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Studies in the A-B-Cs of the Christian Life

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How To Begin Your Christian LifeHow To Begin Your Christian Life, by William MacDonald
'How to Begin Your Christian Life' is an introduction to the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Designed to help you find out for yourself what kind of relationship you have with God, the simple steps outlined here challenge you to make the most important decision of your life. Biblical, specific, and practical, this book answers the difficult questions many people ask by simply outlining the steps that lead to a life of faith-all from the Scriptures themselves. By reading this book and referring to the Bible, you can learn for yourself about: the miracle of new birth, the problem of separation from worldliness, the finished redemption from sin, the way of salvation, faith and repentance, the Christian's state and standing before God, the great choice, the need for a new life, Christ's substitutionary atonement from sin, God's amazing grace, facts versus feeling, the assurance of faith. The topics include virtually everything involved in making a well-informed decision about entering into a personal relationship with God. Already a bestseller for many years, 'How to Begin Your Christian Life' was originally written by William MacDonald of the Moody Bible Institute. It has been updated by the staff of Moody Bible Institute, who also provide a follow-up book on 'How To Grow In Your Christian Life'..

Available to purchase from, or - 96 pages

Welcome To The Family, by John MacArthurWelcome To The Family, by Dr. John MacArthur
Some new Christians walk into the faith unprepared and undirected. Sometimes they become overwhelmed. If you haven't been informed about what to expect as a new believer, godly counsel and insight into biblical truth can properly equip you for growth and maturity in the faith - be prepared for the changes you will face both in and around you!

As Dr. MacArthur unlocks the Scriptures, you will find instructions on how to pray, how to demonstrate your love to God, what to expect from nonbelievers, how to make it through difficult times, and much more. This book covers many issues you'll be dealing with, including: fighting a daily battle with sin, truly loving God's people, and praying in accordance with God's will. Pastor MacArthur clearly explains what actually occurred when you surrendered your life to Christ and provides insight into the purpose of every believer.

Available to order from and - 192 pages

Heaven On Earth, PDF on Assurance by Thomas BrooksHeaven on Earth, by Thomas Brooks
The subject of assurance is one of the most important elements in Christian experience. There is no higher privilege than to be a child of God and to know it, for assurance brings joy to worship and prayer, and provides strength and boldness to our witness.

Thomas Brooks 'scatters stars with both his hands', wrote C.H. Spurgeon. His teaching is both biblical and pastoral, and is greatly needed in the present spiritual climate. Here he clearly explains what true assurance is and how it may be fully experienced.

"All saints shall enjoy a heaven when they leave this earth; some saints enjoy a heaven while they are here on earth. That saints might enjoy two heavens is the project of this book" - Joseph Caryl

This book is available as a free PDF eBook from Preach The Word, and also as plain text and eBraille for the visually impaired. The paperback version is available to purchase from Banner Of Truth, or Amazon (US or UK)- 320 pages

Whatever Happened To Worship?, by A.W. TozerWhatever Happened To Worship?, by A.W. Tozer
Had his life been longer this is the book Tozer intended to write next. 'Whatever Happened To Worship' is a compilation from tapes of sermons preached to his Toronto congregation.

In his sermons Tozer exhorts Christians to forego the entertainment aspect of modern worship and return to worship that is cloaked in truth, praise, adoration, humility and love. In order to fulfill God's plan for us, man's attitudes and life must be directed to the worship of God.

Available to order now from or - 128 pages

"Worship acceptable to God is the missing crown jewel in evangelical Christianity" - A.W. Tozer

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