The Holy War
Studies on the Christian Warrior's Armour

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[This series is part of a larger series on the entire book of Ephesians...]
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Further ReadingTop

The Holy War, by John Bunyan
The Holy War is considered by many to be amongst John Bunyan's best writings. An allegory, like 'Pilgrim's Progress', the story portrays the continuous conflict between man and the devil. The city of Mansoul is attacked by Diabolus using ruse, intrigue and force. The battle is long and bitter, but through the intervention of Prince Emmanuel victory is secured, in spite of the weaknesses and failings of the inhabitants of Mansoul.

This is an extremely gripping story which, especially in the modern english form, will be appreciated by both young and old, Christian and non-Christian. There is a depth of understanding of scriptural truth which is presented in such a way that it cannot but impress the thoughtful reader.

The original version is available from,, (286 pages ISBN: 1 85792 028 7)

We recommend the version for today from, in which Thelma Jenkins has succeeded in retaining the beauty of Bunyan's style whilst rendering the book more accessible to the 21st century reader:,, (176 pages ISBN: 0 85234 267 5)

The Christian In Complete Armour, by William Gurnall
William Gurnall's 'The Christian in Complete Armour' is one of the classic Puritan books on practical daily living. John Newton said that if he might read only one book beside the Bible he would choose, 'The Christian in Complete Armour'. David Wilkerson (author of The Cross and the Switchblade) writes: 'I believe The Christian in Complete Armour, should be in the library of every man and woman of God. No Christian leader, teacher, pastor, evangelist, or Christian worker should be without it'.

The original is available in one volume, or you can purchase the modernised abridgement in three smaller volumes - all available from The Banner Of Truth Trust. A version edited to form daily readings is also available from and

Pilgrim's Progress - John BunyanThe Pilgrim's Progress [PDF Available]
by John Bunyan

Once the most deeply cherished book in English-speaking households other than Bible itself, John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress is the allegorical tale of Christian the pilgrim on his journey to the Celestial City. Along the way, Christian encounters both worthy companions and dreadful adversaries.

Although this book was written more than three hundred years ago, this stirring spiritual narrative still bears the power to challenge and encourage readers on their own spiritual journeys.

For centuries, millions have cherished this evangelical masterpiece. Written in prison, it's an insightful allegory of the conflict between religion and society, based on Bunyan's own spiritual struggle as he found salvation in Christ and began preaching. Journey with Christian as he travels toward the Celestial City!

A variety of modern versions, as well as the original, are available to purchase from all good book stores, including, and ICM Books. Preach The Word is also pleased to offer the original text as a free PDF download.