Malachi's Modern Message
Lessons for Today from the Old Testament Prophet

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A Poem by David Legge based on Malachi 1:10 Top

"...I have no pleasure in you, saith the LORD of hosts..." - Malachi 1:10

"I find it in bird song,
The droplet of dew,
The spectrum of rainbow,
The evening's soft hue,
The morning's cool crispness,
All nature's praise new -
But My Divine heart
Has no pleasure in you.

Your prayers are so empty,
Your eyes are so dry,
The heart your breast carries
Can but give a sigh.
Your gifts are all tarnished
As if you don't try
To raise your affections
From the earth to the sky.

Enoch who walked with Me,
He always knew
What it was to bring joy
To the heart of the True.
And Jesus My Son,
Whom I slew for you,
Was the perfect example
Of what I find in the few".

"Oh Lord of the Churches,
Oh Faithful and True,
Eject not my witness
In Thy holy spew,
But in Thy great mercy,
Make me anew -
Lord, make me an object
Of pleasure to You".

Copyright 2005, by David Legge

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Will A Man Rob God? (Malachi 3:8), by Pastor William Weir
This free PDF Booklet is available for download, and contains a short manuscript written by the late Pastor Weir on 'Money: Its Use And Abuse'.
Download now from - 13 pages

The Great Gain Of Godliness - Practical Notes on Malachi 3:16-18
Author: Thomas Watson
The Great Gain of Godliness, by Thomas WatsonPublisher: Banner Of Truth
ISBN: 0851519385
Pages: 166
Price: £5.00 / $10.00

C. H. Spurgeon had a well-stocked library of Puritan books that contained around 12,000 volumes. However, one rare book was not to be found amongst that valuable collection: Thomas Watson's Notes on Malachi 3:16-18. With a note of sadness in his voice he said to his College students: 'This volume would be a great find if we could come at it, for Watson is one of the clearest and liveliest of Puritan authors. We fear we shall never see this commentary, for we have tried to obtain it, and tried in vain'.

In this reset and lightly edited edition you can now read the book that was on Spurgeon's 'wish-list'! 'The Great Gain of Godliness' is Watson's exposition of Malachi 3:16-18. In it he aims 'to encourage solid piety and confute the atheists of the world, who imagine there is no gain in godliness'. This book has all the hallmarks of Thomas Watson's other writings: a combination of rich spirituality, nourishing doctrine, and sane practical wisdom coupled with fascinating illustrations and a very pleasant style.

Available to order from the publisher online or ICM Books Direct.

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