teaching on the same subject in the church. I would love to learn more and equip myself. Thank you so very much.

Name: Paul Hong
Lives: South Korea
Comments: Yes, your preaching is so impressive and inspired. I just want to listen to your audio words and enrich my faith through your ministry, as I am a mere Associate pastor of a pioneer church here in Korea. Thank you for your ministry in this way while preach the Word in your State.

Name: Launa J. Howell
Lives: Dundee
Found: Looking up Habakkuk Bible studies.
Church: Harvest Baptist Church
Comments: I really enjoyed listening to the first message on Habakkuk. I went to Bob Jones University and remember a preacher from Ireland that would speak at Bob Jones University from time to time. His name was Ian Paisley. Thank you for your website. I will be listening to more. God bless you.

Name: Mr. Cin Suan Mang
Lives: Yangon, Myanmar
Church: Baptist Church
Comments: I want to hear about our Lord Jesus.

Name: Edward Burudi Tubei
Lives: Kenya, Africa
Church: Deliverance Church, Umoja
Comments: The topic itself speaks volume and the attention to details, 'Forgiveness Is The Key To Deliverance' = my freedom = my blessing = my breakthrough. GOD bless you all.

Name: Njah Valery
Lives: Bertoua, Cameroon
Church: Cameroon Baptist Convention, Bertoua Baptist Church
Comments: I have been a keen follower of your sermons posted online. They have been a source inspiration to me and those around me. I bless God for you.

Name: Arlene Coates
Lives: Alexis Creek, BC, Canada
Comments: Preacher Legge, thank you for the most encouraging message I listened to (and read) this morning. The area of Canada where I am now living (almost 3 years) is quite remote, so I rarely have opportunity to fellowship with other believers. God bless your ministry. Sincerely, Arlene Coates, BA Christian 40 yrs.

Name: Graham Rogers
Lives: Adelaide, South Australia
Found: Heard a great message.
Church: CRC Strurt Street
Comments: I enjoyed your teaching on 'The Subject Of Loneliness', I feel there were a few revelations for me. Thank you, Graham.

Name: Elizabeth Stricklin
Lives: Lindale
Found: A friend
Comments: Dearest Pastor Legge, I have listened to your messages for about 10 years now and have been so blessed by your ministry. There is famine in the land where I live and your ministry of Bible based messages anointed by the Holy Spirit is truly manna from heaven. Recently, your message on 'A Spirit Of Heaviness' and Elijah under the broom tree from the 'Divine Encounters' series brought hope to me, who has struggled desperately for the last year with a spirit of heaviness. Bless you, bless you brother. Please consider coming to the US soon. Sincerely, E. Stricklin.

Name: Celia Hunter
Lives: Derby
Found: Searching around for a good sermon on YouTube. Found it!!
Comments: I thank the Lord as I searched for a meaningful and relevant sermon today on YouTube I came across David Legge preaching. Thank You, Jesus. I pray David will himself be truly blessed as he delivers Gods word in his preaching and books.

Name: Arturo Hernandez
Lives: Canutillo, Texas
Church: Calvary Chapel
Comments: Thank you so much for your website, God's blessings be forever yours!

Name: Tariku Wakene
Lives: Ethiopia
Found: Wollega University
Church: Evangelical Church
Comments: Let the grace of Jesus Christ multiply to you!

Name: Regena Shell
Lives: Georgia, USA
Found: Searching the internet for 'Huldah'.
Church: Mt. Zion Baptist
Comments: 'Accidentally' found your website while searching for info on Huldah in the Bible. This led me to read and listen to your series 'Little Women of the Bible'. I have been listening to and reading your sermons on a regular basis since that time. I am blessed by the clarity of your teaching, the intensity of your preaching and your devotion to presenting the Holy Bible as the inerrant Word of Our God. I appreciate that your ministry is available on the web and that I am able to print out your sermons and read them. A friend and I have begun to listen to your sermons and then discuss them. This is our 'As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another' time. This is a great time of blessing for both of us.

Name: Hernold
Lives: India
Found: Searching for sermons
Church: Victory churches
Comments: Your sermon series 'The Presence of God' has blessed me, and I shared it with the church. God bless you, will be remembering you in our prayers.

Name: Michael Brown
Lives: Navarre, Florida
Found: Several years ago on the Internet.
Comments: Thank you for your helpful guidance understanding the Bible.

Name: Catherine Ch'ng SM
Lives: Singapore
Found: A Baptist friend introduced me to your site.
Church: Formerly Baptist, now at Faith Methodist
Comments: I am greatly helped by the 'Deep Healing' and 'Deeper Healing' series. Thanks.

Name: Vincent Barrios
Lives: San Francisco, CA, USA
Church: Reality, San Francisco
Comments: I was looking for a sermon on Mark online and found this. It's cool. I used to watch 'Ballykissangel' on BBC and it's neat to listen to someone preach with an Irish accent. But of course I appreciate this great sermon and greetings from San Francisco, CA. Please pray for me. The trials can either make or break you!

Name: Glenis Irwin
Lives: Craigavon
Church: Portadown Elim
Comments: Andrew, I have been doing this month's featured study on 'Life As God Intends For His People', what a blessing you are to so many as you make this available to us. Thank you for all you do, and to David of course for this vital teaching.

Name: Betty Lou Sill
Lives: St. Joseph, MO, USA
Church: Grace
Comments: I found the message on the Holy Spirit, wisdom, word of knowledge and discernment. I am grateful for the teaching and learned a great deal.

Name: Alison Peppard
Lives: West Cork
Found: Was given a copy of David Legge's book “Breaking Through Barriers to Blessing
Church: Skibbereen Methodist Church
Comments: Hello, I have read David's book as mentioned above and found it one of the most helpful at providing an explanation for the different remedies to sins, wounds and demonic afflictions. Based on biblical teaching and a very sound book for helping struggling Christians to identify the root of their struggles and learn how to effectively overcome them. A huge thank you to you, David, for writing this book.

Name: Muyiwa
Lives: Abuja, Nigeria
Church: Compass International Church
Comments: Thank you for yielding to God for this ministry.

Name: Kjell Nilsson
Lives: Sweden, City Linkoping
Church: Pingstkyrkan, Linkoping
Comments: I am blessed by the book “Breaking Through Barriers to Blessing”. God bless you.

Name: Doretta
Lives: Ohio, USA
Church: Victory Church
Comments: Enjoyed your insights on 'Love Your Enemies'.

Name: Kimberly Edwards
Lives: Flemington
Comments: The church in America is in desperate need of missionaries! I currently am not attending anywhere after 45 years of faithful attendance and service. I grew weary of searching. I listen to sermons from Christians from other parts of the world. I have found yours to be edifying. Thank you for your handling of God's word, love the accent!

Name: Barbra
Lives: Zimbabwe
Church: AFM
Comments: Your message and your sermons are powerful.

Name: Flavio de Jesus
Lives: Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil
Church: Baptist
Comments: I would like to thank God first of all for this blessed website and the person of David Legge, who has blessed my personal life with his dedication to the study and teaching of the word. God bless.

Name: Mark Wylie
Lives: Ballymena
Found: David spoke at our church.
Church: Ballymena Elim
Comments: We were truly blessed to have you with us yesterday, David. As I type at 7pm on Monday evening, I also have the privilege to say that I'm three-quarters of the way through your book!! I am a relatively new Christian, being saved by God's grace on 23rd October, and went through the waters of Baptism on December 3rd at the ripe age of 47. I find your teachings, both in October and again last night, to be invaluable to myself as the 'new man in the Church', but it's your book that has really hit me!! Like Ken Symington stated in the cover notes 'it is my prayer that this book will become essential reading in Bible colleges and Seminaries' - it really is that good, and also essential reading for someone like myself who is finding my way in my new found faith. Many thanks for your word on Sunday and especially for the book. I continue to pray for your ministry and your teachings on the meaning of true grace and what living a true Christian live involves.

Name: Pastor Filemon Martin Hipondoka
Lives: Windhoek, Namibia
Church: Followers Of Christ Church
Comments: I am a pastor and I love to teach the word, and I love the teaching on this site. My desire is to grow in the word and the call of teaching the word. I really need prayer in the area of studying a subject consistently for years.

Name: Ruth Tribbey
Lives: New Port Richey
Comments: I live in the US in Florida. I can't get enough of your sermons. You are spot on and I've learned so much. I wish I could find a church in my area that has a similar preaching style. I would move to Belfast if it were possible and God's will - thank God for the internet. God bless your ministry.

Name: Kjell Nilsson
Lives: Sweden, City Linkoping
Church: Pingstkyrkan, Linkoping
Comments: I have got help from this ministry with Bible questions and really appreciate this.

Name: Sampson D Ukpong
Lives: Nigeria
Church: Qua Iboe Church of Nigeria (founded 1887) by Samuel Alexander Bill
Comments: I pray Yahweh's anointed blessing upon your efforts at worldwide evangelism.

Name: Mary Wanjiru
Lives: Kenya
Church: Kenya Assemblies of God
Comments: May the Lord bless you for the message of the presence of God. It is indeed my greatest yearning that the presence of God may dwell in my life. I'll search all the series that I may read them. I'm blessed!

Name: Joelle
Lives: Pennsylvania, Arizona, Canada, Earth
Found: Searching for teachers who know The Word
Comments: I feel like I am listening to my brother when I hear your messages. Thank you. Sometimes messages seem so politically correct and watered down - so I am always excited to find a teacher to listen to! Best way to spend time other than reading The Word and praying! Blessings to you, your family and your congregation in Ireland. Your sister in Christ, Joelle

Name: Avril O'Neill
Lives: Antrim
Found: Through Facebook and introduced by Robert & Rosemary McAuley
Church: Journey Community Church, Antrim
Comments: Sought out your ministry on Facebook after Belfast, now introduced to your book by mutual friends. The book is so amazing that I am hungry for more of your teaching.

Name: Nimia Santos
Lives: Tampa, FL
Church: Church of the Nazarene
Comments: Thank you so much for your wonderful ministry which is a blessing to my life.

Name: Pamela Smith
Lives: Pennsylvania
Found: I searched for 'expository teaching'
Church: Westminster Presbyterian Church in America
Comments: Finally someone explained “And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace” - Ephesians 6:15. I could never understand this passage, but David made it so clear and sensible! Love David's preaching. He teaches me new things all the time!

Name: Francis Wafula
Lives: Kenya
Comments: Thanks for the inspiring and enlightening message.

Name: Joseph
Lives: South Africa
Church: RCCG
Comments: I am so much impressed and blessed by your word, 'Getting A Glimpse Of God's Goodness'. It was indeed inspirational and directional. I took time in reading through it and I prayed along with it. God bless you Pastor Legge.

Name: David Langat
Lives: Nairobi, Kenya
Church: Deliverance Church International
Comments: I am abundantly blessed by your messages. Looking forward to receiving more daily.

Name: Joyce Fletcher
Lives: North Bend, Oregon
Found: Through prayer
Comments: I am seeking the Holy Spirit through sacrifice and surrender. Your sermons help me to remember my priorities in Christ and that is by not conforming to this world. Thank you for your ministry.

Name: Roy A. Milner
Lives: Camden, TN
Found: Searching for sermons on 1 Corinthians.
Church: Camden Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Comments: Found your site looking for expository sermons on 1 Corinthians to use as information for Sunday School class. I really enjoyed listening the expounding and explaining Corinth and Paul's influence. I will be listening to other sermon series as well!

Name: Anne Davidson
Lives: Ballyclare
Church: Christ Church Congregational, Abbots Cross
Comments: I have been challenged and blessed through listening to the online sermons.

Name: George Richardson
Lives: Lurgan
Found: Got your web address at the end of a CD that I had been give to listen to.
Church: Newmills Presbyterian
Comments: I really enjoyed the message that you preached on the CD.

Name: Adenrele Ebo
Lives: Lagos, Nigeria
Church: Deeper Life
Comments: This an inspiringly important resource material. I thank God I am in contact with you. May the Lord bless this ministry more.

Name: Sospeter Nganga
Lives: Kenya, Nairobi
Church: Wonders Tabernacle Church
Comments: Thanks for your teaching on praise. May God anoint you more to release more other teaching. Stay blessed.

Name: Wayne Phelps
Lives: Delaware
Church: Journey Community Church
Comments: Just wanted to wish you all a very, very blessed Christmas! I continue to use the messages God placed in you at our local jail and see God's power change lives (300+ year to date, TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!). There are two places on this earth I would wish to see before I am called home, the Holy Land and my brothers and sisters in Christ in Ireland.

Name: Annette Butler
Lives: Trinidad
Church: Faith Hope and Love Centre
Comments: I just want to wish you, David and Andrew and your respective families, a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. For many years I've been following your ministry. I have been greatly helped. I can't put into words my appreciation. May God continue to shower you and your families with His grace and His mercy . May He bless you bountifully. I send you much brotherly love and would like to say 'thank you, thank you, thank you'.

Name: Marina Stevens
Lives: Riverside, California. USA
Church: Harvest Christian Fellowship
Comments: My husband found out about David Legge after researching a specific biblical topic. He stumbled upon one of David Legge's messages. He then shared the sermon with me. This all happened over 6 years ago when we were not even married yet. I've been blessed so much by this ministry. I've been challenged, encouraged, reminded of, taught, and overall ministered to by the sermons. Thank you so much!

Name: Phetima
Lives: Rome
Church: ICF Rome
Comments: God's New Thing, Parts 1,2,3,4 are amazing to me. Thank you.

Name: Surendra Kumbhar
Lives: Bhubaneswar, India
Church: Shalom Faith Church
Comments: Praise the Lord! I long to learn deeper truth of His words so was looking and found this from Kjell Nelson. I would love to know more and grow deeper in Jesus Christ. Thank you so much, Surendra Kumbhar.

Name: Carona Viljoen
Lives: Windhoek, Namibia, Africa
Comments: I learned a lot in the Word that is preached. This is an amazing site! I can't go a day without listening to a teaching! God bless the ministry.

Name: Tessa Voo Madaffore
Lives: Malaysia
Church: Full Gospel Assembly
Comments: God has blessed me with Pastor David Legge's audio Bible Studies through whom He awakens me to press on to seek God's Holy Spirit to grow in faith, faithfulness, fervour and fruitfulness.

Name: Madu Emeka Michael-Udeobi
Lives: Garki-Abuja, Nigeria
Church: Capital Bible & Leadership Academy (Chapel)
Comments: Thanks for making the good word reach us. Please send me this new book, Breaking through Barriers to Blessing. I don't have the wherewithal to purchase it now. Thanks and may God bless and increase you on all sides in Jesus' name, Amen.

Name: Kayode Akin
Lives: Nigeria
Comments: After I read a message today, I am going to come back every day to read more of this well-served spiritual meal.

Name: Linda Louise Mew
Lives: Lacombe
Comments: Your message on the 'The Disruptive Messiah' was encouraging to me. I recently made a decision to take some scary steps in my life. So far, all is good, as I can attest and testify to God's goodness and surprises in my life. We must remember as believers that God is with us, and that He will never leave us. This is very comforting as we take steps into the unknown.

Name: Anne Barnard
Lives: Rathangan, Ireland
Church: Open Arms Church, New Bridge, Kildare
Comments: I have had questions about the old prophet and the young man of God in 1 Kings. I found the sermon regarding 'The Tale of Two Prophets' very helpful, sound, scriptural, encouraging and challenging. Thank you very very much.

Name: Glenis Irwin
Lives: Craigavon
Church: Portadown Elim
Comments: I just listened to “Where Is Jesus Now?” and I watched the accompanying video. Sometimes I wonder am I really doing anything to rescue the lost. Thank you for again reminding me that there are more important things than just the day to day mundane. Give us all a passion for the lost.