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Name: Cathy Politowski
Lives: St Louis, MO. USA
Found: Online search for Bible studies.
Comments: I am very thankful to have found this rich, in-depth teaching. Right now I'm listening to and blessed to benefit from your Ezekiel lessons. God bless this ministry and thank you for providing access to your teaching all the way across the ocean. God be with you.

Name: Elijah Sepuya
Lives: Uganda, East Africa
Church: Miracle Centre, Kawempe
Comments: Thanks for preaching Christ! In Africa we don't really get to receive such incredible materials for free, and that sometimes has limited our knowledge of Scriptures. I am grateful for all that you do in the Kingdom. I'm just a young preacher trying to put my teeth on the Truth in God's Word.

Name: Isaac Mufunguri
Lives: Zimbabwe
Church: Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe
Comments: I am finding great insights in how you exposit the Word of God. Am growing indeed.

Name: Joyce Bell
Lives: Joelton, TN, just outside Nashville
Found: Searching the internet for teaching helps in Mark.
Church: First Baptist, Joelton
Comments: The Lord must have lead me to your site. I teach Sunday School only once a month, and I am always very anxious about my abilities. It's so good to read your sermons but also listen at the same time (and, of course, I LOVE your Irish accent). I promise I don't duplicate your teaching, but it is of great benefit and encourages me to dig deeper and think outside the box. Thank you for making these sermons available.

Name: Fredrick Meleki
Lives: Zambia
Church: Bread Of Life Church International
Comments: I feel so refreshed to have found your site.

Name: Evandro da Silva Soares
Lives: Manaus, Brazil
Church: Independent Presbyterian Church
Comments: I have appreciated this site and Pastor David's messages.

Name: Angie Burton
Lives: Kilrush, County Clare
Found: Listen to you on UCB Radio
Church: Abundant Life, Limerick
Comments: Love listening to what you have to say. I love the Lord. My husband and myself became Christians about two years ago. I was baptised five weeks ago. What an experience. God our Father is wonderful. I am going to follow you on Instagram. God bless, Angie

Name: Greatness Meticulous
Lives: Zambia
Found: Social media
Comments: Since I started reading and listening to you, my life has changed completely. I am so grateful to you. God bless you.

Name: Cosmas Akpan
Lives: Nigeria, West Africa
Found: Topical search via Google
Church: The Redeemed Christian Church Of God
Comments: May God really bless you and keep prospering this good work. Your teachings are deep and answer a lot of questions from a Bible viewpoint. I requested for CDs and I received them in less than a month. What a joy I had when the post called me to come take delivery of the parcel at no cost. May God bless you richly to keep this vision in Jesus' name. It has made your site my regular site when searching for topics. I'll appreciate this forever and desire more as my wife loves the 'Little Women' and 'Ruth' series too. Thanks David.

Name: Kannan
Lives: New Delhi
Church: Believers Assembly
Comments: Enjoyed your study of Ezekiel. Other believers are also happy. The Lord Jesus richly bless you.

Name: Sherri Petersen
Lives: Cabo San Lucas, MX/Oregon
Found: Dec trip with Randy
Comments: I have been blessed so much with your teachings! ‘Practicing the Presence’ was a great reminder!! Lord bless you and your family! In all blessings abundantly as you serve Him and bring others to Him in His fullness.

Name: Joseph Nti
Lives: Ghana
Church: Methodist
Comments: I am truly inspired by the message, "A Life Of Incalculable Blessing". I would love to hear more to increase my faith in God. Thanks so much.

Name: Debbie Kyalo
Lives: Nairobi, Kenya
Found: While searching for prayer guide
Comments: I like the site, very informative.

Name: James Stark
Lives: Cadillac, Michigan, USA
Church: First Church - Independent Bible
Comments: I want to thank you for your powerful insights and explanations that help understanding. It is easy to see (hear) how your insights and preaching can change one from an observer to one who absorbs the Word. England and Ireland has lost many a great evangelical minister and author. Praise God that there is still one 'on site' - YOU!