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The Solemn Assembly

No. Sermon Title
01 The Solemn Assembly Under Jehoshaphat”   Video
02 The Solemn Assembly Under Ezra”   Video
03 The Solemn Assembly Under Hezekiah”   Video
04 The Solemn Assembly Under Joel”   Video

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Recommended Reading

Personal Declension and Revival of Religion in the Soul

Many who are conscious that their spiritual experience and vitality have sadly declined have only a hazy notion of the nature and causes of their condition. The kind of searching analysis which would help to clarify their thoughts and concentrate their sense of conviction is largely absent from the contemporary pulpit and from the Christian literature of the day. But such help is available, and can be found in works like Octavius Winslow's 'Personal Declension and Revival'.

It discusses the areas of life in which backsliding takes place, examines the consequences, and in the concluding chapters points to the Lord who is the restorer and keeper of His people. The passage of time since this book was first published in 1841 has not diminished its value, and the fact that it has been frequently reprinted eloquently testifies to its continuing spiritual usefulness.

From the preface: "That the subject on which this humble volume treats is vastly solemn, and deeply searching, every true believer in Jesus must acknowledge. The existing necessity for such a work has long impressed itself upon the author's mind. While other and abler writers are employing their pens, either in defending the outposts of Christianity, or in arousing a slumbering church to an increased intensity of personal and combined action in the great work of Christian benevolence, he has felt that... withdrawing the eye of the believer from the dazzling and almost bewildering movements around him, and fixing it upon the state of HIS OWN PERSONAL RELIGION, he would be rendering the Christian church a service, not the less needed and important in her present elevated and excited position. It must be admitted, that the character and the tendencies of the age are not favourable to deep and mature reflection upon the hidden, spiritual life of the soul. Whirled along as the church of God is... but few energies are left, and but little time is afforded, for close, faithful, and frequent dealing with the personal and spiritual state of grace in the soul; which, in consequence of thus being overlooked and uncultivated, may fall into a state of the deepest and most painful declension". Also available as a FREE PDF or Kindle eBook download.