Topical Series

Sins We Have Sanitized

No. Sermon Title
01 Mental Sins
02 Verbal Sins
03 Spiritual Sins
04 Cultural Sins
05 No Condemnation!

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Here is a book which is, if possible, even more applicable to our modern day than the day in which it was written. J.C. Ryle's simple but convicting style of writing will prick the conscience of every believer who reads his words. Many have testified to the impact of his work on 'Holiness' in their Christian lives.

In his introduction, the author says: 'I have had a deep conviction for many years that practical holiness and entire self-consecration to God are not sufficiently attended to by modern Christians in this country. Politics, or controversy, or party spirit, or worldliness, have eaten out the heart of lively piety in too many of us. The subject of personal godliness has fallen sadly into the background. The standard of living has become painfully low in many quarters. Sound doctrine is useless if it is not accompanied by a holy life. It is worse than useless: it does positive harm... it is my firm impression that we need a thorough revival about scriptural holiness'. We urge you to take the time and avail yourself of this opportunity to read this book, which we have made available as a free PDF or Kindle eBook download.

The Sinfulness Of Sin

We cannot understand the Christian Gospel until we know what sin is. Yet modern secular counsellors urge us to ignore both the word and what it tells us about our rebellion against God and His law. Sadly, the church too often serves as an echo chamber for such cheap and short-sighted wisdom. Its literature spreads the message that all is well, but it is only when we begin to see our sinfulness that we are able to discover God's forgiveness.

Although 'The Sinfulness Of Sin' was written three hundred years ago, it remains an oasis of truth in a desert of lies. First published in the aftermath of the Great Plague of London and entitled 'Sin, The Plague of Plagues', this book gives a crystal-clear explanation of what sin is, why it is so serious, and what we need to do about it. Here is reliable medicine for a fatal epidemic. Available as a free PDF or Kindle eBook download from Preach The Word!