Building For God
Lessons from the book of Nehemiah

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Nothing But The Truth, by Brian Edwards
The inspiration, authority and history of the Bible explained
The Bible stands alone among books, not only by reason of its long history and great popularity, but because of the enemies it has attracted to itself.

From this starting point, Brian Edwards sets out to describe the history, authority and accuracy of the Bible in plain, straightforward language designed for the non-expert.

In this revised and updated version the author covers a wide range of vital issues including questions such as: "Who are the critics of the Bible and what are they saying?", "What do we mean by 'inspiration'?", "What does the Bible say about itself?", "How sufficient and final is it?", "Why have we just sixty-six books in the Bible?", "How can we properly understand it?", "When was it written and how did our English Bible come to us?", "Where does archaeology reveal Bible accuracy?" and "What about supposed errors and contradictions?".

"Brian Edwards has a well-earned reputation as a clear and compelling author, firmly anchored in Scripture and with an enviable grasp of both history and current affairs. In 'Nothing But The Truth' he has excelled himself. If I could pass a law compelling every Christian to buy a copy I would do so today!" - John Blanchard

"In an age when the credibility of the Bible is under increasing attack from both secular and even Christian sources, it is so refreshing to find a scholarly work that upholds the authority of the Scriptures in such a powerful way, yet is easy to read. Author Brian Edwards clearly shows that it is perfectly reasonable and logical (as well as scholarly) to believe in the Bible, as he explains the different forms of literature it uses, and answers Bible critics and supposed contradictions. This book will give any reader added confidence in the Bible. For anyone with questions like: 'Can we trust what is written in the Bible?'; 'Where did the Bible come from?'; 'What about contradictions in the Bible?' and 'How did the books in the Bible get there?' then this book is for you! It comes with my highest recommendation" - Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis

Available to order from and - 512 pages

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