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  • Knowing God

    Fellowship With Christ

    Part 5 of “Knowing God

    In Part 5 of our series of studies entitled 'Knowing God', we continue to examine the vital facets of our relationship with God. One very important aspect in growing this relationship is 'Fellowship With Christ'. The Apostle Paul describes three important areas in which we must desire fellowship with Him - join us as we consider how these should affect our lives.

  • Knowing God


    Part 4 of “Knowing God

    We continue our series of studies looking at the different facets of relationships and how they play a part in our 'Knowing God'. In Part 4 we take a look at the 'Intimacy' required for such a close relationship, and how that is God's desire - both in His relationship to us, and ours to Him.

  • Knowing God

    Understanding His Father-heart

    Part 3 of “Knowing God

    In the third installment of our series of studies on 'Knowing God', we continue to consider the many facets of our relationship with our Heavenly Father. This time, we learn the importance of understanding in our relationship - and particularly of 'Understanding His Father-heart', and how He longs to have a close, loving, caring father-like relationship with His sons and daughters.

  • Knowing God

    Love And Acceptance

    Part 2 of “Knowing God

    In part 2 of our new series, 'Knowing God', David Legge continues by analysing the 'Love And Acceptance' that are so important in every relationship, but especially in our relationship with God. Knowing that we are loved and accepted is a foundational part of any relationship, but the truth that we are loved and accepted by our Heavenly Father is truly revelatory.

  • New Life

    Trust And Truth

    NEW SERIES:Knowing God

    Join us for 'Knowing God', a new series in which we examine the facets of relationships in general and then see how these are applied and worked out in our relationship with God. In part 1 of this series, David Legge shows us that relationships must be built on 'Trust And Truth' - and the same applies in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Join us as we learn how these two characteristics are a vital part of 'Knowing God'.

  • Topical Sermons

    What On Earth Is God Doing?

    A new Topical Sermon

    Our latest topical sermon added to the 'Revival and Evangelism' section of the site asks 'What On Earth Is God Doing?'. As we look around and seem to see things getting worse and worse, how are we to respond as followers of Christ? What is God actually doing today in our world, and how are we to be a part of it? Join us for this challenging and encouraging message from God's Word...

  • New Life

    A Life Of Spiritual Conflict

    Part 5 of “New Life

    SERIES COMPLETE  Join us for the final part of our series on 'New Life'. In Part 5, we conclude by reminding ourselves that this new life is going to be 'A Life Of Spiritual Conflict' as depicted by the Apostle Paul in the classic passage of Scripture in Ephesians 6. We learn how, in our generation, we face a war over culture, identity, and truth itself - but behind all of this is a spiritual conflict that every believer must be equipped for. Don't miss this challenging concluding sermon!

    GET THIS SERIES: David Legge's series on 'New Life', which has asked what this new life is and how we experience it, is now complete. This 5-part series is now available as a free e-Book download in Adobe PDF, Amazon Kindle or ePub eBook formats from our Book Store. The audio for the entire series can also be downloaded in MP3 format. Plain text and electronic Braille are available for the visually impaired.

  • New Life

    A Life Of The Spirit's Fullness

    Part 4 of “New Life

    Don't miss part 4 of our series of studies entitled 'New Life'. In this message we learn that it is 'A Life Of The Spirit's Fullness', and this is how we are to experience our new life - by changing our minds, putting on the new man in Christ, and asking in repentant faith. Join us for the penultimate message in this challenging series.

  • New Life

    A Four-Dimensional Life

    Part 3 of “New Life

    In the third part of our series of sermons entitled 'New Life', we investigate what it means to have 'A Four-Dimensional Life' as a follower of Christ. In Ephesians 3, Paul speaks of 'width and length and depth and height'. Is your spiritual life as a Christian one-dimensional, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional? Are you aware of the fourth dimension of God's love and power that He wants you to experience as His child? Join us as we seek to step into this fourth dimension.

  • New Life

    A Life In A New Humanity

    Part 2 of “New Life

    In part 2 of our new series examining the 'New Life' we are to live as Christian believers, David Legge continues by showing that this new life is 'A Life In A New Humanity'. What does the world see when it looks at the church? Are we demonstrating the new humanity that God wants us to express? Don't miss this extremely challenging message as we are called on to repent of our divisiveness and embrace the truth and reality of this new life.

  • Topical Sermons

    The Denial And Return Of Peter

    A new Topical Sermon

    Peter's denial of Christ is a well-known story, but we must follow through to his return. In 'The Denial And Return Of Peter', we do just that, as we consider the lessons we can learn from Peter's saddest hour to perhaps the most significant in his life as he reunites with his Lord. Don't miss this encouraging Topical sermon just added to our 'Christian Living' section...

  • New Life

    A Life Of Incalculable Blessings

    NEW SERIES:New Life

    Join us for 'New Life', an exciting new series in which we consider the new life we experience as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, and ask: What is it? How do we experience it? In part 1 of this series, David Legge shows us that this new life is 'A Life Of Incalculable Blessings'. Don't miss the commencement of this helpful series as we learn of the incomparable blessings available to us, planned by the Father and purchased by Christ.

  • Topical Sermons

    Following on from our previous study of the latter verses in Hebrews 13, we come to the concluding benediction of the writer, where he brings 'Encouragement And Enablement To Do God's Will'. In his closing words, he reminds his readers of the peace and power available to them and encourages them to avail themselves of all that God provides so that they are enabled do His will...