Old Testament Series

Malachi's Modern Message

No. Sermon Title
01 Malachi's Message On Love
02 Malachi's Message On Service
03 Malachi's Message On Discipline
04 Malachi's Message On Marriage
05 Malachi's Message On Messiah
06 Malachi's Message On Stewardship
07 Malachi's Message On Faithfulness
08 Malachi's Message On The Future

A Poem by David Legge

This poem was written by David Legge as he studied for this series. It is based on the words of Malachi 1:10 "...I have no pleasure in you, saith the LORD of hosts...":

"I find it in bird song,
The droplet of dew,
The spectrum of rainbow,
The evening's soft hue,
The morning's cool crispness,
All nature's praise new -
But My Divine heart
Has no pleasure in you.

Your prayers are so empty,
Your eyes are so dry,
The heart your breast carries
Can but give a sigh.
Your gifts are all tarnished
As if you don't try
To raise your affections
From the earth to the sky.

Enoch who walked with Me,
He always knew
What it was to bring joy
To the heart of the True.
And Jesus My Son,
Whom I slew for you,
Was the perfect example
Of what I find in the few".

"Oh Lord of the Churches,
Oh Faithful and True,
Eject not my witness
In Thy holy spew,
But in Thy great mercy,
Make me anew -
Lord, make me an object
Of pleasure to You".

Copyright © 2005, David Legge