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  • Breaking Through Barriers Devotional

    Join with us each day this week for the “Breaking Through Barriers” 5-Day Daily Devotional, using excerpts drawn from David Legge's recent book. Each day we will meditate on three passages of scripture, beginning on Day 1 (Monday) as we learn about 'The Barriers To Blessing' - and don't forget to come back for Day 2: 'Honest To God!'. [Also available on the YouVersion Bible App]

  • Topical Sermons

    The Goodness Of God

    A new Topical Sermon

    Join us as we study 'The Goodness Of God' in this Topical Sermon from David Legge. The God of the Bible has often been misrepresented by religion, by churches, by preachers, and even by individual Christians. Perhaps you have misunderstood or misinterpreted His character? In this study we discover that the goodness of God is His glory, and is the characteristic by which He seeks to draw people to repentance.

  • Hunger For Reality

    Times Of Refreshing

    Part 7 of “Hunger For Reality

    SERIES COMPLETE  In the concluding part of our series 'Hunger For Reality', we bring all our thoughts over the past weeks together as we consider how we must prepare our hearts and lives for 'Times Of Refreshing'. Part 7 of our series brings the challenge from Acts 3:19, where we read Peter's appeal: 'Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord'. Are you ready to go deeper with God and experience times of refreshing from His presence?

    GET THIS SERIES: David Legge's series 'Hunger For Reality', which has asked 'Are you ready to go deeper with God?', is now complete. This 7-part series is now available as a free e-Book download in Adobe PDF, Amazon Kindle or ePub eBook formats from our Book Store. The audio for the entire series can also be downloaded in MP3 format. Plain text and electronic Braille are available for the visually impaired.

  • Hunger For Reality

    Answering The Call

    Part 6 of “Hunger For Reality

    Current Series  In Part 6 of our series 'Hunger For Reality', we look at the important step of 'Answering The Call'. When we are called by God, and we know we are called by God, it is vital that we answer that call. In this message we encounter several different calls that can be heard, and several important steps we must take in answering these calls. Don't miss this helpful study.

  • Topical Sermons

    The Disruptive Messiah

    A new Topical Sermon

    When the Lord Jesus Christ came as 'The Disruptive Messiah', He not only overturned tables in the Temple, but He upended many pre-conceived notions, traditions of men, and the status quo of the religious establishment and society in general. Jesus Christ will do the same thing in our lives, our churches, and our world - His presence has always been disruptive biblically, historically, and it will be presently and personally if we will overcome our fear of the unknown and allow Him to move in a new way.

  • Hunger For Reality

    Releasing Your Potential

    Part 5 of “Hunger For Reality

    Current Series  In Part 5 of our series 'Hunger For Reality', we look at the importance of 'Releasing Your Potential'. Your life has a God-given purpose, and it is vital that you understand that purpose and use your God-given potential to fulfil it. At the same time, it is important to understand your limitations. Join us as we seek to understand this aspect of our hunger for reality, and aim for a Biblical balance while releasing our potential in His service.

  • Hunger For Reality

    Obeying God's Voice

    Part 4 of “Hunger For Reality

    Current Series  In the first three parts of our series, 'Hunger For Reality', we have learned of Love, Power, and Joy - but now we see that each of these must be exercised whilst 'Obeying God's Voice'. Join us for Part 4 of this challenging series, as David Legge teaches us from the Scriptures on the subject of hearing and heeding the voice of God, and how obedience to Him is a vital aspect in the lives of those who hunger for reality and seek to continue hearing from Him.

  • Gospel Sermons

    Following The Wrong King

    A new Evangelistic Sermon

    Are you 'Following The Wrong King'? In this challenging Gospel Sermon, David Legge brings us to the story of Adonijah and Solomon as they struggled for rule of the Kingdom after King David. From this Old Testament story we see the consequences when people rebel against the authority of the true King and squander the mercy offered by Him. The question is posed: Will you choose to follow Jesus Christ, the True King, or will you continue in rebellion, refuse His offer of mercy, and face final judgement as a rebel?

  • Hunger For Reality

    Exuberant Joy

    Part 3 of “Hunger For Reality

    Current Series  So far in our series on 'Hunger For Reality', we have seen the need for 'Reckless Love' and 'Power In The Spirit' for those who truly long to go deeper with God. In Part 3 we see the 'Exuberant Joy' which will be a characteristic of those who hunger after a deeper relationship with God, so that they can say with the Psalmist: "In Your presence is fullness of joy" (Psalm 16:11b).

  • Hunger For Reality

    Power In The Spirit

    Part 2 of “Hunger For Reality

    Current Series  In Part 1 of our series 'Hunger For Reality', we learned of the importance of 'Reckless Love' for those who truly long to go deeper with God. In our second study we take time to ponder the need for 'Power In The Spirit'. Without the Holy Spirit, we are powerless to live the Christian life. If we have a genuine hunger for reality in our walk with God, we need the Spirit to fill us, and we need His power to work through us as He deepens our relationship with the Father and the Son.

  • Hunger For Reality

    Reckless Love

    NEW SERIES:Hunger For Reality

    Current Series  Join us for the first message in our new series 'Hunger For Reality'. As we consider whether we are truly ready to go deeper with God, we begin by looking at the 'Reckless Love' that God looks for in His people. Have you personally experienced the extravagant love of God, and are you willing to truly show that love to others in the world? Are you ready to be used by God to change the world, as you display His love to each person you encounter?

  • Topical Sermons

    Fear Of Man

    A new Topical Sermon

    Previously we have considered 'The Fear Of The Lord' and 'Freedom From Fear'. In this latest Topical Sermon we take a moment to consider 'Fear Of Man'. Proverbs tells us that the fear of man brings a snare - but what does this actually mean? Should we fear others, should we allow ourselves to be intimidated and pressured by fear of what others think or say about us? Join us as David Legge brings counsel from God's Word on this subject which, to one degree or another, affects every individual and can impact our readiness to share the Gospel.