A study of origins, from Genesis 1-3

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Evolution: Fact Or Fiction?
by John Blanchard
Evolution: Fact Or Fiction?
The theory of evolution has been called 'the most powerful and the most comprehensive idea that has ever arisen on earth'. It has been so passionately argued and so heavily promoted in the mass media that millions of people with no scientific expertise assume it must be true. Evolutionism says that life on earth began by chance in some kind of chemical 'soup', and claims that Homo sapiens is the latest product of a vast sequence of species that led from the first living cell through invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, furry quadrupeds and ape-like mammals.

What is the evidence for this fascinating scenario? Can we prove that life began this way? What are the odds against such a thing happening? Has archaeology found obvious links between the different species? Can we really show that all living species owe their distinct existence to random, unplanned, accidental genetic changes? Or is there another explanation? Blanchard in this booklet gives us that much needed explanation to the fiction of evolution.

'This is a great little booklet. It reads easily. It is hard hitting, and stimulates the mind. It is a booklet to edify Christians and eminently suitable to pass on to unbelievers' - Evangelical Times

Available in packs of 10 from ICM Books - 40 pages.

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