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Subscribe to our RSS MP3 Podcast feedPreaching Podcast - MP3 Sermons on your iPodYou can now subscribe to our free RSS and MP3 Podcast feed, using your web browser, RSS News Reader, iTunes or other podcatching software. This will keep you informed of new additions to our site and, if you choose, it will also download the latest sermon to your PC, iPod or portable MP3 player automatically.

The address to subscribe to our MP3 Sermon Podcast feed is:

For Apple devices, use easy 1-Click subscribe for iTunes.

You can also keep up-to-date about new additions to our site through Facebook and Twitter.

What is a Podcast?

Subscribe to our weekly MP3 PodcastOur RSS feed includes the necessary information for an MP3 Podcast of the most recently added sermons. Podcasting is a way to automatically receive audio files over the Internet free-of-charge, so that you never need to miss a new sermon on our site. This 'feed' delivers our latest audio broadcast to your desktop or directly to your iPod or other portable MP3 player. However, you don't need an iPod! You have the option of listening to the sermons on your computer or loading them on to any brand of MP3 player to take with you. See below for instructions on how to join our Podcast...

How do I subscribe to your MP3 Podcast?Top

Subscribe to our RSS MP3 Podcast feedAll you need to get started is podcasting software. Once you download and install the software, simply add our podcast feed to your list of subscribed services. The podcasting software will automatically check for updates and download the files to your computer, so you can play them immediately or load them onto your MP3 player to listen to later. Some recommended podcasting programs are:

Add the following address to your podcasting software to subscribe to our podcast (in iTunes go to Advanced/Subscribe to Podcast and insert the address, or click 'iTunes 1-Click' to do it automatically):

To make subscription easy, you can highlight the address above, then copy and paste it into your Podcasting application.

Download a previous PodcastYou can also download the MP3 files from previous Podcasts by looking for the icon on the right beside a sermon title (for example, see '1 John' study series). Completed study series are also available on their own individual podcast feeds for your convenience.

Add our Podcast to your site using Big ContactAdd our Podcast to your website or blog using the Big Contact Feed Player, which automatically updates every time a new sermon is added.

If you're unable to use our RSS or Podcast update service, you can subscribe to our Weekly Update email instead.

What is an RSS Feed?Top

Subscribe to our RSS FeedOur RSS Feed will notify you about new content on our site as soon as it is added. RSS software allows you to subscribe to websites that provide RSS feeds, usually sites that add new content regularly. To use this service you need to set up an RSS Reader (see below). You then use your reader to subscribe to the sites that you want to be kept up-to-date with.

RSS subscription is free, and each week the 'Preach The Word' feed provides a short summary of our new sermon along with a link to the full article on our site. Our feed also includes MP3 audio for those able to subscribe to a Podcast. Other occasional news from our ministry is also included, which was previously only available by subscribing to our weekly email update.

How do I subscribe to your RSS Feed?Top

Subscribe to Feed There are a number of ways to receive an RSS Feed, including subscribing using your web browser, but you can use an RSS Reader or online News Service. You can even have the feed delivered to your email inbox using the free Feed My Inbox service.

How to subscribe to our RSS Feed using your web browser:
If you are using the Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Internet Explorer web browsers, you can subscribe by clicking this link and following the instructions to subscribe. If you are using the Google Chrome browser, then install the RSS Subscription Extension and then click on a link to our RSS Feed to subscribe.

If you use the free Thunderbird email program, you can subscribe to our RSS Feed by following the instructions on this page. Our RSS updates will appear in your Inbox just like email. The latest versions of Thunderbird also provide support for downloading Podcast MP3 files.

How to subscribe to our RSS Feed using a News Reader or online News Service:
[Valid RSS]RSS Readers (also called News Aggregators) will download and display RSS feeds for you. A number of free and commercial RSS Readers are available for download. Some we recommend are below:

You can also help us let others know about our ministry by adding our RSS feed to your Web page or blog.

Once you have installed an RSS Reader, you can easily subscribe to the RSS Channel by highlighting and copying the URL below and adding it as a new feed in your reader, pasting or typing this address into the appropriate place:

Completed Series Available As Podcasts...Top

Podcast FeedsThe following completed study series are now available with their own individual Podcast feeds. This means that you can easily download all the MP3 files for a selected series using your podcasting software. Each feed contains only the files for the selected series, and is separate from our main podcast. The following series are currently available in this way: