Behold Your God!
Studying the Attributes of Almighty God

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Further ReadingTop

The Existence And Attributes Of God, by Stephen Charnock
Not for the faint-hearted, this 1000+ page volume is the original 17th-century classic, exhaustive treatment of the doctrine of God by Puritan Stephen Charnock.

The author reflects on Scripture to draw out its full implications for understanding the God of the Old and New Testaments. He meticulously works through the doctrines of God's power, patience, holiness, wisdom, knowledge, dominion, goodness and immutability. In light of current discussions and increased interest in the divine attributes, Charnock's treatment of the subject is especially welcome.

"When, unexpectedly, the essence and attributes of God are called into question, to whom else can we better go than to Stephen Charnock?" - Gordon Clark

Available to order from and - 1152 pages.

The Attributes Of God, by Arthur W. Pink
"A spiritual and saving knowledge of God is the greatest need of every human creature", writes the author, adding that "the foundation of all true knowledge of God must be a clear mental apprehension of His perfections as revealed in Holy Scripture".

In this book Pink explains God's solitariness, decrees, knowledge, foreknowledge, supremacy, sovereignty, immutability, holiness, power, faithfulness, goodness, patience, grace, mercy, love, wrath and contemplation.

Available to order from, or access the entire text of the book for free online at A.W. Pink's Archive...