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I want you to turn with me in your Bibles to Luke chapter 12. Let's pray before we come to this subject. I don't know how this subject relates to you, it certainly relates to me a great deal - has done throughout my whole life. I'm sure that, if you're honest, most of us here have been touched at some time or other with fear. If you haven't, you will be. So it's very important - there are a lot of subjects we might deal with in these evenings that may not be pertinent to you, but I imagine this is probably going to be the one that is most general to the folk that are coming. So let's pray, and if you really want God to speak to you tonight and touch your heart, implore Him now - will you do that? Will you rise up in your spirit? Do you know how to do that? Just, whatever you've got in there, get hold of God with it and say: 'Lord, please tonight, would You break through and would You speak to me, and touch my life. Rid me of fear, deliver me from the bondage that I'm in tonight'. Would you do that? OK, let's pray.

Father, we do thank You for the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ - that though He was rich, for our sakes He became poor; that we, through His poverty, might be made rich. Lord, we will never get over the riches that our Lord Jesus left in heaven, and what it meant for Him to become a man in human flesh that we might be raised to the heights of heaven and enter into the fellowship of the Godhead. Lord, it's just amazing to us. Lord, we know in our heads that there is no place for fear in that relationship. We pray tonight that we would come into an experience of deliverance from fear, the bondage of every type of anxiety and intimidation that would come from the enemy. Lord, we pray tonight that You would break, through the power of the blood of Calvary and the resurrection, that You will break the bondage of fear in people's lives tonight. We want to declare tonight that we fear the Living God and Him alone, we reverence You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we stand in awe of You, we give You Your rightful place. We pray for more grace that we might be enabled to obey You tonight, and that we will hear the word of truth, but be doers of the same also. So come, Holy Spirit, we pray, and minister to us in a mighty way, for Christ's sake we ask it, Amen.

I want to leave with you regarding this verse is: there is no place for fear in the kingdom of God...

OK, let's read one verse of Scripture as we look at this subject of 'Freedom from Fear'. Verse 32 of Luke chapter 12, it's the Lord Jesus speaking and He says: "Fear not", or "Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom". I just love that verse: 'Fear not, little flock' - and remember there are twelve of them, OK, there are an awful lot more today in His little flock. It might still be little, but nevertheless it's not twelve - and the whole world was against this motley crew of disciples that Jesus was still working with. Judaism was opposing them, the Roman Empire was going to try and crush them out; and Jesus comes and says: 'Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom'. Now we could talk about that all evening - as you know I can talk about most things all evening! But what I want to leave with you regarding this verse is: there is no place for fear in the kingdom of God. That's what Jesus is saying: 'It's My Father's pleasure that you should have the kingdom, do not fear'.

Fear ought not to be in our lives or in our experience. Now, we know it is, and we will touch on that a little bit later - but I want to ask you what your particular fear is. Do you know what it is to be gripped by fear? I looked up on the Internet this week '', and it lists around - believe it or not - 530 phobias. There may be a phobia for everything. It's estimated that in the United Kingdom 10 million people have a phobia, one phobia or another. Now that's staggering when you consider that the population of the UK is around 64 million, and 10 million claim to have a particular phobia. Some of these phobias you may be familiar with. The top ten phobias in the nation - and I'm not asking for any hands or an acknowledgement if you've got any of these - arachnophobia is fear of spiders, it's number one; social phobia, number two, a fear of social or public situations; aerophobia, fear of flying, some of you may have that; agoraphobia, fear of open spaces, public spaces; claustrophobia, fear of enclosed spaces; emetophobia, fear of vomiting; acrophobia or vertigo, fear of heights; cancerophobia, fear of developing cancer; brontophobia, fear of thunderstorms; and necrophobia, fear of death, your own death or another's death.

Now I really don't want to be facetious with a subject as serious as fear, OK? I can do it a wee bit, because it has been my problem over the years - but there are some really strange phobias! I want to share some of them with you tonight. Now this is one I had: dentophobia - anybody got this one? Now, I mean I'm laughing about it now because I've been cured - and the cure was a good dentist! I was just sharing with my own children - we were in Belfast last night, and we were passing by the dentist I used to go to. I was telling them that - I only found out later - apparently my dentist was an alcoholic! It gives you an idea of the problems! I could have done with a bit of the hard stuff when he was dealing with me, because I do fear that he didn't give me anaesthetic - and certainly if he did, he didn't give me enough anaesthetic as a child! All joking aside, my bus route from school used to go past my dentist, and I would have closed my eyes every time I went past my dentist. In fact, there was one occasion when I burned the appointment card when I got home before my mother. It worked one six-monthly appointment, I got to twelve months without her realising - but it was the only time it ever worked. But I had a real fear of the dentist - why? Because of something traumatic that happened at the dentist.

What is your fear tonight? All of us have a fear of some kind or another - what is yours?

Some other ones: nomophobia - anybody got that? The fear of not having your mobile phone with you. I fear that my teenage daughter probably suffers from that one! Coulrophobia - have a guess what that is. Fear of what? Not babies, who said fear of babies? No! Fear of clowns. It would surprise you the amount of people who have a fear of clowns! Geniophobia is a fear of chins. I haven't done enough research on this to know whether it means fear of multiplying your chins or not, but it's certainly a fear of chins. Another: pogonophobia, fear of beards - now maybe if you had one like that you would be afraid of it. These are actual phobias, believe it or not. Xanthophobia, fear of the colour yellow - that doesn't look like yellow, sure it doesn't - or the word 'yellow'. Sorry if you've got that fear, you've probably fallen off the seat just now. Xanthophobia, Homilophobia - the fear of sermons! Now I hope you don't have that one, you ought not to be here! This is true: Anatidaephobia - the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. Now, research that yourself, and it is actually true. Now try this one: 'Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia' - it's the fear of long words! That's true!

But I want to ask you tonight: what is your fear? We do joke about it, and I can joke about it, but we tend to joke about the things, such as death, that we find most difficult. So what is your fear tonight? All of us have a fear of some kind or another - what is yours? When we talk about fear, what are we talking about? Let me just clear up any misunderstandings about what we're talking about. Fear of God is right throughout the Scripture, there are at least 300 verses about the fear of God in both Old and New Testament - and it's vital. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and so we have got to cultivate the fear of God in our lives - but it's more like a reverence or an awe, rather than a 'shaking in your boots' fear. I preached on that subject recently in Brookeborough Elim. It's important to cultivate the fear of God in our lives, but that's not what we're talking about when we talk about freedom from fear. There is the fear of man, Proverbs 29 verse 25, 'The fear of man brings a snare', and we will be including that in what we're talking about tonight - being free from fear. But there is a natural fear, and I want you to understand that natural fear is actually a gift from God. Here there is a misunderstanding that is often common: God has given us fear in order to protect us. If you want evidence of that, you've got a nervous system in your body, and there is the 'fight or flight' reaction to fearful consequences. So, in order to not get run over, we look both ways in caution when crossing the road. I often say when you're putting a log on the fire, you're careful in case you get your hand burnt - and so fear is within us all, God has given it to us to protect us for our own good. The problem comes when natural fear ceases from being our servant and becomes our master, when it actually is in control of our lives.

Now, you understand that natural fear is a gift from God, and it's a bit like sexuality. God has invented it, it's given to us to enjoy; but the enemy knows how powerful sex is, how powerful fear is, and so he uses the potency of those two gifts to overcome us and overwhelm us in a sinful way. So what God has given to us for safety, fear, can even turn to a chemical addiction in our lives. Now you might find this very hard to believe, but there are people who have a love-hate relationship with fear. They can't live without it, and they can't live with it. They want to be free from it, but immediately there is the contemplation of being released from fear, they start to panic in and of themselves. I was one of those people: if I was not worried about something, I would be worried. It becomes a kind of security blanket, like a child with a dummy, something that makes them feel secure.

The problem comes when natural fear ceases from being our servant and becomes our master, when it actually is in control of our lives...

We will be looking next month, in January, at 'Escaping Control', and there is an element of control here when it comes to fear. Believe it or not, though you are afraid of things being out of control, there is a sense in which you want to be in the driving seat and - can any of you identify with this? - you see slightly irresponsible if you're not worrying about something. You might put the term on it: you feel 'careless' - but that, in fact, is a lie of the enemy. So natural fear, you can see how it gets out of control, it gets unbalanced, and then what happens is there can enter on the scene a tormenting or a demonic fear - and that's primarily what we're going to look at tonight. Second Timothy 1 and verse 7 says: 'God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind'. The word for 'fear' there is 'dalio', and it literally means 'timidity'. God has not given us a spirit of timidity - but the inference is that this is a spirit that can be in our human spirits, a characteristic trait; but I think definitely Scripture would indicate that there is an actual demonic entity called 'a spirit of fear', and he wants to lead us into a place of dread and terror - an actual demon called 'fear'.

So tonight we're going to look at many things. We're going to look first of all of the effects of fear. Whatever fear you have - and there could be loads - you could have a fear of sickness; a fear of death, that's a very common one; your fear might be one of failure, maybe you're smitten by perfectionism or introspection and you don't want to fail; or maybe it's the fear of rejection, because there has been rejection many times in your life. Well, whatever that there might be that you have, it will eventually affect all parts of your being. So if we are made up of spirit, soul, and body, eventually fear will infiltrate all of those areas. Emotionally, fear can make you tired, it can cause you to shut down. In fact, let me give you a couple of examples of this - 1 Kings 19, you don't need to turn to it unless you want to. Elijah has just performed a mighty victory over the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel - and now, having slain the prophets of Baal, Jezebel is after him. She says: 'I'm going to kill you, Elijah!', and so Elijah runs. He does a supernatural marathon, and he's exhausted from it, and then he begins to hide out of fear. It says in 1 Kings 19:3-4: 'And when he saw that', what Jezebel was going to do, 'he arose and ran for his life, and went to Beersheba, which belongs to Judah, and left his servant there. But he himself went a day's journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a broom tree', he's exhausted. 'And he prayed that he might die, and said, 'It is enough! Now, LORD, take my life, for I am no better than my fathers!''. You see how fear of this woman, after he had defeated these warriors of Baal, how fear of this woman caused him to be actually drained physically and emotionally.

We see it also in the book of Daniel, Daniel 5 verse 6. Belshazzar the King, remember at the great feast where he was using sacred instruments in his debauchery and revelry, 'His countenance', it says, 'changed' - that was from fear of seeing the finger of God writing on the wall - 'and his thoughts troubled him, so that the joints of his hips were loosened and his knees knocked against each other'. Have you ever experienced that? Well, that's a physical reaction to fear. So there can be an emotional reaction that actually grips us when we face a range of emotions: panic, terror, anxiety. We can actually get to the state where - and this is an expression that we use - we can be paralysed by fear. In fact, we tend to use an expression: 'we are petrified'. Do you know what 'petrified' literally means? It means 'to become stone', that's literally what 'petrified' means. There is a paralysing element to fear. So, you see what's happening here: fear might come into our mind, then it affects our emotions, and it affects our will to the extent that we can actually become frozen - our volition can be made impotent. When fear responses build up within our system, we can actually get into a chronic fearful state - and I have known what this is - where you become so wind up in a frenzy that it is almost impossible to come down from it. We might describe it as being 'jumpy', but our body can then react, and eventually over a period of time you might contract stomach ulcers or other physical disorders. So what we're saying is: this is the effect of fear. This is not some kind of irrelevant mental daydreaming activity that you have, this fear is dangerous to you, to the extent that it will affect your health.

First of all, what I want us to do is look at the origin of fear, and to do that we need to turn in our Bibles...

Now let me explain to you how fear works. First of all, what I want us to do is look at the origin of fear, and to do that we need to turn in our Bibles to Genesis chapter 3 - go with me there, right to the very beginning, Genesis chapter 3. Now the context here is now after the fall, Adam and Eve have disobeyed God and taken of the forbidden fruit, and here you have in verse 8 of Genesis 3 - God is calling out now for Adam and Eve. Verse 8 says: 'And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden. Then the LORD God called to Adam and said to him, 'Where are you?''. Now watch this: 'So he said, 'I heard Your voice in the garden, and I was afraid''. Now this is remarkable, these are the first words that came out of man's mouth after the fall: 'I was afraid'. It's interesting that it was a fear of God, but it wasn't a healthy fear of God - it definitely wasn't a healthy fear of God. 'I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself'. Now there is so much we could say about that tonight, but right at the very beginning of our whole history, in the book of origins, we see that fear entered into humankind because of a separation from God. Through separating from God through sin, there was no longer security that man had as a created being made in the image of God, it was completely gone. So primal fear entered the world through the fall into sin.

Now this is a principle that I want you to understand tonight, and it's vital: when man lost his relationship with God, he lost his covering. Now, will you remember that? When man lost his relationship with God, he lost his covering, his spiritual covering. Man is separated through sin, he has done it himself, and fear now enters because all security, all covering has gone. Now, you know who brought the temptation in the beginning, don't you? Satan, and Satan still lies in order to separate us from God - isn't that the case? In fact, Jesus said in John 8 and 44 to the Pharisees: 'You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it'. He was a liar from the beginning.

So you see how fear works, OK? Ultimately fear comes when we believe the lie of the devil, OK? So God's covering is not on us for whatever reason, we're not spiritually safe, protected, or secure; and the enemy comes along and plants a lie, and we believe it! When we believe the enemy's lies, the fact of the matter is: we contract with Satan. If you can imagine Satan handing you a legal contract and he says: 'Sign on the dotted line'; when we believe his lies, we contract with Satan and he gains a certain power over us. So any time you believe the lie, you empower the liar - do you understand? Whenever you believe the lie, you empower the liar. At the root of every controlling fear, there is a lie. Here's something that Adolf Hitler said in World War II: 'Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it' - he understood that, hence his propaganda machine. The world is still doing that today. But, you see, this was first thought up by the evil one - and so you've got to understand how fear works. Ultimately the foundation of every fear is a lie.

You've got to understand how fear works. Ultimately the foundation of every fear is a lie...

I want to ask you right now to be open before God in your mind and heart, and even ask Him - pray right now one of those little arrow prayers up to God - and say: 'What is the lie that I have believed that is the foundation of the fear in my life?'. What is the lie? You see, what happens is the enemy plants the lie in your mind, and then that lie will drop from your mind into your emotions, and this is what happens: it feels true. Are you with me? Something even absolutely nonsensical and ridiculous is in your mind, but if you meditate on it and mull over it, chew the cud of that thought, analyse it, dissect it - the way I used to do so often - eventually it will ferment and it will start to assimilate down into your emotions, and you will start to feel that way. 'As a man thinks in his heart, so is he', and then your will will be affected. So eventually this fear, believe it or not, the lie that brings the fear, can actually go into your spirit - that deeper inner part of you - and that lie can become part of your identity. We looked at identity in September, we haven't got time to recap on that, but that's very significant. Look at how many people in our world are believing lies about biology, believing lies about society, sexuality, we could go on and on and on - and it has become a part of their identity, why? Because they have received it right into their spirit, the lie becomes part of us. In fact, a phobia is actually a distortion of the inner spirit - that's what a phobia is, a distortion of the inner spirit.

So, what lie have you believed? Through believing the enemy's lies we become - remember - spiritually uncovered, that's important; and then we give a place to fear; and then spirits of fear, actual demonic entities, can attach to us and bring us into deep bondage. It is vital to understand God's covering over us, God's covering is key to understanding how fear affects us. I'm sure there are many of you who love Psalm 91, turn with me to it for just a moment. If you have a problem with fear, I would encourage you to read, meditate, and even memorise if you can, Psalm 91. I love it. Verse 1 says: 'He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty' - that's covering, that's spiritual covering. But read on: 'I will say of the LORD, 'He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust'. Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler. You shall not be afraid' - I have that circled - 'You shall not be afraid', of what? 'Of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day, nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday. A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you'. I'd love to read it all, but we will leave it there, you read it at home.

Do you know something? You've got to, look at verse 1: 'dwell in the secret place of the Most High', and 'abide under the shadow of the Almighty'. You've got to choose to be underneath Godly covering. This is a truth that you don't hear an awful lot about, it's greatly neglected. We will not fear when we are under God's covering or, as David puts it, when we are under His wing, the shadow of His wing - then we are covered, then we are protected from all fear and from the enemy. But - and a lot of Christians really don't know this - if we choose to come out from underneath that covering... how do you choose to come out from under it? You choose that by sin, did you know that? We hear so many times in the church that our sins are all forgiven through Jesus, that we don't realise that there are still consequences of walking in sin as children of God. If you choose to come under the covering and security of a life of obedience to the Lord, and sin, you will be unprotected from the enemy. Unbelief is another way to come out from the covering, and doubt. But, whatever it might be, when we come out from underneath the covering of God's protection we give rights to the enemy, particularly to spirits of fear.

When we come out from underneath the covering of God's protection we give rights to the enemy...

This is a huge subject - covering. For instance, Christ is the covering over the church. So when leaders in the church come out from under the covering of the headship of Christ, there are consequences for individual churches. I haven't got time to go into that, but that really is worthy of your consideration. In marriage, a husband is a covering over his wife - now not the ultimate covering, because Christ is his Head, Christ is the covering over the couple, but the husband has headship in the home. I know that's not PC, but it's Bible, OK? We've got to respect that, wives: you've got to respect that. Now that doesn't mean - submission has been used for years to pummel wives into an ungodly submission and to control, and we will look at that next month - that's not what we're talking about. Men, you've got to stop invoking these verses to get your way over your wife, OK? But headship exists - yes, avoid the false and the perverse, but we need to submit to the true. Husbands are coverings for their wives, but when husbands don't lay their lives down as Christ laid His life down for the church, that's when wives are exposed to spiritual danger. When wives do not submit to their husbands, the marriage can be attacked. Parents and children, parents are a covering for their children - so when parents are irresponsible or engage in ungodly behaviour (and we could cite a ream of examples of this) there will be effects on the children.

So what you need to do tonight is to ask God: 'Where did my life get out from under Your covering? Where did I become exposed?'. There can be other areas, because some folk might be looking at their lives now and saying: 'Well, I don't know, as far back as I can remember I have been a fearful person and an anxious person' - if that is the case, it's very possible that it's not in your life that the covering was taken over, it may be in the life of your parents, but it may be a generational thing. I do firmly believe - and I think it was the case in my personal experience - that there are generational spirits of fear that go down generational lines, both father and mother's generational lines, and I think I got it from both! Alright? But it can be generations long, where these spirits are in families. Or the source of the lack of covering can be in pregnancy, it can be in the gestation period, nine months - how many mothers have been nervous wrecks during their pregnancy? I'm not saying every time that happens that that is communicated to a child in the womb, but I believe that can certainly be the case. Maybe a traumatic pregnancy, or for that matter a traumatic birth - and I had those as well. So you can see how someone might say: 'Well, I can't think of one particular incident that happened in my own life experience, but as far back as I can remember I have been a fearful person' - because maybe it hasn't been something that has happened to you, but it's something that happened to someone who was your covering, and it exposed due to fear, or it communicated or transferred fear to you. Of course there can be life trauma in your own personal experience, and there are so many areas that we haven't got time to highlight those - but you know yours: things that happened to you that created a gateway for fear to come in. It could even be abuse.

Then of course there is the occult, and this is a huge area on its own of course. But, you see if you dabble in the occult - and it seems staggering that Christians could dabble in the occult, but they do - but even if you dabbled in the occult before you were converted, there is a possibility that you have been affected by it. Not always, but there is a possibility. But when you dabble in the unseen realm that God has forbidden, you inevitably come out from under God's covering and you are exposed to the enemy. I was just reminded on the way down as I was meditating on these things in the car: I happened a few months ago to be involved in deliverance with a lady who had been a witch. She had got converted, and there were a lot of things still going on in her life and that she needed to be set free from. She used to go to sleep - because there were things happening, that's all I'll say, there were things happening around the house - but she would go to sleep with Psalm 91 open beside her bed. She knew the importance of spiritual covering, but there were still inroads of the enemy in her life. One night she woke up with the sound of scraping, and when she woke up one of her cats was clawing down the page of Psalm 91. I don't know if it was a black cat or not, but it doesn't really matter. The enemy wants us to be exposed, he detests spiritual covering so he will do all that he can in society - that's what's happening with government now, government is a form of covering as well - he will do everything in society to compromise our covering so that we are more exposed to his devices; and all of these can give footholds to fear. Fear may have entered even through a belief that you have learned in your life, maybe inherited from Mum and Dad, or observing them. Fear can enter through a tragic experience, when you have felt vulnerable or felt unprotected - that's often what happens with trauma, or with an accident perhaps. You felt in that moment that you weren't safe, the world wasn't safe, and maybe even as a Christian you asked: 'Where was God in that moment?'.

Worry robs us of today by stressing about tomorrow, that's why Jesus commands three times in Matthew chapter 6 alone in the Sermon on the Mount: 'Don't worry!'

Maybe you wouldn't describe your problem as fear, but worry - well, that's OK then. No, it's not OK! It's not OK. Let me explain: a bit like fear being a gift from God, we use the term 'worry' for 'carefulness' at times, don't we? 'Ach, you worry about your children, don't you? I mean, who doesn't worry about their children' - what that should mean is that we are careful about our children. The fact of the matter is, you ought to care for things and people that you value, isn't that right? So it's a good thing to be concerned, it motivates us to look after those things that are valuable. It's natural to be a little bit nervous about certain experiences, whether it's an examination or going to the doctor for an appointment. The problem is when concern over the future - in other words, things that we don't know the outcome of - prevents us functioning today. That's the kind of worry that Jesus says we ought not to have, the 'What if?'. Worry robs us of today by stressing about tomorrow, that's why Jesus commands three times in Matthew chapter 6 alone in the Sermon on the Mount: 'Don't worry! Don't worry! Don't be anxious for anything'. In fact, He said: 'Sufficient for the day is its own trouble'. Now that is a command of Jesus. Are you a Christian? You've got to obey that command! Stop expending your energies on tomorrow when you don't know what tomorrow is going to bring. Corrie Ten Boom, in the last few years of her life, said: 'Worry does not empty tomorrow of sorrows, it empties today of strength'.

Here's the main reason why - other than that it is a command of Jesus - why you should quit worrying: it doesn't work! Is that news to anybody here tonight? It doesn't work! First of all, because it is based on assumption rather than facts - you do know that, don't you? Let me share an acrostic with you, have you ever seen that one, an acrostic of fear? 'FEAR' is 'False Evidence Appearing Real' - isn't that what the enemy does? He tells us the lie, he tells us why we ought to believe that lie - and there might be some circumstantial evidence, but it is false evidence that does not necessarily come to that particular conclusion. False Evidence Appearing as Real - and what happens is, we believe it. Here's a chart I found called 'The Worry Chart' - by the way this is secular, this is a secular collection of statistics: 40% of all things we worry about never happen; 30% have already happened, so you could add that to the 40%, and we can't do anything about them anyway; 12% are needless worries about health, in other words we shouldn't be worrying about them; and 10% are petty, miscellaneous issues, things not to be worried about at all; 8% are real worries, or we might say 'genuine concerns' - and half of those 8%, 4%, we can do little about, and the other half we can. So the half we can do something about - what do you think we ought to do? Do something about it! The other half that we can't, what are we to do? Do nothing and bring it to God and not worry. Do you see how worry - because it's fuelled by the lies of the devil (and I'm not sure how accurate those statistics are, but they certainly seem accurate to me) - how it can fuel fear within us? Now the lie is not always obvious. You may have prayed already to the Lord: 'What is the lie that I have believed that is underlying fear or underlying anxiety?'. It could be a subconscious lie that God has to bring to the surface and reveal to you.

Fear doesn't work because it is based on assumptions rather than facts; but secondly: it has a lie in itself that things are out of control. Isn't that why we worry? We feel that the world is not safe, I am exposed, I am not protected, and ultimately God is not in control - that's really what we're saying in code language: 'I am not protected by God'. I want to encourage you right now again before we go any further to ask God to reveal the lie that you have believed - would you do that? Just now, in a moment's silence, just ask God: 'Lord, show me the lie that I have believed that underlies my fear' - do that now, just do it in prayer before the Lord. If you hear the answer, great; if you don't, wait and the Lord may show it to you through the rest of the evening. I want you to pray another prayer right after that, and that is: 'Lord, show me the corresponding truth from Your word that cancels out the lie' - that's what's called 'the sword of the Spirit' in the armour of God, the spoken word of God that will replace that lie, with which you will slay the lie. 'Lord, show me the corresponding truth to that lie'.

Just out of interest - and I don't want to know what it is - but did God tell anybody what the lie was? Put your hand up if you received what the lie was, don't be afraid - anybody? Come on! There's a couple there, I think there's more - yes? God has been speaking. Now, you listen in, listen in, because He will continue to speak to some of you throughout the rest of this message and maybe just after. I want to spend the rest of our time looking at how to conquer fear. OK, we know what fear is, we know the effects of it, and we know how it works to a certain extent - but this is the important stuff: how do we get freedom from fear?

If you're not a born-again Christian, you don't have assurance of personal salvation, this is where you need to start...

Well, first of all we need to receive God's covering - that's elementary, my dear Watson. Receive God's covering. Now listen: if you're not a born-again Christian, you don't have assurance of personal salvation, this is where you need to start. You will never conquer fear, or it will be a counterfeit remedy, unless you come to faith in Jesus Christ. That means you confess your sins, you repent, do an about turn from your selfish ways, and turn to Jesus Christ who died on the cross for you, took the penalty and punishment for your sins when He died there from God, bore your hell and your shame, and rose again from the grave that you would have eternal life. He asks you to believe in Him alone, not through good works, not through anything you are or religion, but purely through what He did for you - you ask Him to cleanse you, forgive you, and submit to Him as Lord; and you will take His covering over your life.

Maybe you are a Christian, but the Lordship of Christ is a problem - or, to put it another way, control is a problem. You find it difficult to relinquish control of your life and give it over to Jesus. Now there can be issues of healing that need to happen there, because maybe your free will was taken away from you by someone who did control you or abused you - we will look at that later on - so you find it difficult to surrender. But listen: God is not that person! God is not the abuser! God is not the person who violated your free will! God is the good, good Father, your Abba in heaven - He will never do anything to hurt you or harm you, you can trust in Him! So maybe you need to relinquish control and surrender to the Lord Jesus, but ultimately you need to know this - and this is one of my favourite verses in the Bible - 1 John 4:18: 'There is no fear in love; but perfect love drives out fear, for fear has to do with judgement. Whoever fears has not been made perfect in love'. Isn't that wonderful verse? 'Perfect love drives out' - casts out - 'all fear'.

So when you understand the perfect love of God, what Jesus did for you on the cross, you submit to that and you allow it to become a part of your life - what does that look like? You bow to the Lordship of Jesus in every area of your existence, every area! There can be no no-go areas! Now I understand, I'm still struggling in certain areas - we all do - but I hope that I've given all the keys of every room of my life over to Jesus, and I have given Him permission to step into any of those areas and deal with them. I'm still talking to Him about some of them, and struggling at times - but the Lordship of Jesus is being willing to be made willing, OK? But also, perfect love is understanding the Father heart of God, as I've already alluded to - that you are accepted in Jesus, that you don't have to strive, you don't have to perform, but this grace that Trevor was talking about: you've got if you're in Christ, it's yours! You're in the Beloved! Also you need to receive Holy Spirit's infilling in order to empower your life to receive more of His love - really the baptism and the filling of the Holy Spirit is immersion in the love of God. So this is part of receiving God's covering - it's really the Gospel, isn't it? A relationship with Christ, and the Father through Him, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Do you know what the antidote to fear is? 1 Corinthians 13, that purple passage on love - at the end of it, what does it say? 'Then remains faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love'. What is faith? Hebrews 11 and verse 1 says, one translation puts it: 'Faith is the evidence of things not seen, but it is the handle on the unseen' - I think it's the Amplified renders it like that - 'Faith is the handle on the unseen'. What was fear? False evidence appearing as real. So the enemy can orchestrate certain circumstances to make something look real, and in fact maybe things do look pretty real, and the fears that you have are founded to a certain extent - but listen: faith is the evidence of things not seen. 'That's ridiculous!', you say. Well, it's faith-sense not common-sense, it's faith-sense - but this is what God says will deliver you from the power of fear. Faith is the handle on the unseen, the Amplified Version also says it's our title deed for things we have not yet received. So, in other words, it's the document tells us: 'I'm going to get this, what God has promised me, even if it doesn't look like it and I can't see it right at the moment. I'm not going to believe the enemy's lies, I'm not going to believe circumstantial appearances around me, I'm going to look at the title deed of God's word, what He has promised me - and I'm going to put my faith and trust in that'.

Faith is the handle on the unseen, the Amplified Version also says it's our title deed for things we have not yet received...

Faith and hope - what's hope? Well, hope is the certainty that does not disappoint. Hope is an emotional reaction, really, to faith; where we start to feel that this is really going to happen: 'I'm going to be free!'. Are you saying that tonight? Freedom from fear? And what is love? Well, it's security, it's effectively that covering that is over you, security. Regarding the fruit of the Spirit, The Message translation says: 'Go after love as if your life depended on it'. Seek spiritual gifts, yes, but go after love as if your life depended on it. 'The greatest of these is love', that's why 2 Timothy 1 and verse 7 says: 'God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind'. Power to overcome our weakness in fear, love which is our security, and a sound mind - and that's the entrance point of fear, isn't it? A spirit of fear is a spirit that will lead us into a place of dread and fear, and God says: 'I haven't given you that'.

Now people say to me, and I could identify with this: 'Oh, my Mummy was a worrier, my Granny was a worrier, and it's just been in our family - and I'm a wee worrier too'. Have you ever said that? 'I'm a wee worrier, that's just the way I am' - that's a lie from the devil. God has not given you a spirit of fear. Christian, do you want something that God hasn't given you? Ask the question: 'If God hasn't given me this, who has given me it?'. The enemy has given it to you, do you want something that he gives to you? The Amplified Version says: 'He has not given us a spirit of fear, but power, love, and a calm and well-balanced mind, and discipline and self-control' - that's what God gives us! Listen to Romans 8 and verse 15: 'For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, 'Abba, Father''. What's that? Covering! That's the secret to freedom from fear: receive God's covering, perfect love that casts out all fear.

Here's a second way to conquer fear, and each is important: identify and confess the fear and the underlying lie. Where did the fear come from? I don't know if you're here the first week of this season in September when we looked at 'Identity', but we talked about strongholds of the mind, strongholds of the mind that are built upon lies. If you've got a stronghold of fear, it is built on the foundation of lies - but you need to, when God shows you the lie, you need to identify it, renounce it, and replace it with the truth. It's essential, therefore, that you recognise that this fear and this lie is sin - alright? If you don't recognise it as a big problem, you're never going to overcome it, you're never going to deal with it seriously. It's not excusable! John Wesley said: 'I would no more worry than I would curse or swear'. You see, any sin - we saw at the very beginning - separates us from God; but it robs us of our peace with God, and there is probably nothing that robs us more of the peace of God than worry and fear - isn't that true? It's sin! Will you name it tonight as sin? Will you not excuse it any longer? Will you, by identifying and confessing the fear and the underlying lie, will you rob the enemy of the authority that he has gained in bringing it into your life? That just looks like repenting of having believed his lie, and renouncing the lie that you have believed, and renouncing fear - and you might even need to renounce a generational fear as well, as it has been passed on to you and predisposed you in it. What you're doing is, you're dismantling strongholds of the mind and heart - in fact, you could be dismantling, tearing down strongholds that have lasted for generations! Isn't it wonderful, what we could do this evening? These strongholds can be at the root of your fear.

So receive God's covering, and secondly identify and confess the fear and the underlying lie. A third thing you need to do is: forgive, break soul-ties, and receive healing. What does that mean? What that means simply is: if there are people that compromised your covering - OK, so it could be generational, ancestors in the past, and you need to forgive them. It could be your own parents; it could be your mother when she was carrying you, it could be how she taught you to fear through her reactions throughout life; it could be someone who harmed you, who hurt you, and through what they did they caused you fear. It might be an inadvertent thing, you might have been in an accident but somebody else was driving - you might need to forgive them. They mightn't have intended doing what they did, but you might need to forgive them. Forgiveness could be necessary. Breaking soul-ties with people who taught us to fear, or caused us to fear, or harmed us and made us afraid - that's important, and we will do that later on. We may need, and most do, to receive inner healing - what is that? Well, the hurts of the heart, the emotions that have been damaged, maybe the memories that we have that are triggered and flash back upon us and cause fear - we need to invite the Lord Jesus, who is the Alpha and Omega and who is not bound to time, He is the Eternal One, to step in (and He can do this, I have seen Him do it many times) step into that particular harmful memory, and break its power and set us free, and redeem that memory. That will bring inner healing, when Jesus does that. Basically we're asking Him to heal all the damage that fear has done in our lives, even to our body - even to our body and the nervous system. It might take time to come down from its heightened state, but that can happen.

It's sin! Will you name it tonight as sin? Will you not excuse it any longer?

So forgive, break soul-ties, and receive healing. Fourthly: command spirits of fear and trauma to go in Jesus' name. I want you to turn with me quickly to Philippians chapter 1, Philippians chapter 1. I was listening to a preacher the other day, a sermon that was recommended to me on fear and love, and he made this comment and it was astounding. I'm just going to quote it to you, but he was reading Philippians chapter 1 verses 27-28 - rather obscure verses, you might think, concerning fear, but read them with me and listen to his comment. Philippians 1:27-28: 'Only let your conduct be worthy of the gospel of Christ', your behaviour ought to be fitting of the Gospel, 'so that whether I come and see you or am absent, I may hear of your affairs, that you stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel' - now look at verse 28 - 'and not in any way terrified', or afraid, fearful, 'of your adversaries' - look at that! 'Not in anyway' - and, by the way, these were Christians who were being persecuted - 'Not in anyway terrified by your adversaries', watch this, 'which is to them a proof of perdition', judgement, hell, 'but to you of salvation, and that from God'. Now listen to what this preacher said on this particular verse, verse 28, 'Not in anyway terrified by your adversaries, which is to them a proof of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that from God'. He said: 'Every time we are victorious over a fear issue' - whatever particular issue that is in our lives - 'what is broadcast over the PA system of hell', the kingdom of darkness, 'is that impending doom is upon them', isn't that amazing? Every time you conquer a fear, it is announced to the powers of darkness: pending doom - and so they try to get you to fear, so that they don't have to think about what is coming to them. Isn't that incredible? They get you terrified, because they are terrified. If they can get you terrified, they will not be as terrified - but when you are victorious over fear, this is what happens: 'No wonder', he says, 'the powers of darkness work so hard to get us to fear, because they know they are going to hell'. So they want to make our lives a hell on earth through fear, and if you've ever known debilitating fear, you will know that that is exactly what it's like.

So what you need to do is command spirits of fear and trauma to go in Jesus' name. Do you know what that actually is? Declaring boldly the victory of the cross of Jesus! Fear was put to death when Jesus died, fear was buried in the tomb when Jesus was in the grave - and when He rose again, He didn't resurrect fear! He left it behind Him! So why should we live in fear's shadow, when Jesus has conquered fear.

Fifthly: we need to choose to walk in faith, not fear. I haven't got the word 'choose' up there, but that is a very important word - it's a choice that we make. A lot of people make this mistake, and I have to say to you: I have seen people reasonably regularly delivered from fear in personal prayer, but I have to say to you tonight that often folk are not - do you know why? Because they encounter the power of God, or not, in a personal prayer moment, but they don't choose thereafter to walk in faith. The greatest deliverances from fear are those who learn to walk in the truth of God's word, and those who have a renewing of the mind. So you might have a mighty deliverance tonight through the prayer ministry that goes on - but I want to encourage you: your deliverance will not be sustained and maintained unless you walk by faith, fear will get back in again. So you need to choose to walk by faith, and not fear - and that means obeying what God says.

Do you know what the most frequent command in the Bible is? Have a guess!

Do you know what the most frequent command in the Bible is? Have a guess! Shout it out, come on: 'Fear not!'. You know how many there are in the Bible, don't you? 365 - that's one for every day of the year, OK? It's easy saying that, 'Fear not', but how? I mean, I know we're not meant to laugh at the Bible - but sometimes it is funny when you see an angel or something doing something amazing, and somebody falls down on their face - and they say: 'Fear not!'. I mean, that's a normal human reaction, but God wants us to know that we don't need to be afraid of Him though we need to fear Him and hold Him in awe. But how do we obey this command? Well, one of my favourite stories - and I have to say, one of the stories of has spoken to me most as a rhema word from God when I had big decisions to make in my life, I'll not go into all that - was this story of Jesus appearing to the disciples walking on the water. You remember they thought that He was a ghost. Sometimes we don't see God instrumental in our lives, we can even think He's the enemy when God is doing something - but anyway, that's another story. He almost bypassed them, the inference is, He almost bypassed them because of their fear that had overtaken them - but then He spoke to them, and He said: 'Be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid'. 'Be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid!'.

Now listen, Jesus tells you not to be afraid - so why be afraid? I mean, I know it's very simplistic, but you've got to face this: why will you not obey the command of the Lord Jesus? Oh yes, there are underlying issues, there are wounds need to be healed; but will you on naked, raw will, decide tonight: 'I'm going to choose to walk in faith and not fear'? Do you know something? If you, like me, have been a very fearful person in your life, you've got a head start - did you know that? You really have! You've been in a trainee school for faith, and you didn't even know it! Did you know how similar fear and faith are, did you? I mean, it's incredible: both fear and faith believe in something that doesn't appear to have happened yet. Isn't that right? I'm not saying it hasn't happened, but it doesn't appear to have happened yet. In fact, Philippians chapter 4 and verse 8 tells us - I love this verse - 'Finally brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy; meditate on these things'. Do you know what worry is? It is meditation on lies - that's what worry is! So what do you do? You meditate. You don't go 'Hmmmm' and sit in the lotus position, but you might as well do because it's doing as much harm as if you did do that, because you're taking the lies that the devil plant in your head and you are ruminating over them. If you're like the way I was, I would take them, dissect them, analyse them, turn them upside down, inside out - and say: 'Is this true, is this not true, is this me, is this not me?'; until it actually took over my emotions, and eventually affected my behaviour. But that's meditation, and you're meant to do that with those things in Philippians 4 verse 8. Do you see if you can shift your meditation from the lies of the enemy over to the truth of what God says is reality, you will be delivered very quickly from fear, and you will walk in faith and not fear the rest of your days!

Isn't that amazing? So, if you're a worrier you've got a head start - but you need to ask yourself tonight: 'What environment am I creating in my mind? Am I creating a breeding ground for fear or faith? What atmosphere am I creating in my home? What are the words that are spoken?'. 'Oh, be careful, oh don't do that, oh you never know where that might lead to! Somebody will lose an eye!' - did you ever hear that one? 'Somebody will lose an eye! Oh, there will be crying before it all ends!' - I used all those things as well, but do you understand? What is the atmosphere that we create in our homes? What are the words that fill the atmosphere? Are they words of hope, are they words of life, are they words of faith, assurance, affirmation? Are there unhealthy practices that are in your life that are feeding fear? It's staggering that some Christians today are into horror fiction, and don't think anything of watching a horror movie - 'It's all fantasy', is it? Or the literature that you read - and especially teenagers at the moment are reading a lot of horror romance. I mean, years ago it would have been ridiculous to put those two things together, but now it's in vogue - vampire novels and so on. What is the music that you're listening to? Is it feeding your fear? A lot of kids are playing certain videogames that can feed fear. Wait till I tell you, I mean: watching the news almost today could fill you with fear! We're living in the first generation that has ever had 24-7 news on so many different channels from so many different points of view. You could have a diet of constant bad news - is it any wonder that Jesus said that when the end comes men's hearts will fail them for fear!

What are you flooding your life with? Are you flooding your life with fear or faith?

So, what tap are you turning on as an inlet into your life? What are you flooding your life with? Are you flooding your life with fear or faith? Now, even if you have a spirit of fear, an actual demon of fear - and some of you might have tonight, and I hope and pray that before we even finish the service you will be delivered, that's what I'm banking on - but even after that you need to have a practical plan of action, don't you? Because, let me tell you, as someone who knows - and I didn't have anybody really to pray with me the way you might get prayer tonight; I had to, through books and various things, the Lord was gracious in leading me over years to get free - I would describe my condition now as: fear is no longer on the inside, but guess where it is, it's on the outside. It knocks my door every now and again to get back in. Alright? So I'm not fear-free in the sense that I'll never have a fear again, or have to face fear - I do - but I hopefully know how to face it now, and stop it from getting a foothold in my life.

So, how do you do that then? Well, one of the best illustrations that I use regularly with people is this one, OK? Your life, imagine it as the front door here in this illustration. Every day of your life there are two postmen that come to you. There is God's postman, and there is the devil's postman. God's postman has the truth of the scriptures, the word of God; and Satan's postman has a lie of course. Really it's all down to which of these parcels or letters you take and read, or open and analyse that will determine what part fear or faith will have in your life. I know that might sound very simple, but really it's as simple as that. Every day of your life who are you going to believe? Who are you going to listen to? Who are you going to give entrance to? If you do look at your own experience, if you've struggled with fear, you know that you have answered the wrong doorbell ring, the wrong door knock from Satan. If you look at your life on a moment by moment basis, you will know that it's his voice that you're listening to, isn't that right? You're obeying his voice.

The question begs: why is it that we will believe everyone but God? I know we're cynical and sceptical about a lot of things, but for most of us: if BBC News said a thing - I mean, this week for instance Lenny Henry got an award, didn't he, at the Palace or something? But ITV put on Ainsley Harriott, footage of Ainsley Harriott, and it wasn't him got it at all - and I'm sure there were people who believed, because the BBC or ITV said it. Now we don't really in our hearts believe that they can never get anything wrong, we believe they get a lot wrong - but we can almost sit, because of our media mindset today, and drink in. Often what the newspaper says, we believe, and at times it's far from the truth. Yet we will believe almost everybody and anybody, but God, and He's the most believable of them all! So what we are really asking you to do tonight, God is asking you, is to renounce and reject the lies that you have believed and agree with God. Come into line with the plumbline of truth which is His Holy Word. That is really the fear of God - and what happens is this: the fear of God abolishes every other fear. Faith is what overcomes fear!

I used to believe that fear and faith were mutually exclusive - do you know what that means? That if you had faith, you wouldn't have fear. I don't really believe that now, I believe - from my own experience now - that you can be absolutely almost completely overwhelmed and absorbed by fear, but you can step out in faith, I believe that. You see, I believe that when Peter was stepping out of the boat, he was fearful. I mean, was he a mug? Was he stupid? Of course he wasn't, who wouldn't have been fearful doing that? But what did he do? He disregarded his fear, and he stepped out in faith - and that's what cancels out the fear, when you step out in faith. Someone said: 'Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it'. Yes? It's not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. So don't be sitting waiting until you have no fear to step out in faith - no! In the midst of your fear, take the courage and step out - trust God.

What would you do if you had no fear? What is your fear holding you back from doing, maybe for God?

I have a question for you: what would you do if you had no fear? Think about that for a moment: what would you do if you had no fear? What is your fear holding you back from doing, maybe for God? I have to ask that of myself - if you knew the battles that I had, honestly! It's just that the enemy is trying to intimidate us and prevent us living our potential for the Lord. Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. In the church in particular, we emphasise so much repentance and holiness, and that's very very important of course - but we often ignore how fear will kill more dreams than failure ever will. That's why the most frequent command in the Bible is 'Fear not!', because the Lord knows the potential for that to jettison the dreams and the destiny that God has and His purposes for our lives.

Can you say: 'I will fear no evil, for You are with me'? Now we are so familiar with that verse and that Psalm, that we have lost the real import of it all, haven't we? 'I will fear no evil' - why? Covering! 'For You are with me' - that's it! That's the secret! God is with you! God is with you! What are you going to do tonight? Are you going to take the leap of faith? Faith is a leap not in the dark, faith is a leap in the light - but it's a leap nevertheless. It's a leap because you're relinquishing control over your own life and trusting God. So, will you? I'm going to tell you something: if you do leap - unlike this guy on the screen - you will fly. You will! I want to say to you tonight: if you will step out tonight and renounce the lie, and declare in Jesus' name that you are free through the blood of the cross, and command the enemy to leave you: you will fly tonight. If you walk in faith and not fear, you will fly for the rest of your days - and you can't even imagine or dream what God is going to do with you if you will deal with fear tonight in Jesus' name.

So will you do it? We're going to pray as we always do - and I'm going to go through this prayer with you now so that you understand everything that is there. 'Father, I renounce all ungodly control over my life, and I submit to You and receive Your covering of love and protection'. I think I've described enough what that means. You really do need to relinquish control - and, by the way, one of the fruit of the Spirit is self-control. So God is not asking us to be completely irresponsible couch potatoes, or to become completely passive and expect God to move us like puppets - that's not what He is asking. He is asking us to relinquish all ungodly, selfish, fleshly control of our self, our circumstances, or anybody else; and allow Him to cultivate His fruit of self-control in us - but we take covering, that's the important thing, we become our own covering when we try to control our own lives, do you understand? That's when we become exposed. We bring over us - if you're not a Christian, become one at this point - we bring over us God's protection.

We're going to pray as we always do - and I'm going to go through this prayer with you now so that you understand everything that is there...

'Lord Jesus, in Your name, I confess and renounce all fear, anxiety, doubt, and unbelief. Forgive me for believing the lies of Satan that...' - now at that point I want you, if God has already revealed the lie, specifically that you articulate that. Now, as I say often, the person beside you doesn't need to hear, but it would be good if you took that and just whispered it to God on your lips. It could be a number of lies that you have believed, maybe you have been told them, maybe they have been spoken over your life: 'You're no good, you're a failure, etc etc' - well, renounce those. 'I reject these and choose to believe the truth that' - now God may have already revealed to you the corresponding truth, that sword of the Spirit, maybe not, but maybe He will even in the moments when you're praying here. It's not rocket science, it's obvious, it's the opposite of what the devil said really. Think of the opposite of what the devil has been saying, and you're probably not far off the corresponding truth of God's word! 'I freely choose to forgive', so and so, or people, 'for how they made me afraid'. So if there is someone who brought fear into your life, whether it's an ancestor, you suspect, or it's your Mum or Dad, or it's a perpetrator of a harmful act upon you, or it's an accident or something like that - but there is some person connected with that, you do need to forgive them so the enemy does not get any hold over you through bitterness or resentment. 'I freely choose to forgive so and so for how they made me afraid; and I ask You, Lord, to break all ungodly soul-ties' - that's a heart-tie that comes through ungodly relationships, or through a dominant controlling relationship - 'I ask You to break ungodly soul-ties with...', the person. Some people are fearful because of intimidating relationships that they are in.

'Lord, I ask You to heal my emotions, my memories, and all damage that fear has done in my life'. Now at this point I want you to be open to Jesus stepping into your memories and into your heart, and even look for Him - that doesn't work for everybody for various reasons, but it can work for anybody. Look for Him and watch Him even in those memories, watch for Him stepping in. 'From this moment I choose to listen to Your voice alone, and meditate on the truth of the good things in Your word'. Then finally: 'Now in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command all demonic spirits of fear, worry, trauma, unbelief and doubt to leave me now' - now, if you have to add any other ones in there, fire away! 'I speak directly to all demonic spirits who have had any influence over me, in Jesus' name I expel you' - and expect something! 'I ask You, Lord Jesus, to now fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and all His good fruit - especially His love, joy, peace, and faith. Thank You, Lord. Amen'.

OK, are you ready for this? Let's say it together, OK. 'Father, I renounce all ungodly control over my life, and I submit to You and receive Your covering of love and protection'. Now just pause there are a moment, and just take that covering by faith over you now, take that covering of Abba Father - a good, good Father, a loving Father. Let Him cover you now and protect you, He can be trusted you know. He will never harm you. Let's continue: 'Lord Jesus, in Your name, I confess and renounce all fear, anxiety, doubt, and unbelief. Forgive me for believing the lies of Satan that...', now you fill it in now, before God whisper those lies. It might be that He is not trustworthy, or that the world is unsafe, or that you're not protected, or that you're this, that or the other. All those lies that you're no good, that you'll never amount to anything, that you're damaged, that you'll never be any different - speak them out. OK, ready? 'I reject these and choose to believe the truth that...', OK, replace it with the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, the truth. It may just be the opposite of the lie, speak it out, take it into your spirit, receive it, receive the truth.  Ready: 'I freely choose to forgive', now name those people or a person who hurt you or wronged you, and caused you to fear. 'I forgive them' - ready - 'for how they made me afraid. I ask You, Lord, to break all ungodly soul-ties with', and name that person again.

Now we're going to continue, but at this point now I want you really to have a heart open to the Holy Spirit, what He's going to do, and have your mind open to watch for Him to see what He will do - alright? Just watch for Him in your memories. Some of you have probably become present to those traumatic situations, because naming the people and events is bringing it up to the surface - but now you're looking for Jesus. Don't stay there, we're not interested in bringing trauma back up apart from a look for Jesus. Alright, ready? 'Lord, I ask You to heal my emotions, my memories, and all damage that fear has done in my life'. Now stop there, you watch for Him.

Lord Jesus, I ask You now, for those who are ready, and those whose hearts and emotions are not bound - right now I pray that You will loosen emotions and hearts to enable people to see, but I pray that You will step right in now, step right into some of these scenes - traumatic scenes - some of these memories that have power over people. Step right in and show them where You are at, show them what You're doing, maybe speak to them, Lord Jesus - just come to them, thank You, Jesus. Lord, I believe You're coming to people right now, thank You Jesus. Blessed Jesus, show them that You were there, show them that You are there, show them that You have never left them. Thank You, Jesus.

Praise God, I believe the Lord has shown Himself to some of you there right now. Ready for the next part: 'From this moment I choose to listen to Your voice alone, and meditate on the truth of the good things in Your word'. OK: 'Now in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command all demonic spirits of fear, worry, trauma, unbelief and doubt to leave me now. I speak directly to all demonic spirits who have had any influence over me, and in Jesus' name I expel you'.

Now I'm just going to pray at this moment. Enemy, you heard, and your authority has been taken away. You have no authority to inflict fear upon the children of the Living God in this place who have engaged with God by faith. So I'm going to command you: leave now - leave now! Out of every life here! Fear, trauma, doubt, unbelief, all spirits of anxiety, every spirit working under fear, every spirit in the family of fear - strong man of fear, I bind you, and I bind to you every spirit working under you. I drive you out, we drive you out in the mighty name of Jesus. You will go now, Jesus is healing the wounds. You have no place to hold on, Jesus is healing the wounds. Every spirit of fear, leave now in Jesus' name. Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus!

Now, we don't want any empty houses, do we? So you need the filling of the Holy Spirit, and that's what we're going to ask - and ask by faith now, ask the Lord Jesus. Are you ready? 'I ask You, Lord Jesus, to now fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and all His good fruit - especially His love, joy, peace, and faith. Thank You, Lord. Amen'.

Lord, I thank You for how folk in this place tonight, how they have truly engaged with You by faith. I now pray that there will be no empty vessels here for the enemy to come back with seven more spirits, and that fear - when he comes knocking on any of our doors - will find us full of the Spirit, that there is no room in this inn because Jesus is there and fear has no place. I pray that people tonight will receive a healing from bodily ailments, from psychosomatic conditions, from mind and heart that have root fear at their cause and origination. Lord, would You pour out Your healing in this place tonight, and do a wonderful work - by the stripes of Jesus we believe we are healed. We know we will not achieve it all until we get to glory one day, and we are in resurrected bodies - but Lord, a wee bit more now would be great, and we believe that that's possible - to see Your kingdom come, Lord, and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Touch lives, touch minds, Lord, touch hearts, touch emotions, touch wills, volitions, touch body, soul and spirit - in Jesus' name, Amen. Hallelujah! God is doing things tonight!

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Transcribed by:
Preach The Word.
December 2015

This sermon was delivered at The Stables in Enniskillen by David Legge. It was transcribed from the third recording in his 'Deeper Healing' series, entitled "Freedom From Fear" - Transcribed by Preach The Word.

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