The God Of All Comfort
Comforting truths for times of trouble

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A Book Of Comfort For Those In SicknessA Book Of Comfort For Those in Sickness, by P.B. Power
While illness brings time to think, the natural tendency of our thoughts may not be comforting. Sickness may end activities we once enjoyed; it will make us dependent upon others: and feelings of pain, or of uselessness, or of anxiety about the future, may be very real.

To help those who are in sickness the author, P.B. Power, does not under-estimate the strength of these hindrances to comfort. Far from offering superficial advice, his position is that no comfort is obtainable unless there be, first, true knowledge of ourselves and, second, right knowledge of God.

His main aim is to state what this knowledge needs to be, and to show how, with faith in God's character and presence, suffering need not be a dark experience. Issues dealt with include pain, feeling useless, feeling a trouble to others, loneliness, feeling unworthy.

Available to order from The Banner Of Truth Trust and - 100 pages.

Where Is God When Things Go Wrong?, by John Blanchard
Where Is God When Things Go Wrong?We live in what has been called 'a world with ragged edges'. Earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, fires, famine and other natural disasters kill millions of people and injure countless others, sometimes wiping out huge numbers within a few hours.

Every day, accidents claim an untold number of victims. Planes crash, trains are derailed, road vehicles collide, ships are lost at sea, buildings collapse, bridges give way, trees fall, machinery malfunctions. To make matters worse, disease cuts relentless swathes through humankind, causing immeasurable weakness, pain and fear, while 'man's inhumanity to man' brings a terrible toll of suffering.

Yet the Bible claims that God is in sole and sovereign control of everything that happens in the entire universe, that He 'works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will' and that He is 'compassionate and gracious' and 'abounding in love'. Is there any way in which all of this can hold together? The answer may surprise you...

Available to buy from Evangelical Press, but also available here by kind permission as a free PDF download, so that you can know the answer to this often asked question! [Please note: this download is for personal use only and should not be copied or printed]