The Gospel Explained
Evangelistic sermons from the book of Romans

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The Gospel Explained - Evangelistic Sermons from the book of Romans

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Where is God?Where Is God When Things Go Wrong?, by John Blanchard
We live in what has been called 'a world with ragged edges'. Earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, fires, famine and other natural disasters kill millions of people and injure countless others, sometimes wiping out huge numbers within a few hours.

Every day, accidents claim an untold number of victims. Planes crash, trains are derailed, road vehicles collide, ships are lost at sea, buildings collapse, bridges give way, trees fall, machinery malfunctions. To make matters worse, disease cuts relentless swathes through humankind, causing immeasurable weakness, pain and fear, while 'man's inhumanity to man' brings a terrible toll of suffering.

Yet the Bible claims that God is in sole and sovereign control of everything that happens in the entire universe, that He 'works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will' and that He is 'compassionate and gracious' and 'abounding in love'. Is there any way in which all of this can hold together? The answer may surprise you...

Available to order from Evangelical Press, but also here by kind permission as a free PDF download, so that you can know the answer to this often asked question! [Please note: this download is for personal use only and should not be copied or printed]

Welcome To The FamilyWelcome To The Family, by Dr. John MacArthur
Some new Christians walk into the faith unprepared and undirected. Sometimes they become overwhelmed. If you haven't been informed about what to expect as a new believer, godly counsel and insight into biblical truth can properly equip you for growth and maturity in the faith - be prepared for the changes you will face both in and around you!

As Dr. MacArthur unlocks the Scriptures, you will find instructions on how to pray, how to demonstrate your love to God, what to expect from nonbelievers, how to make it through difficult times, and much more. This book covers many issues you'll be dealing with, including: fighting a daily battle with sin, truly loving God's people, and praying in accordance with God's will. Pastor MacArthur clearly explains what actually occurred when you surrendered your life to Christ and provides insight into the purpose of every believer.

Available to order from and - 192 pages

Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ, by John BunyanCome And Welcome To Jesus Christ
by John Bunyan

Of all John Bunyan's writings, this book most fully expresses his delight and joy in the free and gracious welcome given to sinners by Jesus Christ. It is a thorough exposition of John 6:37: 'All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out'.

Bunyan not only explains the meaning of the terms used in the text, but also labours to remove the doubts and difficulties of sinners and backsliders in their approach to Christ.

This work could be said to have given rise indirectly to the modern missionary movement, since it strongly influenced Andrew Fuller, the first secretary of the pioneering Baptist Missionary Society, and helped him to set his denomination free from the grip of hyper-Calvinism. It is a Christian classic that deserves a wide modern readership

Available to order from Banner Of Truth and - 240 pages
This book is also available as a free PDF download from Preach The Word.

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