New Testament Series

Marriage and Singleness

No. Sermon Title
01 Marriage: To Be Or Not To Be?
02 Marriage Matters
03 Stay As You Are
04 Advantages Of Singlehood And Advice For Widowhood

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Recommended Reading

Whom Shall I Marry?

Marriage, claims Andrew Swanson, is 'one of the most important questions you will ever think about'. In his helpful booklet Whom Shall I Marry? he underlines the most important principles which Scripture gives in order to guide us to a wise and happy choice of a life-long partner. These principles are clear and plain, but they are not always easy to put into practice.

Andrew Swanson writes with sensitivity to the struggles and difficulties which young people from various cultures face in this area of life. Convinced that God's promise, 'them that honour me, I will honour', holds good today, he writes both realistically and encouragingly about the ways in which God guides and directs those whose central desire is to do His will. Also available from the publisher, Banner Of Truth Trust.