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You can start listening to the most recent sermon using Google Assistant on your Google Home, any Android 6.0+ device, iOS 9.0+ device, or Chromebook by saying “OK Google, Play Preach The Word Audio Sermons Podcast”. To skip to previous sermons, simply say “OK Google, Previous episode”. If you get interrupted, it will automatically pick up where you left off. On Amazon Echo devices, say “Alexa, Play the Preach The Word Podcast on TuneIn”.

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Each study series on our website has it's own individual Podcast feed, so that you can get just that entire series downloaded quickly to your device. Simply visit the appropriate study series page, click the 'Get this entire series' dropdown menu, and copy and paste the provided feed address into iTunes (File/Subscribe to Podcast...) or any Podcasting application.

For example, to get the 'Glimpses Of Glory' series on Heaven delivered via Podcast, use the address: