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01 Moses At The Burning Bush
02 Jacob At Jabbok”   Latest
03 “Gideon At The Winepress”   Coming Soon

Recommended Reading

Moses: The Servant Of God

From F.B. Meyer's outstanding Biblical biographies series of the great men of faith, here is the story of Moses. Meyer takes us through the history of his birth, education in Egypt and, ultimately, as God's chosen leader for His people - out of slavery and to the edge of the Promised Land.

From the author's preface: “I have tried to show that Moses was a man like other men - with great qualities that needed to be developed and improved; with flaws that veined the pure marble of his character; with deficiencies that had rendered him powerless but for the all-sufficient grace that he learned to appropriate; and that he wrought his lifework by the simplicity of his faith, by communion with God, and by becoming a channel through which the Divine purpose was achieved”.

Meyer states that: “You must be brought to an end of yourself before God can begin with you. But once you have come to that point, there is no limit to what may be wrought during a single life by the passage through it of His eternal power and Godhead”. He goes on to say: “The I AM is God of the living - passing through our crowded thoroughfares, brooding over our desert spaces, and seeking hearts which are still enough from their own plannings and activities to listen. The main point for each of us is to be able to answer His summons with the response, 'Here I am'”.

A free scanned PDF is also available from the Internet Archive.