Hunger For Reality
Do You Long To Go Deeper With God?

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Hunger For Reality - Do You Long To Go Deeper With God?

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Revival: A People Saturated With GodRevival: A People Saturated With God
by Brian Edwards
Brian H. Edwards seeks to bring the reader into contact with revival and to introduce it to those who may never have read much on the subject. This book is not a clinical analysis of revival, nor just an assessment of God's reviving work in the past. Rather it is the author's declared intention to inform our minds and inflame our hearts so that we may have a heart-longing for God to give us revival in our day and so that we might become what Duncan Campbell describes as a people 'saturated with God'.

The author gives an introduction to the subject of spiritual revival based upon the experience of Israel in the time of King Hezekiah in the Old Testament. The meaning of the word 'revival' is defined and the hallmarks of revival are described with warnings against false views of revival. Illustrated from stories of revival across the centuries of the Christian church, the book covers the state of the church before revival, the events during revival (urgency, preaching, conviction, prayer, worship, evangelism, giving and children) and the aftermath of revival. A challenge for the church today to long for and pray for true revival.

This paperback book is available to purchase from Amazon (US or UK)- 303 pages

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